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Just since coming to Virginia, he’d seen what he called home ransacked and burned and blasted wide apart no less than thrice. He’d fired an RPG at a gas-filled lake, only half-certain that the flames would not engulf him as well as the walkers that circled the pond. He’d sprinted into a clutch of enemy soldiers, fully expecting to be outflanked the second his fist connected with Dwight’s scheming chin, only to find Jesus Rovia bounding into the space at his side, fighting off dead and living alike in his aid.

This should be a piece of cake in comparison. So why did his mouth feel so dry, and his stomach like it was tied in a thousand knots?

Illustrations that go with my fic, “Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere”, on ao3❤

I love the ‘fuck-up’ version of Fen’Harel where it’s less like ‘totally brilliant trickster schemer’ and more ‘oh shit no that wasn’t what I wanted’


‘crap these gods are warring crap I gotta do something about it’

‘yes time-out that’s brilliant’

‘wait no fuck what do you mean it’s for how long?’

‘oh shit’

‘okay wait i’ll use my power to fix-’

‘oh no’

‘okay okay i’ll just go and take a nap and rejuvenate, wake up and fix things when I’m all powerful again’

‘wait I slept for HOW LONG?!’

‘what hang on okay i’ll just open up the ol’ orb and get my power back’

‘…oh shit’


‘what happened to all of my power crap crap crap’

‘okay well if someone ELSE can open it maybe I can get it back’

‘yes good this is a good plan’



‘okay okay gotta fix a giant hole in the sky’

‘shit shit shit’

‘wait what did corypheus even do’


‘shit shit maybe it can close the things???’

‘yes hahaha finally thank you….’

‘…thank you…’

‘…hey you’re… you’re kind of great…’

‘…oh no’

I Want You

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Request: Hello☺️ I was wondering if u have time can I have a Steve Rogers x reader where ur Tony’s new assistant and anybody u want flirts with her and Steve gets jealous and kisses her in front of everyone?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 1,563

Genre: fluff

Notes: I love jealous Steve so much, it’s my favorite of all Steve’s.

“Got your lunch?” Steve asks, mentally going over your checklist.

“Check.” you answer excitedly.

“How about money for a cab.”

“Got that too Steve!”

“How about one more kiss for the road?” he asks sweetly with a smile.

You turn around and wrap your arms around his neck, giving him a long kiss. Today was your first day as Tony Stark’s new assistant and you were extremely excited although your boyfriend was less than happy. No, that’s not exactly true. He was super happy for you and that you were expanding your career field but he wanted to keep his team and his job in general separated from you. His alter ego and its counterparts could be too much to deal with, too many big personalities in a small space. He trusted you completely and he knew for a fact that you would never cheat or betray him, but that wouldn’t stop the guys from trying. His teammates knew he had a girlfriend but he hadn’t introduced you yet, he wanted to keep you all to himself as long as he could. Steve sighed as you pulled away from him and he admired how professional you looked today. You were dressed in a tight pencil skirt and a sheer red blouse that hugged your body perfectly, a little too perfectly Steve thought.

You turn to your kitchen table and grab your purse and the few scattered files you had been given to inform you of your job description. Becoming Tony Stark’s assistant wasn’t as easy as it sounded, he had a vigorous selection process that involved both mental and physical tests and you were proud to say you were the only person out of 15 participants that passed all of Mr. Stark’s qualifications. The day that you got the call informing you that you got the job, you were with Steve. When you told him you got the job enthusiastically you saw his face fall slightly but he instantly picked it back up with a huge smile, congratulating you and calling for a celebration. You knew he wasn’t thrilled about your job but you were happy that he was supporting you anyways, he wasn’t trying to hold you back unlike many of your controlling ex boyfriends.

You both exited your apartment and walked downstairs to the street where Steve hailed you a cab and you two rode to the Tower together. When the cab stops he gets out quickly and opened your door for you, you give him another small peck before strutting into the building, ready to start your new job. Steve watched as you were met by Tony personally in the lobby, Tony was already engaged so Steve knew you would be safe from the hungry wolf-like gazes of the other men for a short while. Tony took you to the elevator and soon you were out of Steve’s sight.  He let out one more sigh and followed the familiar route to the Training facility, prepping himself for the hell of a day he knew he had ahead of him.

