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Year in Review: Roger Federer

After finishing 2016 with an injury, Roger Federer was determined to make 2017 a season to remember. Although he only played in 12 tournaments on the tour, he managed to get titles at 7 of them. At his first tournament of the season, the Australian Open, he came in ranked at #17 and won the final against Rafael Nadal in five sets. He completed the Sunshine Double in March by winning both Indian Wells and the Miami Open. After taking a two month break and skipping the clay season, Roger was a favorite going into the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart (his first grass tournament of the season). After a bye in the first round, and a rankings jump to #5, he lost his first match in the second round to 302nd ranked Tommy Haas. The losing streak didn’t last long; he defeated Alexander Zverev in a very quick two set match in Halle, winning his 9th title there. At Wimbledon, notably Roger’s favorite tournament, he won his 8th title at the tournament and 19th Grand Slam (most by any male player in the Open Era) by defeating every opponent in straight sets. After his win at Wimbledon, Roger had a hard time at the North American summer swing. He made it to the Montreal final (with a new ranking of #3), but eventually lost to Alexander Zverev and made it to the quarterfinal of the U.S. Open but was defeated by Juan Martin del Potro. Taking another month off, and going to the Shanghai Masters as #2, he won the title against Rafael Nadal in two sets. Returning to his country of Switzerland for the Swiss Indoors Basel tournament, he won the title, defeating Juan Martin del Potro in three sets. With Roger’s back problem lingering, he decided it would be best to withdraw from the Paris Masters especially with the ATP World Tour Finals in the near future. At the Tour Finals, he went undefeated in the Round Robin matches against Jack Sock, Alexander Zverev and Marin Cilic but lost in the semifinal to David Goffin. Roger had a great comeback year moving 15 spots in the rankings and ending the season at #2 in the world. We hope the 36 year old has a great off season and enjoys his time off. See you in 2018!!

Yet another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Twelve: “I’m pregnant.”

The text came in at 7:17am, and in the mean time, Stiles had made his way through four and a half breakdowns, all of them for different reasons.

Number One: Male werewolves could get pregnant, and tying into that:

Number Two: Derek had never found it relevant to their two year relationship to share this fun fact. That didn’t say much as to his thoughts on their future together, which stung.

Number Three: Stiles was going to be a father at twenty-four.

Number Four: Just the night before, with Derek in Argentina visiting Cora, Stiles ate a dinner of Cheetos, plain microwaved hotdogs wrapped in bread, and four beers before passing out on the couch with the tv remote in his hand. He was not ready to be a father.

Number Five (still ongoing, more or less halfway through): They were going to have to move because no amount of corner guards or stupid little outlet plugs could childproof the loft. The door to the kitchen was literally a jagged hole in a brick wall. Stiles caught his shins on it regularly, they were always a mess of scabs and bruises.

Actually his entire body was a mess of scabs and bruises, because that was his life now, had been since sophomore year: fighting off the forces of supernatural evil.

Too bad he couldn’t childproof his life.

Oh god, they were going to have to move out of Beacon Hills. Away from the pack.

Nothing was stable in Beacon Hills, it had been eight years of panic and anxiety and near deaths and actual deaths. They couldn’t bring a baby into their current lives, Stiles wouldn’t even bring an adult into this hellhole. Who was trained in firearms. With combat experience.

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75th Anniversary of the Women’s Army Corp (WAC)

Congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers of Massachusetts proposed a bill in May 1941 with the support of Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall to establish the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp (WAAC). The bill was passed a year later and the first enlisted auxiliaries arrived for training at Fort Des Moines in July 1942. In July 1943, the Reserves was incorporated into the Regular Army and reestablished as the Women’s Army Corp (WAC). During WWII, about 150,000 women served in the WAAC and WAC.

During the war, Eleanor Roosevelt continued the ceaseless activism that had long marked her as America’s most public First Lady. Mrs. Roosevelt was outspoken in her support for gender equality. She championed women’s entrance into the armed services.

170512 EXO-L Japan EXO CHANNEL ‘Single Cup’ Day I Fanaccounts

- Minseok choose Kai for the member who matches the Luffy’s character from One Piece because he has a strong body.
- Kai ranked Kyungsoo 1st, Sehun 2nd, and Chen 3rd for the most aegyo.
- KAI: Everyone, it’s been a long time. I want to make a great memory with you all. ‘Spring has come’ shooting has finished. The drama ‘Jiwon-san’ byebye from today is Kai again. So today I want to give you my everything! Kai Kokoro Open Mind!
- Sehun ranked Kai 1st for the most aegyo and Chanyeol ranked him 2nd.
- Chanyeol ranked Kai 3rd for “who would run if they see ghosts in their house.
- All the members choose Kai for the best at drawing.
- During the “Lipstick Chateau” part in Lotto, Jongin kneeled down and made a drinking gesture.
- Kai sprayed dry shampoo on his face because he thought it was perfume.

Nadal won US Open!!


People were doubting him, saying he would never win another grand slam, shouldn’t embarrass himself further, shouldn’t tarnish his legendary career. He should just retire already.

But they forgot something:

Legendary careers are made by legends.

And legends are legends because they make the impossible, real.

This year, a man we all knew to have the strongest willpower, rose from his ashes, got his crown back as the King of Clay, got 2 Grand Slams on his belt and rose back to the Number 1 spot he so clearly deserved.

If that isn’t the biggest fuck you to all haters, I don’t know what is.

anonymous asked:

Are the members given their numbers by the order they joined?

It depends on what numbers are open and how they rank you like 16 year old Olly could never be #1 even if the spot was open. No one’s going to listen to him. haha it’s horrible but it depends on who is dead and who is locked up you kinda inherit the number  Veruca and Olly got their numbers after they passed initiation because the 11 and 13 that were members before them died, they live a dangerous life and a lot’s of them die young so numbers are always different. Taz almost lost an eye and his life on a run his number would have been open to a “half”. when you're waiting on a number you’re a “.5″  or a half and you have to prove yourself do something number worthy for that open spot

Broduce 101: Episode 9 (Quick Livestream Recap)

Firstly, I want to apologise for the lateness of this recap. I’ll try to be more timely for the remaining two episodes, I’m sorry.

This episode is all about the concept evaluations and the live performances for the next eliminations.

