open up your mouth

Our 5e D&D group was battling an undead priest that was ridiculously strong and our bard, who had a magic instrument that allowed him to fly, was floating above the battlefield flinging vicious mockeries over and over at the priest because he had no other long range attacks. Eventually he gets bored and this goes down:

Bard: You know what? I pee on him.

DM: Y-you what?

Bard: I’m tired of vicious mockery, I drop trow and pee on this fucker.

Fighter: Does he have to make a dex roll for that? I mean you gotta aim and stuff…

DM: No, but I will have the priest make a will save to see if it does anything. *rolls a nat 20*

DM: …

DM: Well not only is he not bothered by this, he in fact looks straight up into your stream and opens his mouth to gargle it.

All players lose their shit laughing.

Bard: *after calming down from the laughing fit* You know what, I voluntarily take 1d4 psychic damage because that just mentally scarred my character

Is There A Reason You’re Naked In My Bed?

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Drabble Game #12 - Mark Tuan/Suggestive

2:19 AM. That’s what the clock on the wall read. You and Mark were the last ones awake. The floor and couch in your apartment were littered with the sleeping bodies of the rest of the boys.

“Look at all these lightweights. Can’t even handle a few simple drinking games,” Mark joked as he looked around the room. “I hope it’s okay that we stay here?”.

You chuckled. “Guess I don’t really have much of a choice do I? I’m not about to wake the sleeping bear, are you?”

Mark clasped his hand over his mouth, muffling his laughter as you pointed to JB propped up against your recliner, mouth wide open as he snored.

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anonymous asked:

Hello Akumadeenglish, could you please translate what is handwritten on the drawing Yana sensei posted on her twitter page on March 13th? The drawing of Ciel feeding Snake cake. Thank you in advance and keep up your good work. :) Cheers

Hi! :)

Snake: Ahhh [*opens his mouth*]

Snake’s snake: [*opens its mouth*]

Ciel: Can snakes eat chocolates…?

Not a perfect relationship ~ Min Yoongi [Smut/Angst]

