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Roman Godfrey x Female Reader - The Godfrey’s (Rated M)

Hemlock Grove is one of my fave TV shows so I thought I would try writing a little Roman <3

You’re minding Shelley Godfrey while her Mother is out, unknown to you that Roman was to come home that night aswell.

Warnings- Fingering

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Harley Quinn Open Jumpers Q and Novice Standard NQ. 

Annddd I need to actually train my contacts instead of just rolling the dice of chance with them. But we got good break between now and our next trial so we’ll be ready to bring it by them! 

So so so proud of this girl. She is an absolute blast to run. (huge thanks to the lovely @fortwoof for the support and getting video for me!)

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Alex roughly eating louis that I'm all I'm sayin . Just a thought . I dunno . I haven't seen Dunkirk yet I'm gonna of spoilers

@celebratinglouis u send me the nastiest shit but also thank u. 

this is just…it’s porn. it’s angst and porn and feminization kink and poor coping mechanisms. also it’s written in like three different tenses. listen, I’m sorry. I hope you like it anyways, bc this is a concept I could write…more of. Also a few Dunkirk spoilers! 


The train spewed steam, hot and compressed, behind him, and Alex still found the ability to push forward.

He hurt, and he couldn’t even identify where. His ears were ringing, and he’s only now noticing it. He thought his neck and his head might hurt, but then again, his wrist and his ankle might, too. It’s just everywhere. His eyes stung even though he was just asleep, his mouth tasted like warm beer and warmer water.

He blinked, and brought his hand up to his eyes, his other hand tightening on the strap of his pack. There’s no sunlight in the station, but he still feels like he should lift his hand, get a better view.

He’s standing there on the platform, three dimensions, full color. He’s wearing nearly the exact same thing he wore to the station the first time, the grey trousers and the brown braces and the big, open pale blue jumper that’s gotten paler, bordering on grey.

He’s the most beautiful thing Alex has ever seen. He’s the only beautiful thing he’s seen in a while.

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Jealousy ~ Yugyeom fluff

Style: fluff  

Pairing: Yugyeom x reader

Satisfying scents enclosed both you and your boyfriend, Yugyeom, as you sat in the coffee shop enjoying your choco shakes. It was late Friday afternoon and you were both out on your regular coffee dates, which usually resulted in a movie night. Slurping down the remainder of your drink, you looked up only to make eye contact with a beaming Yugyeom. The red-haired boy had to cover his mouth to try and hide the fact that he was about to laugh/spill his drink all over the table. Rolling your eyes, you asked….                                                  “What’s so funny?”                                                                                                Finally removing his hand from over his mouth, he replied with a slight smirk “well, y/n, you currently have a beard made from cream.” With widen eyes you grabbed the closest napkin, wiped your face and then threw it straight at him. He crinkled his nose, while you stood up laughing at his reaction. Walking side by side, you both exited the coffee shop and made your way towards the dorms.

10 minutes later…

Click. The sound of his keys turning in the lock reverberated around the dorm room and you and Yugyeom stepped inside, shutting the door behind you. Stumbling over to the sofa, you jumped on top of the hundred of fluffy pillows that lay there, surrounding yourself with warmth. Blowing out a relaxing breath, you opened your eyes and saw Yugyeom fumbling around in the kitchen looking for the packets of ramyeon. “I can see you don’t need any help” you said sarcastically while laughing. “Ha.ha.” he replied while scrunching up his face and pulling out the ramyeon packets. About ten minutes later you were both settled side by side on the sofa, a bowl of ramyeon on your lap and a box of popcorn on his. Yugyeom knew how much you loved horror films; so he started playing “The Human Centipede” on the TV in front. The opening titles began to roll over the screen and you could see in the corner of your eyes that Yugyeom kept on checking his phone. All of a sudden, his mouth fell open and he passed his phone to you “look at how good she is!” he exclaimed while showing the dance practice of some girl on Instagram. A string of compliments left Yugyeom’s mouth and you couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous. “Yeah… she’s great” you said half-heartedly, not looking in yugyeoms direction. “Just great? Did you see that technique?! And her facial expressions were perfect throughout it all!” The anger inside of you began to grow more and more, until you couldn’t take it anymore and stood up abruptly. Unfortunately, this caused the bowl of ramyeon to spill all over your top. “Look at what you’ve done now!” You shouted, looking at the shocked boy next to you. As fast as you could, you stormed away and locked yourself in the bathroom.

