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OPAL inspired by Lakishmi the Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. if you understand the symbolism extra Pearl points for you!


Gemsona Digital commissions are open : DM me or email me at

$45 for full body + $10 per character.

wowow idk how many of you get tamora pierce’s email newsletter but there’s an update on the first numair/arram book!

And what is it I’ve just finished?  Arram Draper, ten years old and a very young student at the School for Mages at the University of Carthak, has a nearly fatal accident at the imperial games, only to be rescued by a beginning gladiator.  It is the start of an eventful year at the university, when he meets two new friends, Ozorne, an imperial prince, and Varice, a northerner. All three are advanced students who share a love of fun, wit, animals, and magic. Their studies take them through lessons with strange magics, plague duties, attendance at imperial festivities, suspicious deaths, and the perils of growing up.  Readers of other Tortall books will meet familiar characters with new guises, while new readers will not need to have read previous books to understand the life of an awkward, shy, gentle, goofy, tremendously talented young man with a knack for making truly vicious enemies.

release date is now spring 2018!

Muns For Charity

What are we?

This blog is created and managed by a community of artists and writers from the badly drawn/ask Yuri!!! on Ice fandom. We’ve banded together to take commissions to help raise money and awareness for various causes. The charities that we will be donating to are Planned Parenthood, Flint, Standing Rock, the Trevor Project, and United Muslim Relief. We have no plans to add any more for now as to maximize the amount we donate to each of them.

How can we commission a piece?

You may contact any of the artists at When you commission anything, please put the name of the artist/writer in the subject. In the body of the email, please detail what you would like and what charity you would like your money to go to from our list of charities–or, we can choose one for you. You can find a list of who you can commission and their prices/what they are willing to draw here. Keep in mind that many of us have busy schedules so make sure that their commissions are open before you email us. After we work out the details and the artist agrees to take on the project, we will request that you donate the money and show us a receipt confirming the transaction. Once that’s done, they will begin working on your commission!

How can I be sure this is going to charity?

Rather than donating the money through us like we originally planned, we will instead have people who want to commission us to donate the required amount directly to an organization from our list! That way, you will be the ones making sure it gets to its destination!

One last thing

If you are interested in being a part of this project, and would like to participate in Muns for Charity, we encourage you to message us, and we will send you an invite to our Discord chat where we discuss information about the project.


It’s been awhile since i opened commission because of school but i finally have the time before next semester to open them up again!

Email me at (which is also my paypal) or send me an ask/fanmail/or pm me here if you are interested and you must pay through PayPal !

All prices are USD!

Please send a ref if not multiple pictures, info if it’s your own character and extra details that you want! ex. specific pose, this color palette instead, etc. etc. 

more examples of my art in the “my art” tag on my blog


- The price may vary depending on the complexity of the character

- A simple one color bg is free but a complex detailed bg will be extra $$

- Waist up additional character-lineart - $10 Full body–lineart additional character - $15     

Waist up additional character-full color $20—-Full Body additional character-full color- $30

- i have the right to decline a request if i feel uncomfortable with it

I will draw

- OCS (please send some ref pics and a brief description helps)

- Fanart

- Blood and Gore (not too heavy gore but blood is fine)

I won’t draw


- hate art

- too complex machinery

If you have an questions feel free to ask and if you can’t commission me, reblogs are appreciated :0

EDIT: changed the prices on additional characters


Milo Yiannopoulos mocked a transgender student — and her response is perfect

  • On Tuesday, alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos brought his white nationalist schtick to the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. 
  • The talk was titled “Master Baiters: The Liberals Keeping America’s Race War Alive,” and Yiannopoulos diverted from discussions of race to mock and misgender transgender student Adelaide Kramer. 
  • Kramer was sitting in the crowd during the event, which was open to the public.
  • University chancellor Mark Mone sent an email to students after the appearance, in which he condemned Yiannopoulos’ words but upheld his right to say them. 
  • She responded to the chancellor’s statement with a long email, which opened “GO FUCK YOURSELF,” and copied around 400 other people on the email. Read more.
Auston Matthews - Part 19

No explicit content… I think

We spend the rest of the afternoon lounging around Auston’s apartment. Alex and Breyana are hanging onto their brother’s every word, knowing they will be leaving him tomorrow and not knowing the next time they will be able to come up and see him. I feel a bit of guilt for having him to myself so much, especially the last few days.

