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THE STYDIA KISS (and hug)- an Extra™ frame by frame analysis

ok so we start out with this shit. even before this frame, dude is staring at them Martin lips like he’s in the middle of the desert and they’re the only water for miles. Then we get here and they both go in OPEN goddamn MOUTH for this kiss. she is PUCKERED for him. She was puckered ten feet ago, she was puckered when she walked in the damn door, hell, she was puckered 3 months ago. She got her tongue fucking ready to dock at Port Stilinski Lips.

She comes in fucking Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready with the hands on the neck. goddamn. And they are PRESSED into each other. If they were kissing any deeper they would swallow each other. Which now, come to think of it, might have been their goal.

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westallen + slow mo kisses

Being Draco's Girlfriend Involves...
  • Him being nice to me and only me
  • Walking around holding hands.
  • Quick kisses before classes.
  • Make out sessions when we can’t sleep.
  • Hugging each other all the time.
  • Sitting together in front of the Black Lake.
  • Taking baths together in the Monitor’s Bathroom.
  • I’m able to make him laugh.
  • Pansy trying to annoy me, but Draco sending her away.
  • “I love you. Always have, always will.”
  • Snape doesn’t sending us to detention when he catch us making out in the class room.
  • Comforting him after his father got in jail.
  • Everyone supports our relationship because they think I make Draco a better person.
  • Sitting on his lap and reading together.
  • Winning a silver ring as dating birthday gift.
  • Winning jewelry in general.
  • Him leaving open mouthed kisses on my shoulders and neck when we’re laying in bed.
  • Draco protecting me from everything and anything.
  • Fighting because his jealous of Harry or because I’m jealous of Pansy.
  • “I’m sorry for what I said.” “Me too. I hate when we argue.” “Come here, let me hug you.”
  • Tickle fight when no one is watching.
  • Him staring at me during class and then later needing help to study.
  • Passionate kisses when any of us is sad.
  • Being his happy memory to conjure a patronus.
  • Being called the Prince and Princess of Slytherin.
  • Breaking up with him when I find out he has became a Death Eater.
  • Narcissa and Lucius loving me.
  • Draco staying by my side in the Hogwarts Battle.
  • Passionate sex.
  • LOTS of teasing.
  • Giving him a lap dance as his birthday present.
  • Talking about our future.
  • “Can you imagine how our kids will look like?” “As their mother, I hope.”
  • Sneaking out our dorms to sleep together in the Common Room.
  • Me getting to sleep upon his chest, with his arms around me.
  • Him coming to be with me and my mother in Christmas.
  • She actually loving him because he offers his self to help with everything.
  • He calling me love, angel and princess.
  • Almost dying when Umbridge forbidden girls and boys to be close, and hiding to be able to kiss.
  • He being all bossy when he became a monitor, and taking advantage of that.
  • “What are you doing out of your dorm this late, Miss?” “I’m just reading Draco.” “That’s no excuse. I think I need to punish you for breaking the school rules, you know.”
  • He loving me more than anything and making sure I know that.
  • Me loving him more than anything and making sure he knows that.
  • Going to the astronomy tower at night to see the stars and date.
  • Draco scaring the hell out of any boy that looks to much at me.
  • Stopping him from being mean to the younger kids.
  • “Would you like someone to act like that with me?” “No.” “Then you better stop.”
  • Him asking me to marry him after Voldemort got killed.
  • “I know we’re young, but we’re not getting married, just engaged.” “Draco let me answer!" 
  • Kissing him when he shuts up and whispering "Yes” in to his ear.

a/n: i’ve been corrupted bye

“You’re so beautiful,” Calum whispers as he approaches you, taking in the sight of the pink blush of the lingerie against your skin. He touches your hip and continues to look you up and down, and he pushes a stray hair behind your ear. He murmurs, “so fucking beautiful,” while moving his hands from your hips to your back, bringing you closer to him. 

“Am I?” You ask in a whisper, a smile playing on your lips. 

He nods. “Goddamn baby, you’re killing me.” 

Walking you backwards to the bed, he takes the opportunity to place his lips on yours in a open mouth kiss. As your knees hit the back of the bed, he sucks on your bottom lip, and you let out a whine at the feeling. The both of you hit the back of the bed and giggles leave the both of you. Everything with him was always so light and airy, even in this moment when you knew he was about to fucking wreck you. His hands go up to feel the skin that’s hidden under the soft satin clothing as he moves his lips to your neck. The feeling of his hot breath creates goosebumps of anticipation spread across your body, and you whimper as you grow impatient. 

You wonder what he’s going to do. Calum often leaves you like this, wondering his next move with a racing heart. Maybe he’d give you a treat and put his mouth where you absolutely love him, or maybe he’ll let you ride him so he can see the way he makes you feel clearly. Your heart begins to race faster as he starts to suck on your collarbone, and his fingers make their way to the sides of the panties. He slips them in and tugs teasingly before releasing the material and moving his hands back up to your chest. 

“Please, Cal…” you whisper, your breathing becoming rapid at just the thought of him. He knows he has this affect on you, and he fucking relishes in it. 

“Tell me what you want, princess.” His voice is rough as sits himself up on his elbows, leaning back down to peck your lips. 

“I don’t care,” you whine. “Just you. I jus’ want you, I don’t care where, please please please.”  

He hums. “I think you do care, baby,” he moves his hips against yours, and you let out a small moan. “You’ve been wanting this all day haven’t you?” You nod in a rush as you try to move your hips back against his, but he holds you down. “So tell me what you want, darling. Or I won’t do anything at all.”

You let out a long whine since the words have betrayed you. Your body is a flame of arousal as he moves back to kissing your skin, continuing to hum against your body. “Your mouth,” you finally say after he grinds on you again. “Fuck, I want your mouth. Please. Please just—” 

He’s shimmying his way down the bed in a matter of seconds as the request leaves your lips. This time when he digs his fingers into the clothing, he slips them off with a smirk on his face as he notices you watching him. He kisses the area right above your hip, marking it with a bruise that makes you moan yet again, before moving his lips downward. He moves your legs and places a kiss right on the spot that drives you fucking crazy, and contains his laughter as something of an aggravated whine and his names leaves your lips. He captures your clit in his mouth and sucks harshly, then licks a bold stripe across, moaning at your wetness. 

