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Anni Albers Textiles

#tbt to the landmark 1949 exhibition Anni Albers Textiles, the Museum’s first ever devoted to the work of a single textile artist. It surveyed Albers’s enormously creative output, from weaving experiments in corn, grass, and string, to drapery, upholstery, pictorial tapestry, and “room dividers” intended to create differentiated spaces within open architectural plans. Albers was a legendary arts educator who had studied and later become a weaving instructor at the Bauhaus school in Germany, where she met her husband, the artist and educator Josef Albers. After Nazi pressure forced the school to close in 1933, she and Josef moved to continue teaching at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, which is where she later prepared for her MoMA exhibition. Albers was closely involved with the exhibition, designing new textiles made expressly for the purpose. The exhibition was highly popular and subsequently traveled to 26 locations throughout North America.

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Saw Beauty and the Beast last night.

Seeing it tomorrow morning…and Sunday morning…probably more.

Why can’t every movie be this perfect? The original was done justice in my opinion, nothing was left out yet we were given so much more.

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My favorite thing about this story is that for once it’s the Prince that needs saving and the educated/fearless/head strong woman does the rescuing. 

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No love at first sight, instead we see a friendship blossom and an unexpected love emerge. It’s beautiful.

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The cast couldn’t have been more spot on, like seriously, they were born for these roles, especially Luke Evans, what a scene stealer.

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AND MIGHT I JUST ADD how happy I am that Lefou was LGBT. Praise! It’s 2017 and I am proud to say my daughters weren’t traumatized by it but instead loved that the two boys danced at the end. Like I said, beautiful.

Plus Beasts solo, Evermore, well lets just say I ain’t mad at it. Get it beast, feel that sorrow filled love!

Basically, everyone should go see it. Immediately. You won’t be sorry.


40+ Up: Ban Ji Yeon (Witch’s Romance)

I usually go into every Bioware game without a set plan on who to romance. I may have an inkling of who I’ll settle on if no one else draws my attention, but I usually go in and flirt with everyone to get a sense of who they are first. 

But every time I see the devs talking about Jaal, all but whispering “you should romance hiiiiiiiim” in my ear on repeat, despite not giving me any concrete information about who he is or what he’s doing there…

It’s like they know my weakness for characters with secrets. 

Don’t bait me into another tragic romance, Bioware. Don’t do it.

They’re saps

Well hello @mizjoely!😉 I love this, thanks! And I even did a bit of research. (Sherlock would be proud lol) And just FYI this is setup as non-established sherlolly. 

“But I always try to get the 800 thread count,” Molly argued weakly. “Doesn’t that mean it’s good?”

“Oh, Molly,” Sherlock drawled with a low chuckle. “Come with me.”

He spoke authoritatively as they walked down his hallway. “Thread count alone is hardly an indicator of quality. The fiber content, weave, and even where it’s made are just as important, if not more so. Personally, I only buy 800 thread count, sateen weave, organic pima cotton sheets from Italy. That is quality.” He stopped at his bed and gestured to it. “Go on, try it.”

“What…now?” She frowned, looking back and forth between him and the bed.

“You won’t regret it,” he stated confidently.

Hesitantly at first, Molly climbed under the blankets and lay back against the pillow which, not surprisingly to him, produced a sigh from her lips.

“My God,” she breathed and looked at him wide eyed. “Is this made of pima cotton or melted butter?!”

Sherlock stood by and grinned as she continued to make herself comfortable. Oh yes, he thought to himself, bringing up the subject of how to choose quality bedding was definitely a good idea. 


request: hai :-) could u pls upload some simple taehyung locks ? p.s ur locks                  are bomb af 💖
             heyo:-) pls upload some taehyung locks :-)? thks

And the requests are now closed! I’ll do the requests and some other thigns that i’ve planned and open the requests once I’m done :)



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