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Where Do Broken Hearts Go?-2

Requested by @homra-the-red-clan

Trigger Warnings: Abandonment, mentions of abortion and miscarriage Language.

Tig x Ava (OFC), Happy X Ava 

Part 1


Two Months and Two Weeks Later

Ava was sixteen weeks along, a small baby bump had started to develop. She placed her hand over it smiling as she left the deli on main street. Carrying a bag of food, she was taking to Happy for lunch.

He had kept his word and been by her side for the last four months. He’d been able to make at least two of the four doctor appointments. even the first ultrasound. Hearing the heartbeat, and seeing the baby for the first time left her in tears. 

He was there, holding her hand, in awe of what he saw. Listening to what the doctor said, so he could take care of her. Ava was starting to fall for him, she knew it was a mistake, that he wouldn’t feel the same. 

He just felt sorry for her, and how Tig had treated her. The only feelings he had for her was pity.

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“I Cut My Own Bangs...” *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: (Prompt I found) You for some reason think it’s a good idea to cut your own bangs, only it turns into a disaster, Bucky comes home to you in the toilet where you explain you should break up for a few weeks/ months.
Warnings: Hilarious Bucky <- Sassy/ amusing Bucky ALWAYS needs a warning label
Summary: Bangs in the UK is referred to as ‘fringe’ so if I use the word ‘fringe’ by accident, let me know, or ignore it because I am not American and I make a ton of mistakes. We could ALL use fluffy Ro right now, since Angst Ro is only a few days away to publishing some sad shit, so get prepared – Ro

You blink your eyes lazily open, the sun shining through the small slits in the curtains, it’s quiet as you tried to wake yourself up and you turned and are met with an empty bed. Bucky had an early start by jogging, training, and a mission debriefing, you sighed and thought maybe you should stay in bed; it’s been a while since you have had a day off. 

You sighed gently being in bed without Bucky wasn’t worth it; you pulled the white covers off of yourself and stretched as you stand. Groggily walking to the bathroom you blew the hair off your face, smoothing it behind your ears you begin to wash your face and get ready, sort of; fresh PJs – Bucky’s shirt and some comfy shorts, plus fluffy socks.

You grab some Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast, well lunch, but breakfast for you. You continue to eat whilst scrolling through your phone, arranging a girl’s night with Natasha and Wanda, along with Maria, you blow your hair out of your face and smoothed it out of your face. 

You put everything into the sink and walked to the living room, today can be the day you catch up on all your shows; Supernatural and Sherlock being the main priority. 

Throughout the time watching the episodes you were pushing the hair out of your face, groaning at it, you knew you should set up a hair appointment but it’s always difficult arranging one; considering your work doesn’t exactly have set hours.

You cut Bucky’s hair, well, it’s easy to cut his hair since it’s a pretty breezy haircut and sometimes it’s just a trim. It can’t be any different to yours, you just need it out of your face, you only need the bangs cut and why spent over twenty dollars when you can do it yourself. 

You watch a few YouTube tutorials on cutting your bangs, it seemed pretty straight forward. Maybe you should wait for Bucky to be home, that way he would be able to drive you to the hairdressers if it does go wrong, or he could possibly help; but who knows how long that could be? You skip lightly to the bathroom, grabbing Bucky’s hair stuff and finding the scissors plus a comb, you begin to the section the hair.

Wetting your hair and combing through you let out a few breaths, your hand twitches as you put the scissors up to your hair, you are staring at it through the mirror and begin to snip; your (H/C) hair fell delicately to the tiled floor, brushing on your bare toes, you bite your lip as you continue to cut across and within a few minutes you have cut your bangs.

 It looked straight and was just passed your eyebrows, you smiled at the wet hair, you shrugged and allowed it to air dry and would check to see if looked fine dry.

After an hour you walked back to the en-suit bathroom and glanced in the mirror, a few pieces of hair were slightly longer, you grabbed the scissors again and began to straighten it all out; which slowly turned into you cutting your bangs to your eyebrows, you stepped back and frowned at yourself, this wasn’t a good idea. 

Your bangs were slightly diagonal, this was such a bad idea, if you levelled it out it would be too high, that wouldn’t be a good look on you. You slammed the scissors onto the counter, viewing yourself closer to the mirror, moving your bangs around slightly and trying to see if you could fix it but you couldn’t.

You hear the front door open and boots scratch against the floor, keys jingling before being thrown into the dish beside the coats, you slammed the bathroom door shut and your heart rate quickened; no way where you going to allow Bucky to see you, you looked like a right fool, how were you going to explain this? 

You hear him faintly call for you, you locked the bathroom door, and Bucky walked into your bedroom and began to jiggle the bathroom door’s handle and banged on the door for you. 

“Bucky, I think you should go spend a few nights with Steve” you call out and he frowns from the other side of the door, the more you looked at yourself the more you hated it and yourself; why do you do this? Think you can do something, when you can’t.

“I cut my own bangs” you call out, Bucky smirks and tells you to open the door “and I think we should pre-emptively break up” you call out to him, he chuckles from the other side, the noise would make you smile but it didn’t; you were sat on the toilet seat and pouting, Bucky knocked again, leaning against the frame and awaiting for you to open the door for him. 