“Cal, fuck,” your head moves backwards as you squirm on the mattress, and you fist the sheets. Calum chuckles and mouths at your clit again.

“We’re in for a long night, baby.” 

Being intimate with cw!Peter Parker would include

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the playlist of the songs that you and Peter make out to

  • being very awkward and clumsy because neither of you are well experienced
  • always making out to music
  • him throwing rocks at your window at midniiiiiight (plz tell me if u understood this reference)
  • and climbing all the way up to your room just to find out that your parents aren’t at home
  • seeing you half-asleep in his shirt (which you’ve stolen from him)
  • him letting out a small whine/moan because you look so beautiful and angelic and at the same time hot and tempting
  • caressing your cheeks with his soft hands and gently kissing you
  • at first his kisses are slow but soon his hands leave your face and are placed firmly on the back of your neck
  • licking you lower lip with his tongue, asking for entrance
  • tugging on his curls
  • small moans leaving his mouth
  • making out to alex turner
  • “i-i adore you angel”
  • sucking on his lower lip
  • “please do that again”
  • him sitting on your bed and you sitting on his lap
  • grinding your hips in sync
  • him leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • hickeys all over your collarbones
  • and then “past lives” bu borns comes on
  • and with his newly found confidence peter pins you to the bed
  • “you’re so beautiful angel”
  • “i can’t believe you’re mine”
  • whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • gently massaging your thighs with his hands
  • helping him out of his clothes
  • “are y-you sure you want this”


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Oh gosh! I loved your Archie in bed imagine. Would you mind doing one for Jughead?

Jughead in bed/during sex would include:

  • I really feel like Jughead’s really caring and gentle in bed unless hes angry
  • He’d probably be into missionary rather than you on top because it brings you closer
  • soft open mouthed kisses all over your skin
  • his fingers drawing little circles on your skin
  • lots of foreplay because youre a literal angel to him
  • slow passionate movements because he wants to show you how much he loves you wow im crying
  • making you feel good because thats all that matters to him
  • him wanting to hold his orgasm so you two could cum together
  • holding you until you fall asleep because you are his world and if he can prevent it, nothing bad will ever happen to you

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Could you write a dry humping scenario for the hip pop unit. Your bloggg is the bomb. Your so amazing! Saranghe <3 and thanks


“Have I yet said that I love you?” Seungcheol asked between your sloppy kisses, his hands in the back pockets of your jeans as you lay on top of him on the couch, your legs spread and hands resting on his chest.

“Not today,” you mumbled him an answer, slowly sliding one of your hands to his warm neck and up to his jaw. “But I love you too.”

He smiled into your kiss, his hands grabbing your ass through the fabric of your jeans and pushing you against himself, sighing quietly as your crotch pressed against his. You grinned and ground down against him as well, nibbling at his lower lip when you started feeling him get harder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Seungcheol asked, his voice low as he ended your kiss and pressed an open-mouthed kiss on your jawbone instead, bucking his hips up to let you feel how you were making him feel. Moaning quietly and feeling the effects on yourself, too, you then chuckled.

“Continuing what you started,” you replied and got up, standing on your knees with Seungcheol’s hips between them. His hands were now on your hips and he looked into your eyes with his own filled with lust. He took his lower lip between his teeth as he waited for you to proceed.

With a smirk slowly taking over your face, you lowered your crotch onto his, pursing your lips at the moan Seungcheol let out, trying to keep quiet yourself. “Yes, baby.”

You started moving your hips back and forth with the pressure increasing the more your clit was rubbed by your clothes as a result of pushing against his clothed, now fully hard cock.

“Come on, let me hear you,” Seungcheol said before grunting as he bucked his hips up while pushing you down on him simultaneously. You finally let out the moans that you had been holding back, the wetness in your panties getting painfully obvious to you. Seungcheol shut his eyes as he focused on the beautiful sounds you were producing and the way you felt against him even through all the denim between you - or exactly because of it all.

From the way his hands tightened on your hips and his breathing got more rugged, you knew he was getting close to his release. Knowing this, you leant back down again, latching your lips onto his neck, nibbling and sucking on the skin while you kept moving your clothed sex against him, now focusing on the upper part of his length.

With a moan and a quiet curse word, Seungcheol came in his pants, his mouth hanging open as he rode through the orgasm with you still moving on top of him at a slow pace.

“Shit, stop,” he gasped, causing you to chuckle a little. You moved to sit upright on his thighs and stroked his arms sensually, looking down at him with a small pout.

“I didn’t come yet,” you said with a whine, and Seungcheol’s face lit up in a matter of milliseconds.


You were too immersed in the video game you were playing to notice Wonwoo’s presence until he crawled to lie on top of your back, his lips brushing the back of your neck and his hands giving him support next to your arms. Losing your focus on the game, you sighed heavily and put the controller away, knowing you had already lost the mission at hand.

“Thanks a lot,” you groaned and shifted underneath him, Wonwoo’s sudden moan making you freeze immediately. Your ears burned as you began feeling him harden against your ass, the thin sweatpants you were both wearing hardly making it any less noticeable.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo said to your ear with a thick, slightly desperate voice, and swallowed hard before slowly moving on top of you, grinding his bulge against you. He held a grunt in and stopped as you remained still. “Can I..?”

You licked your lips and turned your head sideways, resting your cheek on the bed you were lying on. “Let’s turn around.”

Wonwoo complied without a single word, and soon you were straddling him, your hands resting on his chest and his hands placed steadily on your waist. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he took in the way you looked from the angle.

“You must’ve been really needy to get hard this fast, Wonwoo,” you spoke with a calm voice and sat down on his bulge, moving against it with a smirk on your lips while Wonwoo moaned. “You like that?”

All he could reply with was a nod and yet another moan, his cock growing hard at a quick speed with your movements and your words. His hands moved from your waist to your hips and he held them tightly, bucking up into you involuntarily. “Oh, yes.”

