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Hey. You. Stop calling your art ugly.

This has transcended “artistic pet peeve” and is now making me actually angry. Indignant, fightin’ words kind of angry.

People like your art. More importantly, somebody likes your art. Another human being out there sees your art– maybe in between reminders of ugly politics or drama, maybe in the middle of their soul-sucking job, maybe just first thing in the morning or before they go to bed– and that makes their day a little brighter. Not just because it’s cute, or it’s got nice colors, or it’s a character they like. But because you posted it. And then they see “forgive my garbage art” or “I’m sorry this is so ugly” or “ugh this sucks.” And guess what? That brings them right back down. It says– undoubtedly inadvertently, but all the same– “if you like this, you’re an idiot. This thing you look up to? It’s awful. What’s wrong with you?”

And yes, I know why people do this. It’s a defense mechanism. If I put my art down first, then nobody else will be able to. And I know whatever is causing these thoughts will not be talked away by some text post on Tumblr. I would by all means encourage talking back to those ugly, demeaning thoughts, replacing those habits with constructive ones geared towards humble improvement of craft (now’s as good a time as any to mention that all artists have doubts and struggles with their work, but there’s a difference between being your own harshest critic and being your own meanest bully). But I get that I’m not your therapist, your mom, even your friend, probably. If you want to continue to fall back into beating yourself up, I can’t stop you. But I write this in the hopes that you at least realize how it might affect other people. Because it isn’t a localized wound. It hurts your followers. It takes something they find beautiful or uplifting or resonant or inspirational and trashes it before their eyes. It’s a plague to the whole art community, and it sure as hell spreads like one.

I don’t really pay attention to my follower number, but I checked it before I wrote this up and it’s around 400 or so. First off, thank you. I don’t want to focus on the number, but I do feel honored any time I see a new follower. But also, I see that number and I think, “You know, that’s quite a reach. That’s a lot of people.” But then I forget the people and I think of the somebody. I think, “Odds are this will reach somebody out there. Odds are it’ll piss somebody off, too, but I’ll take that one person it reaches.” I think that’s a good way to view your art, too. Yes, somebody out there might beat you to the punch and call your art ugly. It sucks, it stings, I know that from experience. But it’s not the end of the world, and it doesn’t change a thing about the people who have found beauty of any kind in your art.

If you can’t for the life of you see the value in your own art, value the somebody who does.

Dear Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch,

Your fans stand with you.

Whether the Current War comes out this Thanksgiving or in 2018, I can say with complete certainty that we are incredibly proud to be your fans. You spoke up against Weinstein when people with less on the line have remained silent.

Your integrity, your ability to be articulate when facing the incomprehensible, is astonishing.

So if by some miracle you see this, know that we are 100% behind you.

And if you are concerned about the negative affects of the movie’s release being delayed on the movie or on your career, let me put your mind at ease.

Your talent speaks for itself. But if you really are worried, I can launch a campaign (at your request) to start conversations regarding your statement and the movie, and the monstrous actions and allegations that are surfacing.

Mr. C, your sense of responsibility and willingness to use your platform to address real issues will carry you forward, always.

With love and respect,


((it’s interesting the ways that characters find to identify their timeline’s relative position in the multiverse.))

((I just saw @slenderwave’s Rumble explain what kind of universe he was from by saying their Predacons neither combine nor fight Maximals. Prowl tells people that his universe has the D-Void but no sign of Unicron, and Megatron was locked up instead of made captain of the Lost Light.))

((Open question: when y'all’s characters are asked “what universe are you from?” how do they explain it?))

hey everyone, let me take up a minute of your time to propose a toast to one of the finest days in history, where we got to see: 

  • alex making his greatest entry so far
  • alex in a chest-exposing vest and star-patterned tie
  • alex riding against a mic stand in said outfit like a professional dancer

back… and forth…

  • miles in a gown which he secretly borrowed from florence welch
  • alex trying and failing to impress miles (who had only eyes for his guitar), and thus contributing to tlsp’s gayest visual to date
  • a certain someone’s nip slip while bringing peace to the whole world

tbh, i feel nothing but blessed. cheers everyone.

Open- deaf Steve

Steve sat outside phil coulson’s office in his army uniform, looking like he’d been in a fight. He kept his head down as he tried to deflect attention. Blood was dried over both ears and silent tears ran down his handsome face as he waited. Phil was out, but Steve needed him. Aside from Clint, he was the only one Steve knew of who signed. And Steve couldn’t hear anymore.


It is my only home, and it will always be”

i just needed these panels in a single post and this is actually a callout post for anyone out there with the skills and the time to make actual edits bc i know u all talented children and because i started to tear up ok


There wasn’t much for the specter to say right now, thought his colors seemed to have dulled and grayed a bit in saturation. Seems he was letting those words get to him now, but it wasn’t like they weren’t true after all. A sigh left the ghost.

