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On September 5, 1986, Pan Am Flight 73 flying from Mumbai to the United States was hijacked by four armed men at an airport in Karachi, Pakistan. 22-year-old Neerja Bhanot, the senior flight pursor, was able to alert the cockpit crew as soon as the hijackers boarded the plane, allowing the three-member crew to escape through an overhead hatch. For 17 hours, Bhanot took charge of the situation on the plane. Her acts of courage and compassion included hiding the passports of the American citizens the hijackers were targeting, opening the airplane doors and helping passengers escape when the hijackers opened fire, and ultimately sacrificing her life while shielding three unaccompanied American children from a hail of bullets. For her bravery, which helped saved the lives of 359 passengers, Bhanot was posthumously awarded the Ashok Chakra Award, India’s highest award for bravery in the face of the enemy during peace time.

                                                                     - Neerja [2016]


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If one has any doubts about sexism in costume design, one can always take a look at Klingon women.

It doesn’t make sense from any perspective to have warriors, serving on battle ships, having uniforms that directly exposes the area where their heart is placed. 

It always annoys me that even aliens have over sexualized costumes. That emphasizes the breasts, like every species in the universe both have them and sexualize them. But it’s extra disturbing when it’s so obviously illogical.

They dress the Klingon men up in cumbersome, thick armor. Lursa and B’Etor obviously have that too - but then they negate that by showing an open target for any passing mek’leth.

Viola Irene Desmond

This week, the Bank of Canada announced that a new face would be gracing the $10 bill – Viola Irene Desmond will be the first woman (other than a monarch) to be featured on a Canadian (or American for that matter!) bank note.  Desmond was born in Nova Scotia, to parents who were extremely active in the black community there.  She became a civil-rights icon in Canada almost by chance…

Desmond trained to become a beautician in order to serve the African Canadian market – and after training in Montreal, Atlantic City and one of Madame CJ Walker’s schools in New York, she returned to Halifax to open her own salon. She also opened her own school targeted towards black women who had been denied entry into whites-only training schools. She taught women how to open their own businesses and help other black women in their community find employment.

In 1946, a 32-year-old Desmond’s car broke down when she was driving through New Glasgow on a business trip.  While she was waiting for it to be fixed, she went to see a film at a local movie theater. Desmond asked for a ticket on the main floor, but was told by the manager that she had to sit in the balcony designated for black people.  She returned to the main floor and was forcibly removed from the theater, arrested, and kept in jail overnight without access to a lawyer. She was fined by the courts, and after consulting with community leaders in Halifax, she decided to fight the charges in court.  Desmond hired a lawyer, Frederick William Bissett, who attempted to fight the charges in a variety of ways, but ultimately failed. He refused to charge her and his fees were donated to causes furthering the equality of African Canadians.

It was almost 65 years later (and 45 years after her death) that Desmond was granted a posthumous pardon – the first of its kind to be granted in Canada.  Desmond is often called the Rosa Parks of Canada – though her protest came almost a decade before Parks. Her story helped spark the modern civil rights movement in Canada. In reflecting back on her story, one wonders what led her to resist – perhaps her parents helped shape her activism, or maybe she just wanted to see the film from the main floor.  I can’t help but think that her education influenced her resistance to unfair treatment and her decision to go to court.

70 years ago, Viola Desmond changed the course of Canada’s history with one action.  Each of our 2,200 students holds the potential to change the course of Zambia’s history a decade from now. Thank you to each of you for making that a possibility.

The whole concept of rounding people up to ship them away is so deeply disheartening and so disgusting and upsetting. I live in a largely Chicano neighborhood and there are just fewer people leaving their homes because they are afraid of being ripped from their families, already, staying inside on an almost 50 degree day in February in Chicago.

I know a woman who’s Chicana and works with a nonprofit helping people work on their immigration cases on a sliding scale and advocating on the part of undocumented immigrants and she’s horrified because her clients are experiencing a kind of fear they haven’t experienced in years. ICE raids are not new, and Obama utilized them frequently. What is new is the Trump administration’s openness about targeting people with misdemeanors or even charged of crimes (and if you are brown and walk around in America, of course you are more likely to be charged even if you do nothing, and even if you do just have some cannabis on you or get into a bar fight and pick up a minor charge or whatever, we are not talking about people doing anyone else any active harm and can’t allow that narrative around crime to be validated) and the cultural climate of open white nationalism having been pushed to the forefront more blatantly. When I walked around my neighborhood the day after the election, people just smiled less because they knew and felt that things would be different.

