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French Mistake

Past Sam x Reader; mention of Matt Cohen x ofc!Reader (It’ll make sense when you read it lol)

Word Count: 1,666

Warnings: language, angst, Sammy heartbreak…hehehe

Requested by Anon: Could you write an imagine set during the French Mistake where Sam sees the actress who plays his dead girlfriend and it turns out she’s dating someone (like Matt Cohen or KJ Apa or something) so he gets really upset because he can’t even kiss her or anything.

A/N: I kinda changed it up a bit…it’s not set in the actual episode but the boys do get sent back to that universe so it’s kinda the same. Shout out to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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Who Died: AUCas or Our Cas? SPN12X23

*rubs hands together manically*

I wanted to share my theories on
WHO DIED: AUCas or our Cas?

And also explain why I think we had an imposter (AUCas) for a good chunk of the episode. 

It helps to read along as you watch, especially as my technically challenged self can’t get pics/gifs on here for some odd reason. But anyway, I’m going to go through each Cas scene to discuss his behavior. And then give some ideas on how they’ve left it open for EITHER an alternate universe Cas OR our Cas to have been the one who died at the end. There’s no right or wrong answer because none of us actually knows. I’m no expert but this is fun and we have all summer to speculate.

So let’s get started!

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Beauty and the Beast AU (2)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Garth Fitzgerald, Metatron, Crowley, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Part One Part Three

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 3,102

A/N: This has been well overdue! It’s not beta read because I needed to get this up ASAP!! I hope y’all enjoy, part three is almost done!

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Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 5


Summary: Your brothers and you meet up after years of being apart. The case you are working looks more and more like a supernatural case. But when your brother’s figure out what you are dealing with you can’t help but feel scared.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, and Smut (only a very tiny bit). The whole nine yards.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks for the patience and support. I apologize for taking so long to come out with this but I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this makes your day a little brighter :) Plus thank you for the love and support that you have poured out over messages. I’m going through a very tough time right now and all your support has kept me afloat. There are no words to express how much I love and appreciate all of you. Thanks. I love you all! 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural Crossover

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“Hey, it’s me. How fast can you get to Danvers, Massachusetts?”

“Woah! Slow down bug. Let’s start with ‘Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?’” you brother replied.

Rolling your eyes, an action that was almost second nature for you whenever you spoke to Dean, “Fine. Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?” you state out robotically, not waiting for his response you continue to talk “Okay so listen my team is looking into a case that seems to be more up our alley than the FBI’s.” You heard some muffled talk in the background and pegged it as the moose joining the conversation. “Three girls all 16 years, whose mom’s died when they were 10 were found murdered over the past three days in, and this is what got my attention, Danvers, Massachusetts.”

Before you could explain further Dean interrupts you, “Okay maybe you geeks know what the significance of Danvers is but you mind sharing it with the rest of us who actually have a social life?“

You laughed at the frustrated sigh that erupted from Sam’s throat, you could almost picture the bitch face that he was throwing at Dean right now. “Danvers, Massachusetts was formerly known as Salem Village, where the witch trials took place,” you heard Sam explain.

“There’s more,” you continue explaining the rest of the case to your brothers. After you finished explaining your speculations that the mother’s had made a demon deal and now demons were coming for the daughters, there was a long pause.

Dean decided to break it and says, “Okay bug we’ll be there in about half an hour. We’re wrapping up a ghost in Newton, New Hampshire. Can’t wait to see you, kiddo.”

You smile and say, “Sammy make sure you’re there as reporters and use the credentials that I had Charlie make you. And Dean, she’s married with a kid so no flirting.”

Though he had no i­dea who you were talking about Dean still managed to say, “Aye, that just means I can’t touch. I can still look, and talk.”

Laughing at your brother’s stubbornness you shake your head and say, “She also has two guns and is a terribly good shot. So I wouldn’t if you want all your limbs intact. See you soon.”

As you hang up the phone you can’t help but smile like an idiot all the way to your seat, just the thought of being near your brother’s got you giddy. Though as soon as you came in the view of your co-workers you subdued the smile and tried to act as you did before the phone call. You take an empty seat away from the rest of the team and look at the case files to try to think up an action plan. “You okay?” a concerned male voice breaks through your thoughts, thinking that it was either Morgan or Reid you sigh looking up, only to be surprised at the concerned eyes of the team leader that met you. “Yeah Hotch I’m fine,” you lie, so badly in fact that even a kid could see through you. When Hotch doesn’t stop his eye contact with you, you sigh and start to explain, “Hotch I’ve handled a case like this before back when I went undercover.”

