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AO3 needs your voice!

In the past few years, the Organization for Transformative Works (the nonprofit behind the Archive of Our Own, Fanlore, Transformative Works and Cultures and other projects) and its Board of Directors have had their fair share of successes—and some issues along the way, too. It’s OTW elections season now, and several candidates are running who have concerns about the organization’s sustainability and environment. Here are some key points:

In order to face these issues, it’s crucial that we have a representative Board of Directors committed to make changes to the status quo. It’s time for the OTW’s annual elections for the Board of Directors, and we need your vote. If you donated US$10 or more within the past year and chose to become an OTW member (or do so before October 6, 2015), you have the right to a vote in our November 6–9 elections.

We need your help to change the OTW for the better. If you have the right to vote, come November 6, please step up and make your vote count

  • Matty Bowers, AO3 Abuse and Support
  • Aline Carrão (LilyC), OTW Translation, Tag Wrangling and AO3 Support
  • Atiya Hakeem/Lady Oscar, AO3 Support and Accessibility, Design & Technology
  • Katarina Harju (tinypinkmouse), AO3 Abuse and OTW Translation
  • Alex Tischer, OTW Translation, Tag Wrangling and AO3 Support

“When I open a door, no one can close it. And when I close a door, no one can open it. Revelation 3:7
Psalm 84:11-12 says, "The LORD bestows favour and honour. No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.
God loves us too much and knows us too well to give us everything we ask for. A closed door may seem like failure on our part but it’s in fact His sovereign protection over us, perhaps from potential harm or danger. It may be a divine detour into something amazing. Be sure that His plan for our lives is always better.
God is not setting you up for disappointment or failure. He’s setting you up for something better. And when He opens the right door, no one will be able to shut it. God’s plans for you will succeed and His promises stand firm forever.

I’ll never stop trying, I’ll never stop watching as you leave. I’ll never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me. I’ll never stop holding your hand. I’ll never stop opening your door. I’ll never stop choosing you babe. I’ll never get used to you.
—  Never Stop, Safetysuit

Open Doors is a non-profit organization which works towards aiding persecuted Christians around the world, as well as making others aware of their plight. An annual list, called the World Watch List, is compiled by experts which reveals the top 50 countries in which persecution of Christians was most severe that year. Provided are fact sheets which list characteristics of the respective countries, such as the type of government, the majority religion, and the primary sources of persecution.

Note: I have contacted Open Doors to correct their usage of the Syrian flag in place of the Iraqi flag.


The origins of the “Fanzine Archives”.

From Fanlore, the fan-run non-profit wiki about media fandom

The Fanzine Archives: A Library for the Preservation & Circulation of Fan-created Material was a collection of fanfiction zines owned and circulated by fans, and then Ming Wathne (aka Mariellen Wathne), from the mid-1980s to 2009.

Ming eventually remodeled her house to make shelf space for the hundreds, then thousands of different fanzines she acquired and cataloged. Local fans helped log in new zines, but it was Ming’s show for more than 20 years.

In 2009, the final version of Ming’s library became known as The Fanzine Archives: A Library for the Preservation & Circulation of Fan-created Material. The Fanzine Archives became a federally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and circulation of fanzines. The Archives maintained an active circulating library of over 300 fanzines, and a permanent collection of over 3,000 titles.

Quick Timeline

‘Why go to all the trouble to run a zine library?’ 'Coming into fandom a little late (1980), I missed many of the early SW fanzines, those incredible first efforts. Oh, I had heard of fanzines, as any Trek fan had, but I’d never seen one. Then, at my first convention I discovered a SW fanzine. I was hooked! I had to have more, read more - I wanted it all. Alas, economics prevented me from acquiring more than just a few, although thanks to the generosity of a new friend in fandom, I was able to read some of the ones I’d missed. Whenever I could lay my hands on a 'zine I hadn’t seen before, I was like a person dying of thirst finding water in the desert (a bit melodramatic, I know, but it’s the only comparison I could think of). I would read whatever I found from cover to cover In record time, not thinking that I should savor the moment, make it last, for I didn’t know when I’d get another one… Now, I have a chance to finish playing catch-up. I’m able to take a look at fan history from the beginning and at how far we’ve progressed. …SW can and will live on in the minds and the hearts of all its fans; and in all the fanzines, both old and those yet to be.” 

“Howard Carter Looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun’s Second Shrine, January 1924”



Here is my favorite bit of information on that site: “Like a Hollywood film still, Burton’s photograph of Carter is carefully constructed to tantalize the viewer. The photographer’s flood lamp is positioned so that Carter seems illuminated—almost dumbstruck—by the glow of treasures that lie within, as he alone sees what is still hidden from our view. In reality, Carter saw the closed doors of the third shrine, less than a foot beyond the open door of the second shrine.”


“Revival is preceded by prayer, birthed through intercession, and sustained by fervent, persevering prayer. Prayer is the central living element to every spiritual awakening and every moving of the Holy Spirit.’

{F. Damazio}   

Today history was made as countless Christians prayed throughout the world for Iraq on the International Day Of Prayer run by Open Doors, where we stood up and said We Are N.

‘Tonight, we were writing the history of our faith. Tonight, we wrote into the history of the Church in Iraq through our prayers.' Mike Gore

There is a future for the Church and the spread of the gospel in Iraq.

He’s building His Church.