Group: BTS
Member: Min Yoongi
Type: Smut/Angst
Word Count: 3.334

You look out the window. The sky is tar-black and the large clouds are moving towards you. You hear a tapping noise on the window and then it becomes a pitter-patter. People run for cover outside and umbrellas are opened as the clouds spat out their beds of water.
You nervously fumble with your fingernail, constantly biting onto your lower lip. You turn your head away from the gloomy day, keeping your eyes fixated on the tiles underneath your feet.
“Let’s break up.” You whisper at the ground, feeling your eyes tear up.
“What?” Yoongi asks loudly, the confusion in his voice making you lift up your head. His eyes are widely open, his mouth trembling, his eyes locking with yours.
“Let’s end what we had.” You repeat, the edges of your lips curving into a smile. The last smile you’re able to give to him without feeling your heart break into pieces. “Why?” Yoongi whispers back at you, his voice trembling as he speaks. He takes your hand into his big ones, circling the back of your hand with his thumb. “Why so suddenly?”
You take in a deep breath and shut your eyes to control your emotions from spilling out all at once. The smile on your face hiding the tears in your eyes.
“This relationship isn’t good for any of us, Yoongi. It’s making us sick. You’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of while I’m still trying to find my place in this world.” You answer, gently pulling your hand out of his. Tears start running down your flushed cheeks and you quickly wipe them away before he’s able to notice. “I guess this is goodbye now.” You say to him before turning around and walking through the door, letting your tears run.
“Real feelings don’t just go away!” Yoongi screams after you, his voice had a gloom to it that matches exactly how you feel.
A smile tugs on the edge of your lips by his words, nodding gently before turning around to him and saying the one thing you thought you never had to say to him, “I guess my feelings were never real for you then.”
Your body disappears in the rain, the million tiny droplets soaking your pink jacket. You let out a frustrating sob, running your hand through your hair. You’re frustrated with yourself for letting him go so easily. For not fighting for the only person who could’ve ever made you feel loved. You start missing him more the further away you get from his apartment, the further away you walk from the memory of your relationship. How badly you want to turn around and run into his arms and tell him that you never wanted to leave him, but something inside of you tells you that you can’t, for his sake.
You wipe the tears away with the sleeve of your jacket, kicking a brown leave with your foot. Trees are shedding themselves from the last remains of summer, quickly moving on.
Suddenly you hear footsteps inching closer with a quick pace, almost running in your direction. You stop mid-walk and almost trip when you try to listen to the noise more closely.
A hand slams down on your shoulder from behind; you cry out and spin around to see a soaked Yoongi staring past you. You feel something inside you softening by the thought of him running after you. He’s panting heavily, his eyebrows furrowed in frustration.  “Tell me the truth, Y/N.” Yoongi mumbles in-between heavy breathing, not caring that his voice sound harsh.
You bite down on your lower lip, feeling your stomach tighten when his tone becomes huskier. “You have no clue how much I cared,” You start, looking up at him through glistening eyes, the rain hitting your bodies from above. “How much it took in me just to say goodnight sometimes, knowing that you’re on the other side of the world and not where I need you. How much I forced myself to believe that things will be different this time.” Your breath hitches in your throat, feeling the anxiety rise deep inside of you. You look away from him, a lonely tear making its’ way down your cold cheek.
You shake your head, looking at your feet. “They weren’t.” You chuckle at your own words. “But you were the first person I ever loved and I can’t thank you enough.”
“Y/N…” His voice has dropped to a whisper, his face now a full shade paler.
“Let’s not make this hurt more than it has to.” You answer and turn around to leave but he reaches out and squeezes your shoulder, forcing you to turn back to him. Your lips are only a hairs-breadth away from his and you turn away quickly, your heartbeat quickening when you realize how it feels to be hold by him. He lifts up his arm and places his hand underneath your chin, pulling your face towards his. His magnetic stare burns into yours, the bleak look tucked inside his eyes pleads me to understand. To forgive. His jaw is set in a firm line, lips pressed together, cheeks pink from the ice in the air. “I can’t promise you a perfect relationship,” He states softly, his voice coming out as nothing more than a whisper. “but what I can promise you is that it was never my intend to hurt the only girl who holds my heart…”
You cup your palm against the side of his face, your fingers curling into his satin skin. You continue to stare at each other until you can no longer resist his allure and pull his mouth towards yours.

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You lean in through the open passenger window, the corner of your mouth pulled up into a smirk.

“What are you talking about?” you reply. “I did all the work.”

Dean laughs, green eyes sparkling in the light from the streetlamp overhead, but his expression quickly turns serious. “You could come with us.”

You raise an eyebrow.

He shrugs, one arm resting on the back of the Impala’s seats. “It wouldn’t be so bad. You’d have someone to watch your back, someone to talk to, my stunning good looks.”

“And your incredibly humble personality,” you say dryly. 

Dean just grins. “Come on, Y/n. I’ll even make Sammy give you shot gun.”

You bite your lip, adjusting the strap of the duffel bag slung over your shoulder. “I don’t know. I’ve never been much of a team player.”

“It’s never too late to start.”

After hesitating a moment longer, you pull open the door and slide onto the bench next to him, tossing your bag into the back seat. “Alright, Winchester. Let’s give this a shot.”

It’s hard not to notice the warmth his answering smile sends flooding through you.

“Welcome aboard, Y/n. First thing you need to know?” He shifts the Impala in gear and pulls away from the curb. “Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts their cake hole.” 

BTS REACTION - to you trying to get him to reveal what the short films/confusing music videos mean

Rap Monster

You don’t leave him alone, bugging him all the time to explain the videos. He can feel your eyes on his back and the subject coming up whenever you open your mouth. I didn’t know she could get so worked up about it. Should I tell her? Maybe a spoiler?

(He ends up making a riddle just to tease you more.)


