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Sure Kara. Use your GLOWING LASER EYES in a crowded open floor plan office.

So I headcanon that everyone in the office knows Kara is Supergirl. And there has just been this unspoken agreement to keep her secret. Because Kara is always so nice to everyone, knows all their names, and the names of their children and/or pets, and genuinely want to know how they’re going. She cheers them up when Cat is too demanding, or talks to Cat on their behalf when they’re too scared of how she will react. Kara has always been their office hero and if keeping her identity as Supergirl a secret is important then dammit they’re gonna do their part. 

They’re going to look the other way when they find a pile of Kara’s discarded clothes, or pretend they didn’t overhear her too loud conversations with Winn and James, oh and the fact the girl they see every day looks just like Supergirl and warms Cat’s coffee by firing FRICKEN LASERS OUT OF HER EYES.


3 Room Apartment With Large Kitchen And Open Floor Plan | Goteborg, Sweden


(Source:, Photos by Anders Bergstedt)

Can we talk about that apartment?

Aside from loads of other wonderful surprises from 3x09, “The Present,” (which I’ll get to) I had to say something about that beautiful place Barry leased for WestAllen. After taking a closer look at it, this must be the new set that Candice mentioned she loves filming in.

The scale of it is magnificent, from the high ceilings to the open floor plan. Judging from the common area, the apartment might be at least 1,300 sf, if you also count the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Yes bathrooms, it looks big enough to have 1 and ½ baths. Another draw: the contemporary look with the whitewashed exposed bricks and the exposed beams, and the simple touch of the two columns at either end of the bank of windows. It’s definitely a place for a couple with modern tastes. I also think those are hardwood floors. 

Light will come in from the windows, which flow almost from floor to ceiling. They don’t have spectacular views of the downtown, but that’s OK, because of those fabulous skylights. They will be spectacular in the day, and flood the living area in natural light. They even have a little terrace. It’s not a fancy balcony like Oliver Queen’s, but they can sit out there with a bistro table and some chairs. Iris sipping her prosecco or whatever, and Barry with his 1,000 proof rocket fuel, because that’s the only way his speedster metabolism can get a buzz. 

That kitchen! That backsplash is the bomb, and all the appliances are new and modern. I love the fact that it features a peninsula, not an island. I know islands are wildly popular, and I see the draw, but I find islands to be a little “too” welcoming. During parties people flock around those spaces and crowd the kitchen, leaving the beautiful den and living rooms practically empty. They will be able to fit a table and some chairs in there, making it an eat-in kitchen if they want. And did you see the mezzanine level, to Iris’ left? That looks like it would be a great space for a home office, maybe with room for a pull-out couch, in case Wally wants to crash there after a late class instead of heading all the way home. (Wait, he’s a speedster now, so he can run home no problem. Nevermind.) 

You did good Barry. You did real good. 

BTW, that’s Barry putting a ring on it in the second picture. Yes, yes, it’s a key ring with keys to their brand-new place, but whatever. But that’s the second ring Barry has given Iris for Christmas. Third time’s a charm, people! 


Full of fresh, original tiny house ideas, this 24 foot long rustic modern tiny dream home on wheels has it all … and open space to boot! Featuring a ceiling bed with automatic lift, convertible lounge area, flip up desk piece, clever sliding closet in the shower, sliding pantry shelf, hidden laundry, and much, much more, this tiny house achieves modern comfort in an open concept floor plan.

this was asked forever ago wow….

Noctis: A quaint historical home that’s just been renovated but still has its old school charm. It would mostly be contemporary but still have hints of Victorian influences.

Prompto: An apartment in the heart of the city. Building that allows pets, open floor plan, modern decor, and tons of windows.

Gladio: A cabin style house with a large patio and backyard that drops off into the woods. All hardwood floors, nice den, and a traditional game room.

Ignis: A Tuscan/Mediterranean style home with updated appliances. Seemingly sun baked walls with terracotta tiles and a kitchen you’ve only seen in cooking shows.