Yugyeom stayed sat, still in slight shock over your reaction. He began to think over what had just happened and started to piece two and two together… he walked into his room and pulled out a large, light blue jumper from his cupboard. Knocking lightly on the bathroom, he said gently “Y/n…. it’s me I’m sorry about earlier I just thought she was a good dancer that’s it…” He tried to open the door but it was to no avail. Sighing, he looked up and spotted that the small window above the bathroom was slightly open and pushed the jumper through it until it landed in the bathroom on the other side.

Still sat on the bathroom floor, deep in thought, you didn’t notice the jumper being pushed through the window until it landed on top of your head. You pulled it off of you and examined it… looking down you realised that your top was still soaked through and stained. Huffing, you peeled off your top and slid on his jumper. It completely drowned you and reached way past your hands and knees. Laughing to yourself, you inhaled the jumper, becoming completely enveloped in the scent of your boyfriend. Realising you may have overreacted a little bit earlier on; you sheepishly exited the bathroom and shuffled into the living room, head facing the floor. Yugyeom couldn’t hide the smile that lit up his face after he saw you enter the living room dressed in his jumper. He stood up and pulled you onto the sofa with him, making sure to wrap his arm around you. He kissed the top of your head and you leaned into his shoulder, sighing slightly as you realised what a great boyfriend you had…

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Hi :) Hope you like this.. kind of got distracted halfway through by watching his hit the stage performance on replay, so sorry that the ending wasn’t very good ^-^

~admin Beth <3

Caught Feelings- Isaac Lahey (Features Derek Hale)

A/N: So this was probably the quickest i’ve ever written an imagine and it’s pretty long too so i hope you all enjoy!! A happy ending for Isaac got the most votes so that’s what i went with! This wasn’t requested, it was my own idea

Summary: You and Isaac are friends with benefits and a certain Derek Hale can’t help but get jealous

You raised your fist up to the huge door in front of you and tugged at the sleeves of your jumper whilst you waited for it to be opened.

“Hi” You smiled sheepishly at the man in front of you

“Here for Isaac I presume?” Derek asked you bluntly, stepping aside for you to come in

“Thanks” You mumbled, sliding past him and unlacing your trainers before leaving them by the loft door

Derek slid the door shut and went back to his seat on the sofa and resumed the book he had been reading before you interrupted him.

“Hey” You heard Isaac call from the kitchen, he gave you a lopsided grin which made a grin of your own appear “You want any food?” He asked, his mouth slightly full from the toast he was eating

“I’m good thanks” You answered before Isaac headed out of the kitchen and led the way towards his bedroom, you following behind him.

“Derek seemed in a good mood” You said sarcastically once Isaac had closed his bedroom door behind him

“Oh he always is” Isaac smirked before jumping backwards onto his bed motioning for you to take the empty space next to him

You had gone to see Isaac mainly so you two could both watch the new episode of your favourite show that had just aired but you knew there would be more to it than just watching TV. Isaac and you had somehow ended up in a friends with benefits situation for a while now after having hooked up at one of Lydia’s party’s ages ago, you didn’t mind the situation at all and it was, in your opinion, a lot less hassle than having to commit to an actual relationship.