As soon as he got home you started asking him about the teasers, desperate to understand them. He tried to be all sweet about it with cutes “Jagi, I can’t tell you yet. Don’t be mad.” But you couldn’t resist, so you said looking menacing to him “Ok, fine. But don’t think about asking anything for me either”


Every time you opened your mouth around suga lately was to comment on the teasers, completely in love with the aesthetic, but crazy to know what it all meant. Even when you tried to lure him and all you could get from him was:


You were behaving very well around him, because you were excited to hear him solo in two videos the first teaser and the MAMA one. But, on the inside, all the questions were killing you. So, when someone mentioned about it you let it surface and all your ranting left J-Hope:


Maybe I should use it as blackmail… *wonder about his power for a second* No! She might get so angry she’ll poison the food! She’s totally capable of doing that for revenge.


You were following him around all the time, crazy for an answer. He tried to calm you down many times, but it wasn’t working. So while he was trying to convince you he couldn’t tell you anything he ended up letting a little spoiler out.


“Not telling you. No. Nope. Give up. You’re going to suffer until the album is out. With everyone else” *maknae evil laugh*

Gif Credits to their Original Owners

~ADM Jam


I just thought of this and had to get it out of my head before it vanished


You raised your book higher to hide from the intense stare being thrown your way.

Sitting two tables across from you was Daveed Diggs who’s eyes been glued to you since he entered the coffee shop. Oak and Anthony were with him, sipping on some ice coffees.

You pushed up your glasses, cursing when your book fell from your hands, pushing your ice filled cup over, causing a small ruckus.

Heads turned to you and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. Your cheeks burned even more when you looked up into Daveed’s eyes. Your mouth opened, exhaling a small squeak, and you rushed to grab your book and purse, shoving the book into it, and hightailing out of the coffee shop.


“Wow. Didn’t know you could scare girls off by looking at them.” Oak joked as he watched you run out the door. “Usually they throw themselves at you.”

Anthony pressed his cup to his face, sighing at the coolness. “Maybe it’s because he’s starting at her like she’s his next to kill.”

Daveed sighed loudly. “I was looking at the title of her book,” he defended weakly.

Oak nudged Anthony in his side, smirking. “Yeah. The book.”


Your best friend gave you hell when you came back home and told her the story. After bouncing around, fangirling at your encounter, she dragged you back outside to try to find him.

After checking the coffee shop and the multiple shops near it to see if he lingered, you both stopped at your favorite gelato place to cool off from the summer heat.

You ordered a German Chocolate Cake and Walnut gelato fusion for the both of you-which is absolutely delicious- and sat down. Your best friend went to the bathroom halfway through the frozen treat, leaving you alone.

You pulled out your book from before when she wasn’t back in ten minutes.

Girl must be reapplying makeup,you thought with an eye roll.

The scraping of chair against the floor made you sigh happily. “Finally. Seriously, it’s been thirty minutes. It shouldn’t have taken you-”

You lowered your book, ready to go off on her, only to look wide eyed at a smiling Diggs.

“Reading again?” He asked, his smile growing bigger, happy to grab your attention.

You nodded. Your breath hitched when he leaned forward, only leaving about an inch of space between you two.

He opened his mouth to speak only to have a spoonful of gelato shoved in it. He quickly sat back, grabbing the spoon as he gagged.

“I’m so sorry!” You grabbed some napkins and dabbed at his chin as gelato slid down it. He licked his lips and moaned.

“That.” He pointed to the gelato cup. “That shit is delicious. What is it?” He asked, scooping up another spoonful.

“I-it’s German Chocolate and Walnut, ” you stuttered. Daveed hummed, examining the spoon before his eyes flicked to yours.

“Well, if you don’t run off again, maybe we can come back here again.” He smirked, moving the spoon to your mouth. “As the first of many dates.”

Before you could open your mouth to respond, your best friend leaned over your shoulders. “Of course she would! Now open that mouth and take that gelato like it’s his-”


Imagine Waking Up With Cas on Valentines Day

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The sweet scent of roses woke you up slowly, a groan leaving your throat as you sleepily sat up in bed. You opened your eyes and a gasp left your mouth; you needed to blink a few times to make sure you were seeing right.