You gasped at the feeling of him grinding against you, as you were painfully turned on as well, a small wet spot forming on your thin sweatpants little by little. You picked up your pace, pushing a bit harder down onto him and getting as much friction on your clit as possible, which soon turned your gasps into moans.

“Are you close?” Wonwoo asked, his hips now moving a bit more sharply against yours. You nodded and bit your lip, trying to keep more quiet to fully enjoy each and every sound that Wonwoo was making. “Good, I am too– ah, fuck.”

His movements came to an end suddenly, and upon realizing that he had just come, his facial features contorting in the most beautiful way, you were thrown over the edge as well. You lay down on top of Wonwoo while panting heavily, kissing him before shooting him a glare, although it was a playful one. “You better make up for the game you made me lose.”

Wonwoo’s lips spread into a wide smile that revealed his teeth and made his nose crinkle a little. “Of course.”


Mingyu held you close to his chest and showered the back of your head and neck with kisses, a happy smile on his face as you giggled.

“Focus on the movie,” you said with a playful tone and moved to sit closer to his crotch, which made him tense up, the smile disappearing in an instant. You swayed from side to side, your lower back rubbing against him.

How was he supposed to focus on the movie when your every movement would brush against his length, especially when he knew that the only thing you were wearing other than the bra and his shirt, were your panties?

“Uh, Y/N,” Mingyu said quietly as he felt himself growing hard, and cursed in his mind. There went the cute and romantic movie night. You stiffened against him when the erection became obvious, poking against you in the way it often did in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon after a good nap. There was no doubt.

With a smirk, you swayed some more before turning around and straddling Mingyu on the bed, his back resting against the wall. You placed your hands on his shoulders and leaned down to place a kiss on his ear. “Now, I have an idea.”

“I’m all ears,” Mingyu replied, his breath hitching in his throat when you pushed your sex against his bulge.

“Do me like you would if there were no clothes on,” you whispered to his ear, dragging his earlobe between your teeth afterwards. Mingyu groaned at your words and placed his hands on your ass, as he loved to do, and bucked his hips up while pulling you close to him.

Hugging his head close to your chest and tugging his hair a little, you let out a high-pitched moan. “Yeah, just like that.”

Mingyu grunted and continued thrusting up while pushing you down, his clothed cock rubbing nicely against your heat that was only covered by your panties that were getting wetter with each movement.

“Mingyu,” you muttered, angling your hips so that his length was rubbing your clit, which nearly made you mewl. He kept your hips that way and thrust up faster, now desperate for his release, especially with you such a mess on his lap.

“Let it go, baby,” Mingyu choked before grunting as he came, his head falling back against the wall and his hands squeezing your ass while his hips kept bucking up against you.

“You didn’t give me enough time,” you groaned and continued moving against him. Only, he was quick to move one of his hands from your ass to your front, easily pushing your panties aside and slipping his fingers between your wet folds.


Woken up by the stiffness rubbing against your lower back, you opened your eyes slowly, becoming more and more aware of what was going on the more obvious it became that the rubbing was intentional. Vernon’s hand was on your hip, trying not to squeeze too tightly, as he grinded against your lower back with quiet sighs leaving his lips.

“Vernon?” you asked, trying to disguise your own arousal underneath a confused tone. He halted his movements, and you turned around with a silent groan, meeting his widened eyes. You raised your eyebrow. “Did you seriously expect me to sleep through that?”

“Not really..?” he asked, flashing you a grin afterwards and pulling you a closer by your hips, your panty-covered heat meeting his bulge, hidden underneath his boxers. “You being awake makes it a lot more fun.”

You bit your lip and locked your eyes with his as he turned you to lie on your back and got on top of you, pushing his hips against yours and groaning at the friction. You moaned quietly and bucked your hips against his, deliberately ignoring the way you could feel your panties getting wetter by the minute.

“I had a really nice dream,” Vernon mumbled while kissing your neck, his bulge pressing into your pussy as he moved his hips up and down in controlled movements, rolling them every now and then. “You were wearing that one lingerie of yours with your hands ti–”

“Vernon,” you said forcefully, teeth clenched as you pulled him into a kiss, frustrated with the way his words were affecting you - your panties were soaked, and the close proximity of his length hardly made it any better. Chuckling lowly, Vernon continued pushing against you, his breathing growing heavier and more erratic as he got closer to his peak.

Teasing his tongue with yours, you pushed against him as well, desperate to reach your own climax and knowing how close he was to his. As he finally gasped and the wet spot on his boxers got bigger, you continued moving your lower region against his clothed member, coming with a pleased moan into your own panties a moment later.

Vernon moved back to lie down by your side, his arm resting on your stomach as he caught his breath. Leaning up to kiss your jaw, he then spoke: “Shower?”

“Sounds good.”

- Kay

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If I were an award-giving body but thank goodness I’m not

1. Best Intro Scene / Opening Credits Award
2. Most Realistic Medical Drama in K-Drama History—Squirting Blood And All Award
3. Best Open-Mouthed Kiss With Epic Background Music Award
4. Most Daring Move Award: Kiss In The First Episode – Kang Dong-Joo + Yoon Seo Jung In The Supplies Room
5. Most Daring Line In Any Drama Award: “I Like you, sunbae. I want to sleep with you.”
6. Most Fast-Paced Drama Every Damn Episode Is Worth It Award
7. Best Wrapped – Up Ending in K-Drama Award
8. Best Squad Walk Scene Award

1. Favorite Fusion Saguek – Fantasy Drama of 2016 Award
2. Freaking Tearjerker Drama of the Year Award
3. Drama With The Most Subbed Versions In K-Drama History Award
4. Best Fandom Award
5. Drama With The Most Close-Up Views Award
6. Drama With The Most Ridiculously Obvious Editing Mistakes But Who Cares Award
7. Drama With The Best Couple “Spot” Award
8. Best Soundtrack Including The Instrumentals Award

