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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton caught lying about a school providing a Muslim-only classroom

  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is in hot water for falsely accusing a high school in the greater Dallas area of being anti-Christian by allowing Muslim students to pray in an empty classroom.
  • On Friday, Paxton wrote an open letter to Liberty High School claiming that it had violated the First Amendment since the school did not open the classroom’s prayer space to all students, the Independent reported.
  • “It appears that the prayer room is ‘dedicated to the religious needs of some students’ — namely, those who practice Islam,” Paxton, with the support of Gov. Greg Abbott, wrote. “It is unclear whether students of other faiths may use the room at the same time or at other times during the week. Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion.”
  • It turns out Paxton’s allegations are not true. Jeremy Lyon, Frisco Independent School District superintendent, responded in a statement released Friday explaining that the classroom is open to all students. 
  • Lyon also reassured Paxton and other concerned citizens that Liberty High School was complying with both federal and state laws — including Texas’s Freedom Restoration Act. The Freedom Restoration Act requires schools and institutions to not suppress or burden an individual’s right to exercise religious freedom. Read more (3/21/17 12:45 PM)

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sagittarians are tremendous self educators. they learn through material experience, opening the door to joining heaven and earth in one illuminated mind. they seek the buried treasures of wisdom in information, but they are rarely inspired without interest. when they follow their own prophecy of education, the universe opens a billion classrooms 

Karma please ...
  • Karma, Maehara, Isogai : You’re all I think about
  • Karma, Maehara, Isogai : starting not to see anything else
  • Nagisa, Kayano : I'll win your heart for sure
  • Nagisa, Kayano : I swear!
  • Karma : You already did, Nagisa *smirk*
  • Maehara : What
  • Isogai : What
  • Kayano : What
  • Nagisa : *blush* ...that's not the lyric, Karma!
  • Karma : *whistle*

I’m teaching a Film Workshop Class over at Calarts this year, and my students asked to see some of my work from Clarence.

I wanted to make it a teaching experience so I broke down the opening moments of “Classroom” and explained the thought process behind some of the shots used.

NOTE: I can’t take full credit for this! This is the final timing board, so a lot of the drawings have been cleaned up/revised by our wonderful revision team and a some jokes have been added by directors! 

To the scared youth in America:

We suffered a coup d'etat in Brazil recently and got stuck with an incoherent voldemort-look alike and his government made entirely of old white men after he shamelessly overthrew our first woman president. The media has been kissing his ass for months.

He’s been in office for 5 months and is already trying to freeze our education and health budgets for the next 20 years, forbidding gender and sex education at school and taking away the mandatory sociology and philosophy high school courses.

As a result, our high school students have occupied over 1000 public high schools, they have barricaded themselves in, they’re resisting and fighting and screaming. They’re using this time to clean them up, repaint, put the old equipment back together. Every day they host open classrooms, public classes with experts. They’re learning new things. And most importantly, every day kids are getting together to talk about their future, about the change they want to see in the world, about a country that’s less sexist, less homophobic, less elitist, less racist.

If you look at our congress, we’re even more fucked than you are.

But it’s well over 1000 schools, 167 universities, all coming together to resist, to fright, to build something new. It might not work. But we have hope now.

So, American youth, Trump sucks. So much. But don’t give up. Don’t be scared and whatever you do, don’t stay home and hope it passes.

Fight it. Fight it every day. Every law your congress tries to pass that you don’t agree with, take to the streets, to the forums, to your schools. Resist every step of the way. It’s not much but it could be everything.