I think for the next several years the needs of undocumented immigrants should absolutely be pushed to a very high priority, as high as almost anything else, and I think it’s an instance wherein racial solidarity is especially important to me as a back person because it disturbs and hurts me on a visceral level to see the idea of people being rounded up and shipped off against their will (under very different circumstances than mine, but my own ancestors were rounded up and shipped here against their will, and I don’t think that forceful movement of human beings can’t be compared under different circumstances) presented as a reasonable and humane way of fixing alleged social and economic issues, and I mean it upsets me on a level that is difficult to explain.

Hide has lain in bed for the majority of the morning. He would open his eyes slightly only to be hit by the a faint light; he shut his eyes and pulled the bed covers over his head.

Kaneki has been cleaning all morning and walked into their shared bedroom to check on his sleeping bunny.

“Hide,” Kaneki whispered, crawling onto the bed, “it’s already 2pm. Time to get up.”

Even though Kaneki couldn’t see this face, he knew Hide was scrunching his face in displeasure. Kaneki’s eyes soften and his lips curled.

“Have it your way.” Kaneki lightly tugged Hide’s cover off but only exposed Hide’s messy hair, forehead, and (closed) eyes.

Like an open target, Hide’s forehead called to Kaneki causing the ghoul to place a kiss on it.


The calling of his name had Hide reacting. It was subtle, but Kaneki noticed and he tugged the blanket off more. This time Kaneki saw his cheeks and nose. He kissed them, too.


This time Kaneki could see Hide was smiling, his cheeks lifting up as he smiled. Kaneki pulled the blanket off to see the smile of his boyfriend, and he kissed him.

“Hide, good afternoon, Sleeping Beauty.”

“Good afternoon, my King.”

If Ts ruled the world

ENTJ and INTJ are annoyed by ENTP’s nonsense so INTJ comes up with a plan to get rid of him, while ENTJ forms an army of ISTPs. Meanwhile, ESTJ takes over the world with ISTJs as their minions and overlooks the entire situation, but nobody predicted a horde of ESTPs rushing to ENTPs aid, crushing ISTPs’ machines and ruining ENTJs plan, making the ENTJ super angry and causing INTJ to sulk in the corner, cursing the existence of unpredictability. Of course, nobody noticed INTP who silently pledged aligience to ENTP, because even though ENTPs arguments and theories make no sense nor have any consistency, there is nobody else who is willing to have a Star Wars marathon with INTP. ISTJs start a rebellion because ESTJ refuses to supply them with enough caffeine, therefore causing ESTJ to go sulk with INTJ, leaving ENTJ an open target for ESTPs. ENTJ leads the remaining ISTPs into an exhausting 10-hour battle with ENTP, forgetting that ENTP has the power to drain mental energy by debating about random topics and ENTJ ends up with INTJ and ESTJ sulking in the corner while ESTPs, ENTP, ISTPs and INTP drag ISTJs to a party and wreck havoc and accidentally set the world on fire, causing ISTJs to go nuts.

Dear Target,

If this wouldn’t be appropriate using disorders like PTSD, Bipolar, or BPD then why is it ok to use OCD as the butt of your Christmas joke sweater?

It took eight years to get my diagnosis because nobody (including my doctors) knew much about my disorder and often brushed it off as something that wasn’t serious and it took three hospital trips, suicidal ideation, and a literal psychotic break to finally have my mental illness taken seriously so I’d appreciate if you didn’t use it as a holiday joke thank you

Imperfect Angel - (Warren x Reader)

Summary: Warren meets a pretty rad girl and she thinks he’s an absolute angel. Now he has to make sure that he’s nice every time she’s around him.

“Hey Warren! Our frisbee got stuck in that tree, can you get for us?”, a peer had called out to Warren, interrupting his nap. Warren’s eyes flutter open targeting who had woken him up. He looks up above him and sees a bright green piece of plastic stuck in the clutter of leaves and branches. Warren gets up and stretches his limbs and wings. The kid smiles seeing Warren about to get his toy but he just stands there.

“Piss off! You ruined my sleep why should I help you!”, he yelled, both of his hands are on his hips and gives the kid a grumpy look.

“Its right above you and you can fly! C'mon man”, the kid whined. All Warren did was scoff.

“Go get Kurt then! He’s nicer”, and with that he walks away from the tree because his nap was ruined and was a bit pissed off.

On his trail he sees Scott and Jubilee looking at him. Jubilee looking disappointed and Scott just shaking his head profoundly. Warren’s face scrunched up and spat on the ground from their judgmental looks.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m sure Kurt would love to make friends”, Warren starts.

“And that is why you barely have any”, Jubilee says after sighing. Ever since Warren arrived at the school, he still had this attitude of not helping anyone unless of course they bribe him. It was mostly a teamwork of Kurt and Jubilee trying to make him a better person, but that job was difficult.

