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Name: Gaja
Age: 19
Country: Slovenia 

Well i’m a typical 19 years old girl who is convincing herself that she’s unique and different. i’m attending university, i’m studying social work so i will become psychotherapist. I’m a very open minded person. I love adventures, travelling (i travel as much as i can) and reading (my top fave are HARRY POTTER and the hunger games triology but i also love criminal stories). i also love listening to music (i’m a huge fav of shawn mendes) and i love attending concerts. i also love watching youtube videos so therefore i stan a lot of different youtubers. i don’t really watch tv or different series but i liked OITNB and skam. i enjoy meeting new people, i’m often shy at first but if we get close i can assure you i’m one of the best and funniest people ever:) i’d love to hsve a friend from another country so we could write letters to each other, send gifts and maybe even meet someday. oh and also, since english is not my first language, you can expect some smaller grammatical mistakes from me but deal with it xxx 

Preferences: I don’t care about gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc., I’m just looking for someone 18+, someone i could discuss anything with:)

                “Hold that pose a little longer.” 

Peeta was painting away, it was a hobby of his that had stuck with him
throughout his whole life, even now as he had grown old… older so
to say, his painting still stuck strong with him and he enjoyed it. Capturing
the essence of someone, stranger, friend, lover, in a painting. It didn’t
matter who they were, he needed to paint them, or even a scenary. 

 “I’ll let you look when it’s finished.”

  • Me: *watches Lexa & Delphine get shot*
  • Me: *opens The Hunger Games Wikipedia page*
  • Me: *changes summary to* "It is a universe set in the 'Show Runners Mind', a place consisting of Queer Women and twelve tropes in varying states of poor development. Every year, queer women are chosen to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called The Hunger Games."
1: He sees you on the tube.


Dan sits and plays his Flappy Bird game, hoping to make the tube ride shorter with a distraction. It works however it isn’t the game that is the distraction. Dan looks up as the train stops to see which station he is at when you walk on. You sit across from him unaware he is danisnotonfire and open your Hunger Games Mocking Jay book. Dan can’t seem to take his eyes from you, from your leather jacket to your multi coloured Converse. You realise he is staring and you flash him a quick smile.


Phil starts to run as the doors for the train are about to close, barely making it inside in time. He feels his elbow come into contact with something soft.

“Ow” you say as his elbow quickly retracts from your chest before shuffling to find a seat.

Phil turns to say sorry but you have already left. Instead he follows the parting sea of people left in your wake with his eyes. Becoming instantly mesmerised by your beauty he completely misses his stop.
Jennifer Lawrence on the alienation of fame: 'The whole world starts looking at you differently' |
Jennifer Lawrence has always been apprehensive about fame. It’s why she took three days to decide to star as Katniss Everdeen in the original The Hunger Games back in 2011. And it’s likely why she relates so well to the Girl on Fire, a character who gradually learns how to take control of the attention thrusted upon her. Yet that understanding doesn’t mean it’s not difficult.

“The whole world starts looking at you differently,” she says of the almost overnight fame that came with playing Katniss. “I remember getting really emotional just trying to get a coffee because I felt everywhere I looked, everybody was reacting and it made me feel alienated. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel a part of humanity in this weird way.”

Lawrence credits her close group of friends with keeping her sane when the spotlight began to shine so bright on her after The Hunger Games opened in March 2012.

“I was living with my best friend and I surrounded myself with such a good group that were all, obviously, looking at me the same,” she added. “So in my intimate world, nothing changed.”

Yet, despite the forces around her that helped keep her grounded, Lawrence found the loss of privacy upsetting.

“I was angry for a long time because I felt like I should have the right to drive without being followed. I should have the right to not be photographed, especially when you’re going to put my picture next to a story that came out of f—ing nowhere,” she says. “I was so angry for a long time and now I feel like I just don’t have the energy for that anymore. I’ve got such a great life and such a great job. There are some s—ty things that come along with it, but you know, whatever.”

The final installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will open on Nov. 20. To read the entire interview with Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, pick up the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly magazine.