high school!patater
  • it’s lunch break, and they’re sitting on the school’s shitty soccer field. the sun is warm and golden. kent is pulling up handfuls of grass, wondering how much clover seeds would cost on amazon. alexei tucks daisies and dandelions into Kent’s fluffy mess of hair, pressing kisses to his temple between the flowers.
  • it’s a work block in kent’s english class and he’s folded over his desk, head pillowed on folded arms, eyes closed. the class is comfortably noisy, chipping away slowly at grammar worksheets that aren’t for marks while gossip and poorly folded paper airplanes fly around over kent’s head. the teacher’s in the photocopying room. alexei walks past the open classroom door, then backtracks and peeks in. when kent wakes up, alexei’s letterman is draped over his shoulders.
  • it’s 7 pm, and the sun is loitering low over the jagged horizon of the suburbs bordering the soccer field. kent has his clover seeds from amazon (that only cost $5) tucked into the pocket of his robotics hoodie and he’s laughing against alexei’s chest, telling him what he wants to do with them. alexei laughs right back and helps him spread the seeds in the shape of 5-foot-long dick in the middle of the field. 
  • it’s alexei’s spare and kent’s physics block, and the classroom’s too fucking warm. kent gets up every three minutes to stick his head out of the window, hoping to catch a bit of a non-existent breeze. his friends have sprawled themselves out dramatically over the lab benches in varying states of undress. they’re caught in a competition of who can produce the most ridiculous death-rattle (sex noise? who knows), and kent snapchats this to alexei, who doesn’t reply but does shows up at the door of the classroom ten minutes later with an extra-large slushy, a handful of straws, and a receipt from the gas station down the block. it’s too hot for hugs, but kent’s eager to collect a handful of blue-tinged kisses.
  • it’s the evening before alexei’s graduation ceremony and they’re on the field again. the sun’s still hangin’ around, setting later and later as the summer creeps closer, and alexei’s arm is around kent’s shoulders, kent’s lips pressed against alexei’s pulse. the dick-shaped clover patch in the centre of the field is alive and well. alexei tucks a late-blooming daisy behind kent’s ear and kent snuggles in closer. they’re happy. 
it’s a war zone♡

Characters: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Suggestive Smut + Fight me Jeon
High School AU, RichKid!Jungkook, Asshole!Jungkook
Based on this vine by @1randomkpop, this is two weeks delayed, IM SORRY BUT ENJOY. 

Tick, Tick, Tick.

I tapped my pen on the desk impatiently staring blankly at the paper in front of me. Class had started hours ago however my mind was still lost and distracted. I looked around the classroom at the familiar faces of my classmates. They all looked uninterested at whatever the professor was talking about. They all were waiting for something too. They were waiting for class to end. Hell, probably every person in this room was counting down the seconds till the class ended.

Every person, except me.

I was counting down the seconds till still I saw him again.

Jeon Jeongguk.

The door to the classroom clicked open causing my head to snap in its direction. As if my thoughts were heard he walked in, head held high, a small smirk playing on his lips. His dark hair perfectly styled, not a strand out of place. His uniform perfectly crisp, his shoes polished. His appearance didn’t provide hints on what he was doing that caused him to be late. Or should I say who he was doing.

His eyes raked the classroom almost as if he was searching for something. His gaze met mine and then shifted to the empty seat in front of me. For a fraction of a second, it looked like his smirk grew but as quickly as it had, it disappeared. He held my gaze as he walked towards me, not even blinking as his hand reached up to straighten his already perfected tie. My gaze wandered to his hand adjusting the tie. The flash of his golden Rolex through the cuffs of his shirt caused heat to pool at the pit on my stomach. I clenched my legs tightly, gulping in process. I looked back towards his gaze only to see his smirk returned. He winked at me so swiftly it was almost as if I had imagined the whole thing.

My jaw slacked as he wordlessly sank down into the seat in front of me. I couldn’t see his face but I knew the smirk was still present on his face.

Two can play this game Jeon, and you just declared war.

I narrowed my eyes staring intently at the back of his head. His posture was perfectly straight as he listened to every word the teacher was saying with undivided attention. A small smirk of my own emerged on my face, I quickly unfastened the top-most button of my shirt, readjusting it. I licked my lips and crossed one of my long legs causing it to hit the back of Jeongguk’s chair.

I gasped dramatically when he turned around and stared at me questioningly. His gaze unnerving as it locked with mine. I leaned forward, my gaze still fixed with his. His eyes smoothly shifted from my face to my revealing cleavage and back. As I placed my hand on his back, my fingernails raking the fabric gently, I noticed him visibly gulp.

“I’m so sorry Jeon,” I said, biting my lip in order to hold back my smirk. His gaze shifted from my hand to my face and back before he nodded and wordlessly turned around.

