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panikfaze  asked:

I recently hurt my back pretty badly and I have to use a mobile chair for cons this season. Can you offer any ideas for cosplay that I might incorporate the chair in to? My ideas have been pretty limited. Thank you so much for any ideas you might offer! <3


Any GOT character sitting on the Iron throne 

Any mario kart charcater 

Barbra gordon

ANY queen or princess character 

Oh even characters that own vehicles that you can replicate JUST enough of, so that way in close up shots, it looks like your sitting in something bigger. 

Like Haruka’s scooter or DVAs mech!! 

That really opens the feild to ANY CHARACTER IN A COCKPIT EVER. 

Hope you dont mind I answered publicly, Im sure other people out there have a ton of ideas!! 

Hance: high school edition

  • On their first day of freshman year, Hunk was so relieved to find out Lance was on his bus.
    • Like a “Oh thank god i thought i was going to have to go through my whole 2 years on the bus alone and be forced to talk to people i don’t know!” type of relief 
  • As soon as Hunk got the A-Okay for a parking permit, he would pick Lance up at his house before school.
    • They would stop for coffee and tea before school began, even though as soon as they stepped into school they were forced to throw out their $4+ drinks.
  • Their sophomore year they didn’t have the same lunch, and that was the moment when they welcomed the warm embrace of death.
    • This is because Hunk was in AP classes and high honor classes while Lance was in average and honor classes
  • Pep rally was Lance’s shit. you needed blow horns or pom poms of the school color?, he’s got you. Want to paint the school colors on your face but don’t want to spend the money? Lance has the colors in bulk and can make the mascot logo perfectly.
    • This is why during spirit week Hunk was one of the most decked out kids for the theme, there was no way in hell lance would let his best friend not participate
  • Hunk was on the robotics team, this is where be became closer friends with someone he’s seen around a few of his classes: Pidge.
    • Lance was there too, but he was more of an honorary member. By that he would judge if the robots design was cool enough or not. 
  • Lance tended to stay over Hunk’s house a lot more once sophomore year was over, he was at Hunk’s house almost everyday and the longest time he slept over his house was for 3 weeks.
  • When Lance was turned down by his prom-date-to-be, he was devastated. This was not the way Lance planned his senior year. So being the best bud he is and realizing that he couldn’t let his best bro go to prom alone, Hunk asked him. 
    • His promposal was taking him to an open feild and flying a remote control plane over to him with a note that said “Wanna go to prom with me?”
    • Of course he said yes
  • If the school day felt super slow, they would send each other a text and meet up in the bathroom.