Before beginning at the FBI you had to make up a background story. You held degrees in not only Psychology but also Criminology and Sociology. When Dean went to hell, you promised him not to try and get him out. This proved to be incredibly difficult because every moment you were awake you wanted to get him out, so you decided to go back to school and dove nose straight into a heavy course load. By the time Dean made it out of hell and came back to you, you wanted to drop everything and go hunting but after a lot of forcing on Dean’s and Sam’s part, you stayed in school for the rest of the semester before enrolling into an online school. And after Sam went to the cage, you found it difficult to live the apple pie life that you promised him you would. So you did the same thing you did when Dean went away, you dove into school and came out with your third and fourth degree impressively in a year and a half. However in order to be in the FBI, you had to have some prior work with law enforcement and after some calls, many of the law enforcement officials that you’ve helped out in the past put together stories of you going undercover for the cases that you solved as a hunter. So to the rest of the team, you started off as a field agent, who went on several undercover ops for several police units even though you weren’t officially a cop. You excelled in your field in a matter of months and the director of the BAU himself ordered for your transfer to the team effective immediately.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hotch asked after you paused.

“Hotch the only thing that I can tell you about these cases are that it blows your mind how much there is out there we don’t know about. And for cases like this, I have to be fully focused on the case, so if I seem cold for the next few weeks I apologize,” you finish.

Hotch stares at you for a couple of seconds, and you know that he’s trying to analyze you but he smiles reassuringly and says, “When we land I want you with Morgan and me, we’re gonna go straight to the police station. And (Y/N) I know you might be intimidated to tell me things, but as much as I am your team leader, I am also your friend.”       

“So you’ve never seen these girls around here before sheriff?”

“That’s right. Never seen any of ‘em until we found the bodies. Excuse boys but that’s the FBI,” you hear the sheriff finish up what seems to be an interview with the two men that you have been dying to see. Even though you had to be professional you couldn’t help the goofy grin the ghosted your face when you made eye contact with them.

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“Agent Hotchner? I’m Sheriff Boldwin. Thank You for coming on such short notice,” the balding sheriff shook hands with your team leader.

“Of course Sheriff, these are Supervisory Special Agents, Derek Morgan and (Y/F/N Y/A/L/N),” Hotch introduced you two, and you shook hands with the sheriff.

“Agents, can we get a quote for the paper?” Dean walked over and said confidently to your team leader. Morgan and you tried your best not to snicker at the face Hotch was making if it was possible you were sure Hotch would have punched Dean right then and there.

“Sir, if you follow me I can get you your quote,” you interrupted before your boss could tell them off. Morgan smirked and whispered, “Try not to scare them too much.”

“I make no promises,” you playfully whisper back to him before walking to an empty office room. Once you make sure that there were no prying eyes looking into the office you launch yourself into the arms of your eldest brother.

“Hey bug, I missed you too you know,” Sam joked as you stayed in Dean’s arms for a bit longer than intended. You smile at jump into his arms next, letting out a squeal as the giant actually picks you up off the floor and spins you around. After the warm greetings, Dean gives you the address of the motel they were staying at and then tease you, “So Supervisory Special Agent can we get a quote for the paper?”

Rolling your eyes for what seemed to be the tenth time in a matter of minutes you shove him a little. “Did you guys find anything else? Any omens?” you ask. Sam opens his pocket book and starts to state off signs he found, “Well since you told us we could only go as reporters, we couldn’t look at any of the evidence but there is definitely a demon in this town. There’s been rumors of cattle mutilations, electrical storms, as well as abnormal weather six hours before the girls showed up dead.”

Taking it all in you declared, “Okay well I’ll have to stay here and work the legal angle but once I get a chance to look at the crime scenes and evidence I’ll text you. Guys this demon took out three girls in three nights, there’s a high possibility that a girl is going to die tonight, and we have no idea why.”

“Okay I’ll do some more research,” Sam acknowledges the group.

“And I’ll do some canvassing,” Dean states, at you raised eyebrow he adds, “and keep the flirting to a minimum.” You laugh at this and bid them goodbye, exiting the room but before you could get far, Dean grabs your wrist pulling you closer to him and whispers, “Cas told us about your little soulmate. You know that you’re not allowed to date, right? You’re too young.”

You look up at you older brother, trying your best not to roll your eyes, you smirk saying, “Tell you what, you stop flirting with anything and everything with boobs, and I won’t go near him.” Satisfied at Dean’s conflicted face you walk back to the conference room where the team had started to set up. By this time the rest of the team was back, their raised eyebrows made you aware that they noticed the interaction between Dean and you. The interaction, plus the smirk that was on your face must have added up to you being interested in the handsome reporter to them, and the thought makes your smile falter. A little grossed out that your team now thinks you are attracted to your brother, you take your seat across from Reid and dive into the case files completely ignoring the silent questions being asked by each of them.

Reid came in with Rossi about ten minutes before you exited the office room with your brothers. He had a coffee in each hand, one for him black coffee with 4 packs of sugar, and another specially made for you. It was a silent pact made by you two that when you guys were working a case and one of you seemed to be a little bothered, the other would try everything to make them feel better. Spencer, of course, noticed that you were bothered by this case from the beginning. He also knew that you were as stubborn as it could get and wouldn’t talk or even acknowledge that there was a problem. You would over work yourself, be too invested and then go home feeling drained and crappy for weeks. 

