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If I had a penny for the amount of times this has happened to me, I’d be considerably more wealthy. Just be thankful it wasn’t Myres, Dwight.

Hold my cup of tea - round two

Yeah I don’t actually drink beer so this is more realistic. 

Mostly because it’s already January, I thought I’d look at season openers instead of season finales (despite the great temptation) and I’m going with my good old fall back of Destiel meta, aka ranking season openings by Destiel. For some reason this post is excessively long with a full meta per episode but thankfully the adjudicator likes me and will award me 5000 points just for showing up rather than read it again.

Season 1: I’m going with full, Destiel trash hindsight here. (Mostly because I know there are people out there who would loathe this train of thought and have literally called me an asshole for putting Destiel where it doesn’t belong.) I mean, like, embedded in fandom, thirtieth re-watch of the Pilot utter Destiel garbage here. Giving it 5 points out of ten for the set up, and only deducting the other 5 because you need to lift up the carpet to see it.

We have off-screen, later confirmed by Dean in 2x13, Mary telling him “Angels are watching over you” as her last ever words to him, which occurs in the timeline presented in the opening minutes of the show, somewhere between putting Baby Sammy to bed and Mary waking up to the baby monitor. It hurts so bad because that episode is the most Destiel episode of all the pre-Cas episodes, seeing as it sets Dean up on his inevitable connection to the Divine, his full on scepticism of it which is most important in 4x02 when he’s coming to terms with Cas’s existence. While the phrase is flipped on its head with horrendous dramatic irony in 5x13 when we see Mary uttering it again after discovering the entire full scope of Heaven’s plans for Sam and Dean (finally – Michael fills in all the final missing details in his speech to Dean), Mary’s obliviousness to the plan after her memory wipe is one of the most painful plot-related moments of the show. However, by the end of the apocalypse in 5x22, when Cas is revealed to have been resurrected and heals Dean and brings Bobby back, Dean can only look at him in awe and ask if he is God. Finally it’s clear that he is the angel actually watching over Dean, well beyond all the darkness and horror of the apocalypse and what was planned, and Cas sticks to this from then on. By 12x01 Mary gets to find out she was right, when she meets Cas via seeing him latch onto Dean with a desperate hug and Dean tells her upfront that this is an angel, and of course for her that’s mere hours after she told four year old Dean these once last words to him before, in terms of her experience of the plot, being transported forwards 30 years to face the fall out of her life and choices.

For sheer, painful, beautiful hindsight, that one off-screen moment we only found out about a season and a half later, makes any rewatch start with Destiel and Cas embedded in the very opening minute as we’re still innocently meeting this family.

Also, it sets up Dean’s character in the broad strokes which complement his story to Cas’s so well, as Cas’s early arc mirrors Dean’s season 1 arc, allowing them to bond closely with a lot of unspoken understanding of each other, so any moment where Dean shows unthinking loyalty to his family and the Job etc is all waiting to be plundered for Cas’s later arc.

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Positive post of the day: Friday Edition

wow today was not fun. Good things: I talked to @samcaarter a bit more than I have in the past weeks, THE BLUES INSPECTION WAS CANCELLED (we did have to clean from 6:30-9, and there’s still a blues open ranks on Monday, but I didn’t have to put them on today), cleaning the room gave me time to reorganize some of my shit, and I’m about to watch season 2 of Broadchurch

Sierra Vista, AZ south of Tucson! @beboldbealive it’d be temporary like 5-6 months while he trains. I’d join him though! I’m just tired of being apart. He’s been there a couple times and I visited. It’s small but pretty. Theres a lot to do on weekend trips!

That option is his dream/#1 but the retention guy said they’re aren’t a lot of spots opening in his rank so don’t get our hopes up. 🙁

Alright, positive post for the day: 

I can’t lie; today really wasn’t too bad. I was able to check my mail (yeah, actually a big deal given how busy the afternoon was); I have my laptop AND INTERNET; PT was actually kinda fun (ish, sort of, mostly because I got to see cool planes); I got some free pop tarts; I passed my first open ranks; and I watched the Wild game (they lost and the video kept freezing, but it was a welcome change from the past week or so)

So, in the presentation, they mentioned that before the events of the first film, Scar was The Lion Guard and possessed the Roar of the Elders. But, when he used this power for evil, it was revoked and I quote, “He became the shriveled, horrible lion we saw in the film” Which got me thinking… What if Scar didn’t always look like the scrawny, malnourished lion we know him as. What if when the Roar of the Elders was taken from him so was the rest of all his power and ferocity? And this resulted in a physical manifestation of what he had become on the outside? 