I find myself staring at Auston several times, taking in his laugh and how he interacts with his sisters and parents. My phone buzzes with an email around dinner time, I open the email and see it’s from the professor for the university, my stomach plummets and it must show on my face because I feel a hand on my knee and the warmth that spreads throughout me tells me it’s Auston’s.

“You okay?” He asks softly, the rest of his family distracted by Mrs. Matthews ordering them around in the kitchen.

I give him a tight smile and nod once, he doesn’t buy it but he doesn’t push the issue. I excuse myself and step out onto the balcony to read the email.

Dear Miss. (Y/N),

I hope to hear from you in the next 24 hours about your decision. Please know that everyone here at the University is at your disposal if you have any questions or concerns. We think that you would be a fantastic addition here and eagerly await your answer.

It’s signed by the professor I met with and even though the entire email is three sentences long it weights as much as a dictionary. I let out a long sigh and place my phone back in my pocket, resting my hands on the railing and leaning against it. The stars aren’t out yet and I desperately wish they were. I hear the slider open behind me and I turn, not ready to have company but it’s just Auston holding out a sweatshirt to me and I realize I came out here with just my t-shirt on. I eye it warily, looking for a certain logo on the front and he seems to know what I’m looking for.

“It’s my USA one, Y/N,” he huffs at me, though there’s an amused expression on his face. “It won’t bite you.”

I give in and take the sweatshirt from him, giving him a small smile and his face falls, seeing that I’m upset. Though he seems to know that I wish to be alone because he slowly slides the door closed again. I hold the hoodie out in front of me and see the familiar USA logo, I turn it around see the name Matthews sprawled across the back. I stare at it a moment before pulling it on, it fits surprisingly well and I realize it must be an older one. I inhale deeply, thankful that I’m facing away from the apartment because I can feel several pairs of eyes on me.

A strange sense of comfort falls over me and I hug my arms around myself, swimming in Auston’s scent. I again marvel at the fact that he was able to comfort me without saying more than a few words to me or touching me.

I give myself a few more moments to compose myself before walking back inside, not wanting Mrs. Matthews to once again think that I’m upset.

               No one asks me about the message and I don’t offer to tell. I take my seat at the table across from Auston and feel his foot nudge mine, I nudge it back before moving my knee so it’s against his calf. I feel my face heat up from the simple touch and I hide my smile by shoving a pile of food into my mouth.

               Alex is next to me and she quickly engages me in conversation and for the first time since my meeting, I feel myself completely relax, surrounded by people that I care so much about and I realize that no matter what I decide tomorrow, they will always support me. Dinner drags on, Mrs. Matthews really going all out for our last night in Toronto and by the time we get to dessert my pants are unbuttoned and a crane is going to have to come and pick me up.

               I stare at my bracelet and twist my wrist so that a shower of sparkles rains down on the table. I eye the charms closely again, and a memory from my first night in Toronto comes rushing back. I remember grinning across the restaurant table at Auston and telling him that I have a week to find him a thank you present. I purse my lips and twist again, watching the sparkles, an idea forming in my head.

               I glance up at the clock on the wall that reads 7:26. I still have plenty of time. I nudge Alex and start whispering in her ear my plan, she listens closely and I can feel Auston’s eyes on us. She nods eagerly and glances at the clock as well.

               “Dad, can Y/N and I borrow the SUV? There’s one last thing we want to pick up before tomorrow,” Alex asks, and Mr. Matthews looks up from his plate to nod at her.

