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How NCT 127 would cuddle you


Anon: how nct 127 cuddle…?

This was so cute to write!! It made my heart flutter tbh! I hope you like it! TBH, I was going to post this another day, but this was way too cute and I just needed to post it omg. I need someone to gush with right now lmao !


Cuddles were usually done whenever either one of you were tired. I don’t see Taeil being very affectionate usually, but if ever he was tired, or vice versa, he’d be very very very cuddly and clingy. He’d fall into your lap after practice rubbing his face on your legs and humming quietly. If you were tired, you’d basically fling yourself onto him, whilst he was lying on your bed reading or something, and he’d play with your hair and whisper into your ear.


Usually, in your relationship, Johnny would be the dominating one; he’d want to protect you at all costs and treating you delicately like a princess. But there’d definitely be moments, where he’d love you looking and caring after him instead. Never in public, he couldn’t let anyone see him being sensitive and soft - God no! He’d like it when you left him lie on top of you, his head on your chest, as your played with his hair and rubbed his back. Melting into your touch, he’d allow himself to be utterly looked after and fussed over.


Taeyong would be a cuddler in the first place - it’d be his favourite way of expressing his love for you. Anyway and anytime, he’d always have his arms around you. But there’d be times where Taeyong would get super emotional and sensitive and would grab you in his embrace, nuzzling his head into your neck and muttering about how how he loved you and that he didn’t want you to leave. It wouldn’t be often, but they’d definitely be a very emotional and long hug.


Yuta would always have his hands on you in some way, no matter where you were or who you were with. He’d always greet you with a hug, a big flamboyant one and he’d grin widely whenever he saw you. The other boys would cringe and mock his romanticism and imitate him all the time. He wouldn’t care though, and roll his eyes, burying his face into your neck and telling you ignore them.


Cuddling would basically be part of your daily routine. Both of you would always make time for it, no matter how busy his schedule was or how much work you had to do. It’d be your time to just talk and be peaceful and just enjoy each other’s company. You’d sit, with your legs over his lap, head in the crook of his neck, and Doyoung would let his arms hold you tightly and sweetly. You’d talk about anything and everything; sometimes you wouldn’t have much to talk about so would just sit in silence; but it’d never be awkward, it could never be with Doyoung.


Cuddles would always be playful and teasing with Jaehyun. During the day or out in public, he’d stick to just holding your hand or pecking your cheek in terms of skinship. But in private, and before bed, he’d be cuddling you so tight. He’d start by kissing your neck and brushing his hands over your side, which would make you giggle and laugh at the feeling. The pair of you would end up laughing and crying in bed by the end of it.


Like Taeyong, cuddling would never be unusual or rare with WinWin. He’d always like hugging you, the only type of skinship he was actually okay doing with you around his members. It’d be normal for one of you to go up to the other, and open your arms suggesting you want a hug. The other would just drop what they were doing, and welcome them into their arms. No words would have to be exchanged. Hugs would always be tight and warm, majority of the time, done in silence too.


Mark wouldn’t exactly be that affectionate in your relationship, and quickly you learned to accept this and not to expect much affection, physically, from him. But that doesn’t mean it’d never happen. Sometimes, a cuddle was just what he’d need and he’d squeeze you tightly in his arms kissing your cheek multiple times. Since he wasn’t used to it though, he’d get hot very quickly and would separate himself from you, resorting to just lying beside you and holding your hand instead.


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Cuddling with Haechan would be similar to cuddling with Jaehyun - they were never serious or quiet cuddles. And they wouldn’t start like most people would think. Your relationship would already be a very playful one as it is, so of course cuddling would be the same. It’d start off with Haechan literally hitting you hard in the face with a pillow, and eventually leading to a pillow fight, and then would end up with you two breathing heavily as you slumped against his chest, his arms wrapped loosely around you.

I made a dual type eeveelution inspired by @inprogresspokemon‘s ones!! It’s fairy/ice.

This is… well, I’m not 100% sure on a name for it, but I’ve been calling it Yukeon, because “yuki” means snow, but I’m open to other name suggestions.

