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“Wow…” Will muttered, breathless and struck by the sheer beauty of his date. “You…Wow. You look incredible.” 


Sherlock walked through the hall of the local recreation center, only the dim lights that were on after closing lighting his way. He was always thankful of solving multiple cases for the owners- ensuring that an ex-boyfriend of a teenage daughter of theirs was put in jail as secret revenge for cheating on her, along with a few other ‘undercover’ missions of the sort. Since then, they had allowed him after-hours access to the entire building, along with keys and everything- but he only used it for one thing, and that one thing was the swimming pools. It was quite a high-end rec center, explaining why it contained a leisure pool (one mostly for kids, but also a water slide, hot tub, and a quite deeper end for teens and adults), a pool just for people swimming laps and for swim teams, and one place that was very unique- a saltwater pool. Yes, they existed, but were considered very high-end. Thankfully, Sherlock lived in the area of one.

He opened the doors, only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, and walked into the abandoned pool, dropping his pile of clothes on a chair. He then looked at the water as it shimmered from the underwater lights,then getting a running start- jumping into the pool cannonball-style. As the bubbles from the impact cleared, all that were left of the legs of Sherlock HOlmes was a long fish-like tail, covered in shiny scales. He kept swimming underwater- only to hear footsteps up above him.

Someone else was there, too.

OPEN- The Dragon Trade (Dragon!lock)

It was a normal evening in the middle of the forest where the unorthodox -yet legal- dragon trade was located. Humans from all over came to examine the beasts, and possibly even purchase them. Some would become something akin to a guard dog for a family or even drafted into the army as a weapon, other may just become a child’s birthday present for a rich family. Some were healthy and freshly caught, others were so sickly that they had reverted into their human forms- but there was one in a cage that the sellers always told people not to buy. His name was Sherlock. They were always advised that Sherlock was unpredictable, and would probably slash your head off just to be free.

Sherlock was imprisoned in his cage so long that the counting of days and months became useless. He started not to fight back after a while, and just lay at the bottom of his cage, looking mournful and sickly. Until one day, when it seemed someone was taking interest in him.

       Sue wasn’t a stranger to waking up in beds that weren’t his own beside someone whose name he couldn’t remember.  This was one of those mornings. 
He had mastered the art of escape really quite well - or so he thought - his stealth was usually spectacular despite the hangover he was usually nursing (this morning was no different on that front), he’d slide out of bed without moving it, locate his clothes and sneak out of the door with no issues, but this morning in particular - whether it was due to the fact he was a strange combination of hungover and still drunk - his stealth was compromised. In the process of putting on his boxer-brief he tumbled straight out of the bed, and planted rather ungracefully on the floor with a thud and a curse loud enough to wake the other. 

   He stood up straight, tried to play it cool but wishing deep down that the ground  would just open up and swallow him. 
“In tryin’ t’ make this not awkward I’ve made it very fuckin’ awkward aven’ I?”

//OPEN// (Potter!Lock AU)

He had made sure to pick a seat in an empty compartment, in the most isolated part of the train. He didn’t care to see the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before he completely had to. He stared out the window at the gloomy, grey skies, rethinking his decision to take the job opportunity at Hogwarts so eagerly. First off, almost anyone who had heard the gossip around Diagon Alley knew a large chunk of teachers there only lasted a year. Second, he was going to be insulted by both students and staff. The students would trick and tease him since he was the new guy, and the rest of the staff would dislike him because he was so young and immature in their eyes…..he could pass for a student, for god’s sake! He let a heavy sigh, standing up again as the train began it’s journey, putting his luggage away, staring out into the wide nothingness.

“Would you prefer it if Thor were your king? Or will you chose to submit to me?”

//OPEN// (Were!Lock AU)

Sherlock laid on the couch of 221b, completely miserable. It was that time of the month again. And by ‘that time of the month’, he was referring to his monthly full-moon change into a wolf. Being a werewolf and all, he could usually dictate when he changed into his wolf form or not- except on any full moon. That evening, the full moon was shining brightly in the sky- the curtains on the windows in 221b all shut hastily before he transformed. 

He pawed at the cushion of the couch with his paws, only to find it completely boring within a few seconds, lowering his head onto his front legs. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.