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Stranded // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan (M)

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut // Threesome

Summary//Request: wonderandneverlandtrip said: Could you possibly do a mark x reader x Jackson smut from got7 ? I love your writing btw 🙊❤❤

PLEASE READ: I have written a continuation of this scenario! If you would like to read it, you can~ I’m Okay With That // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan

A/N: Please be advised this scenario is rated mature // Threesome, car sex, oral.

If you hadn’t of been in the company of your two best friends, Mark and Jackson, today would have officially been the worst day ever – period.

All three of you were en route back from a weekend getaway with the rest of the boys. You, Mark and Jackson were in the old red Volvo, while the other 5 took the jeep – currently miles ahead of you. Unfortunately for you three, Mark had accidently ran over some idiot’s broken beer bottle left lying at the side of the road, causing the front left tyre to completely burst flat. To make things worse, upon getting out of the car and examining the flat tyre, Jackson then informed you both that there was no spare in the trunk – completely adding insult to injury. Mark called JB, telling him of the situation.

“Well, I can’t come back for you guys because there’s no room for you – it wouldn’t be safe. You guys are gonna have to wait until I leave the other boys home and then come pick you all up. I’ll be about 4 hours – so just stay put.” JB instructed Mark upon him calling, leaving the three of you stranded at the side of the lonely, barren road as you all sat in the car – eating the food left over from the trip and watching the sun as it set in the distance.

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Sheith - Love

Set after the Paladins find Shiro again. This was written as a continuation of this, but can also be read as a stand alone.

Shiro’s arms were warm around him. He’d felt them so many times before, slung across his shoulder, or wrapped around him, pulling him in close, but this was different somehow. Warmer, closer than before. Keith needed this. Proof that Shiro was here, with him, in this room, next to him, alive. Alive.

God, he thought he’d lost him, again. Keith couldn’t lose Shiro, once was too much for one lifetime, and he’s not sure he could have handled it a second time, especially after how he handled the first time.

He doesn’t need to think about that now, because Shiro is here. His arms squeezing Keith, enveloping him like he’s trying to bind them together, and Keith would love that. He’d thought about it, being bound to Shiro in every way possible. Bodies locked together, pushed against one another as sweat trickled down their naked skin. Shiro trapped inside him, unable to leave, grinding in him while Keith let out little gasps. Shiro’s mouth against his neck, teeth brushing the surface, and then biting down, breaking the skin, letting blood spill out onto the sheets beneath them, and binding them, making sure they’re never apart again, not truly. Not ever again.

Of course, Keith knew it was a fantasy. Shiro had always looked at him, but never in that way. There had never been want there. There had been love, Keith was sure of that, but never want, never a need, or an ache for him.

It was wonderful, knowing that someone loved you. Being able to see it on their face so clearly when they looked at you, but sometime, sometimes it was hard. Sometimes the love made it harder to look. The knowledge that no matter how tender the look, or how soft, and loving the touches, it’s just not the right kind of love. The kind that Keith feels.

At least, that’s what Keith had always believed, until Shiro pulled away, just slightly. Just enough so that they could look at each other, but not enough that Keith could seem more than Shiro’s eyes. They’re warm, and filled with the wrong kind of love, but then he couldn’t see them anymore, because Shiro was kissing him.

It was such a shock that Keith couldn’t move. In all his fantasies, he’d opened up to Shiro, moulded into him, and let the older man take control, but right then in that moment, Keith couldn’t move. He didn’t know how.

“Sorry,” Shiro whispered, as he pulled away. He looks bashful, but not regretful, and Keith wondered how long he’d know. When had he figured out that Keith loved him? He had to have known. There was too much confidence in him for him not to have known. Keith had thought that he’d hidden it well. Apparently not.

“Keith?” Shiro asked, eyes roaming Keith’s face for some kind of answer.

Keith eyes focused on Shiro, and the reality of what he’d just done came into full clarity. Shiro opened his mouth to say something, or ask something. Keith didn’t know, and didn’t care.

He pushed forwards, standing on his tiptoes, and pulling Shiro, in closer against him. His mouth met Shiro’s , the kiss far messier, and desperate, than the last one. They moved against each other, but not together. Keith was too frantic, desperate, and Shiro was too calm, and controlled. They’d didn’t quite fit, teeth clashed, and lips slipped, but it was still magic.

Not how Keith had imagined, but that didn’t matter, this was real.

Shiro pulled away first. He let out a breathless laugh as his face hovered above Keith’s, just out of reach.

“That was-, you’re more eager than I expected,” and then he leaned down, almost kissing Keith again, “not that I’m complaining.”

Keith pushed up, straining on his toes, to kiss Shiro again, and stop him from spouting pretty nonsense.

Shiro seemed to get the message, and leaned down into the kiss, matching his movement to Keith’s. Keith clenched his hands into Shiro’s clothes, and revelled in the feeling of Shiro’s mouth against his. He startled to settle into the kiss when he felt Shiro’s hands slip. For one horrid moment, he thought that Shiro was going to pull away, and this would all be over, but then the hands slid onto his ass, spread out, cupping them.