There were rose petals everywhere, strategically scattered across the floor. Not only that, but red heart balloons floated all across your ceiling, phrases like “Happy Valentines Day” and “For My Sweetheart” written on them. 

And there was Cas, standing in the middle of the room with a bashful smile on his face as he held the biggest teddy bear you’d ever seen. 


“Will you be my valentine?” he asked abruptly.

A breathless, happy laugh escaped your lips, and you stood up, making your way to your angel boyfriend with a wide grin on your face. God, you didn’t think you could love him any more than you already did, but he was always able to prove you wrong. 

“Of course I will,” you grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck as soon as he put the giant bear on the bed. “You know you didn’t have to ask, right? We’re already dating.”

“I didn’t want to be presumptuous,” he admitted shyly. “I wanted to show you how much I love you. I hope this does an adequate job of it.” 

You chuckled, resting your forehead on his. “I love you too, sweetheart. And this is perfect, thank you so much.”

“Happy Valentines Day, my love.”

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so I’m rewatching the series for the ***th time (like you do) and I always laugh over how realistic this scene is bc is2g it is impossible to sleep on a plane without ending up with your mouth gaping open / drooling. I guess because you’re sitting up and once you fall asleep and your jaw relaxes it just naturally opens ??? I don’t really know but yes A+ very realistic.

(also Viktor’s blush…what you dreaming about, boy) 

“Dummy” (Suga x Reader)

“Can you write an min yoongi angst/ fluff where he gets jealous over an old guy friend and gets really clingy, please and thank you. :3″

Title: “Dummy”

Character: Suga // Min Yoongi (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 978

Originally posted by yooingi

(wow okay he looks so precious here!! gif credit to the original owner)

Min Yoongi’s way of trying to hide jealousy never seemed to work. You were whistling as you were finishing getting ready, having had that same song stuck in your head for days. He smirked. Although he didn’t like to admit, the sound of your sweet voice softened the very roots of him. He followed your voice in the shared flat. He found the bathroom door, slightly ajar. It allowed him to glimpse at you poking various make up essentials dangerously close to your eyeball. You opened your mouth out of concentration: an essential process when applying mascara. He pulled a sneering expression. “Min Yoongi I will beat your ass,” you uttered without even meeting his eyes.
“Aish, I didn’t fall in love with you for your sweet talk,” he countered. You span around to meet the owner of the deep voice. “That’s news to me,” you trailed off. You span back to face the mirror. “I think I am quite the charmer,” you continued, your words slightly slurred from pulling another strange face. He didn’t budge, taking in every delicacy of the expression. He was all cute sarcasm until you dropped the fact that you were seeing a guy friend.

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“Loki,” You whined pitifully, “I’m so cold.”

Loki rolled over in bed to look at you curiously, “You’re covered in blankets, love.” His voice was still scratchy from sleep and normally the sound would excite you, but right now, your body ached all over and any such thoughts was easily forced away.

Slowly you shook your head, mind changing, though you immediately regretted it. “I’m warm.” You hastily pushed your blankets away, groaning at the movement.

Loki’s frown deepened as he pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. “You’re burning up, is this one of those ‘flu’s we’ve discussed?”

Your mouth fell open, “Damn.” Previous plans to get up quickly fell away as you slumped back into your pillows. “What about the shindig or whatever Tony’s calling it, isn’t that today?”

“Oh how dreadful, a reason to skip out on socializing with those insufferable mortals and have you all to myself instead?” Loki grinned.

You closed your eyes, rubbing them at the pounding in your skull. “Not like we’ll do anything, I feel like hell Loki.”

Loki chuckled, “A reason to pamper and care for my queen? That’s hardly nothing, and I’m sure when I have you feeling better, you’ll be more than happy to make up for time wasted.”

You cracked an eyelid open and smirked ruefully, “You really are incorrigible, aren’t you?”