GOBLIN Awards:
1. Drama With The Most Slo-Mo Scenes Ever Award
2. Snail Turtle Sloth Award: Story Development
3. Drama With The Most Cars Destroyed Award
4. Unique Plot Awards
5. Breathtaking Cinematography Award

1. Drama With The Most Disasters Award
2. Best Unplanned Confession Award
3. Most Military Equipment Being Abused Award

1. Drama With The Most Beautiful Youth Cast Award
2. Best Shower Scene Award (4-in-1)
3. Most Beautiful King of Fusion Saguek Award: Sam Maek Jong
4. Most DIVIDED Fandom Award
5. Most ‘Eye-candy’ Cast In A Fusion Saguek Drama Award
6. Multi-talented Female Character Award: Kim Ah Ro
7. Fast-Learner Male Character Award: Dog Bird/ Sun Woo
8. Youngest Old Person Character Award: Pa Oh, The Forever 22
9. Best OTP Of The Year Award: Sae Ro (Gae Sae and Ah Ro)
10. Most Kissy Male Lead Ever And We Love It Award: Dog Bird

1. Best Second Male Lead Scene Stealer Award
2. Creepiest Male Lead But He Is Hot AF Award

1. Most Creative Kiss Award: Kissing Off Froth From SO Lips
2. Longest Kiss In Front Of People In A Party Award: 40 Seconds

Special Awards:

“Adorable Crybaby Of The Year Award:”
Hwarang: The Beginning (Ah Ro/Go Ara)
Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae-Young/Seo Hyun-Jin)

“Most Lovable Villains:”
Joseon Gunman (Choi Won-shin/ Yu Oh-Seong)
The K2 (Choi Yoo Jin/Song Yoon Ah)
Scholar Who Walks The Night (Gwi/Lee Soo-Hyuk)

“Best Office Setting:”
She Was Pretty (THE MOST Magazine)
The Witch’s Romance (THE TROUBLEMAKER Magazine)

“Most Demented Mothers in K-Drama:”
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Empress Yoo/Park Ji-Young)
Hwarang: The Beginning (Kim Ji-soo/Queen Jiso)
Uncontrollably Fond (Shin Young-ok/Jin Kyung)

“He Is Everywhere Award:”
Sung Dong-il
(Hwarang: The Beginning)
(Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
(Legend of the Blue Sea)
(The K2) cameo
(Dear My Friends)
(Reply 1988)
(Pied Piper) cameo


Surprise! Another fic for Nessian Smut Week! (Note: Takes place in fae universe) Hopefully you all enjoy it since I am still testing out the waters of writing mature content. Happy reading~!


           “Whatever you want sweetheart. Just give the word,” Cassian smirks and shrugs his shirt off.  Her pale hands rove his exposed chest riddled with scars. She glides fingers down his tanned muscled skin. Nesta leans up to give him open-mouthed kisses on his collarbone.          

            “I want more than words Cassian. I want you moaning for me and making me never want to leave this bed.” Nesta gripped the sides of his face and brought him down in a searing kiss.     

           Leaves rustled above Nesta as she sat on branch overlooking her previous home. Her fae ears could pick out the sound of her father moving in one of the rooms from the opened windows and summer breeze stirred the loose stands of golden brown hair that had escaped the simple braid.

           Currently she was wearing plain clothes she had taken from the local village. She didn’t feel terribly bad for the theft since the clothes were mostly ragged, but she couldn’t stand to stay in her fine Night Court clothes after wearing them through her journey and over the wall that still stood between the fae and human lands. The dark blue shirt she now wore was large enough that it hung slightly off her shoulder and the pants were a tad tight, but Nesta wasn’t going to complain if that meant she could wear clean clothes.

           Nesta closed her eyes in contemplation. She had left the Night Court almost five days ago as quickly as she could. Not a moment was spared to grab anything with her or tell anyone where she was going. Which was how she wanted it to be. She hated herself for not warning her sisters ahead of time so they wouldn’t worry, but Nesta had to leave the Night Court before she did or say something she regretted.

           The painful memory of Cassian and Nesta’s fight flooded her mind. They were arguing, but that wasn’t uncommon. Usually the fight was nothing major. They would bicker about the small things and tease one another, but the last argument turned into a battle zone. It started off small and escalated into a yelling match.

             She faintly recalled that the disagreement stemmed from her wanting to participate in the Blood Rite.  The Rite meant she would go unarmed into the mountains at the Illyrian camp without using her magic, Siphons or supplies. Nesta wanted to prove the Illyrians who still thought her frail and useless that she was a force to be reckoned with. She would show them that she was a true warrior rather than a weakling so many of believed her to be. And she planned to beat those pricks by using the Blood Rite they thought meant everything toward being a true Illyrian warrior

               But Cassian was firmly against it. He couldn’t allow his mate on the mountains alone with no allies against hundreds of Illyrians males who would seek her out and try to destroy her.

                   “You can’t order me not to be in the Blood Rite Cassian,” Nesta said firmly. “It’s my choice.”

                   “Like hell you’re going into those mountains,” Cassian turned to face her with his arms crossed. He held the posture of the Army Commander who wasn’t willing to budge on this matter. “Nesta those males will do everything in their power to break you up there. My blood is already boiling with the thought of what they would do if they got their hands on you.”

                   “Let them try,” Nesta haughtily turned her head up to face her mate. “I’m strong enough to take them.”

                   “Nesta you underestimate them-“

                   “No, you are underestimating me Cassian.”

                  “I’m not.” Cassian inhaled trying to control himself as he explained. “Why can’t you just trust me on this Nesta?”

                  “Because it’s my right Cassian!” Nesta flew her hands in the air in exasperation.

                 “You were not born an Illyrian Nesta,” Cassian raised his voice as well. “You have no idea what it means to take part in the Rite and I’ll be dead before you’re put in that danger.”

                 “So you intend chain me like Tamlin tried with Feyre?” Nesta argued back. At this point their voices could be heard by anyone in the House of Wind.

                  “Don’t you dare compare me to that fucking prick,” Cassian snarled. “I’ve trained with you and allowed you to train with the other Illyrians which is far more than what that bastard ever gave your sister.”

