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Our Favorite Illustrations of 2016

It was a long, crazy year and we are super thankful to have the visual power of illustration to help us make sense of it all. Here are some of our favorites of 2016:

Keith Negley, Is It OK For Boys To Cry?

Keith is wonderful at distilling complex ideas into simple, but emotionally nuanced imagery. And while this illustration seems simple, the open-ended narrative and quiet vulnerability hit me at an emotional center. -MR

Lilli Carre, Looking For Change for NPR Ed.

After spending years working on illustrations about education, Lilli just summed up the whole system so well in this one, simple concept. - LA

Kristen Uroda, Flip The Script 
(Invisibilia podcast art)

I can almost hear the collision of these two contrasting forces in the frame. It’s a powerful image that exudes momentum and stillness. -MR

Jeannie Phan, Hey Sci-Fi And Comic Fans: It’s Time To Embrace The Dark Side

This is one of those illustrations where a smart concept plays to multiple levels of interpretation. The illustration means one thing before you read the story, and another after reading it. -MR

Chris Kindred, Scoring Your Story for NPR Training.

Sound can be a tricky thing to represent visually, but this image hums! Part Fantasia, part science book art – I wish physics was taught alongside Chris’ illustrations. -LA

Sam Rowe, Original Thinkers for NPR Ed.

Sam’s concepts are always what strike me the most. The subtle twinkling and shooting stars make this one of my favorite GIFs of all time. -LA

[Doctors Special] Opening and Ending Narrative from each episode

Epidsode1 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Those who are destined to meet eventually do so.The person i have to meet is here. Death is not a surprise at this place. However, death should be surprising regardless of the location. The person i meet doesn’t get surprised by death.”

[ending] “Whether you become friends or foe, you never know how that person will become part of your life in the beginning.”

Epidsode2 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Living a reckless life is a way to abuse yourself. It’s worse than committing suicide. It’s like killing yourself slowly. Like all other kinds of abuse, you come to enjoy it.”

“I hope that person isn’t my homeroom teacher, but i’m pretty sure he is. Nothing in my life has gone the way i hope it would.”

“even though i’d like to live a reckless life, somewhere deep inside my heart, i ask myself how long i’m going to keep this life up.”

[ending] “i promised to live a different life. I thought it’d be easy after a single success. I had failed to realise that the situation i’m in was still the same.”

Epidsode3 : Hong Ji Hong

[opening] “The feeling associated with like and dislike are produced by the amygdaloid nucleus in the cerebrum. The Amygdaloid nucleus is also responsible for the fight-or-flight response and aggressive behaviour. 

Falling in love causes people to become simultaneously more combative.”

[ending] “Love-stricken insanity is proof of brain cell stimulation.The lack of insanity in love is abnormal. I tried to protect myself from the insanity called love. Hence, I paid the price.”

Epidsode4 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Success comes with a lot of perks. The way people view you changes. I found out after i succeeded. Success is meaningful only when you have someone to share it with. I lost the only family i had. I lost the desire to make another too. so i chose a car over a home.”

“Still, there are things you lose but you can never forget.”

[ending] “The unresolved past always finds you again, whether it’s love or hatred.”

Epidsode5 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Your body moves on reflex when you’re in danger in a way you learned and practised or you are used to. We learn the habits we need your body to know when we are young. Once your childhood passes, nothing can take its place.”

[ending] “People say that forgiveness is not for the person you’re forgiving but for yourself. It’s not right to give such an advice. Forgiveness is not as easy as you think.”

Epidsode6 : Hong Ji Hong

[opening] “You don’t know how dear something is to you until you lose it. I had no idea that the little things in life are what really mattered.

I lost her before my eyes without being able to do a thing. I detest anything that destroys my everyday life.”

[ending] “Life is worth living. I also have the chance to savor the little thing in life.”

Epidsode7 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “Love between a man and a woman mean fighting until one person dies.

I don’t know how to love a man. I don’t know how to be loved as a woman.”

“I won’t kill myself because of the love of a man like my mother.”

[ending] “This is how things have always been. Love begat fear, and fear consumes me.”

Epidsode8 : Hong Ji Hong

[opening] “What i admire the most in a romantic relationship is the couple’s ability to express childish emotions. In a romantic relationship, being childish is healthy. Being childish and vulnerable is the best gift you can give to the other.

[ending] “the girl grabbed my hand before i did to her for the first time ever.”

Epidsode9 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “once you get revenge, the anger you had settled down. Revenge gives you the strength to calm down and move on. I won’t stop until i achieve my goal.”

“But i feel sleepy when i’m with this man.”

[ending] “When a doctor becomes a guardian of his loved one, he too is just a weak human.”

Epidsode10 : Yoo Hye Jung

[opening] “True relationship can change people. The person i’m involved with can transform my life. That is why people can be both sources of hope and despair.”

[ending] “in the past, Prof.Hong made me want to become a good person. Being good person and being a good partner in a romantic relationship are two different things.”