open mic wednesdays

NYC! Tomorrow night the @houseofvans Brooklyn will host SESSIONS, a free skate & open mic night, on Wednesday, March 8th from 7PM – 11PM. The event is open to all ages. Pizza & Goose Island beer will be served (must be 21+ to drink). Musicians interested in performing at SESSIONS Brooklyn, submit music to: Limited space & limited entry. 

Here’s Ole Gil getting some during the wear test for his new Crockett Pro 2.

📷: @mehringsbearings

Things The Signs Remind Me Of

Aries: campfires. lemon candy. a comfortable, warm, oversized hoodie. crystal grids.

Taurus: holding hands in a forest. caramel chocolates. a library. logging on to this goddamn website and scowling like it’s the newspaper. 

Gemini: sandalwood incense. open mic nights on Wednesdays. quoting literature to win arguments. brownie waffles.

Cancer: rosewater. being in bed. giving advice via Facebook to sixteen people at once. a glossy classical guitar.

Leo: fireworks. sunshine filtering through a forest. cat memes. sigil magick drawn all over your hands.

Virgo: falling asleep easily and quickly. historical novels. the Largo movement of a sonata. paintings of eyes.

Libra: organic coffee. recently tuned pianos. casting spells with music. cologne.

Scorpio: the surface of a meromictic lake. watching shows on Netflix. bursts of inspiration to compose. black cats sleeping in your garden.

Sagittarius: candlelight in winter. fuzzy socks. dancing around in your room. tuxedo shirts for the orchestra concerts.

Capricorn: stage lights. tarot cards. calculating astrology charts by hand. “tag urself im emu” thirst posts.

Aquarius: busking for change downtown with your ukulele and trilby hat. lip balms. collaborative graffiti. tea/coffee/cocoa/whatever you want.

Pisces: the smell of saltwater. sketches of roses. mint candies. spiked boots.

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 5

AUTHOR: orangeyouglad8  (FF account)

PROMPT: Brittany’s never been excited for her nightshifts. Her evening commutes are the worst. That is until one night she bumps into the new busker on the block. Busker!Santana.

PROMPTED BY: knockfivetimes 


TITLE: Turn Me Into a Crumbling Fool (Crazy for You)


Brittany hates working at the bar.

She hates it.

Sure, tips are awesome.

She’s hot and she knows how to work it and she can flip a bottle around and around to get attention.

But she hates it.

She feels like a vampire. She comes home late, late, late.

But it’s something to pay the bills and keep her mornings open for auditions.

She just needs to book a few jobs. Get a part.

Then, then she’ll have her foot in the door.

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hardfeelingsmp3  asked:

prompt, if you want: jemma gets stood up by another girl at a bar but she can't even bring herself to care because a gorgeous girl named skye is singing there. even though her voice is amazing, she looks like she's never sung in public before. (in my original idea, skye is singing because she lost a bet to her friend who owns the bar, but you do do whatever you want with it!)

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