I frowned, I was expecting more of a reaction than that. I huffed and crossed my arms returning to my previous activity of glaring at his back. Suddenly, his perfect posture slacked and he leaned back in his chair, his hand raking through the back of his hair, his head bent forward. His new posture exposed the back of his neck. I leaned forward unconsciously making it seem as if I was taking notes, my gaze transfixed on his neck. I felt a sudden rush of possessiveness flow through me as I noticed a kiss mark on his neck. I gritted my teeth pressing my pencil too hard on my notebook causing it to break.

As I stared blankly at the broken tip of my pencil another smirk played on my lips. I sharpened my pencil and then leaned a bit forward to blow off the bits of dust on the pencil point. I blew with a little extra force causing my warm breath to cascade along Jeongguk’s neck. He shivered, a barely audible groan escaping his lips. He turned around to stare at me once again, his gaze questioning. I parted my lips letting a small gasp escape my lips. 

“Oops,” I whispered and held up my pencil to show him what I was doing, suddenly the pencil slipped from my fingers and slide across the desk. Both of us watched it fall, not attempted to stop it’s course. The pencil fell right next to his foot. My gaze snapped to his and I tilted my head at him, silently asking him to return my pencil.

His bent down lower than necessary to pick up the pencil, his head practically ducking down under the desk. I watched him as his fingers grasped the pencil and then as his gaze fell on my bare legs. The school’s uniform had allowed him a fantastic view. His eyes raked painstakingly slow along my legs and the rest of my body until they met my gaze. He straightened his posture and handed me my pencil. My fingers brushed against his causing a sudden charge of energy to flow through me.

“Thank you,” I said softly, trying to pull my pencil from his grasp. He held it tighter, the back of his his thumb running along the inside of my palm. 

“No, thank you.” He smirked back at me, suddenly he letting go of the pencil and turning back around in his seat.

“By the way,” I leaned forward in my seat to whisper in his ear, I ran my hand along the back of his neck, where the kiss mark was located, “you missed spot.”

As I was retracting my hand and retrieving back into my seat, his hand shot out and grabbed mine. He turned in his seat, his playful gaze met mine, his signature smirk on his lips. 

“You jealous baby?” He said licking his lips as he looked between my lips and my eyes.

“Yes,” I said calmly causing him look at me dumbfounded, “of her lipstick shade. Ask her and let me know, okay babe?”

 I pulled my hand out of his grasp as I winked at him causing him to roll his eyes and turn back around in his seat. 

The loud ringing of the lunch bell caused me to jolt in my seat. Everyone scrambled to their feet, rathering their belongings and rushing out the door. Everyone except Jeongguk and I. We took our time, until we were the only ones left in the classroom, even the teacher had left. Our eyes didn’t meet but we seem to be aware of the other’s presence. Our hands busy gathering our things, but also aware of the other’s actions.

As I straightened up grabbing my backpack, I noticed Jeongguk had stopped his movements and was currently sitting on the desk. His legs spread apart, arms crossed observing me. His eyes raked my figure shamelessly, not even bothering to hide the evident lust that was coursing through his being. 

My gaze drifted between him and the open door. I licked my lips and walked slowly towards the entrance. My hands slowly grasped the door, eyes scanning the empty hallway as I silently shut it. I turned around slowly and lifted my gaze to meet his. 

Jeongguk tilted his head and smirked at me, raking his fingers through his hair. I bit my lip silence observing his actions. His gaze examined my body from the curve of chest to the length of my legs and back again.  His hand unconsciously reached towards his tie fixing it. As his gaze met mine a small smile played on my lips.

“I have a theory,” I said dropping my bag beside the door, I cross my arms and lean against the door. Jeongguk’s eyes drift to the swelling of my chest caused by my gesture and his hand fixed his tie yet again.

“Go on,” he said, raising an eyebrow at me, I smirked pushing myself off the door and walking towards him,

“I think you fix your tie every time a dirty thought crosses your mind,” I say expressionlessly. Jeongguk stares at me, unblinkingly and suddenly bursts out laughing.