The anchor began to beat again as a white mist seemed to start seeping from it, slowly growing in size as the heart pulsed. The colors began shimmering brightly as the mist began to swirl around above it and a figure started to form inside the vortex. The silhouette of a familiar figure began to take it shape as the vortex swirled around them. 

There was a sudden burst, the mist like substance that had surrounded the figure spread out across the room in a wave. Some of it lighting nearby candles with a bright white flame that seemed to shimmer with various colors at the center. The figure in question remained hover a few inches from the ground, the sockets of their skull-like face closed as the heart laying on the ground began to float up towards them. It positioned itself in front of their chest as it began to beat in a steady rhythm.

The skeleghost eyes slowly began to open, colorful shimmering iris staring out of a dark cream color sclera. As they opened, their hair began to form into a white pompadour with the ends that stuck out the back of the skull being rainbow in color.

He stayed there suspended in air before floating back down, feet touching the ground before a very long and very loud yawn came out. White flames encased him briefly as he transformed into his alive form, stretching his limbs out above his head as he did.

The rainbow specter took a quick look around. He had been in a black void, unaware of everything that had happened outside the anchor. Last he remembered was floating in a random area of the house and trying to keep himself quarantined till the anti-gravity spell had worn off. The exhaustion of trying to stay awake had taken it’s toll and he retreated into his damaged locket to recover. This wasn’t the room he was originally in though, but it was a room he was familiar with.


She must’ve found him and moved his locket, that was the only explanation. Speaking of his locket, he quickly glanced down and gave a happy sigh of relief seeing it’s state. It was fixed, that was good. he wouldn’t have to conserve energy now. 

Now, where were the others? They must be worried sick about him right now. He had to show them all that he was okay now and that he was back and that the anchor was fixed. Especially a certain pup that had been worried about his well being ever since the locket had been damaged.

“Guys, where a–!!”

A painful hiss escaped Lewis as his hand imminently clutched at the side of his neck and another grasped his chest. His colors flashing in alarm.

His eyes stole a glance at a nearby mirror as his eyes widened in horror at what he was. There, pulsing in bright green and now a pale magenta, was the bite mark. It had grown some how, vein-like scars branching out from the two once pal green marks on his neck. He stared down at his chest, fearful of what he might find there now too as he slowly undid the buttons and pulled back the fabric. There was the familiar scar from his first death, but now there was a large almost vein-like scar above it in the same green as the bite and a small pin prick of pale magenta in the middle.

‘This is all Arthur’s fault.’

There was another stabbing pain running through him at the thoughts, a painful hiss tearing from his throat. No, those words weren’t true and he didn’t believe them. Did he?

“No. No no no no. NO!”

He stepped away from the mirror slowly, hands gripping at his hair. Those thoughts. Those feelings. He thought he was long rid of them. That was the old him. The vengeful him. The him that he had buried long ago.

‘All his fault.’

‘All his fault.’


The words just keep getting louder in his head and they wouldn’t stop. He felt the old anger, the old hurt, and the old need for revenge rise. This wasn’t him anymore. This wasn’t.

Yet, he was loosing control. Did he ever have control?

He couldn’t face them like this. Not with these thoughts running through his head and not with what he felt compelled to do. White flames flared up as he disappeared from the room and retreated to the mansion. He couldn’t be here right now. Not till he got himself under control. Not till he could stop himself from hurting Arthur.

Was he even gonna be able to fix this?

This simple Tailor|Open

The Cardassian had just finished placing a bolt of fabric one one of his work tables. He placed it so, in a way that might catch one of his patrons eyes when they would come in.

Turning around and making way to the back into his back room. He had very few commissions as it was. It had to be expected, being the only Cardassian on the Bajoran Station.

Garak Set himself to work on one of the few Comissions he had waiting for him.

“It’s…this way! No…this way!” Shouted the young woman, who was erratically changing directions now and again as she stared down at the device in her hands. Various dials and gauges twitched and spiked at random intervals; parts of it were held together with duct tape. 

Another girl, roughly the same age, was following behind, trying to keep up. “H-hey! At least watch where you’re going!” She shouted, running after her. “Ikuraaa! Seriously!” 

Ikura bumped into someone, shrugging and turning away. The shorter girl ran up. “S-sorry! We’re trying to find something. She…gets really absorbed in her work. I’m Yuna!” She looks over her shoulder. “Chief, at least apologize!” 

Ikura finally takes off the headphones. “What? I bumped into someone again?” 

He had spent way too much energy trying to keep himself solid and it finally took it’s toll on him. The specter tried his best to keep his eyes open, but they were just too heavy now. His colors faded to gray as his eyes shut and the usual flame of his pompadour extinguished.