  • We start off in the Produce prison mansion, where BoA visits the waiting trainees. They’re always a bit starstruck with her lol
  • She reminds them this is the last elims before final 11, casts a degree of doubt about whether the cut off will be the top 22 ranks, then explains the voting system and benefits.
  • Although at this stage, these godawful live voting stages are increasingly important for the rankings, they continue to be stupid and easily manipulated in favour of the popular trainees regardless of their performances. I know this is supposed to be a true reality show or whatever, but the idea of giving a young audience more organised than Mnet so much power gives me a stress headache.
  • Anyway. The team that gets the most votes for their performance gets a 20,000 vote benefit and the trainee with the most votes gets a 100,000 vote benefit. The team with the most votes gets to perform at M!Countdown.
  • Each song has to have 7 members, and since Mnet’s crappy planning meant the trainees got split into teams before elims, they have to be reshuffled so every song has the same number of performers. 
  • In true Lord of the Flies fashion, the boys have the privilege of kicking out their own teammate by ranking their group from first to last. This means a chunk of them have spent a week rehearsing for a song they won’t perform 
  • The teams short of members pick from those trainees in order of highest ranking. Open, which has the most missing members has Kang Daniel pick first, followed by Showtime’s Yoon Jisung and finally I Know You Know Kim Taedong.
  • The kids from Oh Little Girl and Never get together to beg appeal to not be kicked out from their song
  • Never has Haknyeon saying he’ll work hard to keep his spot and not hold back the team
  • Minhyun says, flatly, ‘Yes. Hwaiting.’ 
  • Dead.
  • Most of them want to vote themselves as best to help their odds lol
  • Yoo Seonho, who is self aware: I don’t want to be first, I just want to be 7th. No wait. 6th? I should be confident.
  • Open has lost most of their team. They went from having Kim Seonglee to not having any main vocals to carry the song. They retained Baekho and Yongguk, so still not too shabby. 
  • Sidenote: Little Lee Woojin is so smol amongst his hyungs with that little yellow beanie. 
  • Oh Little Girl keeps their visuals and token singers Sewoon and Gunhee, which is smart considering how average the song is. They’ll need their fanvotes to win the Mnet performance so they kick out Moonbok. 
  • Sacrilege but c’est la vie.
  • Never retains their strengths with a good mix of popular and talented boys. This group had way too many competent trainees so it was a closer battle, I reckon. Emperor Hwang Minhyun’s picks in almost the exact order stay. 
  • Sungwoon and Lai Guanlin tie for 7th, and the top 6 vote between the two.
  • It ends with Sungwoon joining Seonho, Haknyeon, Youngmin for the cast out kids.
  • He’s embarrassed because he’s efficient and skilled but I’m significantly more bitter. As much as I like Guanlin, this is a bit disrespectful for someone like Sungwoon, who’s literally known for having everything but height. Even though Never doesn’t need too many vocally adept trainees, it’s the bandwagon song and therefore likely to have public appeal.
  • He’s cute though, straight up pandering to the Open team when they have to pick their new members by singing the song.
  • Open picks up Im Youngmin, Seonho and Hakneyon leaving Moonbok and Sungwoon for the next team.
  • Disrespectful, straight up.
  • Showtime has Yoon Jisung doing a startlingly accurate impression of Daniel before they chose Sungwoon for the high pitched vocals. 
  • Moonbok makes his way to IKYK’s practice room to join the underdogs, who’re excited to see Pocahontas hyung.
  • Oh Little Girl has a mournful bgm at rehearsals as they have to decide on final positions after eliminations. 
  • Minki has to work to secure broadcast minutes that Mnet has carefully avoided giving him by trying out for centre, and his teammates vote him in place, unseating Jihoon. 
  • Main vocal has Gunhee and Sewoon battling it out for the position. They’re both good choices - the demo singer even sounded like Sewoon, who hasn’t been main vocal even once despite strengthening the background vocals every mission. The team does pick Sewoon this time, fortunately.
  • Bae Jinyoung wants to be sub-vocal, and is worried about his falling rank. He’s not ambitious enough to try to be main vocal at least, but those vocal techniques confuse me with that inherent smooth tone. The kid is young, and can be easily improved though, maybe a few months of SM styled vocal boot camp?
  • Showtime has a still (rightly) pouty Sungwoon want to be centre in his new team. His whole team laughs, with co-HOTSHOT member Noh Taehyun cackling particularly loudly at his sheepish announcement. 
  • Auntie Jisung references Jessi from Unpretty Rapstar, yelling, ‘THIS IS COMPETITION,’ and pinches his nose bridge like the drama queen he is.
  • Centre nominees try the guitar stringing ‘killing part’ to appeal for the spot and Brave’s Samuel wins the spot. 
  • Sungwoon tries stealing the sticker out of sheer desperation OTL
  • Ah, I don’t like the song so much but this group has so many of my faves.
  • They actually start rehearsing and come to a realisation.
  • Noh Taehyun: The centre needs to be able to sing well too.
  • Kim Samuel, who is an extremely competent dancer by anyone’s standards, can’t sing above his speaking range. Again, easily fixed by a year or two of concentrated training. He’s only sixteen and his voice must have dropped like a summer ago
  • IKYK’s Kwon Hyunbin wants to be leader. The team votes him in over BNM Donhyun and he does Auntie Jisung’s clapping in celebration
  • Mnet, how many kids are you going to give the Sohye edit, this is getting out of fucking control.
  • Picking centre is particularly sad with most of the contenders well aware they’re going to be eliminated. They vote Taedong in, displacing poor Donghan.
  • Open team has Kenta, Seonho and Haknyeon do expression acting to appeal for centre. Kenta pulls a face to loosen his facial muscles before trying, and is embarrassed although he’s not bad. Haknyeon is good too.
  • Seonho can’t hit the notes and tries a vocal trick Shin Yumi taught the kids. This sort of stuff about the Cube chicks impresses me because they’ve really absorbed every learning opportunity on this show like sponges. They’re still far from debut ready and I wouldn’t want them to debut in BOI over the older trainees but it appeals to my Asian sensibilities to see them working hard if nothing else.
  • Baekho: You can’t ask someone to press down on your forehead on stage.
  • So it comes down to Jeju pig boy and Japanese puppy. 
  • Joo Haknyeon gets voted as centre and then struggles with everything. 
  • Pledis Dongho gets GodJonghyun edit, practicing with the kid to help him improve. He points out that Haknyeon’s confidence is far from being at par with his skill level.
  • Never team votes Emperor Hwang as centre over Guanlin. Not shocking, considering the difference in ability. 
  • Ong-ssi hits the nail on the head as always as they practice, pointing out that they don’t really have to deal with shuffling and learning of the song so rehearsals are smooth and quick. It also helps that most of them are highly competent.
  • There’s a bit about Ong Sungwoo being Mnet’s human slate. Cute. 
  • Also cute is Brand New Music’s Park Woojin finally being comfortable enough to be the kid he is, surrounded by hyungs. I found a subbed cut, which you can see here because I can’t do justice to this positive filler bit that I would be happy to see more of @mnet. 
  • Important takeaway - Sweet puppy Park Woojin and gang are being taught variety by Ong-ssi
  • Final concept performance day!
  • Far out, look at the bank the show is making with those crowds. Girls are easily the backbone of capitalism. It’s amazing considering how much effort the industry puts into putting women down.
  • Anyway, kpop legend tiny Queen BoA looks fire emoji in her red pantsuit.
  • Aw seeing the eliminated trainees always makes my soul ache. 
  • The composers are attending too. You gotta have all those unnecessary reaction shots am I right ha ha HA
  • The composers visit during rehearsals for a check in. Not many women there either lol Hashtag bitter female tears
  • Showtime gets primarily positive reactions at the check in. They have high energy while performing which suits the song’s up tempo disco vibe. Samuel’s vocal get a boost because his voice doesn’t waver.
  • The team’s live performance is enjoyable. The average skill ability in this group of trainees is also rather high. It looks very polished, and they all look like they’re enjoying the stage, which always makes me happy to see. 
  • Sanggyun, who receives his usual amount of absolutely no screentime, is memorable in my opinion. So handsome.
  • The choreo is fun more than complicated. Easy standouts are Auntie Jisung dancing Pick Me and the inclusion of RBW puppy Dongmyung’s warming up limb flapping dance. Samuel does well with the dance break, the Ardor and Able trainees remain excellent performers as always.
  • They all keep calling it their possible last stage and Auntie Jisung looks like he’s going to cry again. It hurts because it could be true. 
  • Probably the shortest screentime for the group with my personal faves. Deeply grateful as always, Mnet.
  • Next up is my top song pick for Concept evals, I Know You Know.
  • Their wardrobes are particularly pretty. Thank you stylists for Moonbok’s look.
  • At check in with the composers, they get a bit of shake down because of their lack lustre initial performance. I’m not surprised because Joombas is really high profile, someone who works with famous singers. The team has competent but not excellent trainees. 
  • Hyunbin’s been getting a good edit as he makes up for the effort for the first evals where Mnet basically shoved him off a cliff, with a GodJonghyun inspired leader attitude. 
  • It’s a bit annoying because good god don’t we have enough Brohyes. 
  • Still, I’d rather this than kids being thrown sacrificed to the netizen flames.
  • Product placement.
  • The final performance is good. Kim Yehyun’s voice wavers out of place at parts but sweet boy Seo Sunghyuk is unexpectedly very stable considering the very energetic choreo. Donghyun, Donghan and Taedong remain reassuringly good and completely ignored. Hyunbin’s voice doesn’t sound as out of place as it did last mission while Moonbok proves he’s capable of idol rap with his smooth delivery. The choreo is exhausting but none of their voices are strained (they also probably have their studio recorded tracks playing so this may not be a matter of skill)
  • Open is next up, with the boys looking unreasonably good in their black suits. 
  • Well, Daniel, Dongho and Kenta anyway. I take a minute to pray to the wardrobe team again. I’m not a Daniel fan in particular but my word, the boy looks fine
  • Haknyeon messes up with typical Mnet camera focus at pre-performance check in. The composers can’t even pick one standout trainee.
  • The team convene to re-discuss centre with Haknyeon not being about to live up to his desire and confidence. Again, lack of training and age comes into play here, but wanting to take on things he can’t handle yet is not helping him.
  • Center swaps to Kim Yongguk, who doesn’t even get a clear shot of his face for the occasion.
  • Haknyeon gets Sexy Bandit’s thumbs up of approval at recording, after working hard for his second consecutive redemption arc. 
  • It could be the editing, but Daniel hasn’t been a very effective leader this mission either.
  • Product placement.
  • They come to check out the stage during dress rehearsal with the bed and slick set.
  • Kenta: It’s rather adult (as far as I know, the word can mean dirty or sexy depending on context but I think adult sounds appropriate here).
  • I agree. Seonho’s too young for this one. 
  • With the song and choreo being handed to them being what it is, this performance was looking to be one of my more anticipated ones, but the boys do a great job too. Daniel comes off more as centre than Yongguk but I can’t fault him because he does a really good job. Kenta is a visual standout too
  • It could be the editing, but Yongguk fades among the others although he keeps up well enough. Seonho’s vocals are satisfactory considering where he started out, there are bits where his dancing is still slightly awkward though. Same with Haknyeon, which is strange because I thought that was his strongest field. He’s visibly out of sync at times, even to my tired eyes. Maybe he doesn’t practice to beats, because he had the same issue in Right Round
  • This may be Sexy Bandit Pledis Baekho’s stage though. He’s beyond reproach. I’d call him oppa if he wanted me to.
  • They get an encore chant!
  • Fully deserved, because both the song and their performance of it was debut group level.
  • Oh Little Girl next
  • A lot of visual hype kids here. Costumes are terrible though, bits and pieces from earlier performances and maybe Park Jihoon’s personal closet?
  • That song name though….
  • Jihoon does the aegyo I’ve seen from the cute Monsta X rapper. It’s cringey on him too.
  • At performance check in, the producers acknowledge that the song may well have been tailored to Sewoon. Bae Jinyoung makes a few mistakes though.
  • Cue mournful music and cuts of his confidence issues.
  • Sewoon helps him practice and he’s better at recording. Kids like this usually are. He definitely could be a competent idol singer if someone gives him focused help. 
  • In the practice rooms, Minki has some issues while rehearsing, and there’s friction between him and the younger kids. Jihoon leaves the room with a door slam that freezes the others, and they have to gather to talk because Jihoon feels like Minki is upset with him. 
  • This time Minki slams the door behind him as he exits.
  • Sewoon is getting visibly worked up at this conflict.
  • Is Mnet finally getting genuine drama footage without manipulative editing? 
  • No. It’s another one of those birthday camera pranks that Korean variety producers still think are entertaining. 
  • Gunhee comes in with a cake and you can see the tension melt out of Jihoon’s face and he smiles the most genuine smile I’ve seen since his first time ranking first. 
  • Lol Sewoon thinks the cake’s just for Jihoon and starts clapping until the trainees sing his name too. Cute.
  • Minki does his shoulder expanding thing for dress rehearsals at coach Shin Yumi’s request. Sewoon gets well deserved praise for his vocals and Bae Jinyoung gets his confidence boost since this is probably his team mission individual edit for the season.
  • The final performance is cute, easily carried vocally by Sewoon and Gunhee. The others are also good, no visible mistakes. The song is still rather average, the choreo elevated by the boys performing it. They’re all adorable, their good looks helping save the tragic outfits. Minki was an appropriate centre. Hyungseob pulled out a rose out of nowhere mid performance, which seems perfectly in character for the kid.
  • I wouldn’t seek the song out to listen to, it’s one of those throwaway b-sides on mini albums, but watching it this one time was really fun. This truly was Sewoon’s performance, it fit him well.
  • Kahi: Ai, cute~
  • Pretty much.
  • We get to the final performance, Never.
  • Hyuna visits the team to cheer them up at rehearsals and the boys are instantly distracted at the sight of her. Minhyun keeps practising while the boys start to greet, but later reassures the camera that he was excited too. 
  • He’s probably seen all of SNSD and other prolific girl groups while promoting the last few years, it makes sense for him to be less fazed. He’s also from the company that (miraculously still) houses Nana.
  • But its Hyuna
  • Meanwhile, the trainees outside gather outside, pressing their faces to the glass door to stare at Hyuna. 
  • Baby chick Seonho: Oh, they’re from our company! :D
  • She turns to look at them and they almost faint in excitement. She cutely greets them as she exits, leaving behind an echo of longing sighs as she tends to do
  • At check in with all the composers, they do well enough. Kenta in particular is appreciative. A lot of trainees proceed to hype them up.
  • There’s something awkward about the blond Pentagon kid talking like an authority in front of the Nu’est members. I’m not the kind to go in for hierarchy over achievement but I’d be annoyed, like who are you brat lol
  • They go to visit Cube, and see Guanlin’s untidy locker with his Korean books 
  • Why didn’t they? I loved it! I’d have rooted for them earlier on!
  • Guanlin’s excited to practice a routine that requires skills he didn’t have earlier, at his company with his hyungs, who coo at him. 
  • Every time Hyuna says something nice at studio recording, the boys flush with happiness. 
  • Daehwi’s smile spilts his face when she praises his tone
  • The words “Guanlin sounds like a native Korean” are said, which make my eyes roll out of my head. I’ve said multiple times I love how much the chicks improved and it’s clear that Guanlin is finding his groove as a trainee, but let’s not exaggerate because he’s handsome. It is, however, true that his words are getting clearer and less obviously accented.
  • Jaehwanie can rap too! I look forward to seeing him get signed to a good company after this (@Starship, you don’t have any worthy female groups anymore so you might as well add to your male talents)
  • Park Woojin’s rapping is really good but he can’t sigh?? It’s endearing too. He re-tries at his interview. A true cutie. I hope he recovers quickly and gets to debut. This episode has made me triply fond of him.
  • The final performance begins after this extreme hyping and screentime allocation.
  • Three seconds in, Sunghyuk, calmly: It’s over (for us).
  • I’ve said multiple times I don’t like the song (I still can’t remember it as being anything special and the fuss around it makes me resent EDM even more), but I can admit that the performance was great. The collection of talent and visuals make the choreo work smoothly, a stage that could easily be an M!Countdown performance. Jaehwan and Woojin were particularly spectacular, specially considering that Woojin was ill. Daehwi and Minhyun deliver, as always. 
  • The only negatives I have are that the while the costumes looked nice, they seemed ill suited to the concept and not the colours you usually see on broadcast performances. Beige? Come on. How do you work lighting for something like that? Green or a dark red would have been so nice.
  • We see a shot of Mnet staff counting the votes. Don’t worry, we don’t suspect you of anything here, Mnet. I’m blaming the live audience. 
  • The results bring over the sheer shameless fuckery of the last mission. 