“Comes with the territory of being a god, love, now then, what can I do for you? Back rub, breakfast of soup in bed?” Loki offered, slowly easing himself out of bed.

You watched him, arm thrown over your eyes though pulled away enough to watch him. Shirtless, only in his black sleeping bottoms, it was always hard to pass up the opportunity to admire him - even feeling like this. Loki crossed his arms, turning back to face you.

“And you say I’m insatiable?” The corner of his mouth quirked upward as Loki stared at you darkly.

“Yes to everything.” You mumbled finally, “But also, do you think, maybe, just maybe….” You trailed off, knowing he would prompt you to continue.

Loki scowled, noting the change in your tone, “What?” He deadpanned, hardly even asking, almost demanding an answer.

“That thing, where you make yourself really cold, your true heritage,” You hesitated as Loki’s eyes flashed angrily, “it would cool me down so much Loki, please, I know you don’t like it but I’m dying here.”

Pressing his lips together, you could see Loki weighing his options. At long last, he breathed in heavily, “Very well, but you have no idea what you owe me.”

“Thanks Loki, you’re the best.”

Loki shook his head slowly, finally sinking back onto the bed as he focused on the illusion keeping him his usual pallor. “I am indeed.” He grumbled, focusing his magic.

“I love you.” You whispered, watching in awe as the magic shimmered over his skin and blue slowly spread along him. Deep ridges etched along his skin, spreading with the blue, before he turned to face you, opening his ruby red eyes.

“And I love you.” He shook his head, “Even when you ask me to do such tasteless things, I’ll never understand your fascination with this form.”

You managed to smile, reaching for him and pulling him into your arms. His touch chilled you instantly and Loki grabbed the blankets, trying to balance your temperature.

“Only until you love yourself, all of yourself, as much as I do.” You whispered, pressing a weak kiss to his cheek.

“You’re a fool to love me, but I appreciate it all the same. Now hush, it must be the delirium of this fever getting to you.” Loki stroked his chilly fingers along your skin and you sighed in relief.

“You’ll see some day, I promise.”

“Of course, now sleep, we can talk more when you feel better.”


New Hunter

Imagine learning that Sam and Dean were hunters and wanting to become one yourself. Dean tries to teach you, but he’s worried about you getting hurt. Feeling bad about it, Sam takes you on your first hunt but things go horribly wrong and Dean has to think quick.

  • Dean x Reader | Sam | Castiel (mentioned)
  • 1228 Words
  • Warnings: Judge it by the gifs.

Nothing could have prepared you for this. This was an absolute nightmare. To see Sam, hands bound behind his back, that gnarly gash on his forehead, it was traumatizing enough without the memory of your own beating.

You felt your eye start to close itself shut and you were sure that you had a loose tooth wiggling around, though it was honestly hard to tell through all the iron building up inside your mouth.

The door to the basement opened and you feared the worst. That woman, the blonde, she’d descend the stairs as slowly as possible, putting you and Sam on edge as she tried to think of what she could do next.

With no idea as to what the woman wanted, you and Sam had no choice but to sit back and take it. Sam tried countless times to have you freed, knowing his older brother would shoot him dead if he ever found out you were captured and tied up in a basement with no contact whatsoever.

When she appeared in the doorway, there was a triumphant smirk across her lips that sent a shiver down your spine. You felt the snot oozing out of your nose and the tears mixing in, not a great combination with the liquid iron in your mouth.

She grabbed something to her side and pulled a figure into the view. You and Sam gasped at the same time, realizing you knew this figure to be Dean. His hands were bound in the same chains that bound yours and Sam’s, his hair was a mess and his nose was pouring blood.

Your heart was racing against your chest, making it more difficult to breath, to keep still. The tears you nearly had under control were now trickling down your cheeks again. Dean was your last hope until now.

Dean was on the second step when the woman winked at you and shoved the man down the last ten steps. There were a lot of cracks and groans and maybe even a cry as Dean hit the concrete below with another sickening crunch.

“Dean!” You cried out, not able to stop yourself or the thrashing that came out of you next.

