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“I think I’d most like to spend a day with Harry. I’d take him out for a meal and apologize for everything I’ve put him through.”  -JK Rowling


harry: was it really necessary to kill my grandparents?

jk: plot device, harry.


jk: they had to have sympathy for you

harry: tim. buttercup. sally. marry.

jk: what are you doing?


jk: oh

two hours later:

harry: thank you for giving me sass, at least

harry: downs his drink

jk: oh dear

harry:  {pulls out order of the phoenix and opens it to chapter 35} let’s talk about what in the hell you were thinking when you wrote this chapter, please…

jk: i’m going to need to buy another bottle of wine, aren’t i?

harry: damn straight. keep ‘em coming. 

Happy Monday! I had to chuckle as I see a very empty parking lot this morning. The Superbowl was fun as was the Phoenix Open!

“If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.”~ Anita Roddick

General Information

  • Name: Catherine Urquart
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: Up to Player
  • Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her
  • House: Ravenclaw (Graduated)
  • Blood Status: Pure-blood
  • Alliance: Order of the Phoenix
  • Job: Up to Player
  • Availability: Open


Up to Player


+ Up to Player
- Up to Player


  • Annalise Wilkes - Best Friend
  • Thomas Bennett - Rivals
  • Remus Lupin - Half-brother (Unkown)
  • Amelia Bones - Frenemy


Kylie Bunbury


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By: Lilla

The Scamander Children at Hogwarts | Headcanons
  • There’s two years between Phoenix and Linnet/Linnet and Leo – so for three years the three of them are at Hogwarts together.

  • Phoenix is Gryffindor, Linnet is Ravenclaw and Leo is Hufflepuff.
  • Everyone wants to be friends with one of the kids because oh my God, their dad wrote our textbook!
  • The Chamber of Secrets is opened during Phoenix’s first year (1942-43) – he writes home often, worried that the school will be closed and that he won’t be able to stay at Hogwarts. Of course, the ‘culprit’ is found and expelled, so the school is allowed to remain open.
  • When Phoenix writes in his letter that the creature that had killed a girl was an Acromantula, he receives a letter from each parent: Newt’s is eagerly asking if it was true, if it really was an Acromantula, and perhaps if Phoenix himself has seen it speak. Tina’s, on the other hand, quite simply instructs him that under no circumstances is he to go looking for this creature or attempt to talk to it.
  • Phoenix becomes Gryffindor Quidditch Captain (he’s a Chaser), but he’s not high-strung – he’s pretty chilled out as a Captain, obviously trying to keep the team motivated but not throwing a fit if they lose a match or whatever.
  • Despite being a proud Ravenclaw, Linnet often wears Phoenix’s Gryffindor jumpers/Quidditch Captain jumper because they’re so warm and baggy on her. Phoenix pretends to be annoyed about it but he’s got a soft spot for his sisters so he lets her off.
  • Linnet is very diligent pupil and hardly gets into trouble – the only exceptions are when she’s late to class (after struggling to wake up in the morning) or for standing up for people who deserve it: like her mother, she will break the rules if necessary.
  • Linnet’s best friend is a Hufflepuff boy in her year called Michael Wood – he’s bullied and teased because he’s small and quiet. They became friends when she chose to sit with him instead of a group of giggling girls in her first DADA class, and she complimented his schoolbag. (he’s had a crush on her since)
  • As the children are in different houses, they make a habit of sneaking into each other’s common rooms at night to talk – at first the prefects and professors are not impressed and try to stop them…but in the end they give up because, honestly, the kids aren’t going to stop what they’re doing so they pretend not to notice.
  • (Dumbledore is pretty chill and amused by the whole thing TBH)
  • None of them are popular exactly, but Phoenix and Linnet are both generally well-liked enough and make friends easily – Leo is considered odd because he, like his father, loves magical creatures and spends most of his time with them. He has very few human friends.
  • Tina nearly heads straight to Hogwarts herself when she reads in Leo’s third letter home that an older student stole his glasses and snapped them – because how dare someone bully her son like that, how dare they get away with this?! (They would not get away with this at Ilvermorny, she rants to herself). Newt assures her that he’ll write to Professor Dumbledore immediately, as he knows that Dumbledore will keep an eye on Leo and the others.
  • Dumbledore writes back, assuring them that he will do his best to look after any student he sees being treated this way – but he adds vaguely that Leo is quite well looked after as it is. As they find out in Linnet’s next letter home wo days later, Phoenix has earned himself a detention for hexing another student in the corridors.
  • (about thirty kids will attest that it was not an accident, that Phoenix was actually smirking as he did it – and he continued grinning even after being punished accordingly)
  • By the time the miracle baby (Wren) comes, Phoenix is nearly ten, Linnet is eight and Leo is six. As such, Leo and Wren are both at Hogwarts for just one year together – and then she’s on her own for six years.
  • The siblings place bets on where Wren is going to be sorted: Phoenix is convinced she’ll be a Gryffindor, like himself, because she’s outspoken and sometimes bold for her age, whereas Linnet rolls her eyes because clearly she’s going be a Ravenclaw due to her love of books and learning. Leo quietly offers that Wren is friendly and loyal, like a Hufflepuff. (Newt and Tina do their bests to stay out of it, but occasionally they do debate just a bit between themselves)
  • Phoenix jokes in his last year at Hogwarts that if she’s in Slytherin, the family will disown her – he’s grounded for a week for saying that, despite the fact he’s basically an adult now. (Newt is not really prejudiced against Slytherins because Leta was one and she was one of his only friends for years, and Tina – being American – doesn’t really know how the sorting works…the thinks it’s a load of rubbish compared to Ilvermorny)
  • Wren is a hat-stall – the hat takes three and a half minutes to decide where to place her. In the end, Gryffindor like Phoenix (though she grumbles that part of her wanted to be Ravenclaw like her big sister)

  • (Wren really loves and looks up to Linnet)
  • The professors can’t help but feel a little relieved when all of the Scamander children have graduated because all of them have attempted at some point or another to sneak magical creatures in
  • (Leo actually succeeds in smuggling his favourite bowtruckle in for an entire term – he returns home for Easter and is scolded accordingly by his mother for doing so because Bowtruckles live in trees, Leo Scamander, not in your robe pockets! – though she’s not too angry because she’s certain Billy the Bowtruckle has adopted Leo as his tree now)

The Magic Begins | Day 7: Favourite Scene » ↳ “ Tell them how it happened that night! How you looked him in the eye, a man who trusted you, and killed him! ”