5. I Know You Know 83 (Did I not call this?)

4. Showtime 135

3. Oh Little Girl 398

  • Totally warranted considering the number of popular trainees in each team.
  • BoA references Ong-ssi’s hyperbole speech when asking about his chances about winning, and he uses every single adjective again to express his confidence about his team placing first.
  • She then asks Baekho, and he one ups Ong-ssi by adding the Japanese adjective for ‘very’ (cut to Kenta laughing) as well as the Mandarin.

2. Never 443
1. Open 552 

  • So there is some sort of fairness in the world! Thank you, good lord in heaven!
  • ….female fans really like sexy concepts. 
  • Kenta and Seonho’s handsome faces reach new levels of meme
  • Daniel is stunned. Getting banned from Never was an act of god for him and his fans.
  • Nation’s Leader Angel GodJonghyun makes an appropriately congratulatory comment.
  • Live vote rankings without benefits for individual trainee rankings are below:
  1. Unrevealed
  2. Maroo Park Jihoon
  3. Brand New Music Park Woojin
  4. Pledis Hwang Minhyun
  5. C9 Bae Jinyoung
  6. Unrevealed
  7. Cre.Ker Joo Haknyeon
  8. Brand New Music Lee Daehwi
  9. CUBE Yoo Seonho
  10. Chun Kim Yongguk
  11. Brand New Music Im Youngmin

Next week, feel good fillers and third eliminations before heading into finale for top 11! Man, is this nonsense getting increasingly, unpredictably intense. 

If I had a penny for the amount of times this has happened to me, I’d be considerably more wealthy. Just be thankful it wasn’t Myres, Dwight.


 Year in Review: Alexander “Sascha” Zverev

The 20 year old Alexander Zverev had one heck of a year! Starting the year at #24 in the world, he slowly worked his way up to a career high of #3. In February, he won his second indoor-hard court title and first title of the year at the Open Sud de France. After his win in France, he had trouble regaining his wins. One of the toughest losses coming from his third round match against Rafael Nadal at the Monte-Carlo Masters (which he lost in straight sets, 6-1, 6-1). In May, his slump finally ended; he won his second title of the year and first outdoor-clay court title in his home country of Germany at the BMW Open. Less than 2 weeks later, he won his third title of the year, first Masters 1000 title, and second outdoor-clay court title against world #2 Novak Djokovic in Rome (making him the youngest player to win a Masters 1000 since 2007). With 1000 points added to his ranking, he jumped from 17th to 10th in the world (a new career high). Going into the French Open ranked as #10, he lost in the first round to Fernando Verdasco in four sets. With clay season now over, it was time to move to grass. He was successful in making it to the SFs of the Ricoh Open and the Halle Open Final against Roger Federer, but ultimately ended up losing in two sets. At Wimbledon, he made it to the fourth round by defeating all of his opponents in straight sets (his best Grand Slam result to date). After a nearly two week break, and new career high ranking of 8th, he went on to win his first outdoor-hard court title and fourth title of the year at the Citi Open in Washington D.C. The next week, he went on to win his second outdoor-hard court title and fifth title of the year against world #3 Roger Federer at the Coupe Rogers in Montreal, Canada. After two back to back title wins, Sascha jumped to a career high of #7 and eventually lost in the first round in Cincinnati and second round of the U.S. Open. With the two early tournament exits, he still moved up to world #4 (a new career high). After an unsuccessful end to the regular season, he qualified as one of the eight players for the year end ATP World Tour Finals for the first time as #3 in the world (his current career high). He lost two of his three Round Robin matches, which disqualified him from continuing on for the rest of the tournament. As said before, with all his accomplishments in 2017, sometimes we forget he’s only 20 and has a long career ahead of him. Congrats Alexander on amazing year and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do in 2018!


This is an excerpt from my post, ‘THRACIANS, REAPERS OF THE BALKANS’.

Alexander and the Thracian hill-men at Mount Haemus:

After Philip’s death, his son Alexander III (the Great) sought to quell rebellions and secure the Greek mainland and Balkans before launching his campaign against Persia. In 335 BCE Alexander marched toward the area of the sword-bearing hill-men known as the Dii or ‘Free Thracians’, those who remained out of the control of Philip II’s earlier Balkan campaign. Alexander arrived at a narrow canyon called the Trojan Pass where the Dii awaited them from the summit of the Haemus Mountains; here the Dii had assembled their carts into a stockade. If Alexander were to march uphill through a narrow and restrictive path against a fortified and entrenched foe his losses would be more than he would’ve thought acceptable. Instead Alexander assumed that the Dii would become impatient enough to force the carts downhill towards Alexander’s tightly formed phalanxes in attempt to disrupt them then rush downhill from their advantageous position to attack Alexander. Expecting this to occur, Alexander devised a plan.

he ordered the heavy-armed soldiers, as soon as the wagons began to rush down the declivity, to open their ranks, and directed that those whom the road was sufficiently wide to permit to do so should stand apart, so that the wagons plight roll through the gap; but that those who were hemmed m on all sides should either stoop down together or even fall flat on the ground, and lock their shields compactly together, so that the wagons rushing down upon them, and in all probability by their very impetus leaping over them, might pass on without injuring them.” – The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian of Nicomedia, book 1.

It went as planned so with no injured soldiers Alexander ordered his archers to repel and cut down the Dii (Thracians) while his phalanx drove them away. In the end the Dii discarded their arms and fled.

About 1,500 of them were killed; but only a few were taken prisoners on account of their swiftness of foot and acquaintance with the country. However, all the women who were accompanying them were captured, as were also their children and all their booty.” – The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian of Nicomedia, book 1.