“You’re definitely not like any of the other girls I’ve ever met.” He says, his hands rubbing against his thighs as he stares at me. I walk towards him slowly making his gaze travel down to the length of my legs until I stand between his legs.

“This uniform is very becoming on you, Jeon,” I said grasping his tie, his eyes rake upwards from my legs painstakingly slow, meeting my gaze, “but then I would be too.”

His hands reached forward and grabbed my hips, his fingers spaced digging into my skin through the fabric.

“Don’t you want lunch, [Y/N]?” he murmured, leaning forward, his thumb stroking the sensitive skin of my lower tummy through the light uniform shirt. My hand reached up to stroke the side of his face lovingly.

“I’d rather have y-“ before I could finish my sentence he crashed his lips against mine. As soon as our lips touched, my entire body jolted awake. There was nothing loving about the way Jeongguk was kissing me. This was a battle, a battle for dominance. As my fingers ran through his hair roughly ruining it’s untouched state, his hands roamed my body. His hands searched until the finally grasped my ass under my skirt, squeezing it. His suddenly rough contact with my bare skin caused a squeal to escape me. As my mouth opened for him, he tilted his head, slipping his tongue in-between my lips. His lips curved into a small smirk as a low moan erupted from me. His hands cradled my face, as his kisses grew slower, more passionate. Almost sweet. 

No, this wasn’t supposed to be sweet.

I smirked against his lips and leaned my hands forward to rest against his thighs. His lips stopped moving against mine as I drifted my hand closer towards his belt. I grabbed his belt and pulled a centimeter away from his lips, allowing my gaze to meet his. I grasped his tie tightly with my other hand.

 “Fucking kiss me like I’m your enemy Jeon, this isn’t paradise, it’s our war zone.”


Girl Meets Murray the Moose

Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice is an extremely valuable episode, both meta-wise and at face-value. We get a true view of the different kinds of love that Farkle has for each girl (acting more romantic with Riley and more flirty with Maya). We also see that Riley doesn’t write off Farkle’s pursuit nearly as much as Maya does. But beyond these things, we are given the topic of America’s greatest ally. 

The first classroom scene opens, and Riley and Farkle have this exchange:

It’s very clear by Farkle’s expression that he is self-conscious with his name. After all, what kind of parents would name their child “Farkle”? We know that both of Farkle’s parents are from the original series Boy Meets World. In this series, Stuart Minkus is shown to have a crush on Topanga, but this is of course written off for more comic relief than anything, and she instead ends up with the main character. 

Cory then moves to discuss Canada, and how it is taken for granted. As he says this, the camera pans to Riley and Farkle. This isn’t a surprise, as it is explicitly stated later that Farkle represents Canada. However, it is interesting that only Riley shows up in this shot with him. Maya isn’t shown at all, which implies that this concept mainly applies to Farkle and Riley.

So, Farkle is Canada. And, according to a bunch of war theories (@lucayafever23 ), Riley is America (and not Riley and Maya).

We now move to the episode’s B-plot, which is udder genius, especially in light of what season 3 (and a bit of season 2) looks like for Farkle. Topanga has formed a book club for the kids, and they are discussing Murray the Moose.

Murray the Moose Finds His Mother is intended to relate to the fears children sometimes experience while growing up. In nature, moose calves generally become separated from their mothers at around one year of age. Murray doesn’t handle this separation well but overcomes his fear of being separated from his mother simply by growing into a large bull and realizing he no longer needs her. She has done her job and taught him well. ” X

While I was watching this, I thought that Murray’s struggle sounded very similar to Farkle’s current hidden turmoil. The only issue was that I didn’t see a clear link beyond that to connect Farkle and Murray.


Farkle is Canada… Murray the Moose

So, armed with this connection, it is now obvious that Murray is a representation of Farkle. In the story, Murray struggles with finding his independence from his mother. In this first classroom scene, Farkle shows embarrassment over the name that his mother gave him. Farkle is stuck with the name that his parents named him; Farkle is stuck with the role that Boy Meets World expectations have assigned him. Both Murray and Farkle are afraid to grow up, and the latter is also fearful of diverging from his assigned role in this story. His assigned role?

