open house 2013

becfordyce Wow! This time 4 years ago this lovely actor-dude stopped by #heinekenhouse at the 2013 #usopen. We got to play a quick game of #cornhole and pose for a pic with him - before he had to run away when the crowds noticed him .I think he went on to win a couple of shiny prizes for being a good actor and so on. 🤔Then, the pretty lady on the left went from my boss to neighbor! 😃

Two Years Ago Today

Because she was filming Zapped in Canada at the time, Zendaya couldn’t physically be at the Dance With Me Jr. open house on August 21, 2013, but she skyped in instead.  As an attendee, Marissa revealed that “they skyped with Z and her connection sucked so Val called her on speaker and she couldn’t hear him so he kept trying to interrupt her and then Alex and Maks started to tease that she never shuts up. The whole time Val was like, ‘Zendaya…baby…babe…Z! Babe, shut up, I’ve tried to ask you a question for the last hour!’ They were all teasing her, telling us that she’s always like that, never shuts up. He said she really was bummed she couldn’t attend, they all were.” 

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