Alexander and the Triballi:

Alexander then marched from the Haemus mountains into the land of the Triballi (Thraco-Illyrians) whose king (Syrmus), women and children sought refuge at Peuce island on the Danube River to the north. The Triballi who remained in their home territory marched south to a river Alexander had crossed that same day and encamped there. Alexander heard of their operations and led a surprise assault against the Triballian camp. Surprised, the Triballi fled to a nearby “woody glen along the bank of the river” (Arrian, II). Alexander, wishing to utilize his horsemen and phalanx which did better on open ground, sent his archers and stone-slingers to harass and lure the Triballi out of the wood. Again, just as expected, Alexander was able to lure the enemy out of their advantageous position. As the Triballi rushed forward to attack the archers, Alexander sent his cavalrymen to charge the Triballi on their left and right flank while he himself led his phalanx and cavalry forward to the Triballian center. This flanking formation forced the Triballi to flee into the wooded glen.

at length they turned and fled through the woody glen to the river. Three thousand were slain in the flight; few of them were taken prisoners, both because there was a dense wood in front of the river, and the approach of night deprived the Macedonians of certainty in their pursuit. Ptolemy says, that of the Macedonians themselves eleven horsemen and about forty foot soldiers were killed.” – The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian of Nicomedia, book 2.

With the Balkans subjugated Alexander would go on to employ Thracians, Illyrians and the Paeonians (Thraco-illyrians). In his army these Balkan peoples took on the role of cavalrymen, scouts and skirmishers who would either defend his armies flanks and cavalrymen or harass and shred the enemies’ numbers.

He excited the Illyrians and Thracians by describing the enemy’s wealth and treasures” – Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus by Marcus Junianus Justinus, 11.9.

When Alexander had conquered and subdued Thrace and was setting out for Asia, fearing that after his departure the Thracians would take up arms, he took with him, as though by way of conferring honor, their kings and officials — all in fact who seemed to take to heart the loss of freedom. In charge of those left behind he placed common and ordinary persons, thus preventing the officials from wishing to make any change, as being bound to him by favors, and the common people from even being able to do so, since they had been deprived of their leaders.” – Stratagems by Sextus Julius Frontinus, 2.11.3.

During Alexander’s campaigns against the Persians and even after his death, the Thracians continued resisting Hellenistic rule. The resistance continued until the famed Eastern Gallic invasion of the Balkans where these Celts undermined and fractured Hellenistic rule while securing their dominion over Thrace. The Gallic grip on Thrace held until 212 BCE when the Thracian king Pleuratus led an assault on the Gallic capital of Tylis which resulted in the expulsion of the Gauls and the reestablishment of Thracian rule.

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Head over to my post, ‘THRACIANS, REAPERS OF THE BALKANS’, to learn about their culture, religion, weaponry, armors, battle tactics, and their influence on the ancient world. Their history as well, from the tales in the Iliad to the era of the Greco-Persian Wars, the rise of Macedon under Philip II (Alexander the Great’s father), and the Roman conquests of the Balkans.

Stiles didn’t like going to the gym. He barely did anything there anyways, but even then, he was lazy, and he only went when Scott would force him there. Jogging on the nearly broken treadmill, or lifting baby weights while counting spotting Scott’s lifts out loud. The campus gym was run down and no one frequented it anymore but the two of them. And then Derek Hale showed up. 
He was well over six foot tall, pushing what Stiles confidently assumed was two hundred and fifty pounds, and he fucking /reeked/. They rarely interacted, especially when the guys scent started turning even Scott away from the gym. Stiles was so hypnotized by that fat hairy ass he often got peaks off when the guy was squatting, that he couldn’t bring himself to fall back into his hermit routine. So he’d show up, give Derek a wave as he worked out, and snap secret pics like the one above to jerk off to later. Stroking his cock dry in his dorm room, too close to spit on it again as he remembers tugging his headphones out of his ears back at the gym, only to find out what that grumbling noise was, going rock hard in his work out shorts when he peaked over at Derek doing sit ups- the other man lifting a leg each time he sat up, to blast loud nasty farts out into the open. The rank of them wafting over to Stiles soon after, and he came without touching himself. Wet cock smacking against his thigh and making him shiver as he grew sensitive, but was too chicken shit to leave before Derek did- cum stain on full display. 
Maybe one of these days he’d notice that Derek would tug his shorts off to the side when Stiles wasn’t looking, shake his fat uncut cock at the boy, and edge himself until he knew Stiles was losing his cool and was going to peak again. He was waiting to get caught, waiting to see if Stiles would be interested.
One day. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 

Pegoryu Prompt: Red String Pt 2


This is the end of the Red String fic . Enjoy, babes!

Ryuji takes the lead and crosses the drawbridge with the new guy following close by. His heart is in the pit of his stomach as he crosses the threshold. The world feels distorted and the ringing sound is warping over and over in his head. He keeps a close eye on the brunet. This guy is really good at holding a poker face, but those grey eyes are saying something else entirely.

They get into the main hall of the school, which now looks like a front entry into one of those fairy tale movie castles. ‘Cept this has Kamoshida written all over it. Portraits of him are all over, including that giant fugly one staring him in the face. It’s disgusting to see an almost nude portrait of the fuck head that broke his leg last year. The scenery shifts and warps around them. One moment it’s the school, the next it’s not. What in the hell is going on?

“Th-That’s weird…Where’s the school…?” He swears his eyes are playing tricks on him. Maybe he’s finally lost it, but this guy sees it too.

“Did we make a wrong turn?” This comes out sounding slightly nervous. The blond turns to look at the brunet. His eyes are shaking. Goddammit. Gotta stay cool. Gotta remain confident.

“N-No! This has to be it! I mean, it…should be…” Damn, he fucked that one up. That doesn’t inspire any confidence at all.

Oh! His GPS could tell them if they went the right way, right? He whips out his cellphone and…nothing? There are no bars, no cellphone provider, and not even 4G. A big lot of nothing. The hell?

“Out of service? Where’d we end up…?” The blond looks up from his phone screen to the brunet, who is looking back at him with eyes that betray all the stress he feels. He is biting into his lower lip slightly. Jesus… Ryuji flushes a little from this. What is he even supposed to do?

The blond looks around, then pauses on the nerdy looking brunet again. This shit is unreal. This is like in one of those anime’s where he would turn out to be some sort of magical boy and start fighting crime or some shit. But he isn’t the magical boy. Could this guy be? Nah, this is a stupid line of thinking. What’s more important is figuring out what the hell is going on with this place.

“The sign was for the school, right?” He just has to check that he isn’t crazy. That they did, in fact, come to Shujin Academy and there is now this giant fucking castle and they are in it.

“Yeah.” Ryuji can barely hear it, but this kid thinks so too.

Out of the blue, these giant goons in full armor come marching out to where they are. These assholes look familiar too. Their faces are blue and stoic. Like they aren’t even real. They just seem like large toy soldiers. But they’re brandishing swords and giant shields. Everything just seems to be getting more and more fucked the longer they stay in this hell hole. But wait…They can’t be anything weird, right? They’re just people in costumes. That has to be it.

“Geez, you freaked me out…” He takes a breath. This has to be some stupid event put on by one of the clubs. Nothing more.

“Who’re you? You a student?” He knows that this is a stupid question. This person…this thing is huge. This isn’t the build of a high schooler. His brain just doesn’t seem to want to reason that this can be anything other than Shujin. He bites his lip.

“C’mon, don’t just stand there. Say somethin’.” This can only end badly.

More guards come flooding in. The incessant clanking of armor pervades the air. More and more come into the space. There is no escape. They are truly and utterly up shit creek without a fucking paddle. Not that a paddle, or any sort of a weapon would help now. God, why is this happening to him…to them? This is the new guy’s first fucking day for crying out loud! Maybe if he can play it cool enough, he can reason with them and they can maybe get away.

“…H-Hey, what’s goin’ on?” Yeah, real fucken slick, Ryuji.

“Is he school staff?” Ryuji turns to the brunet whose composure is now significantly more shaken. Is he trying to make a joke? This shit is hardly what would be called funny. Though Ryuji has to laugh at how fucked this all is.

“Dude, I don’t know!” He’s losing his cool. He can’t come to grips with any of this. They are going to die. One of the knights gets closer. Ryuji can see into the eye holes of the mask. There’s absolutely nothing there. “This shit’s real…”

All of the knights advance on them. They close the space around the boys, not leaving any room to slip away. They should have stayed out of the castle. Fucking Kamoshida. Fucking rain. God, this is the worst way he could think of spending a day. Being in class even sounds better. One of the knights gets up in Ryuji’s face.

“C-Calm down! Time out, man!” He turns to look at his companion, who is also being hounded by a giant asshole in shiny silver armor. There is a small opening in their ranks. They have to take a chance.

“We gotta run!”

“Got it.” This comes with a quaking voice and legs that aren’t moving at all. He has to get this kid to move, or he’ll be dead for sure.

“Stop standin’ around and run!” He takes off at as close to a sprint as he can get. His leg is burning like hell. He looks back to see that the brunet is following close behind. Good. Maybe they can get through this.

Before they can slip away, another group of knights closes off the gap they were going for. Jesus, these guys are persistent.

“Ugh, what’s with these guys!?” Ryuji says this more out of frustration than wanting an actual answer. This blows. And he didn’t even get to find the person from his dream.

One of the guards hits him in the back and he goes down with a painful grunt. His companion stands there, afraid like a deer in the headlights. Still gotta keep it as cool as possible. He wants to live through this. There has to be a way. Pain surges everywhere in his body. His back hurts from that asshole knocking him. His knees hurt from crashing onto the ground. And his head is still screaming.

