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Seriously, i don’t expect seonho-minhyun ship. And i don’t know that they are close. It is so funny to see how did seonho really cling up with minhyun fufufufu
Well i know how you felt, seonho-ah. If i join PD101, i would try hugging and kissing minhyun everytime 😍😍😍

Got Me Good (Archie x Reader Oneshot)

You and Archie are best friends, who happen to flirt with each other. Everyone thinks it’s obvious you’re smitten with each other but neither of you have the courage to say anything. One night at a party a little liquid courage helps ease the tension.

Characters: Archie x Reader, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin.

Warnings: Heated making out, underage drinking.

Word Count: 1475

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As was tradition on a Saturday night in Riverdale, we were getting ready to head to a party at Thornhill. We arranged to get ready at Betty’s. Her parents were away for the weekend plus she was the most trustworthy, nobody’s parents would bat an eyelid at the innocent sleepover we proposed. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Veronica.

‘Oh thank god, you’re here. I’m having a major outfit crisis!’ I hid a laugh as we walked upstairs, Veronica had the biggest wardrobe out of us all and yet she was the one with the crisis.

‘Yay, you’re here!’ Betty jumped up and hugged me, with one side of her hair curled and the other straight. We were definitely getting into party mode.

‘So what’s this outfit emergency?’ I dared to ask. Veronica stood with a dress in either hand. Each looked exquisitely made, clearly designer.

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“According to Pythagoreans, the cube is a symbol of both matter and man, the opening of the cube being a symbol of the unfoldment of man and the releasing of geometric mysteries within himself. To the Christian, Christ is the perfect man; therefore, he becomes the embodiment of the perfect measure of a man, the cube. In Freemasonry, the perfect ashlar or trued stone is the proper figure of the perfect man, for he is square, upright, and true, which are the moral qualities of a cube. The perfect cube represents the personality that has had all the uneveness, roughness, and inequality polished away by experience. Such a stone is ready to become a block in the Everlasting House not built by hands but eternal in the heavens." 

- Manly P. Hall: The Lost Keys of Freemasonry


Period: Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~ [ Ibara no Rakuen ] Opening Movie


at first i thought ‘he’s just a cute lil baby chick dancing to a legendary song’

but then he body rolled while looking at the camera and

i immediately cover my eyes

note: do not watch this dance in public?????


Remembering Sol LeWitt, born on this day in 1928. 

Like other artists associated with Minimalism and Conceptualism, LeWitt sought a means of direct and objective expression. He often produced works in series using a simple modular unit—in this case, the open cube—to create hundreds of artworks that articulate the possible variations and configurations. Consisting of systematically arranged rows and stacks of cubes, 13/11 is one of LeWitt’s three-dimensional “structures.” With its complex lattice of white lines and gray shadows, the work is as visually compelling as it is formally precise.