“I knew you’d break my heart one day. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon” he called to you, you smiled lightly, he was trying to make you smile, it worked but you weren’t going to let him see you. 

“It’s so bad” you whine to him, he chuckled again and sighed, you’ve seen him at his worst and that’s not even his look but his mind but you’ve seen him beaten and bruised; heck, he’s seen you in the same state, yet, a bad haircut is where you draw the line. 

“I still love you” he calls and you blush “and your bad hair choices” he smiled, you sighed and leaned forward clicking the lock, he opened the door slowly and peaked around to see you pouting at him.

“Hmm, nope, I still love you” he grinned and kneeled down to your level and pecked your pouty lips, you refused to kiss back, he sighed and looked at you for a moment “it looks fine, like a messy cut, I think it looks really cute” he shrugged “besides my opinion is the only one of value” you look at him and he smiled “I’m the one that lives with you, as long as I can still play with it… we’re good” you smile at him and nod lightly, Bucky is right, he’s the only one that sees you all the time. 

“Next time have Natasha do it” he comments and you sigh, nodding lightly, you didn’t think of Natasha this is why you are with Bucky, he’s the missing piece of your brain and heart.

“So, we don’t have to break up?” you asked, Bucky pulled you up and chuckled at you, shaking his head and kissing you lightly and messed up your bangs by running his metal hand through it.

“No way” he muttered “but… when at work don’t walk beside me, or even mention my name, cause that’s embarrassing” he joked, you punched his chest playfully as he laughed, and grabbed your hand in his 

“I’m kidding, babe” he still snickered and pulled you from the bathroom towards the living room, where you both sat down on the sofa, him still in his work gear but he didn’t seem to mind “this now makes me the hot one out of us” he muttered, you scrunched your nose at him, chuckling at him.

“Careful, Barnes, I cut your hair too” you threaten and he snickered, he pulled you in for another kiss, he pulled away gently but pecked your cheek “I’m going to take weeks off work” you mutter into his shoulder, he laughed. 

“You’re beautiful, good or bad haircuts, you still look like a princess” he tells you, eyes trained on the TV but the sincerity in his voice makes you smile and blush, you kissed his jaw and he smiled at you, blowing the bangs so they moved across your forehead, you snuggled deeper into him.

(Just a random fluff thing, hope you enjoyed it, I have a bunch of angst planned so this very much needed for you guys. You can still request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee- ANGST RO IS COMING, PREPARE YOUR HEARTS!!!!)

Fault of Our Own: Josh Washington x Reader

As requested by Anon: “Can I request an imagine for Josh Washington x Reader (his girlfriend) where the reader gets severely injured by a wendigo (but no-one knows they exist rn) and Josh blames himself for it. (Because he doesn’t know if he did it or someone else did because of his mental illness, and if he hadn’t invited the reader, she’d be okay) thank you!!” 

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anonymous asked:

:) Would you please consider doing a h/c fic in which Killian has the flu and Emma takes care of him? I am such a blob for fic like that.

Done!! :)) I loooove writing sick!Killian/nurse!Emma. Hope you see and like this, anon! 

40 Sick-free Years; ~ 2, 500 words; also on

She is deep into the Brothers Grimm’s version of Cinderella. Quiet moments have been less rare to the point where Emma actually has time to do some reading. For pleasure. Not the thousand-years-old, heavy-as-fuck, no-way-am-I-dragging-this-around-and-no-Killian-this-is-not-the-Kamasutra-on-my-nightstand-how-do-you-even-know-what-Kamasutra-is spellbooks, which Regina still lends her occasionally, more to torment her than to educate her Emma is sure.

So Emma decided to familiarize herself with any and all versions of the fairytales she now lives it. Needless to say that Henry was ecstatic. Needless to say that Henry finished Cinderella 2 weeks ago. Emma still hasn’t. Which is probably why she is doing her damnest to focus on the story and totally misses the sound of the front door opening, boots hitting the ground and feet shuffling towards the bedroom.

It is, however, quite hard to miss the pirate who plops down on the bed next to her – face first and groaning as if he has just run a marathon. Which, yeah, okay, she guesses sailing is also taxing but that has never stopped Killian from coming home with a megawatt smile before. Especially when he has been out on the water with Henry.

“Hey,” Emma reaches over, ruffling his hair and trying not to laugh at the pitiful grumbling that comes from the depths of the pillow he has his face stubbornly buried in. “Henry tire you out?”

Killian mumbles something she can’t even begin to decipher.


A somewhat similar and just as undecipherable mumbling makes Emma sigh heavily and pull lightly on the ends of his hair.

“Babe, you realize I don’t get any of that, right?”

The long-suffering sigh though she hears quite well, as Killian lifts his head the barest amount and plops back down with one eye now focused on her.

“The lad was a valuable first mate as always, Swan. Water was calm, the horizon clear. Bloody hell, even Regina was nice when I dropped Henry off. She asked if I wanted pie.”

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