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Rafe’s coils shift lazily behind him on the heated rocks, his higher vantage point keeping him mostly hidden while he stares down the slope. Moving behind a large boulder he blinks and looks down at the approaching creature. It was too far to tell at this point but who knows? It might be a fun game.

       ❝ … If I put my head inside the Inventory, would it disappear? Would everyone else look at me and see a headless body? ❞

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thomas, along with some of his other squad members had gotten hurt during a late night shoot out. a couple of the injuries were bad, while his were just a couple scratches and bruises but all of them were quickly rushed to the hospital. each of them were taken into a little room so a doctor or a nurse could come to their aid and attend whatever injuries they had. he wasn’t surprised that he got a nurse, especially since none of his cuts were too bad, but the minute she walked into the room he felt his eyes go wide a bit. she was drop dead gorgeous and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “hey.” he said with a grin. “i think i just need a couple of scooby-doo bandaids and a lollipop and i should be just fine.” maybe he was trying to flit just a little bit, but he couldn’t help himself. the smile on his face just continued to get wider as he got comfortable and watched her walk around the room, like he was in a daze of some sort. “would it be cheesy to use a hospital pick up line right now? it’s probably not the right time, huh?” he teased as he shook his head just a bit more. 

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Both Lord Zeno and Future Lord Zeno were feeling bored since nobody has come to see or visit them in who knows how long, so the only thing they can really do since they weren’t busy with anything was play together.

They both decided to get off their thrones and start rolling on the floor together while singing without realizing there was someone coming in.

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“You spin me right round, baby right round like a record player, right round right round.”

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               ❝ it’s national donut day, and
                  dunkin’ donuts ’s gonna give
                  out FREE DONUTS !

sure, you have to purchase a drink to
get said donut… but, diet be damned,
mj was going to have her donut

               ❝ c'mon, we have to go !

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One evening, Mel was walking down a sidewalk.
Unlike most nights, tonight was one of those nights she would go out just to find someone to pickpocket from.
Surprisingly enough, Mel was very good at things like this.
She started stealing back when she was a teenager.
But, now as an adult it was very unlikely for her to get caught.

Soon, she spotted a stranger who seemed to be on their phone, knowing that the person was distracted, she had a sense that they were going to be easy to steal from.
She observed the person before she walked over to them.
As she was close enough, she bumped into them as she swiftly snatched their wallet from their pocket.
Right before she could run off, she can feel the stranger grip onto her wrist.
Mel started to panic, this was the first time in years that someone caught her for stealing.
“Let go of me! I’ll give it back to you, I promise!“
She shouted as she used her free hand to try to pull the stranger away from her wrist.


“ D’you reckon I should get a… a thing? It’s just… It’s not a deerstalker anymore, is it? It’s a Sherlock Holmes hat. Way I see it, if the press are going to name something after me anyway, I may as well beat them to it, have a bit of a say in the matter. Go on, then. What d’you think it should be? 

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With a mighty yawn the Judge stretched over the top of the bookshelf that he had taken to sleeping on the night prior. Once settled he sat back down on his haunches and surveyed the area below; there wasn’t anyone milling about the library. Everything was still very quiet. One couldn’t even hear the whispers of the workers! It must have been relatively early, still. Either that or the Elsen, working or not, hadn’t yet reached this floor. Golden orbs returning to the shelf he sat on, he eyed the book that lay open before him. Right, he had done some late-night reading. He would have been surprised if he could recall the lines he had read over and over again in his sleepiness…

Well, that was neither here nor there. The Judge had work to do! He had promised himself that today would be the day that he would go forth and collect, or at the very least order, more metal from other files. Why other files? Because the Zone 1 in his file was purified. He and everyone else present here figured that purified metal wouldn’t do them very good. They weren’t too far off really; the metal in Zone 1 presently was hard, lumpy and not very pliable. Not to mention it was difficult to change the color of metal after it had been turned white. Odd, seeing that a Guardian could easily change green metal to yellow with little trouble.

So, off he went! Padding off into any random file that the feline could find, The Judge plunged into Zone 1 the moment that he could locate it. It didn’t matter where he went, so long as it wasn’t already purified! He only hoped that he wouldn’t have to go home empty-handed.

With a red solo cup in hand, Adam settled himself down at the edge of the beach, his eyes scanning over the crowd. He was looking for someone he recognized, someone he could make small talk with. Though, he was actually looking for one person in particular: Katherine. Adam had told her he would come look for her and well, he was a man of his word, so that was exactly what he was doing.

Gemma had gone out to a college party that night, even though she was home for the weekend. The petite brunette was having some conflicting feelings for her father. She obviously loved him since he was her dad, but she was also having inappropriate thoughts about him. She’d catch him changing or getting in the shower, and she would stay to watch him quietly. He was very young looking for a man his age, and he worked out regularly, so his body was quite the sight to see. So to put all of these thoughts out of her head, she decided to get plastered. Gemma got so drunk her friends had to drive her home. Without thinking twice about it, the girl slipped off her heels and padded into her father’s room, instantly climbing on top of his sleeping form. “Daddy…Wake up…” She whined cutely, rocking her body so he would rock with her.