                 “You allow me to train? Well Commander maybe you should watch yourself, because last I checked I don’t take orders from brutes who think they can control me!”

                  “You won’t be participating in the damn Blood Rite,” Cassian brushed past Nesta as if wanting to end the argument before it got out of control. But it was already too late.

                  “Yes. I. Will.” Nesta gritted out and faced Cassian who froze in the kitchen. His hazel eyes darkened and Nesta could see the red Siphons flicker with restrained power.

                 “Don’t Nesta.” Cassian spoke in a deadly calm manner. “I am asking you to please listen to me instead of thinking about your pride right now.”

                 “And why?! Why should I when you won’t let me do this one-“

                 “What would happen if any of those males banded together against you Nesta? Do you think they will go easy on you?” Cassian’s voice boomed with unleashed emotions. “Do you know what would happen if they restrained you? You, a helpless female, at their mercy? I can imagine that they would do far worse things than what happened you as a human. Is that what you want Nesta? To be taken advantage of and being at their fucking mercy while I can’t do anything to help?” Cassian seethed at his release of pent up worries and rage at the thought of Nesta being hurt by someone. His words echoed between them and Nesta was frozen.

                 Memories of her past with Tomas didn’t plague her mind as they used to. She had grown stronger and more resilient since that day. As a human she had narrowly escaped him and as a stronger fae she didn’t imagine she could be pushed into a position like that again. But now Cassian had trudged up those memories and put them in a harsher light.

              Cassian thinks I’m still that defenseless human girl who could barely protect herself.

             The thought felt like a slap to the face and hurt worse when she could feel the way he was scared for her down the bond. He truly didn’t think she was strong enough to protect herself.

            Sadness sweeps Nesta up before she could can herself. A tinge of anger and fear swirled in the depths of despair that Nesta had fallen into. She quickly put up walls against the bond. Blocking him out and keeping her thoughts and feelings hidden behind them.

           Cassian’s head snaps up at the brief flicker emotions he felt from Nesta before her walls cleaved him off.


         “Don’t.” Nesta backed away. “Just don’t Cassian.”

           He took a small step toward her as if he was approaching an animal that may bolt in fright. His expression was one of shock and regret. A phantom hand tried to comfort her down the bond, but was met with fortified walls. Cassian’s breath stuttered when he felt their connection blocked by the walls she put up.

          Nesta didn’t stick around the House of Wind. She hurried away and sought sanctuary away from the pain his eyes held as she cut herself off from.

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Zodiac signs as kisses
  • Aries: The Neck Kiss.
  • As the name suggests, neck kissing involves kissing someone’s neck. Most people love doing it after French kissing for a while.
  • Taurus: Mistletoe Kiss.
  • Surprising your lover by capturing them with a gentle holiday kiss under the mistletoe. This is also a great method for shyer individuals to steal a kiss from a potential lover. This merry kiss means you're in the mood for holiday love.
  • Gemini: The Biting Kiss.
  • This is an open mouthed kiss that incorporates the tongue just like the French kiss. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.
  • Cancer: Nose Kiss.
  • Leaning forward slowly to their face and softly kissing their nose. This is a good way to get your partner's attention and it always makes them smile! This kiss literally tells your partner that you want to get silly together.
  • Leo: Collarbone Kiss.
  • Kissing your partner's neck, all the way up by the ear, then slowly working your way down their neck to their collarbone. This is very sensual and arousing.
  • Virgo: Hand Kiss.
  • Gently raising their hand to your lips and lightly brush your lips across the top of it. Historically, this kiss was performed with a bow to show deference to a lady. A gentle kiss on the hand generally means "I adore you", but also is a sign of respect and kindness.
  • Libra: French Kiss.
  • This is an erotic kiss that involves the tongue. Some call this the "Soul Kiss" because the soul is thought to pass between 2 people when their tongues touch.
  • Scorpio: The Teaser Kiss.
  • This kiss begins from the forehead, to the lips and then down to the arms and hands. On reaching the hands, the sequence is reversed from the hands then up to the lips and forehead. This kiss can be quite useful if you want to turn on your partner and make them want more.
  • Sagittarius: Laughter Kiss.
  • Lean in like you're going to kiss your partner. Get close enough to where your lips slightly brush theirs and then whisper a joke. Once they begin laughing, start kissing them. A funny kiss meaning you like to have fun together.
  • Capricorn: Quickie Kiss.
  • When you're in a rush. Often the nose gets it rather than the lips. A quick way to show you care when you're in a rush.
  • Aquarius: The Upside-Down Kiss.
  • This type of kiss originates from the Spiderman movie. it is a romantic kiss It is also known as the spiderman kiss. It involves kissing a person whose head is upside-down from yours. This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa.
  • Pisces: The Angel Kiss.
  • This kiss involves kissing someone gently on the eyelids or on a spot near the eyes using the lips. This type of kiss indicates deep affection and is mostly used when saying goodbye to someone or when waking up a loved one.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut


Today was supposed to be a chill day. Just me, Jungkook, and a bunch of hand picked movies. How I ended up on top of my boyfriend making out is beyond me. Jungkook sat on the bed in just his boxers with me straddling him. My back to his bare chest as he pressed open mouthed kisses to my neck.

“Jungkook.”, I whined grinding myself down on him.

“I have an idea, but you don’t need to worry to much.”, he said and I gave him a confused look.

He reached for his laptop and sat it on the desk in front of me. The light started to blink and I gasped.

“Jungkook you’re not actually going to record this are you?”, I asked and he smirked.

I moved to get up but he grabbed my waist. He started to grind against me and I moaned.

“This way you can watch when I’m on tour.”, he whispered in my ear.

I squirmed as he held me down and kissed my neck. I bit my lip and his hands traveled up my shirt to grab my breasts. He began playing with them and pulling on my nipples.

“Jungkook don’t tease.”, I hissed and he chuckled while shifting his shorts down to his ankles.

“I’m just trying to get started. A little foreplay never hurt anyone.”, he said before pulling my shirt over my head.