“Wow… Y-you’re gonna break my bones, dammit!” He turns to try and look at his companion. Afraid. So very afraid. “The hell do you think you’re…gah!”

“Take them away!” The guard captain shouts to its subordinates.

One soldier picks Ryuji up while another punches the brunet in the gut. He doubles over, vomit dripping from his lips. He coughs and sputters as another tin soldier hefts him over its shoulders. Ryuji winces at this. He couldn’t protect him…Why the hell is it so important that he does though? They’re both gonna die, but this guy feels so important. Every time he comes close to putting his finger on it, the recognition slips away. This pain in his head is so intense…His consciousness slowly fades out.

In the black emptiness he dreams of his red thread again. There’s a figure of a guy with dark shaggy hair, a Shujin uniform, and when he turns around…those grey eyes. Holy shit…it’s him! It has been him all along! God, how could he be so stupid! This mess, it’s all his fault. The person that he was meant to be with, he just met him. Now they’re going to die and he can’t do jack shit about it. He reaches out and touches the brunet’s cheek. He leans into the blond’s touch with such a sad smile and weary eyes. He can’t just give up on getting this boy out of this mess. If he can be a distraction then maybe, just maybe his companion could get away.
Ryuji regains consciousness. He and dream boy are in a cell together. He looks so peaceful like this. A much better face than his frightened one. He doesn’t really want to wake the brunet, but he has to sooner rather than later. He needs a plan of attack so this nightmare can come to a close. He limps over to the cot where his companion is sleeping. He tilts the boy’s face, checking for any sort of mark. Nothing there…good. He ventures downward, to the bottom of the brunet’s turtleneck. He flushes a little as he pulls the hem up. There’s a large bruise on his stomach where he was hit. Fury fills Ryuji, the desire to beat the shit out of those soldiers is palpable. The sleeping boy below him shivers and groans. The blonde pulls the boy’s shirt back down and gives his arm a gentle squeeze. Just a minute…let him sleep a minute longer. He stares down at the handsome boy for a bit too long, then begins to blush. He kneels down and begins calling to him.

“Hey.” No response.

“Wake up!” He hears a groan and grey eyes flutter open. They slowly focus. Good, he’s okay.

The brunet sits up on the cot. He cradles his stomach tenderly as he purses his lips into a fine line. Ryuji gives a sympathetic look. He is just relieved that his red string companion is still able to wake up again. He stands up and lets his partner have a moment to regain his composure. He looks so delicate right now. All he wants is to comfort this boy and make him feel safe. Everything that he personally doesn’t feel right now. Grey eyes stare at him, perplexed and tired. He looks like he’s barely hanging onto consciousness. Ryuji rests a hand on the brunet’s knee and gives a strained smile.

“You all right?” His relief shows in his voice. It’s weird to hear himself be all tender n’ shit.

“Yup, you?” The brunet sounds just as relieved. A bit of a flush briefly lingers in Ryuji’s cheeks.

“Yeah, more or less.” Ryuji relaxes his posture for a moment. This guy’s concern makes him feel a bit less tense. He looks around the cell, taking in the situation and how hopeless it feels. “Looks like this ain’t no dream.”

Ryuji turns back to look at the brunet. He looks dazed, but maybe a bit more lucid. What in the hell is with this day? This place and everything is just so messed up. All of this is so confusing and frustrating. It honestly still doesn’t feel real. He wants to lash out at everything. None of this makes sense to him. He has to do something to relieve all of this anxiety bubbling around in his head. How the fuck can this guy look so calm?

“Ugh, what’s goin’ on!?” He’s losing control of whatever cool he had left. He charges up to the prison bars and tries to get anyone’s attention. Taking out his frustration on a guard may relieve some stress.

“Hey, let us outta here! I know there’s someone out there!” He slams on the cell door in desperation.

“Dammit, where are we!? Is this some kinda TV set…?” He stalks back over to his cell mate when nothing wanted to pay attention to him. At least he feels that this guy will listen to his bitching. It’s keeping this place from whittling away at his sanity.

Suddenly there is a blood curdling scream. It sounds like a guy is being tortured or killed. The blonde’s heart stops for a moment. The voice sounds familiar, but that is less important than the idea that they may be in line to be tortured next. The brunet stumbles up and joins him. The screaming just won’t stop. He keeps an arm out in front of his companion in a defensive position, just in case he has to fight. The screams turn to wailing, wrenching uncomfortable feelings in Ryuji’s gut. The boys run up to the prison bars to attempt to gage where the noise is coming from.

“Th-The hell was that just now…?” Ryuji has an idea of what it is. The quiver in his voice matches with the subtle shake in his knees. His whole body feels like it wants to give out.

Wet sounds are now accompanying the cries. All the color drains from Ryuji’s face and the brunet isn’t looking so well either. He’s clinging to the prison bars so tightly that his knuckles are going white. Ryuji chances a glance at his companion’s face to see that his face remains stoic, but his grey eyes are watery. He doesn’t even know this person, yet he’ll cry for em? He has to turn away, otherwise he’ll get swept up in thoughts that he doesn’t want to think about yet. There are other cages with other prisoners. They all look pretty bad off.

“Whoa…whoa, whoa, whoa!” Ryuji’s mind is running at a million miles a second. “You’re shittin’ me, right…?” He knows that’s a stupid question. They are here and this is real.

The brunet releases his grip on the bars and takes a couple of unsteady steps back. His posture goes rigid and defensive. The stress is getting to both of them. They have to think fast. Ryuji has to get this kid to engage. He’s too quiet, he can’t peg what is going on in his mind right now. He must be terrified. They both should be in this situation. This guy has been the only thing keeping his mind as calm as it is.

“This is real bad…!” He looks the boy over. He looks like he’s thinking, but he’s being unresponsive. Part of the blonde wants to shake him and snap him out of whatever la la land he’s in. The other part feels this insatiable need to protect him. God, this is fuckin annoying.

The brunet’s eyes dart all over, silently assessing the surroundings. His eyes are still watery. He uses the heel of his hand to rub away all emotion. Ryuji wonders if this kid is trying to put on some sort of a tough guy act too. It’s endearing, but there’s no time to screw around.

“Isn’t there some way outta here!? C’mon, we gotta do something!”

This spurs the brunet into action. He and Ryuji begin to comb their cell over. Nothing really seems helpful. In fact, most of this shit just makes him more nervous. He can’t tell how much time has passed since this whole stupid ordeal started. He can’t see any means of escape. There isn’t even much of a way to perform an ambush, not that he thinks either of them have the strength to pull one off any way. The sound of clinging armor is getting closer to their cell.
Time’s up. Ryuji slowly turns around and takes a defensive posture.

“Huh? You hear that?” He looks over his companion, who nods a confirmation.

They both make their way up to the cell door. There they are, the palace goons in all their annoying clanging glory. Their empty eyes send shivers down Ryuji’s back. Sick feelings twist around in his gut. He’s not sure he’s ready for this, but now is not the time to give up. As they get closer, Ryuji takes up a stiff fighting stance. This is gonna be a fight.

“Be glad that your punishment has been decided upon.” The hollow voice reverberates and rings out, like it’s coming from the bottom of a tin can. “Your charge is ‘unlawful entry’. Thus, you will be sentenced to death.”

“Say what!?” Ryuji is stupefied by this turn of events. Death? For going to school? What in the actual fuck is this shit?

“No one’s allowed to do as they please in my castle.” He knows this voice. It may have a weird reverberation to it, but it’s unmistakable.

And of course, there he his. But at the same time, it ain’t him. This Kamoshida in a tacky furry robe and a tiny crown…and not much else to speak of. His eyes freak Ryuji out though. They’re empty and shine with an unnatural golden light. He’s looking at Ryuji and the brunet as if they are trash in need of disposal. He has to make sure that this is him, though.

“Is that you, Kamoshida?” The question comes out more unsteady than he wanted it to.

“Kamoshida?” The brunet sounds uneasy as well.

“I thought it was some petty thief, but to think it’d be you, Sakamoto…” The disdain in the teacher’s voice is real. There’s almost a ring of mockery. The serious face Kamoshida wears turns into a sneer, complete with a ridiculing tone “Are you trying to disobey me again? It looks like you haven’t learned you lesson at all, huh?”

Kamoshida turns and assesses Ryuji’s companion with a knowing look. Ryuji’s heart drops into his stomach. Is this the Kamoshida from his dream? Does he know about this guy? All of his nerves are firing. This guy isn’t safe. What the fuck is this bastard planning on doing?

“This ain’t funny, you asshole!”

“Is that how you speak to a king? It seems you don’t understand the position you’re in at all.” “Not only did you sneak into my castle, you committed the crime of insulting me- the king.” “The punishment for that is death.” “It’s time for an execution! Take him out!”

“S-Stop it…!”

They back off into the far side of the room. Soldiers keep flooding into the space. There’s no escape. Kamoshida is there, wearing that ugly maniacal grin of his. This is it…


This is his chance. Those idiots came in at a bad formation. Maybe he has a shot at getting both of them outta this mess after all. Just gotta use all that pent up rage and focus in. Ryuji sucks in a deep breath, reels back, and charges up the middle of the soldiers with a forceful grunt. Nice! He is able to break through the lines. Time to get nerdy boy’s sweet ass moving.

“I ain’t down for this shit! C’mon, we’re outta here!”

Unfortunately the knight he downed is tenacious. It gets back up behind him. Ryuji turns, but it’s too late. The hulking asshole takes a giant swing at him and connects with his stomach. All of the air leaves the blond’s lungs. God, this sucks! Just as he thought they could get outta here too… His knees give out from under him and he crumples to the ground. Water presses at his tear ducts. He hears a sudden clang.