               “Sure,” he says and goes right back to his food.

               Mrs. Matthews studies Alex and me for a moment, both of us giving her big smiles and she rolls her eyes. Auston keeps trying to catch my eye and I purposefully keep my eyes down to my plate. He nudges my leg with his impatiently and still I avoid looking at him, a smile playing on my lips.

               “Done, Alex?” I ask, seeing her finish her last bite. She nods and we both stand from the table. I finally look at Auston, but his eyes are trained on my waist and I quickly reached down and buttoned my pants, grateful that no one else had noticed. A smirk plays on Auston’s mouth as he trails his eyes back up to mine and I give him my best disapproving look.

               “Don’t be too long,” Mrs. Matthews calls as Alex and I pull on our coats and shoes.

               I can still feel the heated stare from Auston and I think back to three days ago when he bent over in that custom suit and nearly made me combust. I eye my shoes for a moment and consider the jeans I’m wearing, too tight but who cares. I drag my boots on and bend over to lace them up, cause you know, you can’t squat and tie your shoes.

               I take my time and when I’m done, Alex opens the door for me, I take a quick peek over my shoulder and meet the blazing glare of two brown eyes. I smile to myself and saunter out of the room, Alex right behind me.


               “Are you sure he will like it?” I ask Alex for the twentieth time, holding the small object in my palm.

               “For the last time, Y/N, you could give him a bag of grapes and he would be ecstatic,” Alex says impatiently back, tapping her fingers on the glass showcase.

               “You’re just saying that,” I mumble back to her but place the object back on the glass and slide it over to the lady who had been helping me. “I’ll take it,” I tell her and whisk out my credit card.

               “Finally,” Alex breathes and I send her a glare.

               As we exit the small little shop Alex loops her arm around mine. “I’m sad to be leaving,” she says to me, her eyes traveling up and down the brightly lit street.

               I look as well and can’t help but feel a little warmth in my heart, it’s a huge city but it hasn’t felt that way at all this past week. It feels comfortable, like I had lived here my whole life. Again I start asking myself the same questions I was earlier; could I see myself walking up and down these streets for the next two years? Could I see myself being a regular at the little coffee shop on the corner?

               Alex lets me look in silence and again I’m reminded so much of Auston. Never once this week has anything felt forced between us, and nearly everything we’ve said and done has been a mutual thing, much to my surprise. I feel my heart twinge a little bit and smile at the ground as I walk. I then think about this afternoon, on the steps and my face turns to fire, my stomach clenching and a roll of warmth engulfing my body.

               “Hello? Earth to Y/N?” Alex snaps her fingers in front of my face and I realize we made it back to the SUV.

               “I wasn’t thinking about him,” I blurt out without thinking and I Alex gives me a funny look.

               “I didn’t say you were thinking about anyone…” she says slowly and then understanding flashes across her face and I curse at myself. “Who were you thinking about Y/N?” She teases, a knowing smile that I want to wipe off forms on her face and I scowl.

               “Shut up,” I snap and quickly climb into the passenger seat, leaving Alex howling with laughter on the sidewalk.

               We arrive back at Auston’s a little later than we had planned, Alex and I had gotten distracted by an ice cream store even though we were both stuffed and freezing. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews had already gone to bed and Breyana was in the shower. Auston was in the chair in the living room again and Alex asked to use his shower so she didn’t have to wait for Breyana. I looked around awkwardly as Alex grabbed her things, there was literally nowhere for me to go hide.

               Auston kept his gaze on the T.V. as Alex walked down the hall to his room but as soon as he heard the door click shut behind her and the water turn on in his bathroom, he was out of the chair and on me in less than a second. I gasped and tried to take a step back but only met the kitchen counter. Auston stopped just short of his lips meeting mine and stared down at me, my breathing already out of control and my eyes on his mouth.

               He placed his hands on the counter on either side of me, effectively giving me no escape route.