He unhooked my bra with his teeth and it fell to the floor exposing my breasts to the camera. I was so into what he was doing to me I didn’t realize his erection was out and sitting tall between my legs.

“Smile for the camera.”, he whispered before biting my earlobe. His fingers crazed over my stomach as they traveled towards my core. His finger ran along my slit before slipping inside of me. I squirmed as he pumped his finger in and out of me. I moaned out quietly as he added a second finger. He sped up his motion and I leaned into him as fingered me. I could feel a blush creep on my cheeks as the camera watched our every move.


“Are you gonna cum for me?”, he asked slipping a condom on with his other hand while I moved my hips to meet his pumps. I nodded before he slipped his fingers out of me with a smirk playing on his lips.

“Now let’s make this memorable.”, he whispered seductively as he slid into me.

I gasped and he started out going painfully slow. I groaned and brought myself up and down. I could feel the smirk on his lips as he slammed me back back down.

“Oh god.”, I moaned.

“Wrong name Y/N.”, he sneered repeating his action.

I was on cloud nine as he pounded into me gripping my hips to meet his hard and deep thrusts. I opened my eyes and saw us being recorded on the laptop. He snaked his hand around me and rubbed my clit.

“Jungkook. Oh don’t stop.”, I moaned grabbing his hair.

He roughly sucked on my neck forming a bluish bruise. Before I knew it I was screaming his name as I came hard around his length. He chuckled as he wrapped an arm around my stomach before speeding up his thrusts. His thighs slammed hard against mine as he leaned back to hold me up. I bit my lip as I expected the back of my thighs to bruise.

“Shit I’m close.”, he moaned out as my eyes fluttered closed. I let out a squeal as he stilled inside of me. I could feel his length twitch as he came into the condom.

“See wasn’t that fun?”, he asked and I blushed as he slipped out of me making me gasp.

He pulled his shorts up and went over to the laptop stopping the video and closing it. He walked over to me and tackled me to the bed.

“Let’s just hope your hyungs won’t need your laptop from now on.”, I said and he giggled before snuggling up to me.

“How can you do the deed all nasty and then become really fluffy again.”, I scoffed and he shrugged.

“They don’t call me the golden maknae for nothing.”, he grinned.

“You’re the golden maknae because you can sing, dance, and rap.”, I retorted.

“Then the meaning is different for you.”, he mumbled shutting his eyes.

*Next Morning*

“Yah Jungkook I’m using your computer just to let you know.”, I heard Jimin say.

I snuggled up to Jungkook until his eyes popped open. He quickly hopped up and ran after Jimin.

“NO HYUNG WAIT!!”, he yelled.

“YAH JUNGKOOK WHAT IS THIS??!!!”, Jimin shouted and I blushed.






Good thing we’re the only ones in the dorm. Lord knows I wouldn’t be able to handle Jin’s scolding. I sunk into the bed throwing the covers over my head.

-Admin Kook

~Punishment (A.I.)~

Warnings: daddy kink,spanking ,and slight choking kink.

“Gonna have you screaming,” he breathed into my ear and I moaned.

He trailed kisses down my neck, nipping as he went and listening to my breath hitch in my throat. He sucked at my collarbone before running his lips down over the top of my breast. He let his bottom lip slowly slide over my nipple before leaving an open mouth kiss. I gasped and he smirked as he glanced up at me and flicked his tongue out. I gasped as my hands sunk into his hair and he moaned. He closed his mouth around it and sucked on it. He trailed kisses to my other breast and repeated the same process and he was smirking against the skin of my stomach as he slowly moved down it, laying open mouth kisses along the way. He nipped at the inside of my left thigh and my leg jumped slightly. He laid on his stomach in between my legs, glancing up at me. He moved his arms under my knees and pushed my legs up and apart a bit further. He left his arms wrapped around my thighs before he blew cool air across my slit. My hips jerked slightly and he smiled at my reaction.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as he licked in between my folds.

I whimpered as my hand gripped ashton’s hair tightly , holding it out of the way so I could see those forest green eyes glancing up at me as he sucked my clit. I gasped in a breath as he shifted forward some, pressing his face deeper into my center. “Ashton.” I moaned as I bit my bottom lip. Then he suddenly stopped.

“No, baby,” He shook his head. “What did you just call me?” He frowned at me.

“Daddy,” I corrected myself.

“There you go, baby girl?” He laughed. “But I don’t know if I can just let that pass, love…can’t have you thinking you’ll get away with it every time.” He shook his head. “Might have to punish you.”

“But I’m sorry, daddy,” I mumbled.

“I know, I know you are.” He whispered. “But otherwise you’ll never learn, now, will you?” . He began rubbing at me again, tilting his head to the side, as if thinking about his decision for a moment.

“Come on, baby, across my knee.” He whispered.

“But daddy I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again,” I pouted, sitting on my knees and staring up at him.

“Are you arguing with daddy, baby girl?” He taunted.

“No, daddy,” I sighed as I laid down across his lap I knew that he’d only get more upset if I complained.

“Now you’re gonna be a good little girl for me Princess and take all fifteen spankings and count every single one loud and clear. If I don’t hear you and lose count, we’re gonna start all over again. Are we clear?” He said with his authoritative dominant voice and I shivered in delight as his hand massaged my bum.

”Yes Daddy.” I moaned. He continued to massage my bum with his hand and this continued for a couple of seconds, then randomly out of the blue I felt the palm of his hand land on my bum and I could feel my ass wiggle as his hand marked my skin. The sensational feeling of stinging and burning excited me. ”One.”

“We both know that this isn’t much of a punishment for you, anyway.” He whispered gently in my ear, as he caressed my bum before bringing his hand down on it harshly. “God, I love seeing my hand, imprinted on your skin.” He sighed happily. “I love it.” He brought his hand down on me a few more times, whispering loving words as he punished me and telling me how much of a good girl I was for taking my punishment.

”thirteen.” I moaned as his hand harshly landed down my lower ass cheeks, making my leg twitch as the burn roamed through the back of my thigh.

”Louder.” Ashton ordered as he spanked me on the other lower part of the ass cheek. I felt it jiggle a little as I writhed against his lap.