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Made some header banner art for the @stanchez-bang yesterday! Challenged myself to draw them on model to their show designs for once. If you haven’t done so already, go check out the blog to learn more details on the Stanchez Micro Bang! Sign up for authors & artists will open July 1st!

As nice as the encouraging messages are in the tag… I would prefer actual content. SO!

Imagine an AU where McCree is actually from the old west, an there’s been time anomalies happening all over the place caused by Lena’s temporal misalignment. Reyes has her on a team for a mission in America, and suddenly a rift opens and poor ‘ol McCree comes tumbling in, running from a posse. Unfortunately the portal closes before they can get him back to his time, and he’s stuck with them in the future. 

Gabe takes it upon himself to look after him, make sure he gets a check up, make sure being in the future alone won’t kill him, teaches Jesse about the new world he’s now a part of. And Jesse is star struck. This beautiful brown man, is a leader, in a world where everyone finally has equal rights, that there’s acceptance with gender and sexuality, that McCree himself, isn’t seen as dirty for being mixed race. He doesn’t have to steal to survive anymore, and his gun-slinging skills are even more accurate with the new weaponry Blackwatch has. His world is forever changed and he can’t help falling head over heels for Gabe, the handsome man from the future. 

Even if given the chance… he’s not going back home. The future his his home now. Gabe is his home now. 

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not trying to be confrontational with your wuuuuman anon but fair it's fair! There's also a woman who says his husband is part of OL crew posting comments on many YouTube samcait shipper vids, that stated SC are very much together since the very beginnings and it's kinda an open secret among OL peeps, so quoting KDS, believe what you want!

Thanks. Do you have a specific video where I could read what she is posting? I could go and look for myself I suppose, but me = lazy, and I would also get sidetracked watching a the pretty SamCait vids. I have little self control when it comes to that.

Hey guys~~ I appreciate the support everyone’s shown me, but I’ve decided to go on hiatus until my right hand recovers & I can actually draw again. I’m not doing the best mentally & I’m still in a lot of physical pain, but my condition is really unpredictable, so I could be feeling better in a couple days or in another month. I just don’t have a way of knowing.  

I may schedule reblogs of some of my older pieces in the meantime, but the blog will be solely on queue until I feel confident enough to return. I love y’all and I’m sorry :/

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What is Clarke's (gdau and ssau) favorite position for Lexa to fuck her?

i fucking love your questions okay and since im in a particularly sinful mood: 

ssau clarke:  

  • can’t decide between from behind and cowgirl
  • on one hand 
  • there is something liberating about the way lexa pushes her face into the pillow
  • rakes her blunt nails down her spine and bites between her shoulder blades, her whole weight comfortably heavy as she presses her into the mattress
  • there’s something special in her hoarse screams when lexa starts to pound into her, making the bed squeak, headboard rutting against the wall while lexa whispers things in her ear, filthy and sweet at the same time
  • her fingers leaving prints on her ass, on her hips and thighs 
  • her back covered in lovebites
  • she likes being rendered this helpless before her; in a way, being owned this way is being free, and she craves it as much as she craves lexa herself. 
  • on the other hand, tho 
  • straddling lexa and seeing her eyes go wide with awe
  • having her look up at her through those thick lashes
  • being able to lock gazes with her; being able to let her know just how much she loves it when she curls her fingers just right, when she leaves a tiny kiss on her chin just before gently picking her pace up
  • being able to guide lexa, rolling her hips in the way she knows makes lexa crazy
  • seeing all of the emotions that lexa sometimes struggles to convey displayed on her face, readily, raw and open. 

gdau clarke: 

  • good ole missionary
  • no, it’s not her being boring
  • she’s definitely open to experimentation
  • but to her, nothing beats deliberately slow rolls of lexa’s hips that help her drive her fingers/strapon deeper inside as she looks her in the eye
  • nothing beats lexa’s weight on her
  • having lexa surround her so completely
  • being able to kiss her and carress her cheeks and look at her face as she takes her
  • there’s something deeply intimate about lexa having her this way, and she frankly can’t get enough of that

they both definitely love lexa eating them out tho and that’s something they have in common