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I once dreamt I woke up in a king-sized bed w/ Phil to my left (if you lie on your back). I slowly remembered that Phil'd let me stay in his & Dan's bed while Dan slept on the couch (wow). They were in the forever home, which had a huge open floor plan & lotsa light-colored wooden flooring & furniture. Dan walked in & he & Phil sat at the edge of the bed w/ their backs to me playing vid games. Dan on his stomach, leaning on e/o, using quiet voices... 'Twas nice seeing them interact w/o a camera

Phil, what are you doin honey?? But congrats on getting to see domestic dan and phil!

things that house buying/renovation shows made me realize about the world:

- everyone hates carpets. no one wants their feet to be comfortable. no one wants them to be warm. no one wants to be able to lounge on the floor. they all want to throw their back out on hardwood.
- everyone hates walls. i thought that houses having walls was normal, but everyone wants the only walls to be around the bathrooms and the bed rooms. children cannot leave your sight or they will be sucked into oblivion. you need to be able to see through the entire house and into hell.
- people demand double vanities. when you’re a couple, apparently you have to use the bathroom in tandem. you get shackled together and you’re brushing your teeth at the same time, there are no other options available so you NEED two sinks.
- showers must be separate from the tub. not counting people with disabilities and the elderly, i don’t understand why people can’t stand in a tub and take a shower. my whole life i thought tub showers were normal but apparently they are for peasants who don’t deserve to do cartwheels in their 10 by 10 shower stall.
- people don’t have kitchen tables, they have islands. they need them for cooking prep, which is impossible to do at a table. they also need them to eat at in absurdly tall stools, despite the fact that the breakfast nook is 10 feet away and the dining room table is 15 feet away through their open floor plan.
- stainless steel appliances are the powerhouse of the home.


Minimalistic Swedish Apartment | Goteborg, Sweden



Unexpected Meeting

Summary: After years of feeling nothing, you finally get the sign you’ve been looking for, the sign that means your soulmate is alive. And he’s closer than you expected

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 2386

Warnings: none, just general fluffiness 

A/N: Thank you, Anon for requesting. This was super fun to write. I went with the Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share senses. I hope you like it :)

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Your parents told you that you share the same senses as your soulmate. Emotion, pain, pleasure; you’re supposed to feel it all, as they do.

And yet, you never felt a thing.

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3 Room Apartment With Large Kitchen And Open Floor Plan | Goteborg, Sweden


(Source:, Photos by Anders Bergstedt)

Jokes On You

4,500 Followers Drabble

Summary: Jensen’s friends play matchmaker at a Halloween party.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Halloween Request: @jayankles

A/N: Also for @torn-and-frayed‘s Halloween With Dean Drabble Challenge

“Let me get this straight.” Jensen locks his rigid stance, “You expect me to walk around with freaking green hair, stupid makeup and fake ass tattoos.”

“Yup.” A devious smile breaks out on Jared’s face, his stride still carrying him down the apartment hallway. “Piece of cake.”

Ugh. Jensen encountered Briana sulking on set a few days ago, her husband had to cancel a much anticipated visit due to a work obligation. So then she begged and pleaded for Jensen to fill in for her husband on Halloween.

And that’s how this awkwardness came to be, why Jensen is traipsing around wearing a dorky Joker costume in public. And it’s not even the bad ass Heath Ledger version that he likes the best. It’s safe to say that he’s not a happy camper. All because Briana wants to be friggin Harley Quinn for the night.

“This wasn’t part of the deal.” Jensen grits his teeth, his stomp echoing after his best friend. “Are you kidding me, Padalecki?!”

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