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New Form of Art

When Newt and Y/N start university, they don’t really know what to expect. All they want to do is focus on their studying, graduate and live a happy life, but when they meet for the first time, everything changes.

Newt: He is a 19 year old who is very calm, friendly and quite outgoing although he isn’t the type of person that throws themselves out there. His roommate is Minho.

Y/N: She is an 18 year old who loves to draw (always has her sketchbook with her), read and watch TV shows. She’s shy, quiet and has minimal anxiety. She’s very friendly but doesn’t get close to people easily. She lives on her own in an apartment.

Monthly Gifts (Newt Imagine)

Words: 777 

Summary: You get a special gift from the Creators, and Newt delivers it to you, but he ends up knowing something he didn’t want to know. 

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