However, what he didn’t understand is how you seemed bothered by the case yet on the jet after the briefing you were happy. You tried to mask it, but you were happy. Your eyes were sparkling, your cheeks were slightly rosy, and there was a ghost of a smile on your face for the rest of the ride. Though he loved to see you happy, he was a little perturbed that you were happy while they were in the middle of one of the goriest cases they’ve investigated so far. Reid had placed your coffee across from him and was searching for you when Morgan informed him that you were scaring off two cocky reporters. When you didn’t return for another 20 minutes Reid got worried and got up to come find you, but that was when you came out of the office room followed closely by two men who resembled greek gods. Spencer watched the interaction between you and the blond reporter, his heart twisted as he saw you smirking almost seductively at the reporter, leaning up to whisper something to him, your faces just inches apart from each other. He saw the conflicted look on the reporter’s face, guessing by the smirk on your face, he assumed that the reporter must have asked you out and you were playing hard to get. Reid was almost certain that that was what just happened. He had witnessed you turning down men like the reporter before, once he asked JJ why you did that she had smiled and explained either you were interested in someone else or you were playing hard to get. Reid considered the possibility that you were interested in someone else but quickly wrote it off.  One of the perks of being your best friend was that he knew all the men that you interacted with. Aside from the team, the only men you ever came into contact with were the mailman and the barista at the local coffee shop that you and Reid frequented. The mailman was 60, married with 2 kids and 4 grandkids, and the barista was engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He had considered that you might like one of the guys on the team but Morgan was too much of an older brother to you, Rossi treated you like his daughter and you were too scared of Hotch to have any sort of feeling other than respect for him. 

Thankfully Rossi spoke up, saving you from the awkward silence, revealing to the rest of the team what Reid and he found out at the crime scenes, “It looked like she put up one hell of a fight, and from the looks of it I think our unsub is an incredibly strong female. There is no way that any of these girls could have fought a man to this extreme.”

“Are you sure about that Rossi, footprints says the unsub is a size 10, that’s got to be one big woman,” you expressed your doubt.

Rossi took your doubt into consideration with a mischevious smile he said, “Hey Morgan you’re a size 10 in shoes, right?” Morgan nods. “(Y/N), you’re about the size of these girls. Why don’t we go outside and see what kind of a fight Morgan and you could put up?” Rossi suggested playfully. As you scoff off the suggestion, Morgan puts on a smirk and said, "Nah, that won’t be fair, I would cream her.”

“Morgan, she was able to fight with a 6 ft. 240-pound man and hold her ground for 15 minutes. I think she would cream you,” Reid makes the first contribution to the conversation since you’ve all arrived in Massachusetts. He went back to examining the case files as fast as he made the comment. There was a piece of hair that fell onto his face, and it took all you got not to reach over and put it in its spot. You didn’t even notice until then but he had gotten you coffee, from the looks of it, it was the coffee Reid especially makes for you whenever he wanted to cheer you up. There was a note stuck to the side of it ‘Whatever is bothering you, I’m here,’ you smiled as you saw he tried his best to reach you. As you were filled with happiness to see that your best friend will always be there for you, you also start to feel a little guilty at the way you’ve been avoiding him. It wasn’t his fault that heaven decided that you two were meant to be, and you should know better if the heavenly bastards wanted something they would get it one way or another. 

As you were looking over at him he looked up and you send a silent thank you for the coffee and the support through your smile. He smiled as well and focused on the map trying to come with a geo- profile. While he was busy thinking he brought his lower lip in between his teeth, and you pressed your thighs together trying not to acknowledge the heat building up in between your legs. You couldn’t help the images that played in your mind as you watched him bite his lip and run his hand through the unruly mess he called his hair. You wondered what his lips tasted like, how his lips would feel against yours. How your bodies would feel pressed up against each other, how good it would feel to have him inside you. Damn it (Y/N)! It was as if you were falling more and more for him the more you looked at him. Morgan cleared his throat signaling that you were hopelessly longingly staring at the doctor. Again.

You turn your attention back to the team, as Hotch asks, “So other than the unsub being female, was there anything else that you guys found at the crime scenes?”

“Yeah,” Reid looked up from the files, “There was sulfur at the scene.”

Dammit! You thought.

“File says that there was sulfur at the other crime scenes too. Not really in a pattern but definitely significant. It’s part of her M.O,” JJ adds. Just as you were about to text your brothers about the demon theory being correct, you get a message, you read it and couldn’t stop the little gasp that escaped your mouth. 

Prince and Princess of Hell. Meet us at the motel ASAP.

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Stay Awake

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1 500

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: The reader is badly hurt, there is blood and the possibility of death. If you’re not comfortable with stuff like that please proceed with caution.

Summary: The reader is badly hurt and Dean confesses his love for her when he’s afraid she might die.

Author’s Note: So I started writing this fic as an Imagine this morning but it kind of got away from me and now we have a One Shot! It was originally going to be short and “Imagine Dean confessing his love for you when you’re badly hurt on a hunt.” but now it’s 1 500 words, oops! So this obviously isn’t a request but I’m still excited about it, so enjoy!  –xoxo Katie

If you want to read any of my other fics please feel free to check out my Masterlist.