The messy haired boy is knocking against one of the knights, trying to get through to him. This guy who seems so incapable of fighting is trying to save him. This makes his heart warm up, but it’s too late. There is no chance of him getting out of this. These guys are giant and he has no more energy to try and get through. Fuckin Kamoshida just looks so satisfied with himself. His companion is still on the outskirts though. He can still make it. If he can get this guy out of here, he can die without any regrets. Well, save for a couple. He really wishes that he would have asked him his name. He gives his companion a sad smile. Dream guy can get away. Maybe he’ll still think of him after he’s escaped. The thought is almost comforting.

“Just go! Get outta here…!” He’s still trying to fight them. God, please spare him.

“Oh? Running away, are we? What a heartless friend you are.”

Ryuji has to get this guy moving. There’s seriously no time left. If he doesn’t leave now, he’ll die. He can’t let the person that he’s supposed to be with die. Please, just leave. He has to think of something to make him go. Anything. He may have to be mean…he doesn’t want to, but that’s the only trick he has left to make him go.

“He ain’t a friend…”

It’s true, he doesn’t know anything about him other than what he’s seen in his dream. But he knows, he was supposed to be with him. Everything in his mind and body says so. Looks like he doesn’t get the luxury of having that happen though…
He’s still fighting. Why? Why won’t he leave him!? Please… he’ll die! Dumbass, he doesn’t want this brave guy die for him! Tears spill down his cheeks. Anything but that! He’s too important. He’s all the blond has been allowed in this world now. Don’t die!

“C’mon! Hurry up and go!” Ryuji’s voice is choking and tears come in waves, blurring his vision.

“What’s the matter? Too scared to run away?” That bastard is taunting him. Don’t listen, just leave. There’s no point to this if he dies too.

”Hmph, pathetic scum isn’t worth my time…I’ll focus on this one’s execution.” Shit…well, it’s better that his focus is not on the brunet any more.

Ryuji stiffens as Kamoshida pushes through the knights. In a single fluid motion the older man yanks the blond from the ground and hoists him to his feet. He pulls back his fist and strikes Ryuji across the cheek. He keeps on punching him, throwing petty insults to punctuate the pain. Over and over again, he endures the blows. Nothing this asshole can do now can hurt quite as bad as what he’s already done. One powerful hit sends the blond back onto the ground. His world is spinning. Has dream guy gotten away? Please don’t say that he is still here watching this. Or even worse, that he’s being held captive by one of these tin can assheads.

“…Hmph. Where’d your energy from earlier go?” Kamoshida sneers down at Ryuji. He looks back with as much defiance as he can muster.

A knight grabs him by the blazer and tosses him. He rag dolls across the floor and hits hard against the cobblestone ground. Everything sends signals of pain shooting through his body. Why do these assholes have to toy with him for so long? It’s how he imagines a mouse feels when it’s in a cat’s clutches.

“I’ll have you killed right now.”

“Stop it!” Such a sweet sound. His companion is still here, but he really wishes that he had ran.

“Hm?” Kamoshida is turning his attentions onto the poor guy. Ryuji can hardly maintain a coherent thought. He struggles to try and get to Kamoshida before he gets any ideas of hurting the other boy.

“What…?Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know who I am.” Kamoshida gets right up into the brunet’s face and looks him over. The boy looks back with an immovable stare.
In this moment, Ryuji almost feels himself swoon with how cool that guy looks. This is the worst time to feel this way. He still has to try and get this guy moving. He sees how rigid the asshole gym teacher is getting.

“That look in your eyes irritates me!” Kamoshida’s face contorts into an ugly frown, bearing gritting teeth. A menacing look forms in his golden eyes. He kicks the brunet into the wall.

“Hold him there…After the peasant, it’s his turn to die.”

The brunet scrambles to his feet and charges at Kamoshida. Two knights catch him though, slamming him hard back into the wall. This knocks the air straight out of him. His face looks desperate. Goddamn…Ryuji just wants to reach him. There’s nothing that either of them can do though. Kamoshida is almost on the blond again. His brown eyes meet with grey ones that seem to be dilating. Please…get away.

“My decision wasn’t a mistake and neither is my desire to be by his side!”

Ryuji’s face takes on a deep flush. What is this guy saying? Does he know that they’re connected by a red string? He can hardly think. He has a hard time breathing as a knight hoists him against the wall by his throat. God, why couldn’t he have just said so earlier? He sees the knight draw back his sword. This is the end.

The brunet screams out in insurmountable pain. The entire room seems to stop. What is happening to him? The blond can see the boy thrashing violently against the wall and the grips of both knights. Tears are flowing down from grey eyes. His face twists in agony. The hell is happening to him?

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Everyone is taken aback by this.

Ryuji feels stunned by the force of his voice. He almost doesn’t feel the relief of the knight dropping him to the ground. He gasps for air in strained gulps.

“You desire to be killed that much…? Fine!”

A knight bashes its shield into the brunet’s face. His glasses go flying across the room. The two other knights cross their spears over his throat. Kamoshida watches this spectacle in a sick amusement. Ryuji feels so useless. His legs won’t hold him. All he can do is collapse against the wall and slide down to the floor. Kamoshida signals his executioner to cut the brunet down. No… Please, don’t kill him. A sudden burst of energy knocks back the executioner. His face… There’s a mask on his face?

Ryuji watches, helplessly as his companion feels out the mask. It seems like it is part of him, stuck to his skin like a shell. He grips it and rips it off ferociously. Ryuji winces at the sight of blood gushing from the brunet’s once pristine skin. After a moment, the blond is able to look into his face. Ryuji sucks in a breath. He looks exactly how he did in the dream, except instead of fearful eyes, this guy is…smiling. Ryuji should be afraid, but in this moment he is consumed by awe. A blue flame engulfs the boy and he can hear a manic laughter that doesn’t belong to him. The boy emerges in new clothes that fit tightly where they need to and a long black jacket. He wears a look of power and defiance. It sparks a fire inside of Ryuji’s chest. This is his red string. The red of blood. The red of flame. The red of passion. And this guy is his.

With a single motion, the creature behind him takes down all of the knights and sends Kamoshida cowering away. Even when they reanimate at Kamoshida’s orders, he is able to make them crumble away again. Awe is no longer the right word. The feeling is like staring into the heart of a storm. He’s terrifying and beautiful. As Kamoshida scurries away like the rat he is, the boy turns toward him. The monster fades away as he reaches out for Ryuji’s hand. He takes hold of it and lets himself get pulled up.

“What’s your name?” Both ask simultaneously.

“Ryuji. Sakamoto Ryuji…” The blond clings onto the brunet’s hand.

The brunet smiles and tears off his mask. The blood rushes down his face as he leans in close to Ryuji’s ear. A breath hitches in Ryuji’s throat. His heart is beating like crazy and his face reddens all the way to his neck. Gloved hands take him by the wrists and lightly push him back against the wall. Lips press to his own in an anxious kiss. He stiffens. It’s all consuming. His head is going fuzzy. This isn’t how he imagined his first kiss going. He feels the warm, sticky blood dripping onto his nose and cheeks. The brunet’s lips are moving in a more insistent manner. Ryuji can hardly keep up. His wrists are released in favor of arms wrapping around him and getting pulled flush against the mysterious boy’s body. His own arms drape around the boy’s waist. They both sink to the ground. The brunet parts from the blond, smiling at the face Ryuji is making. Saliva drips from the corner of his mouth and blood mixes with it. The boy takes off one of his red gloves and wipes the fluids away.

“Akira…” comes out as a breathy whisper.

“Eh?” Ryuji is still caught up in the fact that he just had his first kiss.

“Kurusu Akira. At last we finally meet.”

With that declaration, he plants a quick peck on Ryuji’s lips. Akira smiles as he gets back to his feet. He offers a hand to pull Ryuji back up. He easily pulls the blond to his feet and begins tugging him along.

“W-Wait, wait. What are we doin’?”

“Getting out of here, of course.” Akira’s laugh is like chimes that he hides behind the backs of his fingers. The cutest gesture Ryuji has ever seen a guy do. “Unless, of course, you’d rather stay here for our first date?”

Ryuji is speechless. This guy was so quiet before. Now he’s confidently declaring that they’re going to go on a date once they’re out of here. Not that he’ll complain about it. After all, they are connected by a red string of fate. He feels a new desire welling up in the pit of his stomach. If he’s going to stay by Akira’s side, he will find a way to fight alongside him too. Next time he wants to be the one that protects him. No matter what.

Fic Update: Any Four Walls: Get the Job Done

On AO3


Get the Job Done

Though Garrus didn’t recognize the aide who came to fetch Shepard, he did, of course, immediately see the message in the seemingly insignificant flutter of Shepard’s fingers as she vanished through the door behind him: On it. Garrus didn’t need the additional admonition to keep eyes on the hostiles; that went without saying. Always.

The current target wasn’t carrying a gun or toting a grenade launcher, but that didn’t make him any less of a threat. Tavus Ranix had a big mouth and had been doing nothing but using it to spread his strong opinions for weeks. Months, probably. Long enough for rumbles to make it into Garrus’ intelligence briefs halfway across the galaxy. Long enough to put the wheels in motion for the overdue visit to Palaven. Shepard called it killing two birds with one stone. Garrus preferred to think he was taking a minor detour on the way to truly enjoying their family vacation; Ranix and his borderline sedition weren’t worth more time than that.