(Also don’t mind the bad shading lol)


The Frost Pokémon

Fairy/Ice Type


  • Magic Guard: The Pokémon only takes damage from attacks.
  • Ice Body: The Pokémon gradually regains HP in a hailstorm.

Hidden Ability:

  • Snow Warning: The Pokémon summons a hailstorm when it enters a battle.

Entry #1:

  • The ribbon-like appendages present in Sylveon have morphed into a scarf-like structure on Yukeon. When it encounters a trainer in the wild, it will make them a scarf identical to its own as a gesture of kindness. The methods it uses to do this are unknown.

 Entry #2:

  • Its large, glassy eyes are unnerving to some, cute to others, but all find them entrancing. It uses its ability to hypnotize others to guide them to safety in dangerous climates, such as blizzards and icy mountains.

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You shoved the door open and plopped onto the couch in the main sitting room of the Avengers Facility with a groan. This attracted the attention of the other Avenger in the room, Steve. “Hey, everything alright?” he asked, looking over to you.

“No,” you groaned, wiping your face, even though tears weren’t actually falling.

Steve frowned and came closer, sitting next to you. “What’s wrong?”

“My friends tried throwing me a birthday party, and it all went to crap,” you replied. “It took forever for us to get a table at the restaurant, then our waitress had an attitude. The attitude got worse when she got my order wrong and I asked for a replacement.”

You didn’t notice Tony enter the room until he spoke up. “Wait, you didn’t tell us it was your birthday!” he said.

“It certainly doesn’t feel like one,” you grumbled. “After we left, a truck drove by just in time to soak me. I had to go buy myself a new outfit so I wouldn’t be even more miserable.”

Steve put his arm around you in a comforting gesture. “We all have rough days, even if it happens to be on your birthday,” he commented.

“Okay, we’re going to have birthday party take two,” Tony stated dramatically.

“You don’t-“ you started to tell Tony.

“Too late. Text has already been sent out to the Avengers. They’ll be here shortly. I’ll get the booze.” He gave you a salute before leaving.

You were stunned. “So, I wasn’t expecting that,” you commented. “I should probably change into something nicer.”

“You do that, I have something to talk to Tony about,” Steve said. He got up before helping you up.

Shortly after, you were ready for another try for a party. You entered the common room, giving a polite smile to the Avengers that were there.

“Hey, birthday girl!” Wanda greeted, giving you a one-armed hug in greeting. “Tony told us to come.”

“I know,” you replied flatly. You looked around. There was a table set out with booze, which Natasha, Clint, and Sam were all talking around. Another table had snacks, Pietro already digging into the sweets.

“Happy birthday!” Thor greeted in his lack of indoor voice. Bruce gave you a smile and nod. Steve walked up to you, handing you a drink.

But one Avenger in particular was still missing. “Where did Tony go?” you asked Steve curiously.

“He’ll be back soon,” Steve replied. That didn’t answer anything. Though, it didn’t take long for him to return, arms full of boxes and bags.

“It’s not a birthday without presents,” Tony stated, setting the gifts down next to a chair.

“It can totally be a birthday without presents, but thank you,” you said. “Did you get all of these yourself?”

“Well, it was all my money, yes. But a couple of the others had suggestions,” Tony replied. “Sit, open the presents. I’m still waiting on the cake to be delivered.”

You sat down and looked at the pile of gifts. You didn’t know where to start. But a small, long box caught your eye. You picked it up. There was a little bit of a rattle. You opened it up, to find a beautiful necklace. It was in the shape of two joined hearts, with colored stones surrounding them.

“I picked that one out,” Steve told you, walking over. “It’s your birth stone.”

You grinned. “Thank you so much!” You said, jumping up to hug Steve. He chuckled and hugged back.

“I didn’t like seeing you so upset. I figured something as pretty as you would help,” Steve told you. You blushed as the other Avengers cooed.

“You’re so sweet. Mind helping me put it on?” you asked.

“Of course,” Steve replied, taking the necklace out of the box, putting it on for you.

“Why did you have to open that one first?” Tony jokingly complained. “Now the rest is going to look bad in comparison.”

“Shut up, Tony,” you jokingly scolded in return. “And thank you, my birthday is already loads better.”