You and Isaac had finished watching the latest episode and you’d ended up slouched on the bed with your head resting on Isaac’s chest

“So what did you think?” Isaac asked, his hands loosely draped on your hips as he mumbled the question into your hair

“Quite the plot twist” You smiled, turning to face him when he quickly closed the gap between the two of you with a kiss. You pulled away with a smirk before turning to face him, positioning yourself in between his legs before his lips with no more signals needed for what was about to happen next.

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Three years old

Part 1

April 14th, 2017

It took David a full five minutes to figure out what was happening. Which was kind of embarrassing if he considered that his clever three-year-old probably didn’t even need half of the time to come up with this brilliant, almost oscar-worthy plan to make a theatrical entrance. And to fool her parents.

He woke up to her kicking at the covers beside him. Then there was some of the usual rustling and just when he thought she was about to climb on his chest and wake him with a sweet “It’s my birthday, Daddy,”, she crawled towards the foot of the bed and, almost as quiet as a mouse, slid down to the floor.

Now more than curious of what was going on, David opened his eyes and slowly turned his head to the side, catching a brief glimpse of a rustled blonde head in a pink jumper quietly opening the door and slipping outside. And then complete silence.

Weird, David thought and waited. And waited and waited and waited.

After a couple of minutes, he heard a quiet voice coming from outside and some scratching on the wall. It almost sounded like she was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and talking to herself. Almost as if… as if she was waiting for something?

And that’s when David realized what was going on.

As quietly as possible, he scooted closer to Gillian, who was resting on her side facing him, still soundly asleep. “Hey, babe. Wake up,” he whispered and slid his right arm around her warm waist. “Gillian, wake up.”

“Hmm?” she hummed approvingly and blinked herself awake only to see him putting his index finger against his lips to sign her to stay quiet. She looked at him in confusion and mouthed a silent “what?”

“Listen!” he said, and looked at her expectantly while listening to their daughter’s sweet little voice coming through the gap.

“Is she sitting in front of the bedroom door?” Gillian asked in a confused whisper after awhile, eyes still only half open and eyebrows furrowed.

“Yeah,” he nodded and couldn’t stop himself from leaning in and kissing her. She was so unbelievably soft and beautiful right after waking up.


“I think she is trying to make us believe that she hasn’t slept in here tonight. And a few days ago, she told me that she’s going to be a big girl now and that she would start to follow the rules.”

“What rules?” she slurred, getting more confused by the second. She remembered some rules somewhere in the back of her head, but had their daughter ever followed one of them?

“Just wait and see!” he said and turned onto his back. And then, a big, hearty yawn came out of his open mouth and he stretched his arms and legs so that the sheets were rustling.

Barely five seconds later, as if she’d waited for the slightest sign that one of her parents were finally awake, there was a soft knock on the door, and suddenly Gillian remembered one of their rules: knock before you come into Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom after the birds started to sing outside. She had never acted on that rule before.

It was absolutely hilarious, and Gillian had trouble holding back a bark of hysterical laughter. This little girl was truly a blessing.

David grinned at her knowingly and waited five seconds before replying with an extra-tired “yes?”. And almost in the same moment, the door was pushed open and in walked a beaming, three-year-old Eaden.

Gillian wasn’t sure if she’d ever seen such a big smile on her daughter’s face, and there sure had been a lot of big smiles in all those three years now. She looked so proud and adorable walking towards the bed in a confident, bouncing pace.

“Hey,” David greeted her exuberantly and held out his arms as she climbed up the bed, and pulled her on top of him. “Good morning, beautiful. Where are you coming from?”

“From outside!” she said proudly and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, as if she was waiting to see if her parents would look through her little plan or not.

But before Gillian or David could say something, she apparently decided to change the topic to more important matters. Excitedly, she looked between her parents and suddenly threw her arms in the air.

“It’s my birthday today!” she called out and kicked her little legs into his pillow.

“What!” David looked at Gillian in feigned surprise.

“Daddy! Mommy! I’m thwee!”

“Oh my god! Happy birthday baby girl!” Gillian said cheerfully and put her arm around her daughter to pull her down for a big kiss. “Wow! I can’t believe you’re three years old now!”

