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Working Too Hard (Open)

Tony had been in his workshop for, something like, 3 days working on new energy sources, new med tech, now anything to keep his mind distracted. He had been keeping himself going on anything that could give him energy, coffee, energy bars, those sickly sweet energy drinks that gave him a buzz. There were dark circles under his eyes and he was almost sure the name Tony Stank would suit him better right now but he couldn’t sleep and nothing else was distracting him. Nightmares were plaguing him again but this time there wasn’t anyone around to help chase these damned demons away. He groaned in frustration as his hand shook from exhaustion and he head to get up to get his blood flowing again. “Fuck..” He growled to himself running a hand through his hair.


He growled, using what strength he could to sit up. “ You found me, remember? I did not ask to be rescued.”

Mischevious rouge

Loki hopped about from place to place on Asgard as he saw fit he hated the people but that didn’t stop him having fun. He wandered around the gardens and walked about the grounds. He often found strange and mysterious places the led elsewhere and today he had discovered another one. One of his favorite doors as he walked through it and ended up elsewhere. He wondered just where he had gotten himself now from Asgard to only the stars know where!

“Would you prefer it if Thor were your king? Or will you chose to submit to me?”


Loki growled quietly to himself, sitting with a huff on the edge of the cliff, his legs hanging listlessly over the edge. Who the Hel does Heimdall think he is? A more important question ringing in his mind is how much does he know? Loki chewed his lip, battering himself for letting his guard down. He had held his façade for quite awhile but not long enough. He had not yet gotten the opportunity to hand over some of the royal armory to the Chitauri  to get them off of his neck. Now, thanks to Heimdall, he was stuck delivering the news that he was, in fact, alive and well to Thor. Again.

He couldn’t help but to roll his eyes. Loki would never say it to Thor’s face but he had grown wiser. He had begun to see through some of his simpler illusions. “ It took quite enough time…” he mumbled bitterly. It was his hope that he would be able to hold the illusion of shock that he had refused the throne. The grief that now not only was mother dead but father as well. It was Loki’s hope that Thor would hold to his decision  turn his back on Asgard for this miserable realm.

He hadn’t realized it, but he had curled into himself, a bored hand supporting his head. He really should continue his journey to his brother, but something held him here.

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~“..And you believed every word of it, how stupid you people really are.” Irene laughed bitterly. “I was using you all this time and you never even knew. Tut tut i’m a little disappointed. But hey it worked in my favour.”~ 

“Well then,” he asks, a look of expectancy written across his face. “What is your take on me?”

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Tessa had searched for her husband all around the castle. She was back from a visit to the healer. She had felt weird lately, having morning sickness. She tried to hide it from her King, since she had doubts on what it was but wanted to be sure before letting him know. But now that she had found him, she was nervous to tell him…