open sea

“Once there was a ship. The crew of that ship looked out across the vast seas into which they could voyage and they were frightened, more than frightened, terrified. They were so frightened that they anchored their ship and never weighed anchor again. The waves of the sea slammed against the side of the ship, but it was a strong ship and the anchor was well forged. Many of them were content. They embraced their anchor chain and called it the triumph of their kind. They made it their most important law that the anchor must not rise.

One of the officers doubted what they had done. He heard the call of open sea and mutinied. The rest of the officers branded him and threw him in the brig. He laughed at them and called them cowards. He let it be known that all who followed in his path would be as family to him. He cut off his own arm to show them what he thought of his brand and dove overboard.

This was the Grandfather of all Paradox.”

—  The Brakespeare Voyage, Simon Bucher-Jones and Jonathan Dennis

655: Ningen

Based off that one clip, you know…THAT ONE. What a fun concept, though I have my doubts on its authenticity. 

Here Is Another Discussed Clip!


For witches in hiding!

(left) Prying eyes will look aside

(right) What is hidden will not be found

Be cautious, and stay safe out there.

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