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I dunno guys, this whole concept of the Lion Guard ranking has opened up so many new doors for meta and stuff, I’m so ready!

Applications are open!

Two clans, one has been around since the beginning the other has just clawed it’s way into existence. Now they must learn to get along and survive on the harsh salt flats. 

Welcome to salt flat clans! this a casual warrior cat’s rp taking place on Skype. Both clans cedar and mist are open for applications. We’re looking for some cool cats (pun intended) to join our clans! Apply now cause were accepting the most amount of cats now. The application’s will remain open till October 7th.

High ranks open:


  • deputy
  • MC
  • MC apprentice


  • MC
  • MC apprentice

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if you have any questions feel free to send us an ask! And if you could please reblog the post that would be great!


1945 - After the fascist surrender in Milan, these Nazi officers quickly regret their insistence on exiting the city in a style befitting their rank; open topped luxury cars. While the rank and file soldiers left in the safety of their trucks, the luxury cars used by the officers gave the Italian people lining the road the chance to wish them a hearty goodbye. [video]

Tennis star breaks the “last taboo” in sports and proves women, are in fact, humans too

While you were paying attention to “Twirlgate” last week, a bigger story was unfolding at the Australian Open.

Britain’s top-ranked women’s tennis player, Heather Watson, broke the “last taboo” for women in sports — by mentioning her period. After the 22-year-old lost her first-round match Tuesday, during which time she called for a doctor, she said she was suffering from “girl things” — that is, menstrual side effects like light-headedness, nausea and feeling “low on energy.”

Why that’s such a big deal

All I want...

from Supernatural is for the cultural changes around LGBT issues to continue to gain momentum, for people like Kim Davies to be reviled instead of celebrated, for gay-friendly shows like How To Get Away With Murder to continue to TOP the ratings (hehe) and for “Will they or won’t they” to become a recognized trope for LGBT relationships as well as straight ones. 

I want more than one or two shows with LCBT characters and relationships.  I want more magazine covers like the Klaine (Glee) EW one!  I want the uproar around making LGBT relationships canon to become deafening, and when one network finally does it (ABC or NBC) then I want the others to scramble to catch up.

I want this to happen while SPN continues making its monster of the week episodes, concentrating on the brothers’ bad relationship…..   And then one day, I want the door to the studio to crash open and high-ranking WB and CW execs rush in, pointing shaking fingers at spreadsheets and poll rankings. 

“This is it!” they’ll screech.  “We have to do it NOW.  Ratings are suffering, Colbert is saying we’re the primary choice of homophobes everywhere and our 18-32 demo is practically non-existent!”

The creators, producers and writers both will exchange shocked glances.  “You don’t mean….”  Singer will sputter…..   “We can’t!”  

The execs are relentless.  “You have to.  Things have changed, Robert.  Do you want us to go down as the biggest laughingstock since the How I Met Your Mother finale?”

Silence.  Even now, no one wants to think about the How I Met Your Mother finale.  

One of the younger execs, a trim well-manicured gentlemen with a messenger bag and a discreetly jeweled ring on the third finder of his left hand ( “Brian” is engraved inside) coughs and looks around.  “I’m not sure that I get it. We’ve been hinting since season 4.  Most of the fandom and all the press eat it up.  We’ve got one hell of a wow factor with Dean Winchester!  Even though we’re late to the party, we can count on huge media coverage.  Jensen’s more than able to pull off whatever we need and look hot doing it and Misha’s probably been praying for this for years.  What’s the hesitation?”

The writers and producers look at one another, and no one is able to come up with a coherent reason for disliking the show’s long-standing primary romantic relationship.  At least not one that would satisfy the network execs. 

Carver shrugs, turns to Robbie and claps him on the back.  “You can handle this, can’t you?  Call Edlund if you get stuck.  Title:  You Got It.”

Singer glares, Berenger titters and Jenny looks annoyed.  “But Dean is straight!” she hisses.  The others ignore her. 

Berenger starts to hum under his breath…..  Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend.”  Carver looks panicky and makes a shushing motion.  “Do you know how much Queen’s licensing fees are?!”