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

       “Y/N!” Dean’s voice rang in your ears as your knees hit the ground, the whole world tilting as you fell. You felt warm blood seeping through the fingers you had pressed against your side as you braced for impact on the hard dirt ground, but instead were greeted by Dean’s strong arms. “Y/N,” Dean said again, brushing a piece of hair out of your face and then pressing his hand on the wound where your fingers had now fallen away. You cried out at the contact but didn’t move - you knew he had to stop the bleeding, even in your bleary state.

       “Dean?” You turned your head towards his chest and tasted blood as you spoke.

       “I’m here, Y/N, I’m here.” His voice sounded panicked and his eyes were wide. You tried to focus on his face but your eyelids felt heavy. “You have to stay awake, Y/N, please! Look at me!” He gripped your shoulders and pulled you against him. “Stay awake!”

       “I’m fine, Dean,” you mumbled, though you doubted he heard you over his yelling for Sam to get the car. “I’m okay…”

       Dean’s attention quickly snapped back to you and you saw tears welling up in his eyes, even as darkness started to bloom in the corners of your vision. You reached for his hand with your shaky, blood-soaked one. He didn’t try to pull away.

       “You have to stay awake, Y/N, please,” his voice broke, “just a few more minutes.” You tried to squeeze his hand but you were too weak, and instead ended up disconnecting from him completely. Dean inhaled sharply and pulled your limp arm against his chest, your hand over his heart. The rhythm was soothing. “Please, Y/N, you can’t leave me.”

      You’d never seen Dean act like this, so open and vulnerable. It took incredible effort but you managed to say, “I’m okay, Dean,” and pulled the corners of your mouth up in a tight smile.

      Dean shook his head and closed his eyes, tears running down his cheeks. “You’re not okay, you were hit bad Y/n, we’ve gotta get you to a hospital.”

      You opened your mouth to speak but never got farther than that, your lips hanging open as your head lolled off to the side. Not quite unconscious, but so, so tired…

      “Y/N!” Dean shook your shoulders a little harder than he probably should have, then yelled for Sam to hurry up. His deep voice boomed in your ears, yet still seemed so far away. “Y/N please, you can’t leave me, not now, not before I…” he choked on his words and you managed to open your eyes just long enough to look into his, a silent nudge to say whatever he needed to say. You knew you didn’t have long now, and so did he. Another tear slid down his cheek. “You can’t leave me before I tell you that … I love you.”

      Everything slowed.

      You weren’t sure if that was from the blood loss or what Dean said but the world seemed to grind to a halt around you, everything falling away except the man holding you against his chest. Dean Winchester. The love of your life, the reason you got out of bed in the morning, the person who made you want to keep fighting an uphill battle, loved you.

      You felt tears welling up in your eyes that you were powerless to stop, tears that you had somehow managed to keep at bay when a deadly hole was torn through your side but couldn’t possibly think of stopping when the reality of what you were about to lose was so clear and terrifying. Dean. You were about to lose Dean, and he was about to lose another person he cared about, another person he loved.


      No. He wasn’t going to lose you, not today, not ever.

      With all your remaining strength you lifted your hand and bunched it up in the front of Dean’s plaid shirt, pulling him down as close to you as you could – though you knew you didn’t really do much, and your hand was a dead weight more than anything else – and said, “I – love you – too,” between shaky breaths. For the briefest second Dean’s eyes seemed to light up, a quick exhale punctuating his momentary joy, but that joy was quickly replaced with fear as your eyes slid shut and your body went limp in his arms. The darkness closed in and you drifted into unconsciousness, the rumble of the Impala’s engines being the lullaby that sung you to sleep.

      You woke up to the uncomfortably familiar beeping of a heart monitor and a pounding in your head that made you squint your eyes. The room you were in was decked out in white, the sheets passably soft and the mattress only slightly lumpy. A hospital. You hated hospitals, even though as a hunter you found yourself in them more often than you’d like, you still never got used to the weird smell or the idea that you were supposed to let a complete stranger stab you with needles and drag thread through you skin.

      Everything hurt.

      Your eyes drifted down to the IV in your arm that you longed to pull out, but you knew that was a bad idea and left if it, then looked to your other side. To your surprise you found a bigger, calloused hand wrapped around your own, a hand that was attached to a sleeping Dean Winchester. Your chest felt tight. You heard the heart monitor beeping faster than it was a few seconds ago and the memories of what happened came flooding back to you. Getting shot, Dean holding you so close you could have kissed him right there, and…

      Dean stirred when your fingers twitched against his own and the relief on his face when he saw you made your heart swell. Dean Winchester, the love of your life, the man who loved you, was staring at you with the kind of adoration that could never be adequately put into words.

      You let out a breathy laugh and smiled at Dean broadly, pleased to find you no longer had the coppery taste of blood on your tongue when you started to speak. “Dean, how long have you been sitting there?” Your voice sounded gravelly and you wondered how long it had been since you talked last.

      “Almost 24 hours,” he said with a grave expression. You felt a crushing guilt for doing that to him, even though you knew there was nothing you could have done to stop it. “I was so worried you weren’t going to make it that I…”

      You were suddenly gripped by fear. “You didn’t make any deals did you?!”