And there went his form distorting into a wisp, leaving just his anchor floating in the air as the wisp seemed to flow into it. The gray anchor gave a little final pulse, colors showing briefly along the cracks on it before it stopped.

The locket just floated there in silence, not beating. Soon as the magic was done, it would surely plummet down with a hard thud to the ground. After all there was no one there to catch it right now.

Svt. on Halloween! Vocal Unit Reaction : “You disappearing on Halloween Night!”

Anon: Hello, i Loved your blog, can i ask for the number 13 with vocal unit!? Thanks.!! 

Aww you guys are so cute thank you! <3 Here you go - hope you like it! <3 If you guys want to see anymore of these I’ll link the LIST HERE! <3 Luna

WARNING: Some strong language, and if your sensitive to disappearances don’t read on!

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


*gif by me*

Woozi had been forced by you to take Halloween off. A carnival had made its way into town, there was a fair, rides, and a ghost train. It was your favourite time of year. You just wanted to share it with him, and Woozi knew that. 

“What do you want jagi?” Woozi asked staring at the menu. The smell of hotdogs filling the air, mixed with the sweet scent of candy and his stomach growled. 

“Y/N?” he called again this time turning to look for you. Only issue was, you were nowhere to be seen. He didn’t panic. You had a habit of wandering off whenever something caught you eye, and this place was crawling with such things.

He called. You didn’t answer. He still didn’t worry, instead he was annoyed. You had asked him to come with you and yet, where were you? “Excuse me?” Jihoon asked a family nearby, a smile on his face as he described you. They nodded, pointing in the direction of the walk through haunted house. 

“Thanks,” Jihoon said with a bow before hurrying in that direction. The haunting music filtered from the entrance, mixed with a green fog that drifted around his ankles. “Y/N better be in here…” he whispered to himself, paying the fee and stepping inside.

The jump scares caught him off guard. He yelled, he shouted, even screamed but the smile didn’t leave his face. Just as he was about to reach the exit a figure ran at him, a scream left his lips as he sprinted outside.

That’s where he found you, sitting on a wall grinning expectantly at him. Woozi shook his head slowly heading straight for you. “You look like you had fun,” you teased taking his hands.

“Why’d you run off?” he asked quickly, avoiding your question.

“Because, you were stuck in your head. I needed you to let go, and I knew I couldn’t do it…Are you ready to have some fun?”  


*gif by me*

20:54 p.m. Halloween Night. 

Y/N call me, you said you would be here an hour ago…Jeonghan messaged you for the fifth time. Panic was starting to take over, purely because he didn’t know what had happened. You were always on time, and if not, you always called him.

Jeonghan paced back and forth throughout the dorm. Waiting. “Y/N, answer the phone!” Jeonghan shouted at his phone before throwing it onto the sofa. 

The lights flickered. Blackness threatening the room until suddenly he was plunged into darkness. “What the?” he hurried to the nearest light switch, flicking it on and off repeatedly. 


He felt something hit the wall beside him. Something he would have noticed in the light, but right now, in the dark he was suddenly terrified. “Y/N?” No answer. “Guys?”

Jeonghan heard the scream deep in the dorm. It echoed through the corridors, getting louder and louder as it headed straight for him. “Y/N!?” he shouted, but his feet were moving straight for the door. 

He fumbled with the handle and as soon as the door opened the lights flicked back on, and you were standing on the other side of the door. Drenched from the rain outside, but wearing a ghost onesie and grinning at him. “I brought pizza! Hey, what’s wrong with you?” you laughed at his suddenly pale skin, his wide eyes, his shaking hands.

“How long have you been here?” Jeonghan asked, suspicious of you immediately. 

“I was about to knock on the door…what’s wrong Jeonghan? You’re acting weird…I text you to say I’d be late cause I was getting food…” He quickly shook his head, grabbing your arm and pulling you from the dorm.

He dragged you down the corridor not looking back. “Lets go to your place…” 


*gif by me*

Joshua had helped you organise the Halloween party you were throwing, from the invitations, to the decorations, and now, to the food. “Y/N do I put the chocolate in the mix before or…” 

You appeared from nowhere, taking the spoon from his hand with a grin. “You’re a menace Jisoo, I swear!” you teased stirring the mixture once more. “Right, just put these in cake tins for me, please.” And, just as soon as you appeared you had disappeared. 

You didn’t tell Joshua where you were going, or even why. You simply left. At first Joshua didn’t notice. He was too busy dancing to some tunes that came through on the radio, and following your orders for the cupcakes. 

It wasn’t until the cakes were in the oven that he realised you were missing. “Y/N?” Joshua called, walking through the house. He was surprised he could see anything amongst all the decorations you’d put up. “Look, if you’re going to jump out this isn’t funny!” 

He wasn’t scared. At least that was what he was telling himself anyway. “Y/N?” he called again, before chickening out and heading back to the kitchen. By the time he had decorated the cakes, and started on the toffee apples, the guys had already turned up. 