They all walk down a path talking and trying to explain to Warren how much his life would be better if he was good for once. “C'mon man, do you wanna live to be a grumpy old man all alone”, Scott started. “Oh I’m already started on that budd-”, Warren was saying until a mass of weight dropped on him, letting out a huge ‘oof’.

A girl, you, had happened to land on him. You quickly scurried off of him getting nervous that he’d be really upset at you. Warren gets up and stretches his wings out.

“Ow- what th- where did you even come from?”, he asked obviously sounding upset.

“I’m so sorry I was in a situation with these people- and I got scared- so I teleported- I don’t even know where I was going-”, you started babbling then Jubilee puts her hands on your shoulders to calm you down.

“Hey calm down, don’t worry (y/n), Warren isn’t mad at you, right?”, she said emphasizing her last word to hint to Warren to be gentle. Seeing the worried look on your face and how much you cared about how he felt, he had a change of thought for once. He gulped then nodded. “Don’t worry, I know it was an accident”, he said a little nervous. You smiled in relief.

“Great now that’s settled I’ll see you guys later. Later Jubs, and Scotty boy”, you gestured a waves and teleported away. Scott stared at Warren in disbelief than started to grin.

“Look at you, being logical for once? What was it? Her eyes or were you that scared of Jubs”, Scott teased observing the red tint on his cheeks.

“Shut up you pinhead! How do you even know her?”, he said upset that you were really cool with Jubilee and Scott yet he had never even seen you before.

“I think she got here a week or two ago? But she’s really sweet and friendly she almost knows everyone already”, Jubilee explained.

“Are you jealous? Why don’t we take you to her and you guys can start your cutesy little romance?”, Scott teased again almost getting hit by Warren’s wing if he hadn’t dodge him on time. His palms get a sweaty as he clenches his fists. He thought he had already made a bad impression on you.

“If you want, I can help you guys get along with each other”, Jubilee insisted. Warren had to think for a moment before he decided. He HATED needing help especially when it came to talking to someone he was interested. But of course he felt desperate, plus Jubilee is the least annoying to him. He nods his head looking at the ground trying to avoid eye contact with them.

“But not with him around!”, Warren points at Scott. All three of then knew that if Scott tried to help it would bring out Warren’s bad side. Which was something he was planning to hide away when he tried to talk to you.

“Hey (y/n)! You remember my friend Warren? Well I can’t help you with biology right now, but Warren is gonna sub for me okay?”, Jubilee said when she first sees you in the library. You look up from your spot on the ground at the two of them. You nod signifying that it was okay, but you still felt bad for that one time you fell on him.

“Great! I promise he’s a good guy he’ll totally help you”, Jubilee said before walking away. Immediately regretting that lie about him being a ‘good guy’.

Warren sits down next to you, adjusting his wings a little. You both sat in silence for the first five minutes as you just doodled in you notebook a little as Warren just stares off awkwardly.

“Do you have anything that is troubling you?”, Warren drags his words trying to break the ice. You narrow your eyes looking disgusted.

“I’m fine”, you spat out. His first reaction was going to yell 'wtf is with the attitude?!’ But remembered he had to be a gentleman.

“Your fine with your biology homework?”, again he dragged his words because apparently he was unsure of his words. You head snaps up realizing what he was talking about.

“Oh no! I’m sorry- I thought you were asking about something els-”

“Yeah about that, you fine at that as well?”, Warren cuts you off concerned about what’s going on.

“Yes, but I do need help trying to understand parts of the cells”. And with that, you and Warren had started a friendship.

His attitude changed up a bit, well only with you. He could never show his true nasty personality to you, ever! So far you only knew of him being an actual angel with his wings and the way he took care of you. In return, you showed Warren the brighter things in life. You made sure he was included in fun stuff and that he was having fun. And for once in his life someone made him feel important? Made him feel like he wasn’t hated for once? That someone really did care and enjoyed his company? It changed him really.

One day after class you were suppose to meet him. On that day he was able to get to your class early. He waited until most of your class was out of the classroom. He waited until you got out. But you didn’t. He eventually walked in to see if you were still in there.

He saw you in the corner of the room surrounded by three other guys pushing you into the corner. Warren’s wings spread open in anger and marched to the guys.

“Excuse me, but what in the bloody hell are you doing to her?!”, Warren almost yells furiously. His face red and his chest rising trying to calm himself down before he did something regretful.

“Hey if you wanna join, we don’t mind. Sharing is caring”, one of them smirked. Out of nowhere Warren swings a hit into the boy’s jaw making him fall on the ground. The two other guys try to get a hold of him but his wings just throws them to opposite sides of the room.