      Dean’s eyes softened at that and he squeezed your hand as he spoke, a gesture you were happy you finally had the strength to return. “No, I didn’t do anything stupid. But if you hadn’t pulled through, Y/N,” he looked down at your joined hands, “I don’t know what I would have done.”

      You inched over on the bed and made a space for him, pulling on his hand to tell him to move. You couldn’t say anything because you both knew exactly what he would have done, and the reality of that was too much to deal with right now. So instead you leaned against his chest and put your hand on his heart, the steady beat still calming.

      After sitting in silence for a few minutes Dean finally spoke, asking the question you knew had been weighing on his mind since he found out you were going to be okay and it was alright to think about such things. “Y/N?” he started cautiously. You made a humming noise in reply. “Do you remember anything from before you blacked out? Anything I said?” You smiled at his shyness and sat up slightly, ignoring the pain in your side where the bandages were wrapped.

      “I love you, too, Dean Winchester.” You said while looking into his eyes. Then without giving him a chance to speak you pressed your lips against his own, to which he immediately responded and placed his hand on the side of you face, avoiding your waist so he wouldn’t hurt you.

      Your lips moved against his, the kiss slow and meaningful, but before you got any further the door to your room banged open and Sam burst in, clearly too relieved that you were okay to care about the fact that you were currently making out with his brother. You reluctantly pulled away from the eldest Winchester and watched as Sam took the seat Dean had been in when you woke up.

      You and Dean didn’t say anything else as Sam talked but you moved back down and leaned against his side, savoring his smell and warmth.

      You were alive, Dean was alive, and you loved each other. Nothing could bring you down now. Nothing.

Dean walks into the motel room, expecting to be alone, hear nothing but the dripping of a leaky faucet, and that just wasn’t the case. When he stepped out of his boots, the silence was filled with just a quiet tinny voice and his chest was instantly filled with fear. Tiptoeing as softly as he could, which wasn’t very quiet, he found himself pushing Sam’s bedroom door open. Without any warning, Dean got an eyeful of his baby brother sprawled out on the bed and a video of himself having sex with a girl, taken at a bad angle on the kid’s phone. Sam was most definitely getting off to him fucking some girl from a few towns back.

As Dean undid his belt buckle and unzipped his jeans, the only thing on his mind was, ‘Tonight will be a good night.’

Gym Banter

Yet another inspiration struck me..

Summary: Terrible chat up lines and flirting in the gym. Something tells me this is something Steve, Bucky and Sam would enjoy.

Word count: 1162

Warnings: Some swearing. Does terrible flirting need a warning? If yes, then consider yourself warned!

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There’s no hiding that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes came from a different era when it came to relationships. Steve especially, who grew up practically scared of women, unsure of himself, constantly worrying about offending a lady, terrified of rejection and the general feeling of being less of a man because of his physicality. Bucky, on the other hand, was very cocksure - he knew that he was a good looking man but he was insecure about what he could offer emotionally. To compensate for that he was over the top - always taking girls out dancing and for days out, he learnt how to romance a lady, win over her affection.

Fast forward to modern day and to Sam Wilson, the smoothest ladies man around, often beating Tony Stark in charming just about any girl. What Wilson knew was that ladies these days are very emancipated and open - they know what they want and sometimes what they want is a beefcake of a man that knows how to make them scream in the bedroom. And under his watchful eye Steve and Bucky quickly learnt the ins and outs of modern romance

You sat in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee trying to wake your mind up, it was way too early to be up for training but it’s was Captain’s orders - you, Natasha and Wanda were told to be ready first thing in the morning for a session specially designed to build some more muscle into your all-too-female bodies. You looked around at the other two girls and you could feel that they were just as pleased to be up at this time as you.

‘Morning ladies! Are you ready for your world to be rocked?’ Steve boomed as he entered the kitchen 'We’ll make you sweat so much you’ll beg us to stop!’ He grinned. Oh yes, long gone was the shy Steve from the 40s, 21st century Steve was Mr Innuendo, Mr Walking Sex and Righteousness who knew exactly of the effect he had on women.

'Oh god, if I had it my way he’d be the one begging me to stop…’ Natasha whispered to you and Wanda as she stood up. 'I wouldn’t mind having my world rocked by him either…’ Wanda snickered. Yes, all three of you were horny as fuck, surrounded by God-like superheroes meant you had plenty of visual stimulation but hardly any physical one… Steve knew that and he clearly loved the control he had over you.

The three of you followed Steve to the lift. 'Is it just you that’s going to train us all today?’ You asked and you heard Natasha snort. 'You don’t think I’ve got the stamina?’ He smirked and then looked around your faces 'There’s plenty of Rogers to go round to keep you all busy!’ You bit your lip and tried everything in your power not to look at Steve when he casually stretched his shirt that clung to his chest. 'But no, Bucky is downstairs readying the gym for play…’

Foreplay? FOREPLAY?! This cheeky fucker must know exactly what’s he’s doing. More than that he was now sporting the widest grin and started humming whilst swaying hips back and forth. You could cut the sexual tension with the knife. Thankfully it wasn’t long before the lift beeped signalling your arrival at the gym floor.

