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If the Bible was published in the 20th century, God would be the tyrannical bad guy who caused mass genocide all in the name of his own worship and banished to hell the one person who stood up to him. What's your take on this if it were part of GO?

Because you asked nicely :)

(By the way guys–since school is starting for me, I’m probably not going to have much time anymore to write these ficlets, so even though I’d still love it if you sent me ideas for what you want me to write I might not get to them for a while.  In the meantime you can look at everything I’ve written so far if you’re thirsty for fics)

There were two figures, and they were both dwarfed by the soaring white marble pillars lining the echoing antechamber.  Even the larger of the two, a huge angel with massive, raven-black wings, seemed tiny compared to the splendor of the open space.

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“Vision View 72″ Details by Ingress Vortices

Open Space, Ancient Tower, Still Lakes
Swirling Wave Awakes Ocean Of Ink
Abstract Field, Time, Eclipse, Vortex
Cosmic Storm, Free Fall, Raining Glyphs
Growing Tree Of Dark Matter Bears Fruit
In The Garden Of Hieroglyphic Abyss

Mixed media on paper
Size: 29.6 H x 42 W x 0.1 cm

Ingress Vortices - Facebook - Twitter - Flickr - Tumblr - Saachi Art

Future Clay AU (open starter)

The Space Centre was a hive of activity as its staff prepped for the newest mission of which Clay and Sol were both once again heading GYAXA’s newest project. Several years had passed since the success of the HAT-2 which had secured his place as a full fledged astronaut in his own right, he was no longer the over enthusiastic rookie. Though despite losing his ‘rookie’ status he was still as energetic and enthusiastic as he ever was.

However today was not only an important day for him, it was also an important day for the newest batch of candidates all eager to prove their mettle in GYAXA’s newest endeavor. This time Clay was part of the committee in charge of the selection process, though it seemed like a simple thing it was important that he selected the most reliable, hard working and quick thinking members, if he selected wrongly then it could have quite the impact on the mission itself. He’d never had to do this before and already he could feel his palms go clammy.

/What if I mess this up??/ He mused as he entered the canteen, surely a steaming mug of coffee would help clear his mind.

Once acquiring said coffee he slid into one of the booths and began to flick though the profiles.. Each candidate promising in their respective areas, he had to wonder how Yuri and Sol dealt with this task.

The true face.

You suddenly appear in a pitch black open space with a floor with black and white tiles on it that look like a chess board. And in that room is just a simple black chair that looks like there is light around that area. You hear the voice of the incubator kyubey Hello Homura, please take a seat and I will be there soon. 

Earth’s extremes point the way to extraterrestrial life

Bizarre creatures that go years without water. Others that can survive the vacuum of open space. Some of the most unusual organisms found on Earth provide insights for Washington State University planetary scientist Dirk Schulze-Makuch to predict what life could be like elsewhere in the universe.

NASA’s discovery last month of 500 new planets near the constellations Lyra and Cygnus, in the Milky Way Galaxy, touched off a storm of speculation about alien life. In a recent article in the journal Life, Schulze-Makuch draws upon what is known about Earth’s most extreme lifeforms and the environments of Mars and Titan, Saturn’s moon, to paint a clearer picture of what life on other planets could be like. His work was supported by the European Research Council.

“If you don’t explore the various options of what life may be like in the universe, you won’t know what to look for when you go out to find it,” said Schulze-Makuch, a professor in the WSU School of the Environment.

“We do not propose that these organisms exist but like to point out that their existence would be consistent with physical and chemical laws, as well as biology,” he said.

For example, on Earth, a species of beetle called bombardier excretes an explosive mix of hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals to ward off predators.

“On other planets, under gravity conditions similar to those present on Mars, a bombardier beetle-like alien could excrete a similar reaction to propel itself as much as 300 meters into the air,” Schulze-Makuch said.

While explorers to Mars might find creatures similar to those on Earth, life on a Titan-like planet would require a completely novel biochemistry. Such a discovery would be a landmark scientific achievement with profound implications.

Life on Mars

Earth life, with its unique biochemical toolset, could feasibly survive on a Mars-like planet with a few novel adaptations.

First, organisms would need a way to get water in an environment that is akin to a drier and much colder version of Chile’s Atacama Desert. A possible adaptation would be to use a water-hydrogen peroxide mixture rather than water as an intracellular liquid, Schulze-Makuch said.

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antifreeze that would help microorganisms survive frigid Martian winters. It is also hygroscopic, meaning it naturally attracts water molecules from the atmosphere.

During the daytime, plant-like microorganisms on a Martian-like surface could photosynthesize hydrogen peroxide. At night, when the atmosphere is relatively humid, they could use their stored hydrogen peroxide to scavenge water from the atmosphere, similar to how microbial communities in the Atacama use the moisture that salt brine extracts from the air to stay alive.

Schulze-Makuch speculates that a larger, more complex alien creature, maybe resembling Earth’s bombardier beetle, could use these microorganisms as a source of food and water. To move from one isolated patch of life-sustaining microorganisms to another, it could use rocket propulsion.

Life on Titan

Due to its greater distance from the Sun, Titan is much colder than Earth. Its surface temperature is on average -290 degrees F. Additionally, there is no liquid water on the surface nor carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The two chemical components are essential for life as we know it.

If life does exist on Titan or a Titan-like planet elsewhere in the universe, it uses something other than water as an intracellular liquid. One possibility is a liquid hydrocarbon like methane or ethane. Non-water based lifeforms could feasibly live in the liquid methane and ethane lakes and seas that make up a large portion of Titan’s surface, just as organisms on Earth live in water, Schulze-Makuch said.

Such hypothetical creatures would take in hydrogen in place of oxygen and react it with high energy acetylene in the atmosphere to produce methane instead of carbon dioxide.

Due to their frigid environment, these organisms would have huge (by Earth standards) and very slowly metabolizing cells. The slow rate of metabolism would mean evolution and aging would occur much slower than on Earth, possibly raising the life span of individual organisms significantly.

“On Earth, we have only scratched the surface of the physiological options various organisms have. But what we do know is astounding,” Schulze-Makuch said. “The possibilities of life elsewhere in the universe are even more staggering.

"Only the discovery of extraterrestrial life and a second biosphere will allow us to test these hypotheses,” he said, “which would be one of the grandest achievements of our species.”

IMAGE….This is the landing site on Mars of Viking Lander 2, which operated on the planet surface for 1,316 days and was turned off in 1980 when its batteries failed. Credit Photo from Mary A. Dale-Bannister, Washington University in St. Louis

This is the second weekend at my parents’ house that some article with an anti-abortion/anti-Planned-Parenthood stance has been oh so casually left out in an open space where I am bound to see it.

Is it time for our once-a-decade reproductive rights argument already??

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hi can you upload the house you used for your phan sims in the gallery? i would love to use it please!!

i’ll post it at somepoint, i’m still editing certain aspects of it (i may want to add there’s a lot of open space behind the walls and i added a balcony outside of the lounge, and you need to download this piano mod)