“Have you tried calling?” Jeonghan suggested, about to grab one of the cakes Joshua had made but was quickly slapped away. 

“Of course I tried,” Joshua grumbled adjusting the collar of his shirt. You two were both supposed to be vampires. Except you weren’t even here. “Why would Y/N just leave?”

That was when Joshua heard the scream from outside, even amongst the music. He hurried to the source. Only to be caught off guard by you standing there holding sparklers out to him. “I know I left you to finish off the party, but I have a surprise for you.”

Just as you said those words the fireworks lit the sky. “I know you’re not supposed to have fireworks on Halloween, but…” Joshua took your hands in his smiling widely.

“It’s perfect Y/N,” he whispered, not caring that you disappeared on him.


*gif by me*

“Have you seen Y/N?” Seokmin asked Minghao stumbling over the coffee table. He had been looking for you for the past half hour and still had no luck. Halloween night with Seventeen and DK had led to one thing, a party. And, a party led you into your natural state of avoiding people when you could.

“How can you lose someone dressed as a pumpkin DK?” Minghao laughed, plopping himself down into the nearest chair. “Y/N is the only one here wearing that stupid costume!”

Seokmin sniggered at the memory of you walking around in that orange suit, a frown on your face as you tried to decipher what made you choose a pumpkin. “Ugh, why does Y/N always disappear…And on tonight of all nights!”

“Oh shit, what if Y/N was attacked by zombies? Or turned into a bat?” Minghao teased, nudging Jun beside him as Seokmin’s face went pale.

“No, no, what if a witch turned Y/N into a toad and now they’re living in a puddle waiting for someone to step on them?” Jun interjected, which received a weirded look from Minghao who seemed to be questioning why they were still friends. 

“Seokmin!?” he heard you shout but you were nowhere to be seen. “Yes!?” he cried in response turning to look for you, but becoming confused when you weren’t there. “Seokmin! Ugh, look at me!”

He spun on his heels staring around the room still not catching sight of you. Then, the claws were in his back. A cat perched on his shoulder, glaring at him with strangely familiar eyes. “Y/N?” he asked quietly.

“No, Seokmin!” You appeared behind him, wearing a completely different costume. You had changed, sporting a witches outfit that meant you could blend in with the crowd - not stand out. “How much have you had to drink? Did you seriously think I had turned into a cat?” you laughed nudging him with your elbow and smirking.

“No! No…why did you change? I couldn’t find you! I thought you’d disappeared…Minghao said you might have been attacked by zombies”

You pecked his lips lightly, shaking your head at him. “Are you drunk?”


*gif by me*

“Y/N!” Seungkwan bellowed, startling the trick or treaters around him as he searched up and down the street for you. “Y/N!!!” 

Seungkwan had lost sight of you amongst a crowd of parents. He was too busy looking at all the decorations, the pumpkins, the cobwebs, skeletons, zombies…all of it was so cool. But, still pretty freaky. 

“Y/N drags me out, makes me dress up and now they go missing!?” he panicked spinning in a circle as he looked up and down the street. “If I were Y/N which way would I go?” 

He took a gamble, looking up at the full moon creeping through the clouds and setting an eerie feeling to the evening, and went left. “Y/N!” Seungkwan cried every couple of steps as the street evened out and the fields rolled into view.

A country lane. Dark, provoking, cold. “Why does Y/N have to disappear?” Seungkwan mumbled crossing his arms over his chest as he continued to walk. He jumped at every step, cursing your name. He glanced at his phone, 22:51 p.m. Seungkwan had been looking for you for almost two hours. 

“Why does Y/N have to live in the middle of nowhere!?” he cried, before screaming. Loudly. His voice echoing like thunder throughout the sky. A cat. A black cat stalking in the shadows dashed across his path, and he ran. 

“WHY???!!!” he screamed into the distance, running straight for home. He burst through the front door, still screaming.

You were standing there, in the cat outfit he’d seen you in hours earlier, sweet box in hand, a confused yet concerned look on your face. “Where have you been Seungkwan? My sister wants to go, its going to be too late now,” you scolded just as your younger sibling ran for the door.

“Me?! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for ages!! It’s like…seven…What?” He stared confusedly at the clock on the wall. “But, my phone said it was…”

You pecked his cheek quickly drawing him back. “Just go trick or treating Seungkwan, and please stop screaming.”

Mystery sighed, turning the page, trying to find something, anything, of use. The Kitsune turned human shakily picked up the cup of tea he had been able to make with much challenge. This form was clunky, unbalanced. He felt trapped.

He’d already tried shifting back into… Any of his regular forms, but it was like someone had sealed shut the lid of a metaphorical jar that held his magic. It made him queasy.

Dragging his hand down his face, he leaned back in his chair.