Dabb laughs and holds up a cell phone on speaker.   Ben’s voice is eerily clear.  “So are we chickening out at first base or going for a full ride?”

The intern clutches a clipboard and looks dreamy.  “Full ride.  Wing-fluttering, wall-slamming, hair-pulling, gasping,clutching…”

And so it was, in the last season, at the mid-season hiatus premiere, to the haunting strains of “At Last” Destiel is finally made canon. 


 Limited Theatrical Event Ranks First in Average Per Screen Among Top 10 on Tuesday and Sixth Place Overall

FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS – August 5, 2015. FUNimation® Entertainment announced a record breaking opening night for the theatrical release of “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.” The anime film, which opened last night in 894 theaters across the U.S., brought in a stunning $1.97 Million box office for FUNimation Films on opening day of the limited theatrical event. The movie’s per screen average of more than $2,198 landed it in 1st place yesterday in Average Per Screen among the Top 10 movies showing in the U.S. and 6th place in overall box office gross against all major studio releases. “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” is now the 8th highest anime opening of all time and the first limited event-style theatrical release to crack the Top 10.   “We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive fan response to the movie. We knew the opening would be very good but its performance has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said Michael DuBoise, EVP and COO of FUNimation. “From our theatrical marketing campaign and fan engagement events to our expanded theatrical footprint and the specially produced 15-minute pre-show, FUNimation made a strategic decision to make Dragon Ball Z accessible to anime fans both old and new and it has paid off.”  

Theater sell outs were reported in major metropolitan areas including New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” opens in Canada on Thursday, August 6, and will screen in more than 1,000 theaters total during its limited theatrical engagement from August 4 – 12, 2015.   “This film is a resounding victory on all levels,” said David Wengrod, VP of Theatrical Distribution for FUNimation. “The combination of our careful choice of release dates, an enticing marketing campaign that theaters embraced and fans universally accepted, and all of the great reviews added up to a terrific opening for us.” “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” is the 19th film in the Dragon Ball franchise and is the follow-up to last year’s “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.”  The film is a limited event-style theatrical release which includes a specially-produced 15-minute, Dragon Ball Z themed pre-show to create a unique experience for fans that can only be found in theaters.  

Tickets to “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” are available for advance purchase at    

You’re more perfect than ever, Serena.

I, too, shared in the collective gnashing of teeth and wail of lamentation that went around our office at 2:59pm on Friday, September 11. Serena Williams—our great hope, our national pride—had gone down in the semifinals of the U.S. Open to 48th-ranked Italian player Roberta Vinci. Serena’s irresistible Serena-ness (palpable emotions, from umpire rage to frank joy in victory) has been a constant since her first Open win in 1999, and even non-tennis fans have been rooting for her seemingly inevitable 22nd Grand Slam. 

Welp, 2015 isn’t going to be that year. But I’d argue that Serena is a more perfect athlete because of this match’s outcome. She’s no robot: she’s a fallible human with an almost unimaginably long and stellar track record. When an athlete is as on top of her game as Serena Williams, you take for granted all that winning. An occasional loss reinforces fan loyalty; an occasional loss makes me love Serena even more. And an occasional loss strips away all the bullshit analysis surrounding every forehand and backhand, zeroing in on The Serena Philosophy, in her own words: “I want to play tennis. I hate to lose. I want to win." 

A Serena Williams defeat perfectly illustrates why people love sports: Anything can happen. And as those anythings continue to happen, we’ll keep watching.

Kelsey Keith, Editor in Chief of Curbed
Every Scream in the "Scream Queens" Opening Credits, Ranked
Spoiler: Lea Michele is the Scream Queens scream queen.

1. Lea Michele.

Someone cast Lea Michele in a horror movie trilogy please, because this scream alone is more than worthy of being a big-screen scream queen leading lady’s.

And bonus 1. Lea Michele again!

This is perhaps as close to a proper spoiler as the credits get — unless you really believe all the characters will die just like this on the show, in which case Ryan Murphy is scoffing at you right now. Notice that Lea Michele’s character Hester has been given a serious makeover here — her neck brace is gone and her wardrobe is worthy of one of Chanel’s minions. Does she rise to that station as Scream Queens plays out!? It would seem so, which suggests she must be around for a while. And given how well she screams, that’s great news.