I’ve gotten quite a few new followers recently, so I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! I brought animated pie to bribe you into liking me.

My name is Tahlia, I draw pictures and post about Steven Universe, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Magical Girls, Pokemon, and sometimes original stuff and other gobbledegoop. Asks are always open, and I’m always up for suggestions on what to draw next (although I may not get to all of them).

Thank you so much for joining me here! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Ellery has an idea :D

so, i think we should read more of each other’s work and strive to comment on everything (think of it like a restaurant, if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat). 

too many writers get discouraged by lack of reviews, and while ~yeah~ “create work for yourself”, we can’t deny how nice it is to see a new review (long or not). it is for that reason i’ve been trying to read as much as i can, and leave a comment on everything. however, i am just one small lady…

it is in that spirit that i’m going to try and develop something along the lines of a read-and-review-saturday where we read a fic from someone we (preferably) don’t (quite) know and leave a review! i think this would be amazing for new writers getting into the fandom and i think it’d just be nice overall (and really, it costs you nothing to be nice). 

you would have to be fairly open-minded (though you wouldn’t have to read ships you don’t like), we can’t have people ditching cause they can’t get into a story! this is about opening yourself up to new experiences! :D

when i work out the logistics, i’ll get back to you guys. but if you’re interested, feel free to like/reblog/talk to me about it :)

It’s 2.45 AM and I’m hungry and sad

…besides that, I’ve still got more gafou doodles to draw, but I’m open to suggestions anyway (animated things or not). Please feel free to contact me ❤ I just hope to make them soon, I’m feeling a bit unmotivated now :( and I should study something anyway…oh well, good night for now :) *hugs*


Hello, I’m Joanna and I decided to open commissions! ;) Because new semester in my college started, I’m opening three slots (for now)!


- If you decide to commission me, please, contact me via email - I’ll need you to tell me which commision type are you interested in, which character you want me to paint (you can send me a visual description or description of your character’s personality, if you want) and send me references. If you want your character to have any specific expression, please, inform me about it. :) Same goes with light and other details, I’m very open to your suggestions!

- After that, I’ll respond to confirm your commission. I want you to be happy with the final result, so I’ll be sending you work-in-progress pictures (you’ll be able to make some changes, etc.) When the initial “sketch” will be ready and you’ll want me to continue the work, payment will be required (this applies only to 25$, 30$ and 50$ commisions. Commissions under 25$ are paid upfront).

- In the end I’ll send you finished work (3508px width, 4961px height) on your e-mail address and you’ll be able to do whatever you want with it. I’ll be very grateful if you’ll remember to credit me! :)

I can draw/paint:

- humans, humanoid characters (I’m perfectly fine with aliens, etc.)

I won’t draw/paint:

- furries, mechs, offensive things, porn


I accept Pay Pal payments only!


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Dan Stevens on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Sequel Talk, Tribeca Sex Comedy ‘Permission’
By Ramin Setoodeh

Dan Stevens on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Sequel Talk, Tribeca Sex Comedy ‘Permission’

After playing the gruff male star in Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” Dan Stevens hopes that audiences will be his guest for a different kind of adventure. In “Permission,” which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday night, Stevens portrays a male Brooklyn 30-something who decides to enter an open relationship with his girlfriend (played by Rebecca Hall).

Stevens spoke to Variety about the new project, if there could be a “Beast” sequel and jumping from studio films to indies to TV, including his mutant role on FX’s “Legion.” “My tastes are many and varied,” he says. “I hope to keep moving around.”

Where did “Permission” come from?
Brian Crano is a filmmaker I’ve known for many years. He was making a short film written by my friend Rebecca Hall. I really like it. It was called “Rubberheart,” based on a short story that Rebecca had written.

The premise of “Permission” is about an unconventional relationship.
We are high school sweethearts. We’ve never slept with anybody other than each other. Our friend drunkenly suggests we try opening our relationship before we tie the knot. That plays out. It’s a sweet, weird meditation on the myopia of 30-somethings and how their affairs can blind them to the bigger picture. It’s a film about growing up. Brian’s got a unique take on things. Years ago, he was my introduction to John Cameron Mitchell’s “Shortbus,” which was a film I loved.