“Happy birthday, Eaden!” David pulled her into a bear hug. “You’re such a big girl now! We love you very, very much!”

“Yeah,” Eaden nodded and rested her head on David’s chest, grinning at her mother. “And I know the wules now!”

Gillian chuckled and let David pull her close to them. “You know the rules now?”

“Yes! Do I get my pwesents now?” she asked and put her fingers into her mouth, suddenly concerned if her efforts were enough to be that “good, well behaved girl” who earned herself all those presents she’d asked for. Although she wasn’t sure if it was enough for that little brother she’d desperately asked for, but certainly for the pack of chewing gum.

“Yes, baby,” Gillian smiled affectionately and stroked a few strands of hair behind her daughter’s ear, fighting hard to hold back the tears. “Let’s go downstairs, have your birthday breakfast with all the things you like and open up all those presents waiting for you! How does that sound?”

Eaden smiled happily and flung her arms around her father’s neck. “Like I’m a veeeery good girl!”

Sign please

So the wonderful @alexxphoenix42 gave me the unilock prompt: “I’ve been receiving all your freaking mail since you moved out and you keep getting weird gifts from your brother, make it stop AU”. It was a lot of fun to write! Really hope you enjoy it. Fair warning: it got REALLY long, like 3000+ words long, so if you prefer you can read on AO3.

“Excuse me. Excuse me – hi? Yeah, I’m wondering if you could help me.”

The receptionist at Student Services fixed him with a baleful glare that would melt the resolve of a lesser man. John Watson, however, squared his shoulders and glared right back.

“Yes?” she asked, sounding less than interested.

“I need to find out the address of a current student. He lived in my room last year, and I’m still getting all his post. Parcels. Weird parcels.”

“Sorry,” she said, looking him up and down suspiciously. “We don’t give out the addresses of our students.”

John sighed, maintaining his temper with an effort. “I don’t think you understand. I’m also a student.” He handed over his student pass: John Watson, age 22, Fourth-year Medicine. “I just need to find this guy so I can get rid of all the weird post that keeps arriving, and convince him to change his address with whoever-it-is that keeps sending the parcels.”

“No, I don’t think you understand,” she said, flatly. “We don’t give out addresses.” She pushed the pass back across the counter at him.

John took a deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth. “Okay. Perhaps if I brought the post here, you could pass it on to him for me, and give him a message to change his address?”

“No, sorry,” she said, already shuffling some papers on a desk to her left. The phone rang, and she picked it up. “Student Services, how may I help you?” she intoned as John took a step back.

“Not well,” he muttered under his breath as he stamped away.

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Nug Catcher

Short one shot piece for a competition being run on deviant art by ages-of-thedas 

Cullen X Trevelyan - SFW- Pure pre romance fluff!

Involves nugs in sweaters, mischief and Cullen - What more do you want? BTW I take no responsibility if this rots your teeth XD


Scribbling away Cullen didn’t notice his office door open a crack, although he did frown when he heard a ‘psst’ sound. Once certain he wasn’t imagining it he looked up to find Inquisitor Trevelyan peeping her head in.

“Cullen,” she breathed. The way she said his name, with such relief and joy made him smile softly. “I need your help.”

Instantly the smile dropped into frown and he returned to his papers. “What have you done now?” he asked wearily, it seemed this wouldn’t be the friendly social call he’d been hoping for.

She exclaimed something of a garbled gasp at the accusation as she slipped in, checking over her shoulder first, which he noted couldn’t be a good sign.

“This is serious Cullen! Will you help me or not?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

“Last time I agreed to help you,” he grumbled briefly making her gaze. “Vivienne refused to talk to me for almost a fortnight.”

“And I said I was sorry!” Trevelyan huffed and flung her arms away, then moved to crouch in front of his desk. “Please?” she asked sweetly.

