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“The Shape of You,” a Yamazaki Sousuke and Rin Matsuoka AU One Shot

Summary: Sousuke is not capable of dancing. He uses his legs to run for his life, not sway. His life has been teeth and fists, an eighteen-hour overtime grind, a bending swoop too close to the edge. He can admit that his life is a dance with the devil, a multitude of missed steps and failures.

But he can also admit that it has always been a dance with Rin, adapting to his movements, tripping up and crashing down, building it all back up into an unbreakable love that could only be created when an uncontrollable force like Rin and an immovable wall like Sousuke collided.

In which Sousuke tries.

Tags: ewoatt!verse, Alternate Universe, Sexual Content, Mutual Pining, Strippers & Strip Clubs, Grinding, Dancing, Romance, Shower Sex, Blow Jobs, Body Worship

Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto

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RP Starters for kids/kid muses!

( These are starters that can be used with kid muses! This was a request. )


Rain, Rain: Our muses play in rain puddles together during a light shower!

Go away: One muse hides under the bed from the big storm outside!

Monsters!: One muse is convinced there’s a monster under the bed!

I didn’t do it!: One muse drew/painted all over the walls!

Ready or not!: Our muses play a game of hide-and-seek!

I’m not going!: One muse really doesn’t want to go to school!

But I’m not tired: One muse simply refuses to go to bed! 

Excuse me, sir: Our muses go house to house selling chocolate!

Sugar rush: One muse had way too much candy and is now super hyper!

Pretend: Our muses play ‘pretend’ together - costumes and all!

Ouchies: One muse falls down and scrapes up their knee!

Nightmare: One muse wakes up from a scary nightmare!

Uh oh!: One muse gets caught stealing some candy from the store!

Yuck!: One muse refuses to eat their healthy veggies during dinner!

Would you like a glass?: Our muses open a lemon-aid stand! 

Time to bake!: Our muses make pie… except, it’s made out of mud.

Play with me! Now.: One muse demands the other plays with them!

I’m fi- achoo!: One muse is sick… but they refuse to stay in bed and rest!

Birthday: One muse throws a a giant birthday party for the other!

Splish splash: One muse teaches the other how to swim!

Read to me: One muse reads the other a bed-time story!

Tag, your it!: Our muses play a fun game of tag!

Oh no…: One muse got lost on their way home from school!

I want it!: One muse throws a tantrum in the store for a toy/item they want!

Draw with me: Our muses finger-paint together!

The mean kid: One muse is being bullied by another student!

Peaceful outing: Our muses go to the park together!

It’s a giraffe!: Our muses go to the zoo! One is scared of some of the animals.

Just a few more minutes: One muse is too obsessed with watching t.v!

Makeover!: One muse insists to give the other a makeover - makeup and all!

A fort for us: Our muses make a blanket/pillow fort together!

Pillows: Our muses have a pillow fight!

Up all night: Our muses have a sleepover with snacks and movies!

Boo-hoo: One muse is having a bad day and keeps crying over everything!

Snip Snip: One muse tries to give themselves a hair-cut… and fails.

I’ll fix it!: One muse breaks something and tries to fix it with glue before someone notices!

Do you want to build a snowman?: One muse wants to play in the snow! However, the other would rather stay inside.

It’s mine!: One muse simply refuses to share any of their things!

Rotten: One muse keeps misbehaving everywhere they go!

Detention: One muse gets in trouble for something at school!

Turtle: One muse is too shy to play with others and stays alone!

Can we keep him?: One muse brings an animal home without permission!

Do you really admire him,
or do you admire
how much he admires you,
the kind thoughts you can see in his eyes?

Do you only adore
how much he adores you?

Are you dreaming of
the one you still love,
the one you still can’t let go of,
seeing you together

and burning inside?

You still want vengeance as much
as you want repentance.

Know thyself.
This doe eyed boy does not deserve such pain.


An open letter to myself, imploring that I do not break hearts as mine has been broken.