When the door opened you audibly gasped at the sight. Bucky stood there, shirtless, covered in sweat with a bottle of water to his lips and metal hand on his hip. You started experiencing life in slow motion - when Bucky noticed the door open he screwed the bottle shut and opened his arms wide. 'Ladies! Welcome to your worst nightmare!’ He smiled and pointed towards the three stationary bikes in the far corner.

'More like the best dream, right?’ Wanda giggled as she squeezed past Steve and walked towards the bikes. 'If that’s not motivation enough I don’t know what is…’ you whispered to Natasha and as you walked past Bucky you made sure to slowly look him up and down which caused him to smile even wider.

'You do know we’re not in the mood for too strenuous of a workout? It’s way too early and frankly I don’t think we need an extra training apart from what we do on daily basis anyway.’ Natasha stated as she sat on the bike.

Bucky took few steps towards you, his voice an octave lower. 'Come on girls, tomorrow it’s better you feel sore than sorry!’ Oh gawd!!! This was it, you tried to keep calm and focus on task in hand but how could you? Both of the soldiers were torturing you. You didn’t need any extra dirty thoughts clouding your mind. Either of them could literally just flip a page in the newspaper and furrow their brows and you’d be wet. What they were both doing right then was pure torture and you couldn’t handle it any longer.

The session began with some warmup on the bikes, Bucky opted to sit on the bench in front of you, meanwhile Steve was pacing behind you, with encouraging words, until… 'Alright aside from today’s training what is really important you do is up your protein intake, ladies! You all need to put some more quality meet inside you!’ Wanda hummed in agreement.

You couldn’t help but look at Bucky and he noticed. He stood up and walked towards you 'See something you like?’
'Nah, I was just looking for that quality meat I sooo crave inside me’ Fuck! Did you just say that out loud? Well you must have because Bucky’s face lit up. 'Eh, Steve, a question! I heard that the missionary position helps men to work out the chest and triceps…’ 'Oh yeah, scientific fact!’ the blonde chuckled. Bucky then turned towards you and looked you straight in the eyes’ Maybe there’s a way you can help me verify this?’

'Alright you two, stop it!’ Natasha was the first one to break. 'You had your fun, can we concentrate on the workout now?’
Steve slowly came behind Natasha and grinned. 'Oo, someone is tense, maybe afterwards I can help you get a good stretch? You know, to prevent muscle cramps?’ Steve run fingers through his hair and he was now in the front of the bikes facing you three. Natasha huffed in surrender.

A few seconds of silence passed before Steve spoke again. 'Okay, my apologies, we do actually have this workout to get through so let’s keep it professional from now on’

Just at this second the door to the gym opened and Sam walked in. 'Does anyone have any tape, because I’m totally ripped!’ As if it needed any more drama he raised his arms and flexed the biceps.

The sound of Steve face palming was the loudest noise amongst the groans and chuckles that filled the gym. Yes, all was good in the Avengers tower.

Relapse - Part 4

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: Fluff, body shaming, anxiety, topics of body size and weight issues. I tried to keep it as vague as possible so not to trigger.

Summary:  A Girl like her finally ended up with a guy like him.  Everything is perfect now and nothing can stop them except themselves.

A/n: This is it for Relapse I hope you enjoy it!  I will be writing one shots about your and Bucky’s relationships that will bounce around.   If you have any situations that you want to see our couple in send me an ask please!

Relapse Masterlist

You stood in front of the two, both men scrabbled to get up off the tiled floor of the kitchen.  They pointed at each other both looking guilty, before saying in unison, “He started it!”

“What the hell is this about?”  You ask putting your hands on your wide hips. You couldn’t believe they were fighting like children.  You walk closer to the both of them and met Steve’s eyes and then Bucky’s.  You purse your lips and give both men a hard stare.

“Well…I…I mean Steve…I mean..I just wanted to know what you talked about and he won’t tell me.  I am your boyfriend I deserve to know.”  Bucky said whining.   He wraps his arms around you and kisses your temple.

“I wouldn’t betray your trust like that Y/n”  Steve said sticking his chest out giving Bucky a disapproving glare.  You pull away from Bucky deciding enough was enough.  You were going to tell him.  You couldn’t wait for Sam any longer.   

Just as you were opening mouth to tell Bucky what had happened, Sam walked in rubbing the sleep out of his face.  Sam made his way to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.  Finally you saw the muscles in his back tense up, he had noticed the presence of the three of you.  Sam turned and faced you.  Seeing Bucky, you saw his smile falter only for a moment.   You knew the time had come.  Sam would tell Bucky.

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These Hips Are Mine

400 Follower Celebration for @angelus320 (Sam x Curvy!Reader)
 [still taking requests for drabbles!]

warnings: body shaming, light smut/teasing

You turned away from the counter at the police station, headed for the coffee machine.  Pouring yourself a cup, you kept your ears open for any gossip between the small-town officers.  You heard Sam and Dean still getting directions from the chief, and took a sip of your coffee, instantly regretting even trying the disgusting brew.

