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Things in One Piece that make me emotional

The first opening

Shanks putting his hat one Luffy’s head

Zoro telling Luffy he’ll never lose

Sanji thanking Zeff

Nami’s past

Luffy saying he can’t do the things his crew mates are good at but he can kick Arlong’s ass

Ussop becoming brave enough to fight

Luffy knocking down Arlong Park

The barrel thing when they enter the Grand Line

When they enter the Grand Line and they meet that guy that tells them Laboon was abandoned but you’ve read One Piece before so you know that’s not true

How the doctor knew that the mushroom Chopper gave him was poisonous but he ate it anyway

The sakura snow when they leave

Luffy fighting Crocdile for Vivi

Robin wanting to die

Bon Clay sacrificing themselves for Luffy and the crew

Teach telling Luffy that dreams never die

Luffy ringing the giant gold bell

Luffy’s fight with Usopp

Franky’s past

Usopp becoming Sogeking to help save Robin

Robin’s past

Robin saying she wanted to live

The Merry showing up

The Merry’s funeral

Franky building the Sunny

Franky giving the Sunny to the crew

Usopp asking Luffy to forgive him and let him join the crew again

Finding out Brook was part of the crew that left Laboon and that he’s been alone by himself for 50 years

Brook’s flashback where his old crew sings Bink’s Sake and he counts down to a solo as all his friends die around him as he keeps singing

That Brook will one day see Laboon again

The crew protecting Luffy from Kuma when he’s unconscious, Zoro willing to give up himself and his dream for Luffy, Sanji wanting to take Zoro’s place and sacrifice himself, How Zoro stops Sanji because even though they fight they still care about each other

The Straw Hats splitting up

Bon Clay sacrificing themselves for Luffy again

Ace dying


Luffy putting his hat on that stump

Thinking about how the crew had to be separated for 2 whole years when they all care about each other so much and for some of them the crew was the first people to care about them in a long time

The Straw Hats being reunited after 2 years

How god damn beautiful Fish Man Island is

The whole crew wrecking together on Fish Man Island after two years

Law’s past with Corazon

That they’ve found an actual clue to where the One Piece is now

How Robin used to not trust anybody but has grown and now trusts the crew completely and can be happy

“Sometimes I wonder if I’m even qualified to be called her dad,” Clay stated, letting out a sigh. “I missed the first few years of her life while I was in college, you know?”

“But is it justified if I did that so that I could hope to secure a better future?” 

Looks like the game can be won after all… Tell the foxes I’m mighty pleased with this key they gave me. Also, you can all go rot in a flaming pit of fire and ashes, you unwashed lumps on a pig’s backside. Have a grand bloody day.

Mat Cauthon, Towers of Midnight, chapter 55

aka how i’m going to tell people to go to hell from now on

Hans: “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Anna: "Merry Christmas you great, big, wonderful, adorable husband you! Do you love me?”

Hans: “Mhm-hm.”

Anna: “How much?”

Hans: “A lot. But not enough to tell you what your Christmas present is.”

Anna: “Now what makes you think that’s what I wanted to know! And what is it?!”

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