Uh, is this movie like “Shortbus”?
I would like to think that people will see nods. A lot of New York filmmakers owe John Cameron Mitchell a lot.

What research did you do?
Rebecca and I were both introduced to Dan Savage and [the podcast] Savage Love. It’s opened my eyes to a world of things. There were films that Brian encouraged us to watch, like “Reality Bites.” Just to get the tone, the background in terms of our relationship.

How has your life changed since “Beauty and the Beast?”
I don’t know. It just came out. I started production on another film. It doesn’t like it’s changed a huge amount.

“Beauty and the Beast” recently entered the $1 billion club.
It’s exciting that a musical, a family comedy, can do that. I’m very proud of it.

Do you think there could be a sequel?
That’s not a question for me. I’m not sure what turn that would take. I’m open to offers. It would seem odd for me to hear about it, but never say never.

Would he be back as a human?
I’d kind of like to bring the Beast back.

Did you keep anything from the costume?
The prosthetic guys did mount the horns on two plaques for me at the end of the production, which was nice. That’s the only stuffed animal head I have in my house.

It’s hanging in your house? Is your wife ok with that?
Yes. She loves horns.


hi guys so here is a selection of my current works in my redbubble store! like i said i am donating all profits from this month to planned parenthood so if you could please share this and tell everyone you know that’d be a huge help.  if you’d like to see some other things i’m always open to suggestions. especially the “i’m always a slut for ___” pieces, i love drawing those. [i currently have ‘gardening’ in the works.]

BATB - Text Posts (Angsty Gafou Edition)

Beauty And The Beast - Text Posts (Gaston/LeFou) Part 2/?

As you can see, I made this one extra angsty and ~feels~. I also threw in a little Beast action into the mix. 

Shoutout to the lovely xxvillainous-crushxx for requesting more Gafou! If anyone wants to request any other BATB characters, I’m open to suggestions! Don’t be shy in being specific or whatnot (e.g. angsty, silly, romantic, etc.).

You can see Part 1 by clicking here, or Part 3 by clicking here.

Day Seventy

-I asked a man how he was doing. He replied, “I’m tired, and I don’t want to hear about you.” I appreciate someone who allows for no ambiguity in a conversation.

-A pair of elderly twins passed by me, dressed head to toe in identical outfits, making the same expressions at the same time. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were on their way to the set of a horror film. That being said, I am prepared to run if I see them again.

-A child stared at me. I stuck my tongue out at her. She remained deadpan. I was relentless. Eventually, as she was rolled away, she stuck her tongue out in return. This is my biggest accomplishment of 2016.

-As a woman was leaving, I said, “Have a good day.” She shouted at me that she was trying to. I am so sorry to have gotten in the way of her goal in this way.

-I was caught in the midst of an argument between an elderly lady and her granddaughter. The grandmother, telling the granddaughter that by owning a laptop, television, and cell phone, she was addicted to electronics and would surely go to hell. The daughter, unsure how on earth to respond to this. The cashier, furiously scribbling notes on every word exchanged. I am sure that this woman’s grandparents told her the same thing in regards to her stick and hoop and her sundial.

-An elderly man pulled his shirt up to his sternum. His reasons are unclear. His results, showing off his lacy black thong and unsettlingly hairless stomach.

-I was asked by a woman if we had been busy. I told her that we had been. She told me we would get busier. This is precisely the sort of motivation I was looking for today.

-A mother breastfed her child in my lane. No sins were committed. No children were corrupted. No boys became sexual deviants. A baby was fed. It is almost as if this were a natural occurrence and not a terrible act of debauchery. What a strange thing.

-A man bought a high-end breast pump alongside a Christmas card written to a grandfather. He specified that he would like them bagged together as they were going to the same person. I would very much like to meet them.

-Today I was told that Satan was going to crack open the Earth and swallow me up and that Hell would then split open after I suggested that while Christmas was important to Christians, other holidays and religions existed. I feel honored. I am sure this is not something Satan does for just anyone.

imkelseyjane  asked:

hey hey hey there ☺️!! could i request a bts reaction to them finding your sketchbook between their stuff and he sees a lot of drawings of him in there but also from other guys from other boy groups? but you dont draw them bc theyre your biases but bc theyre just fun to draw ? thank you!!! you can switch it up a bit if its too much :) thanks in advance!