“She should not be wearing that skirt.  Nobody wants to see that.”  You heard a voice behind you, but didn’t turn around.

“Yea, man,” another voice responded.  “She needs to hide all of that under a nuns outfit or something.  Let’s get out of here before we go blind.”

You heard the door of the station house open, and turned slowly to see two officers shoving each other teasingly, one gagging dramatically as he looked back in your direction.  With tears pooling in your eyes, you turned away from them, setting the coffee cup down and heading toward the side door.

Before you could leave, someone grabbed your elbow.  Turning, you saw Sam standing there, a worried look on his face.  “Y/N,” he murmured, so that only you could hear. “What’s wrong, babe?”

You shook your head quickly, trying to will the tears from your eyes.  “Nothing, Sam.  I’m fine.” Your voice wouldn’t convince anyone, especially Sam who knew you so well.  Your face was turned toward the floor and you missed the silent conversation between the brothers, so when Sam led you by the elbow out of the station and into Baby, with no Dean trailing behind, you were confused.  

Sam wouldn’t answer you when you asked where you were going or why you had left Dean at the station. He drove you back to the motel you were staying at and led you into the room.

Quickly and with confidence, Sam backed you up against the door once it was closed behind you.  He pressed his hips against yours, pinning you with ease. You looked up at him, shocked at his actions.

“I heard what those douchebags were saying, Y/N,” Sam began, and you looked away from him, ashamed. His hands moved to cup your cheeks, one thumb brushing away the tear that escaped your eye.  “Baby, you can’t listen to them.  You’re beautiful.”

Your head shook back and forth, your emotions letting you believe easily what the officers had said – that you shouldn’t wear the clothes you had on (which was your normal Fed skirt-suit) and you needed to be covered up at all times.  You could accept it – you were overweight and no one wanted to see your body.

“Stop, Y/N.”  The forcefulness of Sam’s voice shocked you, and your eyes were wide as you met his.  He was looking at you angrily – he had to be mad at you for what you were wearing, just like the guys were talking about.

Sam’s hands moved from your face to your shoulders.  “You’re beautiful.”  You blinked.

Hands trailed to your large breasts, squeezing them gently.  “You’re attractive.”  You sighed.

Hands moved down and over your curved stomach.  “You’re strong.”  You gulped audibly.

Hands slid to your wide hips, grasping them tightly.  “You’re sexy.”  You moaned.

Sam’s nose nudged at yours sweetly before his lips captured yours.  He ground his now stiff cock against you.  “You really shouldn’t listen to anyone else but me, anyways. These hips – they’re all mine, and mine alone.”  The final statement that came out of Sam’s mouth was practically a growl, and you felt it go straight to your core.

He was right.  The only one you should worry about was standing in front of you, in love with you and your body.  If he loved your body, you could love your body.

Maybe you could just let Sam show you how much he loved your body, you thought, before smiling at him and pushing him toward the bed.

Our Last Night

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,500-ish

Warnings: ANGST!!!! alcohol consumption, smut, language, angsty sex, oral sex, brief handjob, canon divergence, mentions of motherhood (no pregnancy), time jump.

Author’s Note: I cried while writing this, and I am not an easily emotional person, so if I cried, you will probably cry too.

“It’s my last night on earth.”

The words don’t catch you off guard. You’ve been thinking about the coming events for several days now, and you’ve managed to suppress quite a lot of emotions; anger, fear, sadness, practically everything negative you could think of has been racing through your mind on replay for weeks, and finally it all comes down to this moment, when Sam’s final sun sets and the last moon he’ll ever see takes her place with the stars.

Except tonight, on Sam’s last night on earth, there are no stars, like every angel in Heaven has left and has front-seat tickets to the final showdown between Michael and Lucifer.

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Hey! I made another Supernatural video edit (The first one is a Youtube link and the second is a Vimeo if Youtube doesn’t work for you).This is actually the first one in a series on many. I am making one video for each season. I’m tagging anyone who was kind enough to watch my other video, my mutuals, some people I admire and people I think would enjoy this video. Feel free to reblog/like if you enjoyed it and I’m open to any feedback. Thanks in advance for watching!

The Leather Jacket

Dean and Sam pretend to be an opening act for Saint’s Alive, that is until this sexy woman walks into the room.

  • Dean x Reader
  • 793 Words

This case was turning out to be a bust. Sam saw no sense in continuing the hunt, but trying to tell that to Dean was impossible. He was sure there was something here and it wasn’t just the talentless band that they were “opening” for.

“The show is tonight and we don’t have any musical talent.” Sam was saying. His phone was in front of his face, probably searching for another, more important case near town. “Of course, neither was Saint’s Alive, but that’s a different story.”

Dean grumbled and poured himself a small glass of water. “Saint’s Alive is a joke but there’s something here! Sam, I can feel it.” He reclaimed his seat in the green room and brought the too small glass to his lips, ready to down it in one go.