Dean looked up with his eye now forming a black ring around it. He winked with his good eye, a small hint of a smirk playing on his lips that told you he had a plan, but you weren’t so sure. How could he have a plan like this? He wasn’t supposed to know where you or Sam were.

“Ahhh. Is this the girlfriend?” The woman’s voice was high-pitched and very annoying. Every time she opened her mouth you expected a mirror to break.

When no one answered, she finished walking down the stairs and picked Dean up by his ear. You had to turn away in case anything started tearing.

“Listen,” she tossed Dean in the chair between you and Sam and chained his feet to the ground. The chains looked too tight for Dean’s ankles and his eye looked like it might start closing on its own any second. “I don’t actually like doing any of this, but now that I have all three of you here, I might as well get to the point.”

Her blonde hair was tucked so neatly into a bun, you wondered how she was able to think. Her face reminded you of a wicked witch and her outfit, well that was too much like an office woman and not a human who beats up people.

You sneak a glance at Dean. He’s looking right at you, his lips parted so he could breath and his hands before him in his lap were opening and closing, like he might be trying to get the feeling back. It hurt, knowing this was all your fault.

“Get to it then.” Sam growled from his chair. You could barely see him, his chair sitting just a few inches in front of Dean’s. His jaw was clenched and his eye was twitching from his nerves. He was ready to taste blood.

The woman cackled, proving your wicked witch theory further, and she shook her head. “You Winchesters crack me up, you know?” She stepped in front of Sam. “Always ready for a fight. But I don’t know who this one is.” She straightened up and looked over at you. “She’s obviously new to the hunting scene, am I right? She hardly knew how to defend herself.”

“Leave her out of this.” Dean hissed, bringing her attention on him. She laughed again, this time sounding like a broken cat.

“She is the girlfriend.” She smirked. “Or secret lover? Either way, it’s a shame you won’t make it together.”

This was the dark place Dean told you about. This was why he never wanted you to hunt. He always told you there were terrors in this world that you could never understand. It wasn’t the werewolves, the demons, the ghosts. He was talking about everyday normal humans with the equipment to ruin your life and a hell of a lot of time on their hands.

This was that dark place Dean dreaded. Give him a vampire any time—as long as it was a supernatural creature with the ability to heal itself.

You wanted nothing more than to go back two days and tell Sam this was all a bad idea. He was only trying to help, wanting to take you on a small hunting trip so you would know what to do. Dean was slow about training you, slow about bringing you on the field with him, but Sam wasn’t and that was the problem.

The other problem was that Dean found out and followed you two, getting himself caught in the process. He was the one, the only, that could potentially save the two of you before anything really bad happened. Not anymore.

“I’m going to give you three some time alone.” She smiled calmly then, a scary sort of calm that made your insides crawl. She turned on her heel and ascended the stairs, slamming the metal door shut behind her.


None of you spoke for several minutes. You were afraid she was listening in, though that was crazy since this room was built to be soundproof.

The only sounds you could hear was their breathing and somewhere behind you there was water hitting the floor, telling you there was some kind of leak.

Finally, Dean broke the silence. “How could you.”

His words were directed at Sam, who was clearly trying to think of a way to get out of it. You could almost hear his brain working away two chairs over. “Dude, she was ready.”

“She’s not ready!” Dean snapped, turning his head to look at you. “Baby, look at me.”

You didn’t. You couldn’t.

Dean sighed. “Castiel told me. He should be upstairs right now, taking them out. I was a distraction in case they knew how to ward the place but they’re just people.”

“We were careless.” Sam admitted.

You raise your head and look over at the younger Winchester. “Had our backs turned when we were caught.” He dropped his head.

The door flung open once more, catching you off guard. You gasped, peering up in the doorway, scared of what you might see until you saw the glow.


here, have a teaser for a Intern!Cas x Boss!reader fic that’ll be coming out soon :-)

**warning: NSFW**

You let out a scoff, trying your best to act indifferent. “Oh, please. Why the hell would I—“

In a second, Cas’ hands were on either side of the arm rests on your chair, effectively caging you in. “Because you want me.”