His eyes widen at the sketches you made of him and they were absolutely beautiful. You almost got all of his features and he was really amazed how you do your art until he saw the different sketches of guys on your sketchpad. Once you caught him looking through your pad, he looked at you with a slight glare.
“Kookie, I draw them just for fun. You’re my favourite subject.” He smiled, feeling flustered and continued looking with you sitting beside him. 


He would be a bit shocked but ended up proud at your works as he flipped through the pages of the little book. He saw the sketches of guys he knew bbut he didn’t mind at all. He absolutely loved your works and the fact that most of your works were all him. ;)

“Oh my hart.” The first thing he saw was the sketches of other guys and he’d be shook. Flipping through the pages with slight annoyance, he found out that next few pages were your sketches of him. He’d smile widely and felt so proud.

He wouldn’t actually notice the sketches you made of the others. He’s too focused on the sketches you made of him. He’d be blushing and when you saw him looking at your pad, you felt shy.
“y/n, why do have sketches of me? like a lot of it?” He’d smirk with a little hint of blush on his cheeks.
“I don’t know… Probably because you’re the first thing that always come into my mind,” to which his confidence suddenly melts and smiled.


He would be giggly about it. He didn’t mind it when you sketched other faces but it was a big deal to him when you sketched him. 

“I love sketching your cute little face especially that box-y smile of yours.”
He giggles again, squishing you with a tight hug.

He smiled at the little sketches you made but then he smiled even wider at the sight of the sketches  you made of him, which were quite a lot. He took some pictures of them and kept them.

I actually love this request since I am also an artist hehe. I hope you like it. :)

Hey I’m one of the new admins! :) I love bts, seventeen and I am open for other groups as well, so you can suggest some good groups if you like.

Admin: pastel hans 

Aquarius female: Mind, Body, and Soul ♒

She’s grace, she’s odd, she’s a goddess in human form, she’s the Aquarian female, the original water bearer of the Gods. Unlike her male counterpart who was a mortal hand picked by Zeus to become the new immortal cupbearer, Ganymede, Hebe was born an immortal. ‘Daughter’ of Hera (it was actually Hera in her virgin form), she was born a goddess who was nonetheless pleased to carry the task of self-rejuvenation to pour out immortal life sustenance and give divine substance. She’s a beautiful mutant, a saving grace to all, to both Humanity and the Gods. She rules the 11th house of future goals, community objectives, and spiritual unity.

She is wise beyond her years and she has a deep understanding of human behavior and divinity that go hand in hand. Separating the two would limit human spiritual experience. But she’s not so full of herself to be so self-absorbed by her own ego, unlike her male counterpart, she is humble and she rather invest her time and energy pouring herself onto anyone who she comes across. She is ready to serve those in need and who wish to experience heaven here on earth. She’s love, grace, and hope and she endows those same qualities unto the collective community. She’s unjudgemental, understanding, and hopeful and she instills self-confidence and self-motivation unto others. Anyone around her can feel incapable of any wrongdoing, she’s intoxicatingly beautiful inside and out and highly addictive.

She pours herself unto men. Making zero judgement or living up to societies expectations. Thinking of ways how to better serve others and make others happy, often neglecting her own needs. But, she keeps on living with that optimistic and whimsical attitude. Being a cheerleader to the underdogs and anyone who seems to be broken. Championing for those impoverished souls, standing up and becoming symbols of Hope, and fighting against opression and societies detriments. Becoming self-empowered women with great influence over others so that they themselves can become empowered. One can see this trait in famous Aquarian females: Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Virginia Wolf, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Most might assume that she’s making up for all this kindness due to her own faults and misery. But quite the contraire. She’s so pure in her intentions that most people end up taking advantage of our poor Aquarian. Including the men in her life. One might mistake her as a doormat due to her tendency to tolerate her partners idiosyncrasies as she usually ends up with an overbearing partner. Unlike the Aquarian male who’s striving to become this guru sent down from Mt. Olympus, she searches for a partner who she can mold herself into. A husband she can look up to and become one with. She subconsciously looks for odd characers, underdogs, misunderstood men. A man who has so much potential for greatness. And who better to help him achieve such status if not our rejuvenating cheerleader?

