open male role

His name is Wyatt Boyd or Mister Boyd he is Twenty Seven he is a Health Teacher and the Male Soccer Couch and he gets told he looks a whole lot like James Franco.

His personality is:

  • + Easygoing, Charming
  • - Unfaithful, Irresponsible 

His children are:

  • He has no kids but he does have custody over his younger brother Eric Boyd who is seventeen. He gain custody over his younger brother when he was only twenty because their father passed away. At first Wyatt hated it. Having to look after his little brother when he was only twenty but as he got older he grew to like it.  He got a closer relationship with  his brother he didn’t have before.

His life story is:

  • He grew up with his father and his mother in Arizona. His mom was everything to him. He loved her so much. When he was ten he got a little brother who he loved to pick on. That is just what big brothers do. He always pulled pranks on him and messed with him till he got about sixteen. When he was sixteen he found a new hobby, girls.
  • You could say he was a bit of a player.  Girls loved Wyatt, he was smart, handsome, and charming. Girls gave him lots of attention and he loved it.
  • When he was seventeen he got a call that his mom had died in her sleep from a new medication she had been taking. He and his family was crashed by the loss and soon after his father became sick. Wyatt couldn’t take it and he left home for college and didn’t look back. When he was nineteen after two years of not being home he came back. His father was sick and near death.
  • When he was twenty his dad passed and Wyatt wanted to runaway but this time he couldn’t he had stay with his brother.

Other Facts about Wyatt are:

  • He decided to be a health teacher because as a kid he wanted to be a doctor. He was always interested in the medical field but when he got to college he realized how much it would take to be a doctor and he didn’t want to go through that. So he became a health teacher.
  • People refer to him as a very laid back teacher. He never gives home work and he is young so everyone finds him easy to talk to. Even though some teachers call it being lazy and irresponsible he doesn’t really mind it’s just his teaching style.
  • He is not good with relationships at all. In fact his brother says he probably couldn’t keep a relationship with his life depended on it. And Wyatt know it is true. His player ways followed him from high school to now.

The role of Wyatt is Open.

New Open Male Role! Rowan Kai! FC: Rupert Grint!

Name: Rowan Kai.
Face: Rupert Grint.
Age: 18.
Grade: Senior.
Ability: Memory Manipulation.
Personality: Rowan’s quiet but it’s not hard to break down that hard wall of his that he’s got. He’s used to people trying to take advantage of him, but that’s where his power comes in, he can just wipe the memories of any one who crosses him. He’s only been in love once and it ended sour which resulted in him using his power on her to make her forget about him, because of this he’s rebelled against girls and has started using drugs again, given to him by Paress Langly.

This character is open

(This character was made by KD Brooklynn)