You stared up into his blue eyes, his pupils dilated with lust. You swallowed thickly, opening your mouth to try and come up with some retort, but with him being this close, your brain was foggy.

He smirked, letting out a chuckle. “I knew it.”

That snapped you out of your thoughts. You didn’t want him to know how much he was effecting you. Honestly, you were pretty embarrassed that the picture hadn’t been meant for you. “You don’t know anything, Mr. Novak.”

He immediately pulled you out of your chair to where you were chest to chest with him, his eyes challenging you. “I told you earlier that I had my eye on someone else. And I wasn’t lying. For some reason, I just can’t stop thinking about fucking my boss. But I never made a move. How could I? I didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. But now that I know my boss wants me too, well, I’m not going to hold back anymore. All I need from you is a ‘yes.’”


Stiles Stilinski Imagine:

The woods was a strange place.
It was extremely easy to get lost.
Literally and Metaphorically. Especially you, you were a lost soul.

Your eyes flickered and your mouth shot open as you sat up taking in as much air as you possibly could. In that moment you knew. This was where Lydia had disappeared to.

It had never occurred in a conversation, Lydia had never told you or the rest of the pack what had actually happened.
But you felt it. From the way the mist silently drifted around you almost like silk. From the way the trees shot up into the sky never ending.
The smell of death lingered in the air.
Your fingers sunk deep into the fresh soil as you pushed yourself up off of the floor. Your clothes were ripped and shredded.

How did you get there? Were you still asleep? How could you wake up?
Stiles always told you that he would check to see if he was awake by counting his fingers. If he had extra then he was dreaming.
You held your hands up in front of your face. You’d never wished to have an extra finger but now you were desperate for one.

5 on each hand. This was real.
Tears streamed down your face as your breathing quickened.

Meanwhile In Beacon hills Sheriff Stilinski’s heart dropped.

“Stiles doesn’t hear about this"he instructed.

Scott’s ear pricked up. He was sat outside the sheriff’s office waiting for his dad.

“We find y/n before anything happens, I want everyone from everywhere brought in. I want her brought back alive and safe"The Sheriff gave orders.

He sighed.
He dropped his Sheriff badge on the table.

"Please just find her"he pleaded.
Outside Scott couldn’t control himself.
He found himself in a panicked rage.

You were missing, you were part of his pack and he hadn’t even noticed you were gone. The others were bound to notice sooner or later. He felt bad because as the alpha he should have been there. Lydia would blame herself for sure and Isaac would lose his mind.

Stiles. Scott calmed down when he thought about how Stiles would react.
Stiles wouldn’t be able to cope.

Stiles had loved you from the moment he set his eyes on you Scott picked it up almost immediately because Stilinski’s heart went into a fit. Scott also picked up your heartbeat and yours went just as fast whenever you were around Stiles.

From then it had always been you and Stiles. You’d always figured it out together. You were a team. But not once had either of you confessed about your feelings. Even when you had dated Isaac for a year Stiles kept his mouth shut and suffered in silence, and then when Stiles met Malia you felt a pang of jealousy. But you never said anything.

And now Scott had to explain to Stiles why you weren’t replying to his texts, he had to explain why you weren’t at school sitting at the desk in front of him.
Scott let go of the seat that he had been gripping onto.

"Scott, you look like your about to burst into little tiny werewolf pieces what’s wrong?"Stiles raised his eyebrow as he entered the Police department.

Scott faced his best friend, his skin as pale as a ghost.

"Promise me you won’t do anything stupid when I tell you"Scott said calmly.

"Scott, your scaring me"Stiles frowned.

"Just promise”

“Okay yeah sure I promise now what’s wrong with you?"Stiles asked concerned.

"It’s not me, it’s y/n"Scott finally said.
Stiles face dropped and he started to hold his breath, the world around him slowed down.

"She’s gone missing”

Part 2???- if you have any suggestions for part 2 please share. I would really love this to be your story as well as mine.