”fourteen!” I yelled out loud. The spankings became even harder and the stings became more and more intense. My hips wiggled but his hand soon gripped my hips to keep me still. ”fifteen!” I whimpered as his hand slammed down against my skin. It felt like my ass was on fire.

“You’re so good for me, aren’t you, love?” He hummed. “You’re such a good girl for taking your punishment so well, you deserve a reward,” he moaned. “Hm… what should be your reward” he thought out loud, then his face lit up. “Sit on my face,” he urged gently as he laid down.

I was somewhat hesitant as I edged closer to his smirking lips, watching as his bottom lip was taken between his teeth in anticipation. His huge hands guided me up and positioned me over his face as I gripped the headboard for support. I was expecting a moment, maybe two, to prepare, but Ashton clearly had other things in mind, his tongue poked out to lick a long stripe up my slit, I gasped because it was so sudden. First, he teased my clit with the tip of his tongue, then working in figure-8’s down towards my core. As soon as he met my entrance, he wasted no time in snaking his tongue into my aching heat and teasing me from there. His hands held a firm grip on my thighs, and he occasionally spanked my bum if I tried to close my legs or if I moaned too loudly. Then his tongue went completely in me and curled into my g-spot, then he sucked on my clit. I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure so I sat up but then he held my hips just buried his face even more in me. He moved his tongue down to my entrance, curving it and getting my juices on his tongue before swallowing and moaning. I carded my fingers through his hair as he slipped his tongue in and out of my entrance before moving up to suck my clit back into his mouth.

“Yea. Like that,” I moaned as I started rolling my hips down into his mouth. “Daddy!” I chanted as my body shook as my first orgasm of the night overtook me and my thighs slightly clenched around Ashton’s head. He forced my legs open and held me down on his face as he continued to suck and lick my clit, then shortly after I had my second orgasm. My legs shook as I got off of his face. He sat up and he made a show of licking his lips before wiping his chin with the back of his hand. I giggled at him because his hair was messier than usual. He looked wrecked and we had only just begun. It was one of those nights where he was going to go all night and i had no say in it. Not that I would ever complain. I crawled over to him and kissed his shoulder before kissing his neck.

“Lay down” he demanded and I obeyed and just to tease him I closed my legs, he came a bit closer to me and forced my legs apart and I giggled. He rubbed the tip of his cock against my clit and I whimpered and he smirked as my hands held on to his strong arms.

”Do you want it, princess?” he smiles and it’s a dirty, sweet smile that says ”I’m going to tease you so bad and you’re going to be begging for it.”

”Yes, daddy, I want it so much, please give it to me, please”, I grind against him but he’s having none of that and pulls his hips back the second I try to move. “Please, daddy”, I add again because fuck, he’s not touching me and I want him to fuck me and it’s frustrating. He moved his tip down to my entrance where he slowly slid it in and I whimpered. I whimpered I felt the familiar stretch of his cock  as it entered  me and I adjust – I’m so used to his cock – and I relax completely, well as much as I can, because I trust him and he makes me feel so good. He gripped my hips with both of his hands as he slowly slid into, giving me time to adjust. I locked my legs around his waist and he smirked at the way I was reacting to the pleasure he was giving me. His hands were gripping my hips but then his other hand went to pet my thigh after he buried his cock completely into me and holy shit, I see stars in front of my eyes, across his face and it’s so good, so good. Everything’s so perfect, and the lust in his eyes is everything I’ve ever wanted to see. My hands held onto his shoulders as he pounded into me, then my fingers laced through his hair at the top and back of his head. Then he stopped I whined. Then I removed my hands from his hair as he sat up.

“Ride me,” he smirked and winked as he laid down. I rolled my eyes at him as I got and got on top of him. I hovered above his cock, he ran his tip teasingly between my wet folds making my body shudder in delight then rubbed the tip of his cock against my clit then against the place I needed him the most. Then he held it there as I began to slide down on it. He grabbed my ass and helped me sink down onto his cock, the feeling of him inside of me was incomparable to anything I have ever felt in my entire life. His length was slowly stretching my walls, and the tip of his cock brushed places inside of me that I had never even dreamed of being touched. I slid down all the way and I whimpered because he was so deep inside me. I began bouncing on his cock then he randomly thrusted up into me and he continued pounding up into me, hitting my g-spot because he loved it when I lost control.

“Ugh daddy,” I whined, as his is rapid thrusts brought me closer to my orgasm third orgasm. “You feel so good inside me.” 

Then he stopped and made me lay down, and I wrapped my legs around his waist so he could stay inside me. Both of his hands went to clamp onto the top of the head board as and he began pounding into me harder. He was groaning with pleasure as his name was a chant on my lips. He bent down to kiss me and I bit his bottom lip and pulled on it before letting it go. He hissed and thrusted harder into me .From how hard he was pounding into me he was literally fucking me into the mattress. Then he let go of the headboard and he held onto my hips as the head board hit the wall repeatedly but we were so lost in the pleasure we were giving each other to care.

“Daddy!” I screamed I felt a rush as my orgasm took over me. He groaned as he thrust four more times into me as he came inside me. His body shook as he gasped for breath, sweat covering both of us.

He laid on top of me and we laid there in silence for what felt like forever as we tried to calm down from our orgasms. He sat up and slowly slid out of me and his cum spilled out of me. I groaned because of the emptiness .He laid down between my legs, his head rested on my chest and I carded my fingers through his hair. Then after a couple of minutes of sitting in silence he sat up and let his hand cup between my legs and I whimpered. He rubbed over my clit and I tried to clamp my legs together but he bent his arm to prevent that. He slid his fingers down and pushed two inside of me and I shook as I bit my bottom lip and I looked up at him. He thrust two fingers in and out of me he had his thumb rubbing at my clit and I whimpered. Ashton was switching from watching my face and watching where his hand was between my legs. It didn’t take long for me to come a fourth time and he was sure to take his time dragging his hand away from my center. He leaned forward and kissed me and I kissed him back. He broke the kiss and he smiled down at me as he slipped between my legs.

