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The Door Is Nearly Open (Vocal cover / Original lyrics)
AshEaria & James Roach
The Door Is Nearly Open (Vocal cover / Original lyrics)

So no one’s missed it, April the 13th
This is the announcement everyone’s been waiting (for)
It has been five years since the Kickstarter
Don’t you think it’s about time to get this show started?

So rig the fandom to explode while being vague about the launch (and)
Try your best just to survive the memes are gonna eat you alive (and)
Hussie this is cool and all but where the fuck’s the epilogue (so)

Say it one more time
It’s almost the time (let’s make)
Another pun ‘bout time
We’re gonna blow your damn minds.

Also known as That Song From The Second Hiveswap Trailer: Meme Version.

There’s some volume dumbs and a lot of desyncs bcause my laptop ports aren’t great, but I’m actually kinda really pleased with how this turned out??? I wasn’t expecting it to actually sound nice.

So there you go. Have fun.

Original music by @jamesroachmusic
Lyrics and vocals by @ashearia

Mistakes Were Made

Universe Alteration: 

Some nut decided to give the synthetic form of the black lion a pair of hands. 

This has thus rendered her smaller form capable of most things bipeds are capable of, such as opening doors, using a keyboard, opening jars, opening take-away containers, tickling people, picking people up, tucking people in, opening locks and in general making a nuisance of herself. 

Tags: V: Shake Hands with the Devil
Origin Story: Here

Pastor Vijay Sagaria from Bagdari, India, was showing the “Jesus-film” to about 150 people from various villages in November. After they watched the movie, he and his family headed to their home, 1 km away, and were shocked to find it was on fire.

They were too late to save the house, as it was razed to the ground within minutes of their arrival. Upon investigation, they discovered the fire was not an accident.

Pastor Sagaria said that others in his village deliberately burnt his house down. The residents of the village had threatened him many times before because of his faith. They warned him that if he didn’t leave, there would be dire consequences.

Pray for protection for him and his family as they continue to live in the village, in temporary shelter provided by Open Doors. They’re currently unable to rebuild their home, as the land belongs to the government. Pray as we assist them with things such as biblical counselling, blankets and food.

Ever since I was a kid,
I was taught not to keep the door unshut every time I leave.
I must ensure that before I go somewhere else,
I have closed the door.
I was told to do this so that the probability
of losing valuables inside the house will be mitigated.
Or to an extent, the inviting ambience of an open door
to the entities outside will be diminished.

I still remember the day I opened this door for you
How I let you walk into my life
and how ecstatic I was to welcome you with arms wide open
All I knew that time is that the presence of someone new –
someone whom I know I could share my time,
and create wonderful memories with –
would make me feel a tad bit lonely.

And I also do remember
How we managed to get through.
There were times when the door seemed to get closer to closing
The hinges were somehow starting to dwell off from the wall’s binding
But we carried on.
We didn’t let go.
Or so I thought.

The winds of change started to push you away from me,
I held your hand.
So tight, I could feel them tremble.
Maybe my ears weren’t listening that time
when your lips started to mumble.
And perhaps my grip wasn’t tight enough
to not let you slip away.
I ceaselessly tried to go after you.
But eventually, 
I realized I really can’t do anything, anymore.
I had no other choice but to set you free.

If only I knew you would leave,
From the moment you’ve set your feet inside,
I could’ve locked the door.
It’s not that I’m too possessive or something,
It’s just I was never fond of someone leaving.

After you found your way out,
I reconsidered the thoughts of shutting this door.
Don’t you know?
Your hands took away something I hold valuable –
My heart.

I hope this prayer finds its way to you –
That you’d still find this open door inviting,
and that it would entice you to come back.

And do you know?
Even after you go,
This door’s still open.

Christians face serious pressure and discrimination across northern Nigeria. As a Christian, even access to decent healthcare can be a problem.

Open Doors partners have set up 10 clinics in Christian areas located in some of the most remote places of northern Nigeria. Pictured are some of the medical staff helping to provide all sorts of essential health care to the communities!

Pray for them today!

I’ll never stop trying, I’ll never stop watching as you leave. I’ll never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me. I’ll never stop holding your hand. I’ll never stop opening your door. I’ll never stop choosing you babe. I’ll never get used to you.
—  Never Stop, Safetysuit

Women in Africa

Since the removal of Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi, Libya has been in disarray. The country has one parliament in the east and one in the west, though neither work as a functioning government. The UN attempted to establish a third government to reconcile them and failed.

2016 saw the removal of the Islamic State from Libya, but this has done little to make the country more stable. Libya used to attract thousands of migrant workers from across north and sub-Saharan Africa. This group now accounts for the largest Christian population.