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#127: Baby Series | Diaper Changing


Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby



Luke fumbled with his fingers, not really saying anything but just biting his lip and looking down at the plate in front of him. The seat next to him was empty and he was starting to grow anxious about what was going on. “Is there anything wrong?” Liz asked confused, noticing Luke’s sudden weird state and she stopped mid track with putting potatoes on her plate. “Yeah, I’m just wondering where Y/N is..” Luke mumbled with a shrug and looked back at the empty chair, his eyebrows furrowing as he tried to find an explanation for why you all of the sudden rose from the chair and headed out of the living room. Luke’s grandparents had been ranting endlessly about wanting to finish the dinner that never actually occurred on the day you got into labor, and they had waited patiently until the day you and Luke actually had the surplus to do it, and today was that day. Everything had been fine, William had been sleeping in his baby carriage most of the time and the dinner had started nice and well. You had been acting normal, checking on William a few times to see if he was sleeping well, as you guys had placed him inside Luke’s old bedroom where there was still a bed and a desk, but with a few boxes of Liz’s old clothes that couldn’t fit in her own dresser. But now that you were gone, Luke had started to grow confused and now he had to stand up because it was overwhelming him. ”I’ll go check on Y/N.” He said politely and placed his napkin next to his plate before hurrying towards his own bedroom and opened the door carefully. “Everything alright?” Luke asked worried when he popped his head inside and you looked up at him with a soft smile. “Yeah.. William just pooped.. Everywhere he could.” You said with a sigh and Luke shut the door and walked forward so he could stand next to you. “Literally.” Luke commented and saw the hot mess, poop everywhere on William’s clothes and diaper. “Literally.” You repeated in confirm and threw yet another tissue in the bin next to you. “I have no idea what exploded inside of him but it was making me anxious. He wouldn’t stop making noises in the baby monitor and I’m so happy that I checked on him.” You explained and Luke nodded his head in confirm, helping you along to get a fresh diaper on William when you had finally cleaned him and got him into some new clothes. You stood up with William in your embrace and Luke grabbed the dirty clothes, ready to turn around to wash it but Liz came inside. “Is there something wrong?” She asked with a raised eyebrow but her mouth turned into an o when she saw the mess Luke had in his hands. “Here, let me help.” She smiled at you and headed towards you to take the dirty clothes. “Thanks mom.” Luke said generously and you nodded your head agreeing. “You did the exact same thing when you were his age.” Liz commented and it made Luke’s cheeks blush while you held a hand in front of your mouth to prevent the giggle escaping your lips.


Calum smiled softly to himself as he was leaning his back against the wall with his body, his hands filled with bass wires and his eyes glued to the scene in front of him. The studio was filled with giggles, happiness and looked quite like a mess with you, Ashton, Alexander and Michael sprawled on the floor. Today was Alexander’s first visit at the studio, mainly because this was Calum’s first work day since the birth but he couldn’t get himself to leave you guys at home. After 20 minutes of convincing, he finally managed to make you say yes to go to the studio with him, but it also meant that the working process took longer because Michael and Ashton got so distracted by Alexander all the time. But being here for quite a long time meant that at some point Alex would need to get his diaper changed, and that was now. With the help of Ashton and Michael, the three of you teamed up to change his diaper and Calum was surprised to see how into it the boys were. Normally you would connect diaper changing with something gross that was unnecessary to anticipate in but the boys found it hilarious to do, and Michael had total control of doing it to both yours, Ashton’s and Calum’s surprise. “If you’re gonna pee on me Alex, we won’t be friends after this.” Michael exclaimed and you couldn’t prevent the giggles as you stared at him changing the diaper while Ashton threw the dirty one into the bin behind him. “He almost did it to Calum once. We just changed his diaper and put on a new one when he started to pee again.” You commented and grabbed his feet afterwards, Alex’s eyes looking around confused by the two enormous boys staring down at him with big smiles. A poke appeared on Calum’s shoulder and he turned his head away from you guys to look at Luke who was standing with a skeptical expression and had his guitar plectrum between his lips. “What’s wrong?” Calum asked and stopped pulling the wires from each other so he could focus on Luke and it made him remove the plectrum between his lips. “Have you told her?” Luke asked and crossed his arms, leaning his body against wall just like Calum. “No..” He responded and looked back at you guys, a guilty feeling running down his spine. “Don’t you think you should do it? You knew it would happen.” Luke commented and Calum nodded his head with a sigh. He had told himself at least 5 times a day that he should mention it to you but every time you would look at him with Alex wrapped up in your embrace he couldn’t get himself to do it. “I just think it’s too hard to believe.” He mumbled and fiddled with the wire. “As long as you don’t tell her the day before.” Luke said and Calum nodded his head agreeing, his eyes adverting back to you guys on the floor and a sigh escaped his lips with a very small smile on his lips.  