November 12, 2015

Verse Title:The Simple Coffee Life
AU Type: Coffee Shop AU
Verse Status: Open
Verse Tag: 💉 Verse: The Simple Coffee Life (AU)

For the last several years Leonard McCoy has owned a small coffee shop and bakery whose location was in the heart of San Francisco California. The shop was known as ‘The Coffee Doctor’ it was a relatively small hole in the wall coffee shop. It struggles to compete with the bigger coffee shops such as Starbucks, but it manages to make enough of a profit to keep the place up and running and pay Leonard’s rent. 

The thing that makes The Coffee Doctor unique from other coffee shops, is the fact that if the owner is the one making the orders, then the customer isn’t allowed to order for themselves. Leonard has the uncanny ability to take one look at a person and know exactly what they want, even if they don’t know it. Of course Leonard isn’t a monster and if one does not like the drink that he made for them, then he is willing to make them a new drink of their choosing free of charge. However in the entire history of him owning the shop, that has yet to ever happen. 

The coffee isn’t the only thing made by Leonard, but the baked goods were as well. Everything there came from the McCoy family recipe book that had been passed down to him by his grandmother. Though now he had long sense had all of the recipes memorized. He is known for coming in far too damn early in the morning to bake the treats so they were fresh every day. Though he misses getting the chance to actually sleep in, the income the deserts brought in was worth the sacrifice. 

Besides Leonard, the shop only has one other employee. That employee was Christine Chapel, who worked part time, since he couldn’t actually afford to have her be full time. Despite being part time, she is the one person that he trusts with his shop, and the two work well together making a very efficient team. 

Together the two make the small coffee shop thrive enough to keep food on Leonard’s table and keep him from going bankrupt. 

anonymous asked:

How about Ten Years On!Sheith? Keith coming to terms with losing Shiro and getting him back again, and Shiro noticing the changes Keith's gone through while he's been gone?

For right now, my plan is for Ten Years On to be Ship Tease Central.  I haven’t gotten to do that since Grace is Wasted, you guys : (  I wanna tease all the ships.  But Shance and Sheith definitely have good shots, and presumably there’s been hanky-panky between different members of the crew over the past decade.  Considering it’s been a decade.

Not sure how far we’ll get into that.



Sorry about that. Before you get into the verse, one thing has to happen:


From this point on, all your muse knows is their name, and the family members that are a part of the game with them (If a family member joins AFTER TONIGHT, your muse will not remember them, but they will remember your muse.) Friends have all been forgotten, family members that stayed behind have been erased from their minds, all history they’ve had – alone or with others – is never coming back.

They may have a faint feeling of deja vu from time to time, or a hint of muscle memory when the right weapon is in their hands, but other than that – they’re a blank slate.

You’ll find that all your muse’s personal items have been stripped from them. They’ve been allowed to keep any and all prescriptions (medicine, glasses, contacts,) and any clothing they came prepared with… but nothing else. (Yes, the staff went through their belongings while they were being worked on, so you won’t get anything past them.)

If your muse has an addiction, they have forgotten that addiction – but their body has not. It’s kind of hard to fight the symptoms of withdrawl while not knowing what your body is craving, but it’s just another part of the game they’re going to have to live with. 


(if you have further questions, don’t be afraid to ask. also – we have a discord server for the verse group members. if you’d like to join, let me know!)


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Mistakes Were Made

Universe Alteration: 

Some nut decided to give the synthetic form of the black lion a pair of hands. 

This has thus rendered her smaller form capable of most things bipeds are capable of, such as opening doors, using a keyboard, opening jars, opening take-away containers, tickling people, picking people up, tucking people in, opening locks and in general making a nuisance of herself. 

Tags: V: Shake Hands with the Devil
Origin Story: Here

Henry couldn’t help but laugh at the younger man, a friend of his sons.  “Seriously? Kid I’m old enough to be your father, literally. Not to mention how pissed Jeremy would be. On top of that all I don’t think you would be capable of giving me what I need.” He said, figuring that was a blunt enough rejection the other would stop the flirting they’ve been doing the last few months. The first few times he’d been thrown through a loop and flustered making mutterings of ‘inappropriate’ but by now he just wanted the kid to stop because it was actually starting to sound… well appealing. Couldn’t blame him, he was a widowed man with a kid and little time for… guests. The kid was attractive after all.