As soon as the door closed behind Shepard, Ranix said, “And why is she even at this meeting? Answer that, Vakarian. She’s no diplomat, no—”

“Councilor,” Garrus interrupted smoothly, casually, as if Ranix hadn’t just leveled a very real insult—by anyone’s standards, not just the Hierarchy’s—in omitting the honorific. Ranix’s mandibles flicked, betraying his irritation. Garrus fixed Ranix with an unwavering gaze until the man dropped his eyes and shifted in his seat.

Still, defiance colored Ranix’s subharmonics when he spoke again. “She’s human. She has no place in the politics of the Hierarchy.”

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friends with benefits!sungjin

Originally posted by busan-calling

a/n: dadgang!series will be continued when i get a grip but these ideas have been in my head for a while now ok. THIS IS NFSW!!!!

jae // sungjin // young k // wonpil // dowoon

  • warnings!! this is not a friends to lovers au ok…… this is purely a thot guide™ tbh so for this special series, we have two rankings!! 
  • >>>> the ideal ranking!! who’s the most professional and will get u in & >>>> out of there (brief summary of kinks, foreplay time + openness)
  • 2. the dangerous rANKING!! aka who’s gonna fall first and if you should believe it (#1 being the best and #5 being the worst) LETS DO THIS!!
  • brief summary of our man: busan native, 5′10″ (177cm), self-identified isfj, capricorn sun w/ scorpio moon, well-mannered, cute nose
  • rankings: the #1 ideal, but the #3 dangerous one
  • friends with benefits typing: the professional™ you must quit after two months or only frequent twice a month

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Target Ranks

Gonna open the floor up for MASSIVE DISCUSSION -AGAIN-!!!!!!  (This is all for research purpose, I swear.)

How do you rank the boys in terms of marksmanship with guns?  We know they can all shoot, and shoot well.  BUT how do you rank them?  If you have ranks for handguns and long range, include them!  Or if you just have a general rank.  You don’t have to include reasons if you don’t want to.  I want to see the fan consensus, because I may or may not have use for this information in a fanfic.

My rankings are a general rank.

1 - Heero:  Because he practically grew up with a gun in his hand, the ‘Perfect Soldier’ trope.

2 - Trowa: Same.  Child mercenary, his Gundam is pretty much nothing but guns, so he’s got some accuracy handy.

3 - Duo: He DID shoot Heero in the beginning of the series, so that takes some skill.  

4 - Wufei: Just because he prefers his sword over guns, in my opinion. (Based on his duels with Treize.)

5 - Quatre: He does use guns, but as the closest to pacifist, and anti-murder (anti-life taking?  Does that sound better?  I can’t tell), he’d use them the least.  Proficient in case of emergency, but not as skilled as Heero or Trowa, who could probably shoot with a gun in both hands at the same time.

Teenage striker Jordyn Huitema makes mark as Canada overwhelms Costa Rica

TORONTO — Some 40 minutes after Canada’s 6-0 demolition of Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon, young fans lined the west side of BMO Field for a chance to get close to their soccer idols.

Squeals of joy escalated as the Canadian women neared, a reminder of just how high John Herdman’s team is regarded by the next generation of would-be internationals.

Those fans can now say they were there for perhaps a moment to remember in Canadian soccer as 16-year-old Jordyn Huitema, in just her fourth senior appearance, opened her national team account with two goals — in the 73rd and 74th minutes — off the bench.

Canada was coming off a 3-1 win over Costa Rica on Thursday in Winnipeg.

Sunday was a good day for Canada’s youth brigade as 22-year-old Janine Beckie scored three goals and 18-year-old Deanne Rose added a single before a crowd of 20,628 on a hot summer day.

Jessie Fleming, 19, helped perennial talisman Christine Sinclair, who turns 34 Monday, pull the strings, playing provider as the fifth-ranked Canadian women repeatedly ripped open the 30th-ranked Costa Ricans’ defence.

Huitema, a five-foot-nine striker who has played all of 76 minutes with the senior side, was rewarded with a Gatorade shower by her teammates.

Her first goal came in a goalmouth scramble but the second was a confident strike from a player seen as a star in the making.

Huitema (pronounced HIGH’-tah-mah) thought teammate Nichelle Prince has scored the first goal. “I got up to celebrate with her and then everybody was kind of running towards me. I didn’t really know what was going on.”

“I’ll take anything I can get,” she added in true forward fashion.

There was no confusion about the second as she buried a Prince pass in the back of the net. 

“I guess I was trying to make up for the first one,” she said with a laugh.

Huitema showed her class off the field as well as on it, sharing the glory.

“It’s just an hour to be able to share with such an amazing group of women,” said the Grade 10 student. “I couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to surround myself with.”

While Costa Rica did not provide the stiffest opposition, the two-game series with the Central Americans bodes well for the future. The Canadian roster had an average age of 23.6 years.

“This is an exciting group … When I look at the future now it’s crazy to think these girls can continue to play capable of multiple World Cups, multiple Olympic Games,” said Herdman.

All the more exciting is the talent developing in the pipeline.

“There’s a 13-year-old somewhere that’s going to be 16 in 2020 (the next Olympics) and pushing these girls for their spot because our system’s producing that … Jordyn was 14 when she first came into our national squad. And now she’ll be pushing Sinc, I’m sure, in 2019, 2020, for that starting spot." 

That could be the sweet spot for a team that has already won back-to-back Olympic bronze. Herdman believes his team needs two more years to percolate, saying he knows the talent at his disposal.

Now he wants them to have more time, more games together to work on their chemistry.

"This team will have to play faster, for sure, when we get up against the Germans, the U.S., in a World Cup semifinal, final, whenever we get there.”

It’s clear Canada has Costa Rica’s number.

In Thursday’s win, Herdman’s team left a lot of goals on the table. Canada racked up 41 shots and crosses in Winnipeg.

Herdman wanted more ruthlessness in front of goal and the Canadians did not disappoint Sunday.

Canada went ahead in the second minute, led 2-0 after six minutes, 3-0 after 13 and 4-0 after 21. It marked the fastest ever 3-0 start to a game by the Canadian women. The previous record was 17 minutes in an 8-0 romp over Singapore in 2008.

It was 4-0 at the half and could have been at least 7-0.

The Canadians were helped early by a leaky Costa Rican defence that left acres of space for the Canadian front five of Sinclair, Beckie, Fleming, Rose and Sophie Schmidt to exploit. The five were constantly on the move, shifting the point of attack and befuddling the Costa Ricans.

With the outcome decided so early, there was less of an impetus to press in the second half and Canada seemed to take its foot off the accelerator until Huitema took the field as Herdman emptied his bench.

Sinclair, whose international tally numbers 168, could have had scored several times on the afternoon with some special moments of skill. Instead, she shared the wealth — particularly on Beckie’s third goal.

Taking a pass from Rose, fullback Lindsay Agnew lofted a cross to Sinclair in the penalty box. Sinclair could have turned and shot herself but instead chested the ball down and flicked it to Beckie who volleyed it high into the net in the 21st minute for a highlight-reel goal.

“That’s Sinc,” Herdman said of his skipper’s unselfishness.

Beckie, who had a frustrating night in front of goal Thursday, now has 18 goals in 34 appearances for Canada.

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Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press