“What about this one?” You asked, holding up yet another pink jumper from the row of clothes in front of you and it made Michael furrow his eyebrows and squeeze his eyes to get a better look at it. “Didn’t you just show me that?” He asked confused and swung the baby carriage back and forth, trying his best to get Celeste to sleep again. “No, this one has a panda on it. The other one had a giraffe.” You scoffed and him and grabbed the other jumper, showing the both of them to Michael. He looked confused between the two of them before pointing towards the one with the panda and you smiled in satisfaction and placed it down in the basket you were holding with other baby clothes. Today you guys needed to get out. Not just the let’s go to the park get out, but actually getting out of your neighborhood. You guys had been stuck at home for ages and Michael craved to get out just for a few hours, and that was how you ended up heading to the closest mall, and it was totally obvious that you guys would shop for baby clothes. Not that Celeste needed everything, since the birth everyone had spoiled her with presents such as clothes, toys and fuzzy bears. Small cries came from the baby carriage and it made Michael’s attention turn back towards Celeste and he made a small whining sound to copy her before he picked her up in his embrace and followed you towards socks. “Uhm Y/N.” Michael said all of the sudden and it made your attention dawn towards his and you looked at him with questionable eyes. “I think we’ve got a brown alarm.” You lifted your eyebrows in confuse at first but then your mouth turned wide and you looked at him with understanding eyes. “It’s because of all that milk you produce, jeez.” He chuckled and opened the baby carriage fully. “You wanna do it here?” You asked confused and walked closer so you stood right next to him. “This is a baby store? Do you think the workers would mind?” He asked with a shrug with his shoulders and it made you bit your lip and take a look around the shop. Nobody else was here and the shop was big enough for you to become hidden in all the piles of clothes and other baby supplements. “Alright.” You sighed and removed the blanket Celeste usually slept with in the baby carriage and moved down to grab a new diaper along with some tissues and a teddy bear so she wouldn’t puzzle around in the baby carriage. “See, everything is gonna be okay baby girl we just need to check that Mr. Poopoo pants have visited.” Michael giggled down at Celeste before placing her down on the baby carriage with a towel under her. “He surely did.” Michael said in confirm and grimaced as he started to clean her and you smiled up at him with a laugh and gave him a clean diaper that he seemed to be more pleased than ever to change for her.