               “Can I help you?” I ask sarcastically, annoyed at him for not kissing me.

               Auston breathed in deeply before replying, my eyes still on his mouth when he spoke.

               “Yes, you can help me actually. I need you to stop making me think things that no man should think of when he is within ten feet of his mother,” he snaps at me, his eyes nearly black and I shiver.

               “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was over here minding my own business,” I shake my head and cross my arms, causing me to brush against his chest.

               “Don’t think I did’t notice your little show earlier,” he whispers and again leans towards me, his head angled towards my neck and my eyes immediately close on their own accord. But he never touches me. I blink open again and see him smirking down at me and I feel a little frustration building up inside me already.

               “What are you doing?” I ask a bit breathlessly.

               “I’m not touching you,” he replies and I scowl.

               “I’m well aware of that,” I snap.

               “In fact, I’m not going to touch you until you ask me to,” Auston breathes and my heart feels like it’s going to implode out my chest.

               “What?” I ask dumbly, my mind refusing to work with his proximity.

               “Remember when I said payback is a bitch?” He says, his breath tickling my face. 

               I try to act indifferent, shrugging my shoulders and breaking my gaze from his mouth to look over his shoulder.

               “You’ll break eventually,” I say confidently, though I am the very opposite of confident right now.

               Auston laughs down at me, his face an inch from mine. “I think you underestimate me,” he mutters and I narrow my eyes at him.

               “Or you underestimate me,” I whisper back and take a step forward, he steps with me and I see his eyes dart down to my mouth and back again. I smirk at him and take another step, this time moving around him so I can escape into the living room, putting a bit more swing into my hips that I usually do.

               Breyana appears out of the bathroom right when I make it over to my bags in the corner.

               “All yours, Y/N,” she says and busies herself at the mirror, towel drying her hair.


               For the first night in many, I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. Even with the three siblings laughing and talking and the lights still on. However, it doesn’t last long within a few hours I blink awake. Alex and Breyana are passed out on the pull out, I had brought my pillow and blanket to where I had spent last night.

               My phone rests on the stand beside me and when I slide the screen open I see a notification from snapchat, someone wants to be my friend. I smile to myself as I hit the accept/add back button. I glance at the time and see it’s one in the morning, I only slept for three hours. Story of my life.

               I feel the familiar buzz of my phone in the hand and I know who it’s going to be.

               Do u ever sleep a full night?

               Auston’s name glares up at me and I roll my eyes.

               You’re one to talk. You have a game tomorrow.

               Touché. Come in here.


               Um I think I’m okay out here.

               Just come in here, I cant sleep.

               Sounds like your own problem.

               Get ur ass in here.

               So bossy

               Against my better judgement, I stand and wrap my blanket around me tightly. Padding down the hallway to Auston’s door, I slip in quickly and shut the door as softly as possible. I glance over my shoulder into the room and Auston is laying under the covers of his bed, his eyes on me.

               ‘So you do listen,” he says softly and I slowly step closer, feeling a bit awkward again.

               “Sometimes,” I reply, keeping my eyes away from his bare chest.

               “Why are you up?” He asks, raising himself on his elbows and moving over to one side of the bed.

               I eye the now open spot warily, not moving. “I would have thought that you realized by now that I don’t exactly sleep a whole lot,” I say.

               “True, but you slept what? Three hours last night?”


               Auston squints his eyes at me in disbelief. “You mean to tell me you have slept one of the past 48 hours and you still look that good?”

               I blush and roll my eyes, “Oh shut up,” I mutter and finally climb up onto his bed, keeping my blanket tight around me as I criss-cross my legs again and face him.

               “I mean it,” he frowns at me. “Why are you so stiff?”

               “Well, I mean, I’m in your room… on your bed… what else would you except,” I mumble at him and focus my gaze on my lap.

               “I’m not going to pounce on you!” Auston laughs. “I meant what I said earlier, I’m not touching you until you ask me to.”