He grabs the first guy off the ground and pushes him up against the wall. “Don’t you ever look at her again, DO HEAR ME?!” he yells at the guy and nods. Warren punches him again just to let out steam and drops him. All three of them run out of the room trying to find help.

Warren walks up to you and holds you into arms. Your eyes are widen the entire time. You had never seen this side of him before. Warren let’s you go and looks deep into your eyes.

“I’m sorry (y/n) you had to see that side of me. But this is who I really am. I’m no angel. I’m just an asshole”, he looks down at his feet disappointed at himself. You hand reaches up to his face and caress his cheek.

“Warren.. Don’t you get it? You are, you’re my guardian angel”, you smiled at him. He looks into your eyes again as they always held beauty and hope to him. He absolutely adored you.

“Thank you so much for saving me. I know you try hard to control your behavior, but just remember I’m here for you”, you barely whisper as if those words were only meant for his ears.

“You’re everything to me, you know that?”, Warren mutters looking into your eyes. You smile and just reach up to kiss him. He melts into it softly brushing his lips across yours. And he knew then that even though he wasn’t perfect, you still wouldn’t want anyone else.

I’ll confess, I watch Ever After High and Monster high whenever I need some cheering up. They are so cute and their issues are always resolved after an episode or three which always makes me feel better. Even though I’m 20 years old, I find them as my guilty pleasure and I never really talk about them in slight fear of harsh judgement from family and possibly a few friends. Regardless, when I go to a store that sells merchandise for the shows I spend at least 20 minutes in the hall looking at everything before walking away slightly longing to buy a doll regardless of my age.

On Monday February 15th, I met up with my dear friend for some fun time just so we can chat and relax since we haven’t seen each other in over a month. During our hanging out time I discovered a Barbie movie in her drawer and brought up the fact that I love the Barbie and Tinkerbell movies. I thought she was going to judge me but to my suprise she chimed in on her love for the shows! That’s when I started thinking, if she likes Barbie and Tinkerbell movies than she might like Ever After High and Monster High!

As we where out and about doing a quick chore for her mom, we went to Walmart and than Target and I showed her the hall that has the Monster High and Ever After High dolls and I pointed out which ones are my favorite and how I always wanted to buy a doll but I thought it’d be silly since I’m going to be 21 soon. She simply rolled her eyes, grabbed the only Draculaura original outfit doll left and told me to grab the Darling Charming doll I liked the most and we walk to the register. I was so confused until she bought the Draculaura doll and convinced me to buy Darlings doll. So I bought Darling. After we left the store she handed my the Draculaura doll and said, “happy Valentine’s day!”

I’M A 20 YEAR OLD WITH DOLLS THAT MAKE ME SMILE STUPIDLY WHEN I LOOK AT THEM!!! Now I’m torn between taken them out of their boxes or not… On a side note, my friend started watching Ever After High because of me and likes it!!

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"If you can promise you won't forget, I can promise it will never stop being true." for Sherlock?

Sherlock rarely ever told you how he felt. He didn’t like putting his emotions out there and taking his guard down. He felt vulnerable; too weak. He felt like an open target, ready for someone to hit. That’s why he only ever opened up in the dead of night when it was just you and him awake.

You were talking in a hushed whisper about something that Mrs Hudson had told you that day about her criminal past when Sherlock mumbled, “I love you.” You knew he loved you, he always showed you, but he’d never said it before.

You stopped talking and looked up at him as a slow smile grew on your face, “I love you, too.”

“I don’t tell or show you enough,” He murmured, “But I do love you.”


“If you can promise you won’t forget, I can promise it will never stop being true.” He told you in a soft whisper.

You nodded, “I promise.”

“Then I do, too.” He whispered before kissing you. He wasn’t the easiest of men but god, he was one of the best.

Target is open until 11 tonight, so I’m going to drive over after work and buy a new pair of jeans. I can’t wear yoga pants to organize groups of 100+ people over the next two weeks.

I’m going to ignore the size printed on the jeans even though I know it won’t be something I’m proud of. I need clothes that fit my body regardless of the size.

They’ll be my “before” pants. I’m going to get through the next two weeks and in a few months I’ll look back at this and it’ll just be a little blip on the trend of my overall weight loss journey.

Drenched in Love (MCxChris One-shot)

Prompt: chris and mc get into a water fight?

A/N: Sorry it took so long! But here it is :) Enjoy!

Lani peeked around the white column she hid behind for a sign of Chris. All she could see across the yard were lounge chairs and the infinity pool glistening in the evening sun. She held the plastic water gun closer to her bikini clad body as she contemplated her next move. Leaving the safety of the patio meant she was an open target but staying hidden gave her a slight advantage if Chris reappeared…

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