The problem with this vision is that she usually ends up with men who trample all over our Aquarian. And because she’s so compliant and graceful in relationships, she keeps quiet. Tolerating his behavior, keeping score, and counting the days when she’ll permanently walk away. She’s not a doormat nor a pushover as many believe. No. What she is doing is giving her all in her relationships so when the day comes that she needs to walk away, she will walk away for good with no guilt whatsoever. She gives her heart, mind, and soul to her partner and whatever he does with that, falls on him, not on her. So when her ex regrettably comes back remorseful for having treated our Aquarian wrongly, she’ll lay out all the cards she’s kept to herself all those years. Her ex will be left speechless, begging for forgiveness and a second opportunity.

An Aquarian is capable of forgiveness and second chances but when an Aquarian decides it’s enough, it’s enough. She will cast you out from her heart and mind, not looking back. She will have learned her lesson with each new passing relationship. ‘She will learn to not cast her pearls before swine’. She’ll soon find a man who is worthy of her affections. Someone who isn’t afraid of her true emotional depth. And when she finds herself in the arms of a man who finally takes care of her fragile heart, she experiences rapture.

As innocent and childlike as she might appear, she’s actually not. She exudes vibrancy and colorful lights but step inside behind those closed doors and you’ll realize that our Aquarian has a whole different persona. She’s feisty and coquettish in the budoir. Showing off her many flavor colored condoms, vibrators, and toys to her partner and she will do so so excitedly. One wonders, ‘Where did that innocent Aquarian go?’ She’s still there riding that hog she’s been wanting to pounce for a while (and had been fantasizing about). Mixing in pleasure with fun. Letting go of her inhibitions and showing a true and sexy side to her personality. It can be extremely alluring to any man, or woman, who witnesses the Aquarian going off on herself like if it was her first time. She’s enticing and addicting and her husband can truly feel free in the bedroom. Because she’s so open to anything, her husband can fulfill his deepest fantasies with her. Play dress up? She beat you to it…Sex in the alley behind the dumpster?You read my mind…S&M? Why didn’t you ask sooner?… Oral under the table? Baby I’m already there… Anything you can think of she will be open to and even if she doesn’t agree, she will suggest other alternatives.

Because to an Aquarian sex should be free and loving. She let’s go of all those negative emotions (or at least supress them for a while longer). Sex to her is an experience that she feels grounds her down to terra firme. Because she’s so detached emotionally and so different, she feels like she can connect with her partner intimately via sex. All those deep feelings she had been supressing will come out in long sessions of love making, followed by laughter, high-fiving, and long conversations. Her husband can truly feel he has hit the trifecta…fucking, friendship, and no heavy sentiments? Bingo! What more can he ask for?

Of course our Aquarian will never settle for someone who she doesn’t feel a mental, emotional, and sexual connection with. She will subconsciously test her future significant other on many levels. Testing his boundaries because no matter how sweet she might come off, she’s actually a tempest. And he will never know he was subjected to such tests. She needs to know he’ll be able to handle her with ease and sensitivity but also with authority. If he fails, she will ghost herself out of existence only to pop up years later with a ‘What’s up? How’s it going?’ But, when he’s managed to pass her many ‘tests’ she will enjoy letting him in into her true world. A world full of colorful rainbows, hope, love, grace, peace, and an exotic ‘lifestyle’. One can see why an Aquarian female is the true Goddess of the Zodiac.

kouroo  asked:

Hi! I just found your blog and your comics are amazing!! I was wondering if you post them anywhere else apart from Tumblr? Thank youuu!!! c:

I usually also post on reddit (r/comics) but I link to my tumblr posts anyways. I’ve been considering opening other accounts like instagram and such (I’d like suggestions on this actually). I just found tumblr to be an easy way to publicly compile my drawings in one place

Thanks for stopping by!