               I eye him for a moment and then turn my attention onto his window, the curtains are open and I can just barely see the faint specs of light in the sky.

               “You lied. You aren’t tense because of me,” he says softly and I cut my eyes back to him briefly. “It’s everything else, isn’t it?”

               I don’t say anything for several minutes, and neither does he. He watches me and I stare out the window.

               “You know, I don’t even own a telescope? I asked for one for Christmas every year since I was fourteen, but there was certain one I wanted and my parents didn’t think I needed it because we had my dad’s. But I always wanted my own… see my own world,” I say softly, not even sure it was loud enough for him to hear. “And now I’m being offered a hundred different telescopes.”

               “But none of them are your own,” Auston finishes for me, his voice just a whisper.

               I drop my eyes back to his, tears welling behind them. Why do I always cry now?

               Without another word, Auston sits up and throws his covers back, scooting over to me and pulling me down to him. I rest my head in the crook of his neck, laying on my side. Auston curls a hand behind my back, rubbing it gently, his other hand slowly stokes my hair as I weep silently into his neck.

               “I thought you weren’t going to touch me?” I ask after a few moments, wiping at my face.

               “There’s exceptions to every rule,” he whispers back to me. I take in his words and snuggle myself closer to him, in return he reaches down and grabs the covers he threw off himself and covers us both, wrapping his arms even tighter around me.

               “You’re the only person I’m not tense around anymore, Auston,” I say softly.

               His only response is to press his lips to my forehead.

missgrantscheerleader  asked:

Supercat canon divergence. Cat Grant barista Au. Please and spanx.

You and @reginalovesemma are in so much trouble. Again.

Originally posted by chopchopmissgrant

On AO3 if you prefer. 

Kara has idle daydreams about when she’ll hear from Cat. She envisions personalized stationery all the way from the Orient Express, or a knowing postcard from Paris. In darker hours, those 3am-can’t-sleep-for-missing-her hours, Kara worries the first communication she’ll have from Cat is a scream, or  a stutter in her heartbeat. 

Instead, it’s a messengered note written on a napkin from a Bulletproof Coffee store. Cat couldn’t find the time to open her email, or the money to buy actual writing paper, but she took the time to scribble an address and FedEx the damn thing to Kara’s office at CatCo. So almost exactly the level of drama Kara has been pining for these past few months. It isn’t even signed, relying on Kara to recognise that impatient handwriting with its tight loops and jagged lines.

Since there’s no detail, Kara doesn’t waste time or money on the façade of looking up the nearest airport and booking commercial flights. She looks, just in case, but the number of changes suggest Cat is truly in the middle of nowhere, USA. If there’s a spa resort there, it’s so exclusive that the internet doesn’t contain so much as a whisper of its existence. 

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i know it’s old news but please 

you must remember who it was that broke the original anthony weiner sex scandal all those years ago

Andrew Breitbart.

Anthony Weiner, who eventually became the key to re-opening the Clinton email investigation. Anthony Weiner, who will turn out to be the weak link in this chain.

 Andrew Breitbart broke that link. Rest in Peace, Andrew

• tied up/tired up •

the past few months have been tiring and i have, quite often, felt like i was tied up by my own feelings and thoughts. i still do, but a little bit less. this ink drawing was made during those weird days, when  i felt like i was tangled by my own senses and suffocated by the outside world.  the start of this year has been a little hectic but now i feel like i have a lot of things to look forward in 2017, and i hope you do too!

my art commissions are open, just email me to


Next Generation Chat Noir for Jodie Ella, This Louis, son of obviously Marinette and Adrien. And I just see him having fur. Any thoughts?

Commissions are open! Email or message me if interested!

  • playing mystic messenger during the week: 3 missed calls, 10 chats have opened, 41 unread emails, 5 unread texts
  • playing mystic messenger on the weekend: ive been staring at my phone listlessly for 5 hours and all i got was an email from a florist