“Okay, I’m taking Cloe this time!” Ashton exclaimed as he bowed forward in front of the crib, taking Cloe up from her slumber and cradled her in his arms. “You sure you wanna risk that?” You chuckled, putting the blue pacifier in your hand into Zack’s waiting mouth. He would always be a drama queen when he didn’t have it in his mouth during nursing. “Why wouldn’t I? Every time you change her it’s just pee.” He said with a shoulder shrug and placed Cloe on the nursing table. “That’s because I’m magical. She can feel when it’s her daddy changing her.” You chuckled and stood next to him, placing Zack on the nursing table right next to Cloe. “Well Zack always makes the biggest poops. So I’ll just say good luck.” Ashton chuckled and placed a kiss to your cheek and you looked up at him with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, starting to unbutton Zack’s jumper. “Prepare for gas mask.” He said and unbuttoned Cloe’s jumper and he kept on looking towards you to make sure what he expected would happen. You opened the jumper fully and moved it up so you could remove the diaper and just like you expected, nothing but pee was in the diaper. Ashton stared at you speechless, his mouth hanging and eyes wide. “I don’t believe this.” He commented and watched as you giggled up at him. “It’s mommy power.” You chuckled and cleaned him up before grabbing a new diaper and started to put it on him. “Mommy power my ass.” Ashton scoffed at you and lifted his head up to remove some of the curls sticking in front of his face and he opened Cloe’s diaper with big expectations but then closed it fast again. He made a grimace and looked towards you with an angry expression and you placed your hand in front of your mouth. “Is anything wrong?” You asked innocently and cocked your head while staring at him. “Yes Y/N, we’ve got a bingo over here.” Ashton said out loud and you couldn’t control the giggles that escaped your lips as you put on Zack’s jumper. “Well, you wanted Cloe didn’t you?” You chuckled and watched as he started to clean her up with wet tissues. “Next time I’m taking Zack again, at least he doesn’t poop that much.” He stated and shook his head disappointed while grabbing a new diaper and wrapped Cloe into it. “I’ll tell you twice. It’s mommy power.” You said and lifted up Zack into your arms and placed a kiss to his soft cheek, the smirk on your lips never leaving. Ashton glared over at you and watched as you headed out of the bedroom and towards the living room. He looked back at Cloe who stared up at him with confused eyes and he lifted her up into his embrace. “Mommy power, do you believe in that?” He scoffed quietly and looked down at Cloe, expecting her to answer but all she did was drool down her mouth and looking up at him with her hazel eyes.

Hems & Hols [G]

Title: Hems & Hols
Rating: G
Word count: ~1,500
A/N: In response to @corpselover1426’s adorable meta:
“…imagine Albus secretly asking Molly to make the sleeves a bit longer when she knits Scorpius’s Christmas sweaters and Scorpius opening them in delight Christmas morning and Albus blushing and smiling in satisfaction when he sees him pull the sleeves all the way down over his hands.”

“You’re sure, dear?”

“Yes, Nana,” Albus Potter reiterated, shifting uncomfortably on the common room’s stone hearth.  “Just a tad longer on the sleeves. He’s not one to ask for favors, but I know he’d appreciate it.”  

“Goodness knows I’m hardly ‘hip’ these days, but I simply don’t understand the appeal of sleeves flapping about in the wind. Surely your beau’s hit the end of his growth spurt? He’s as tall as a reed, and twice as thin.”  

Albus sighed good-naturedly. If he took the time to explain each and every Scorpius Malfoy idiosyncrasy, they would be here all night. He settled on an abridged version of events.

“You’ve seen Scorpius, Grandma, he’s hardly what you could consider on-trend. Think of it more of a quirk. He likes pulling the jumper over his hands. Saves him the trouble of mittens, actually.”

“Mittens” Molly Weasley’s head in the Floo fire mused. “I suppose he could do with a pair of those too, couldn’t he?”

“Nana, no. You’ve already knit him a trunk-full. He has a pair for every day of the week. I think he’s set for life on mittens. He could really do with those sleeves though…”

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Merry Christmas to my @carryonsecretsanta 

Christmas fic, feat. engagement


Contains French, but I think it’s easy enough to work out based on the context.

Words: 2.7k


I wake suddenly, with a sharp turn. I’m facing Baz and my arm is hanging between us both, stretched over my head across the pillow. 

 Baz lies next to me facing the wall, unmoved from the foetal position he fell asleep in cocooned by my body. The silk of his “festive” (pretentious) pyjamas hangs loosely at his neck and my fingers are itching to trace the skin there, but I tuck my arm back under the duvet. I don’t want to wake him. 

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