“We’re wasting time.” Sam made a point, but Dean wasn’t listening. His attention had been directed toward the new figure in the room, a figure with fantastic curves and long, luscious hair that he wanted to pull and tangle his fingers in. “Dean?” Sam glanced over at his older brother, a little hint of annoyance in his eyes.

The glass lowered and Dean tried to swallow, though he hadn’t taken the first sip. He cleared his throat, in hopes he didn’t start choking on air and start sputtering like an idiot. What a perfect time to wear that new leather jacket!

The woman walked over to the two boys and a small smile appeared on her pouty lips. She looked professional in her tight skirt and high heels, making her several inches taller, even though Dean could tell she was a shorty. He pulled that famous smirk on his lips and straightened his shoulders.

“Saint’s Alive?” She asked, clearly very unsure of whom the band was. She was holding a clipboard in her hands and a pen was stuck behind her ear.

Dean raised his eyebrows out of amusement and gently shook his head. “Sorry, doll. They’re not back yet.”

“Oh! You must be the opening band, then.” Her smile grew a little as she shifted her weight and poked her curvy hip out. Dean couldn’t help but watch, licking his lips as if she was a piece of pie sat in front of him. “The show was cancelled, actually. The venue is having some difficulty with their sound system. They want you to stay as long as you need to gather your things and finish off the food table.”

“Thank you.” Sam smiled and rose to his feet. “But I think we’ll be going.”

“Whoa!” Dean quickly rose to his feet and held his hand up. “Whoa there, little brother. I think we can stay a little while longer. Actually, I was wondering if this little lady wanted to show me around the town.” He gave her a charming smile and turned his head to his brother. “You know, since we have all night now.”

It was clear that Sam was trying not to roll his eyes, but that only made Dean grin even more as he looked back at the beautiful woman, who was blushing slightly. Maybe she wasn’t used to being asked out by rock stars in cool leather jackets.

She carefully sat down her clipboard and shrugged her shoulders. “Alright, why don’t we head out now?”


Dean rolled over, his hand brushing over the woman’s messy hair. He loved that he did that, he tangled it up best he could, showing her a good time. She returned the favour, giving him the best night he’s had in a long time—possible the best night ever. And he was even going as far as thinking last night was better than those twins he swore had the number 1 slot. Not after last night.

This rock star thing was coming off better than he thought. He loved it, wanted to do this more. But then he feared he would be disappointed, not having a better night ever again.

She stirred and her leg brushed against his, sending chills down his spine and leaving a smile on his lips.

“Sweetheart, wake up.” He dragged his fingers down her shoulder and side, causing a little shiver, making him bite his lip. “Baby…”

“Baby?” She mocked, her morning voice nothing short of adorable and addicting. Her accent was thicker, more noticeable. “Baby, huh?”

Dean grinned and nodded, dragging his fingers back up to her shoulder. “You earned the title.” He joked.

The woman carefully sat up and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

In that moment, Dean promised her that he’d be back for her. Maybe not next week, maybe not a month from now, but he was returning for more. Possibly even stealing her away.

She agreed.

@gryffindorable713 Sam adjacent may be my new favorite phrase. I need to find a way to incorporate that into my everyday vernacular. 

I suppose I could go for any Sam fic, but season 12 kind of opened my eyes so I’ve been on the hunt. I just need some sort of distraction. My mom is having a procedure done that my mom and sister are making me nervous about even though it’s fairly run of the mill. So anything to not think about it.

Cupid’s Arrow

Dean Winchester x Reader

2000 Words

Summary: While hunting a Cupid, Dean and the Reader are hit by the Cupid’s arrow which put’s Sam in danger.

Stars in the sky shimmered, as the Impala you were currently riding in passed underneath them. Resting your head on your hand, you stared up at them, in a daze. This road trip was going on six hours and you were tired of listening to the boys argue, of Sam’s bad gas that had you continuously rolling your window down, and of the classic rock playing non stop on the radio. Usually you loved Dean’s choice in music, however you were tired of anything that had to do with the road.

“How long until we stop for the night?” You finally asked, dragging your gaze from the window to look at the men in the front seat. Dean, whom you had a crush on, was driving, while his brother Sam, your best friend, sat in the passenger side. Both insanely good looking men, women always glared daggers at you when you were with them.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s only about 15 more minutes.” Dean replied, taking his eyes off the road for one minute to connect with yours in the rear view mirror. It might be night time, but the green orbs sparkled brightly as he gave you a reassuring smile.

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Memories and Nightmares Pt. 2

Demon!Dean x Reader; Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,298

Warnings: Demon!Dean (ya know if you’re not into that), choking, nightmares, language, curing a demon, and Demon!Dean just being his normal asshole self :)

Summary: Based on episode 3 of season 10 “Soul Survivor” but with a little twist on it. Through out trying to cure Dean all you want is your Dean back. Memories of the two of you together in your relationship throughout the years make their way through your mind. Until something happens and the sweet memories start to become nightmares.

@bovaria​, @abaddonwithyall​, @pada-ackles​, @redlittlefox​, @bookshido​, @sincerelysaraahh​, @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ ((I’m probably missing a few and I’m sorry if I did!!))

Part 1

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