Keith froze in utter shock, until Shiro squeezed, making him yelp into his gropers mouth.

Shiro lifted up, off Keith, and grinned, hands still on his ass.

“I’ve always wanted to touch this,” he said, squeezing again as emphasis. Keith almost felt too breathless to speak, but the way Shiro was looking at him made something break inside him. Whatever had always held him back was gone. There was want in those eyes. A want, a need, an ache. Lust.

The right kind of love, the kind Keith wanted.

“I’ve always wanted you to touch me,” he murmured.

Never enough time [Chanbaek Smut]

Warning:  Smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut (●´ω`●) + Angst + Fluff [i dont really know the genre here it’s just a bit of everything]

Word Count: 5013

Summary: Chanyeol wanted nothing more than for Baekhyun to accept his confession and return his feelings; when he finally gets what he’s yearned for for so long, he doesn’t realise how soon it could all be over. 

Sounds dramatic right?..


“What the hell is your problem, Baekhyun?” Chanyeol demanded as he threw the younger down on the bed. “Is this what you want?” He cried as he strode over to where the elder was getting on his hands and knees, face shoved down in the pillow. “You want this to happen? You want some stranger to do this?” He moved on, yanking Baekhyun’s jeans down around his thighs and causing him to cry out.

His ass was in the air, thankfully still covered in his boxer briefs. He’d downed more than half a bottle of vodka and was too far gone to move from his position or protest with anything other than sobs. But Chanyeol’s words were sobering, and soon he began crying into the pillow, gently begging for him to stop.

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Not a Piece of Cake.

Original Request

Can you do a Sam x Reader fluff where the reader is baking something in the kitchen and she accidentally burns herself and knocks over things in the process and Sam finds her with a destruction of mess around her.

Warnings: Bleeding

Word Count: 901

Summary: Reader attempts to bake, leading to an accident. Sam x Reader.


It was a lazy afternoon in the bunker. Sam and Dean were both in their rooms otherwise occupied while you were in the kitchen, planning to… bake. Everyone knew you weren’t a good cook. The last time you tried to make pancakes, you nearly set the whole kitchen on fire.

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Lacquered finishes bring a high style update to any room.  Often used with rich, dark colors, it’s reflective quality shines light on the room.  Not just for walls, this look is great on furniture or interior doors and trim.  Since lacquer has a reputation of being a difficult DIY, get a similar look using a few coats of high-gloss paint.

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1. Metamorphosis of Woman
Woman, the one who brings life. Before she can give life…she must become one of her own. Draped in the cocoon (red saree) of societal expectations conflicted with the innate desire for self discovery, woman is a battlefield. The transformation of woman happens first unseen, within the trappings of the societal mould, from which she must break free.

2. The Exhaustion                                                                                           

The life of life: an internal struggle, an exhaustion beyond compare. Before nature can be green, life begins with red. She bleeds you, raw with emotion, drawing the wolves of the woods ever more near. She fends for her self, she does not need your protection; she gives to you when she chooses.               

3.Emergence of Woman:

Once Woman is ready, there is nothing that can hold her back or withstand her force. The cocoon will let her eyes open, moulds shatter, a flower blossoms quietly in a forest muddled with sound and malicious whispers. Everything stops in her wake. Upon the emergence of Woman.. the earth learns to breath, once again.

Photography & Concept- Aphiraa Nirmalarajah sunshinepeppers
Model: Maheen Asim haramasfuq
Caption: Naveed Khan navk


In which Charles heads to Bath, receives some bad news, and then almost immediately receives some good news…

(This is technically parts 5 AND 6, but it’s been so long since I posted new stuff, I figured I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the ridiculous angst at the end of chapter 5 :DD THANK YOU THANK YOU especially to madneto for being my wise regency expert and answering all of my inane questions!!! Anything that remains historically inaccurate is my fault and not hers! 

I know DOFP is coming out soon, and we’ll probably all be consumed with new canon and meta and all that delicious stuff, but if people are still interested in reading this, I’m still planning on posting the rest! And once school calms down a bit, cleaning it up and moving it all over to Ao3…)

In case you missed something, previous parts: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR


Charles lingered at Uppercross while he waited for news from Lyme, though the empty, echoing halls did nothing to ease his anxiety. He felt helpless, being so far away and with no one to comfort. When Raven finally sent word that Marie had awoken and been safely moved to Mr. Howlett’s home to recover, Charles looked for someone to share the happy news with and found himself alone. He knew then that it was time to move on. Though the family would be returning soon, he felt he had already outstayed his welcome.

And so begrudgingly, with a heavy heart, Charles journeyed to Bath where his stepfather and stepbrother had set up house in a part of town they could no longer afford.  

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chaoticlivi  asked:

SoMa - Halloweentown!

Thanks Livi :D

(I fucking love Halloween, this was so fun to write aaaah)

The full moon is high in the sky, bigger and brighter than he has ever seen, and if he were to take Blair’s advice he would hurry home and lock all the doors before midnight ticks by.

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