[ 🗡 ] “I SHALL NOT!” Gundham bellowed, his voice carrying firm resentment as he stood there, arms crossed and school swimsuit on, though his scarf had yet to be removed. It was time for gym and everyone had filed in to enjoy a day; however, the coach quickly decided to change their plans over to going to the pool, much to the breeder’s dismay.

Standing at the edge of the pool in front of him, he glared down at the mortal who’d demanded his company.

Why was he so vehemently denying them?

It was simple: they were asking him to swim.

RP Starter

(for @wearepsychicwarrior, but open to all)

The rumors were that there was a big white bear in the woods. Some thought it uncanny, a sort of spirit. Others wondered if it was a threat to their children and livestock. And once or twice men had gone to hunt it down, only to come back shaken (but unhurt). No one at all felt comfortable with the bear so close to town, and a notice had been left in the Adventurers’ Guildhall, asking for help dealing with the beast.

Unfinished Business.{Open Rp}

It had taken a lot of work, but Able had managed to get himself good and legal in the states finally, which meant a passport, which meant…flying…Leaving a note on the  door of his home that simply stated

“Going Back to Handle something, text me at -insert number- If you need to talk to me”

The plane was landing, he’d forgotten how  hot Australia was, making his way home was easy, he knew the way, it never really left.

Soon he was in front of a obviously abandoned house, the paint was peeling, and the doors were locked tight, why hadn’t anyone moved in it?

Oh well~! 

A quick test of the lock showed that his old key actually still worked, huh they didn’t change the locks hn? Curious.

Heading through the living room, and up the stairs, to his childhood bedroom which was actually in the attic.

Heh funny, everything was still where he left it…His mom must still own the property, leaving the house as a grave of sorts.

Moving to sink into the old, dusty sheets, he sighed softly and took out his phone, just checking for messages.

Ωkay. I g3t it.

I am fiv3 f33t tall. 

I am shΩrt. 

Alt3rnia is sΩm3hΩω pr3judic3d against shΩrt trΩlls fΩr sΩm3 ω3ird r3asΩn.

But can a tall trΩll ωhΩ is mil3s tall3r than m3 at L3AST lΩΩk b3lΩω th3ms3lv3s???

I think I slapp3d intΩ thr33 trΩll’s kn33s tΩday!

Where is He?

The clacking of her shoes stormed the hallway, the swaying motion of her hair and dress could’ve been described as femininely elegant- if it were not for her frantic pace. Suddenly, Belarus’ eyes were upon a nation, the contours of her face furrowed and pursed. “Where is he?” She demanded, “My brother?” 


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Vance was out in the forest that surrounded Storybrooke. He had gotten bored with the luxuries of this modern day town. It was fun for awhile, but he wanted to go back to practicing with his bow. So, he figured the forest was a good place. He was away from everyone else. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. He was just about to grab an arrow when he heard leaves crunching and twigs breaking. The footsteps were too heavy for a deer and too light for a bear. Was it a person? He thought he was alone out here. “Hello,” he called out still trying to listen in the process, “is anyone out there?”