“Give me time to recover Daddy.” I groaned from exhaustion.

“You’re not tapping out on me are you love?” he breathed and I shook my head no.

“I just need time to catch my breath.” I smiled up at him.

“I love you.” he smiled.

“I love you too.” I smiled as he leaned down to kiss me. I was just about to doze off when I felt him kiss my neck and I groaned at him and rolled over onto my side.

“Don’t fall asleep I’m not done with you.” he whispered.

“Wait what.” I said. I was exhausted from the things we did earlier.

“I’m gonna flip you over and pound into that tight little pussy.” he breathed against into my ear then lightly spanked my bum. I looked around the sheets were ruined, and pillows were all over the floor but I knew that would happen the moment we walked through their front door earlier.Ashton grabbed a pillow and put it under my hips and I sighed. His lips connected with my shoulder and I moaned. I felt the tip of him against my sensitive entrance and I shivered before he was sliding in. I sighed when he bottomed out inside of me and my walls clenched around him and his hands came to rest by where my arms and torso met. He began slowly thrusting into to help me.

“Daddy.” I softly moaned.

He started off with slow shallow thrusts before he started picking up his pace. He was moaning, and he moved one hand onto my lower back making me arch my back and lift my ass a little bit more in the air.

“Princess you feel so good.” moaned Ashton.

I sobbed against the sheets when he began thrusting faster and harder into me. All that could be heard was the sound of skin slapping together and our moans. Then his hand slid down to start rubbing at my clit. I was so sensitive and I came pretty quickly, and I clenched around him. But he didn’t stop. He held onto my hips a bit tighter and pounded harder into me causing the headboard to slam against the wall. I sobbed against the sheets from the overwhelming pleasure. I could barely even form words as he ravaged me.

“Please daddy make me cum-.” My sentence was cut off when he pulled my hair and pulled me up to his chest and pounded me harder. My moans turned into screams of pleasure. Then he grabbed my arms and held them behind my back and he moved one hand to hold onto my neck, as he pounded into me relentlessly.

“Yeah take it” he moaned into my neck. “You’re such a good girl for daddy.” he moaned into my neck kissing it. I breathed harshly and bit my bottom lip before gasping for breath when he let go of my neck and hair, my face and torso fell back onto the mattress. My knees were barely holding me up; I was shaking, I was so close.
He kissed me as his thrusts sped up, his orgasm was approaching .I could feel his hard cock throbbing inside of me and I whined into his mouth. He slid off the bed and stood at the edge for more stability. I screamed and arched my back and he smirked down at me. I choked on his name as he moved a hand down and moved his hand to rub my clit. I clenched down on his cock as another orgasm was approaching. “Don’t you fucking dare,” he growled into my ear, “I’m not down with you yet.” I called out through the room as he attached his lips to my neck again, biting down on it and sucking, running his tongue around the spot. The bed was hitting the wall harder than it had done all night His hands were latched into the headboard above my head and he was using it as leverage. Rough. That’s all I could think. But it still wasn’t rough enough.

“Harder,” I begged in a whisper and he obliged by letting out a dark chuckle and then holding onto the headboard so hard that his knuckles turned white. He rammed into me once, so hard that my arms gave out on me. I was flat against the bed, face down, unable to hold myself up any longer. I cried out and then he started a sloppy rhythm that had the bed shaking and beating the wall with such force that I feared it might come apart at the seams. I buried my face into the pillow and screamed. He let go of the headboard and his fingers dug into my backside again, pushing down on me, he slapped my behind hard, growling. He was almost completely parallel to me, his fists bracing him under my arms, and shoving into me so hard that I was sliding up the bed. He clawed my behind with his fingernails, growling loudly through the room like an animal. He groaned about how tightly I was squeezing around him.  I heard his breath hitch, his arms shook hard as I felt his warmth inside of me and he bellowed out through the room, growling out a loud, “FUCK!” I felt his first stream of release sputter inside me. The wild animalistic groan he made triggered my orgasm. A long shaky breath left my lips as I came around him coating his cock in my arousal. His filthy words filled my mind all at once adding to the intensity. He fell to my back, pushing my hair away from my neck and the side of my face and showering me with gentle kisses.

My face is planted on one of the pillows, my body sore and pussy hurting. He slips out of me with ease, and rolls off of me and lies next to me on his back. He’s pushing his fingers through my hair. I giggle a bit, I’m tired and I want to sleep.

”Fucking hell”, he breathes. I’m looking at his side profile. He has his eyes closed for a moment but he sighs and opens them to turn his head to look at me. We share a satisfied look and he laughs happily, out of breath.

“I’m exhausted”, I mumble. I’m so close to falling asleep.

”Yea”, he agrees. Now is not a good time for talking. He grabs me and pushes me against his side. His soft and warm skin is the last thing I remember before I fall asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N: This is my first piece of writing ,so i hope its good. Thank you so much for reading! <3 :)

taking a bath with Sebastian Stan would include

Originally posted by jamesbahrnes

  • having a special playlist for bath time which mainly consists of Elliott Smith
  • lying against Seb’s hard chest
  • him having his arms around your bare tummy
  • his thumb slowly rubbing your stomach
  • his knees poking out of water
  • kissing your neck lovingly
  • leaning back into his embrace
  • putting your head in the crook of his neck
  • leaving small kisses on the cone of your head
  • sweet talking 
  • holding hands under water
  • making plans for future
  • “i can’t believe i’ve lived 33 years without knowing about your existence. How have i survived?”
  • moving your arm behind you
  • wrapping it around his neck
  • playing with the ends of his hair
  • him pulling you into him
  • “i adore you, baby doll”
  • blushing at his petname for you
  • leaving hot open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • then waltz#1 by Elliott Smith starts to play
  • “this is my favorite song”
  • “i know Seb, you say it like every day”
  • stolen kisses
  • him blowing raspberries on your bare skin
  • you giggling
  • “god, that’s my favorite sound”
  • his hands wandering on your soft skin
  • sliding his fingertips down your neck
  • leaning onto his touch
  • him feeling a shudder run down his skin when a small moan escapes your lips