Wild Hogs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wild Hogs Wild-hogs-poster-750.jpg Theaterical poster Directed by Walt Becker Produced by Kristin Burr Todd Lieberman Brian Robbins Amy Sayres Sharla Sumpter Michael Tollin Written by Brad Copeland Starring Tim Allen John Travolta Martin Lawrence William H. Macy Ray Liotta Marisa Tomei Music by Teddy Castellucci Cinematography Robbie Greenberg Edited by Christopher Greenbury Production company Touchstone Pictures Tollin/Robbins Productions Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Release date March 2, 2007 Running time 100 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $60 million Box office $253.6 million[1] Wild Hogs is a 2007 American biker comedy road film directed by Walt Becker and starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. It was released nationwide in the United States and Canada on March 2, 2007. Contents  [hide] 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Production 4 Motorcycles 5 Reception 5.1 Critical response 5.2 Box office 5.3 Lawsuit 6 DVD release 7 Cancelled sequel 8 Awards and nominations 9 References 10 External links Plot[edit] Doug Madsen (Tim Allen), Woody Stevens (John Travolta), Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence), and Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) are four middle-aged suburban men living in a Cincinnati area suburb who find themselves frustrated with the pace of daily life and lack of adventure. Doug is a dentist who has trouble relating to his son Billy (Dominic Janes), Dudley is a single clumsy computer programmer who is afraid to talk to women. Bobby is a henpecked plumber whose wife has made him return to work after having taken a year off to unsuccessfully write a book, and Woody is a rich lawyer married to a supermodel. They find escape from their daily routines on weekends by riding motorcycles together posing as a biker gang called the "Wild Hogs". One day, when Woody finds out his wife is divorcing him and leaving him bankrupt, he and his friends go on a road trip on their bikes to California. After encountering several misadventures, they end up at a local bar, where they meet a much larger biker gang called the Del Fuegos, headed by Jack Blade (Ray Liotta). Jack calls the Wild Hogs "posers" and has his gang take Dudley's bike after a bogus deal to exchange Dudley's bike for a new bike that is in fact old and derelict, forcing the men to leave with Dudley in a sidecar attached to Woody's bike. Outraged at their actions, Woody returns to the Del Fuegos bar and retrieves Dudley's bike, cuts off their bikes' fuel supplies in the process and fabricates a story to the other Wild Hogs of how he "negotiated" with them to return the bike. When the Del Fuegos hear the Wild Hogs riding back past the bar, they attempt to pursue them, only for the bikes to stall. Jack inadvertently drops his lit cigarette onto the ground, igniting the fuel leaking from the bikes which then causes the bar to explode. Woody, after witnessing the explosion from afar, convinces the others to keep riding. Eventually, the Wild Hogs run out of gas and end up in Madrid, New Mexico, where they stumble into a diner and help themselves to water and beer without first paying for the beer. As a result, the townspeople first mistake them for Del Fuegos. When the Wild Hogs explain their actions, they learn that the Del Fuegos have been terrorizing the town frequently, while the local police force are unable to do anything to protect the town. Although Woody is still antsy about the Del Fuegos, the others convince him to stay in the town overnight. During their stay in the town, Dudley falls in love with Maggie (Marisa Tomei), the diner's owner. While out searching for the Wild Hogs, Jack's closest biker members Red & Murdock spot the group and report their location to Jack. Jack tells the pair not to hurt the Wild Hogs until he gets there, leaving them unable to fight back when Bobby spots and confronts the pair by splashing beer and spraying ketchup and mustard on their clothes before finally laying two uppercuts to them. The Wild Hogs are hailed as heroes amongst the town's residents and celebrate well into the night with the townspeople. The next day, Woody persuades the others that they must leave, but their departure is ruined when the Del Fuegos arrive. Jack threatens to attack the town unless the Wild Hogs pay for the damage done to their bar. Woody admits to the Wild Hogs what he really did to get Dudley's bike back as well as the real reason for the trip, upsetting the others. Jack and the rest of the Del Fuegos take over Maggie's diner, but when he threatens to burn it, Dudley confronts them and is captured and tied from a rope against a tree. The others attempt to rescue Dudley but fail. They then decide to fight the Del Fuego gang letting Jack, Red, Murdock and a member trained in martial arts battle the group in a 4 on 4 fight but the Wild Hogs are repeatedly beaten down. The townspeople band together to battle the Del Fuegos, but just as Jack threatens to take on the rest of the town, Damien Blade (Peter Fonda), Jack's father and the founder of the Del Fuegos, arrives and stops the fight. Damien lectures Jack for letting four "posers" hold off an entire biker gang, questioning aloud just which side was the "posers". He also adds that the bar was merely an insurance scam and therefore was glad that the Wild Hogs destroyed it. Damien tells the Del Fuegos to leave town and ride the open road until they remember what riding is really about, mentioning as he leaves that Jack "takes after his mother." He then acknowledges the Wild Hogs by telling them his motto: "Ride hard, or go home." Doug and Bobby's wives arrive, and Doug reconciles with his son. Bobby's wife orders him to return with her, but he refuses and convinces her to let him finish the ride. The Wild Hogs leave and arrive in California, where everyone except for Dudley crashes into a surfboard while he laughs. During the credits, it is revealed that the Wild Hogs called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to give the Del Fuegos a new bar. The Del Fuegos react in joy at their new bar while the Wild Hogs watch the event on TV. Cast[edit] Tim Allen as Doug Madsen John Travolta as Woody Stevens Martin Lawrence as Bobby Davis William H. Macy as Dudley Frank Ray Liotta as Jack Blade Marisa Tomei as Maggie Kevin Durand as Red M. C. Gainey as Murdock Tichina Arnold as Karen Davis Stephen Tobolowsky as Sheriff Charley Jason Sklar as Deputy Earl Dooble Randy Sklar as Deputy Buck Dooble John C. McGinley as Highway Patrolman Peter Fonda as Damien Blade Production[edit] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (March 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Travolta and Macy had previously worked together in the 1998 drama, A Civil Action where they originally came up with the idea for Wild Hogs. Liotta and Durand had previously appeared together in the 2006 action thriller Smokin' Aces. Lawrence and McGinley appeared in the 1997 comedy Nothing to Lose. Lawrence and Arnold had previously worked together on the television series Martin; many fans of the series found their pairing in this film humorous, as well as ironic, as in the series, their characters hated each other, while in the film they were husband and wife.[citation needed] Though the film takes place in various places throughout the U.S., the entire movie was actually filmed in New Mexico (except the beach on the West Coast at the end).[citation needed] The opening scenes that supposedly take place in Cincinnati were actually filmed in and around Albuquerque; the final scenes said to depict Madrid were actually shot there.[citation needed] Motorcycles[edit] Harley-Davidson provided the motorcycles for the making of this film.[citation needed] XL1200C Sportster Custom for Dudley. FXSTS Springer Softail for Bobby. Black Fatboy with a chrome front wheel for Doug. Screamin' Eagle Fatboy for Woody. Many of the motorcycles utilized by the Del Fuego gang were customized choppers. The motorcycle used by Jack featured the logo for Orange County Choppers, run by Paul Teutul, Sr. with design work by Paul Teutul, Jr.. Both Teutuls have cameo appearances at the beginning of the film.[citation needed] Tim Allen, a noted automotive designer and hobbyist, gave input to the design of his motorcycle. Of the bikes used in the film by the four main characters, his is the most customized model.[citation needed] Reception[edit] Critical response[edit] Wild Hogs opened on March 2, 2007 to mostly negative reviews. The film holds an average rating of 3.8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 14% approval rating based on 141 reviews. The site's consensus says "Wild Hogs is a dreadful combination of fish-out-of-water jokes, slapstick, and lazy stereotypes".[2] Ty Burr of The Boston Globe compared the film's merits to its titular motorcycles, believing it to be "a bumptious weekend ride... the engine could use tuning and the plugs are shot, but it gets you most of the way there." Although writing a negative review, Burr offered praise for the film's final act, believing it "takes a satisfying turn" and that, with the exception of Allen, each of the film's primary cast members "earned his designated chuckle." He also favorably compared the film to RV, another comedy film focusing on a road trip.[3] Box office[edit] Despite negative reviews, the film grossed $39.7 million on its opening weekend, ranking #1 in box office sales and nearly tripling the debut of fellow opener Zodiac.[4] The film performed well throughout its entire run, falling just 30.5% in its second weekend[5] and ultimately grossing $168.2 million domestically and $253.6 million worldwide,[1] becoming Travolta's first film since The General's Daughter in 1999 to gross over $100 million domestically.[citation needed] Lawsuit[edit] In March 2007, the Hells Angels filed suit against Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group alleging that the film used both the name and distinctive logo of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation without permission.[6] That suit resulted in voluntary dismissal.[7] DVD release[edit] Wild Hogs was released on standard DVD and Blu-ray Disc on August 14, 2007.[citation needed] Cancelled sequel[edit] Because of the movie's strong box office performance, Disney announced that a sequel, Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride, would be released in 2010. However, after Disney's next comedy starring John Travolta, Old Dogs (which co-starred Robin Williams) was a box office failure, Disney canceled both Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride and Wedding Banned, a comedy that was to star Williams and Anna Faris.[8] Awards and nominations[edit] People's Choice Awards 2008 Nominated- Favorite Movie Comedy[citation needed] References[edit] ^ Jump up to: a b Jump up ^ "Wild Hogs". Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved February 22, 2016. Jump up ^ Wild Hogs Movie Review – Wild Hogs Movie Trailer – The Boston Globe Jump up ^ Weekend Box Office Results for March 2–4, 2007 Jump up ^ Wild Hogs (2007) – Weekend Box Office Results Jump up ^ 'Litigation against movie release' (March 8, 2006) and they rule., HAMC vs Walt Disney Jump up ^ 'Hells Angels file suit against Alexander McQueen' (October 27, 2010) [1] Jump up ^ McKittrick, Christopher (2 March 2016). "Why Disney Put the Brakes on 'Wild Hogs 2'". Retrieved 8 May 2017. External links[edit] Wikiquote has quotations related to: Wild Hogs Official website Wild Hogs on Internet Movie Database Wild Hogs at AllMovie Wild Hogs at Rotten Tomatoes Wild Hogs at Metacritic Wild Hogs at Box Office Mojo The Times Film Review: Wild Hogs [hide] v t e Films directed by Walt Becker Buying the Cow (2000) Van Wilder (2002) Wild Hogs (2007) Old Dogs (2009) Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015) Categories: 2007 filmsEnglish-language filmsAmerican films2000s comedy filmsAmerican comedy filmsAmerican buddy filmsFilms directed by Walt BeckerFilms set in New MexicoFilms shot in New MexicoMidlife crisis filmsMotorcycling films2000s road moviesAmerican road moviesTouchstone Pictures filmsOutlaw biker films Navigation menu Not logged inTalkContributionsCreate accountLog inArticleTalkReadEditView historySearch Search Wikipedia Go Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page Tools What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item Cite this page Print/export Create a book Download as PDF Printable version In other projects Wikiquote Languages العربية Čeština Dansk Deutsch Español فارسی Français Galego Italiano Magyar Bahasa Melayu Nederlands 日本語 Norsk bokmål Polski Português Русский Suomi Svenska Türkçe Українська Edit links This page was last edited on 21 June 2017, at 17:12. 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To be blunt, in the midst of the self-styled sharp

I know it’s a difficult thing to discuss for Americans, but is it not appropriate, given torch bearing KKK demonstrations are on the rise, to diversify tactics for resistance?

Are you not armed? Could you not speedily mask up, open fire into their ranks with an improvised automatic weapon, and then flee the scene? What is stopping you and could you escape alive?

The American left has all the tools to do this but too much remorse. If you don’t want these people to exist be prepared to knife, bomb, shoot and strangle angry white terrorists.

If you want to pick holes in this then fine, do so - I’m just saying the world is yours and you don’t have to sit idly by and leave these animals alive. Where now rot the piles of Nazi dead? Currently nowhere.

Alternatively, you can denounce me, ignore this, and stay reblogging Tumblr drama from Pisshets Egowave and calling yourself an ‘anarchist’ for that alone. Just know you exist as wasted potential for as long as you do so.