The guy who crushes on the main girl for comedic relief. The guy who is written off from the beginning to not have a chance. We see this throughout season one and a bit of season two, and now we see him struggling with both growing up and finding himself. Our moose is afraid that he isn’t “growing the right way”. Farkle’s relationship with Riley has lost most of its childishness (Farkle, in general, is a more serious character) now in season three, and it is reasonable to assume that this is because he is growing away from the role he was supposedly assigned. We know that this certainly is the right way for him to grow; “Murray doesn’t handle this separation well but overcomes his fear of being separated from his mother simply by growing into a large bull and realizing he no longer needs her.” So, Farkle will learn through this growth that he is indeed growing correctly and that this growth is the best thing for him. He doesn’t have to follow in his parents’ footsteps; he can be in his own story.

All in all, the writers have done a tremendous job putting in such hidden symbolism and metaphors throughout this series. With Girl Meets Her Monster around the corner, the topic of mind-washing the audience and having little hints hidden throughout that imply what’s truly going on is brought up. In regards to this, I find it intriguing that it is in this episode that Riley goes on a date with Farkle (a speed date, but still a date). Yet, the very next episode is titled “Girl Meets First Date”, in which Riley goes on a date with Lucas. But is her date with Lucas truly her very first date, or was her real first date overshadowed by her second? And her first kiss… was it truly with Lucas? Or was it with Farkle, back in Girl Meets Truth? Very subtly, Farkle has been Riley’s “first” for a lot of things… yet each one is claimed by the characters to be Lucas. It’s things like this that could be the little hints to what’s really going on. Perhaps the audience actually is mind-wiped, just like the characters are. 

This post was really long. Thanks for checking it out! 


Opening y Ending del Anime Koro-sensei Q!!

the biggest secret that nobody tells you about college is that basically every window in a classroom can open and nobody cares if you open them to get some air going when everyone is boiling alive

anonymous asked:

do you ever joke about your gender and people don't get it? cause it happens to me all the time... i just forget that i'm only out to like three real-life people... yesterday we were waiting for the teacher to open the classroom and when he did someone said "ladies first" and i was like "why do we have to wait for ladies can't we just go in" and they stared at me for a very long time before i realised...

lmao yeah, although it’s got to the point where I’m out to pretty much all my friends and they’re the ones who make the jokes about it now 

a common one is when one of my flatmates does something annoying/makes a bad joke and I yell ‘DUDE’ at them they just yell back ‘PERSON’

Things that have happened or will happen at the Melemele Pokemon School

  • The class decides to see how strong Kiawe actually is. Kukui walks in on him carrying all the other students.
  • They decide the only way to find an answer to the question ‘what would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island’ is attempt to get themselves stranded on a deserted island. They never made it past the docks.
  • Those days when it’s raining and the wind blows the rain directly into the open-air classroom, so everyone and their textbooks are drenched.
  • They tried to make a school sports team. They couldn’t decide on a sport.
  • Ash and Mallow give a presentation and forget to change the title slide from the placeholder. The placeholder slide just says ‘insert [presentation topic] pun here’.
  • That one time before they learned Lana was always wearing a bathing suit, where they thought she was just gonna change clothes in front of them.
  • A student from another class dared his friend to try to touch Kiawe’s abs. Kiawe noticed and it was a very tense moment that ended with Kiawe placing the other guy’s hand directly on his chest. Kiawe doesn’t care.
  • Mallow introduces Lillie as ‘the human form of sunshine and rainbows’ on at least two different occasions.
  • If you skip breakfast (whether you were running late or some other reason), Mallow will make sure you eat a large and healthy lunch.
  • They tried to climb directly into the classroom by forming a human ladder. Lillie panicked and they didn’t reach high enough anyway.
  • If they get detention, it’s in groups of at least two, because they are all enablers.
  • The ongoing game of ‘Who Doesn’t Ash Know?’ that got it’s start during a science lesson when Ash said he’s met Professor Birch.
2PM’s Nichkhun Rises To Challenge f(x)’s Amber In Korean Language Test

A Lunar New Year special that featured non-Korean idols going head to head to see who possesses the strongest Korean language skills has crowned its winner!

“Elementary School Teacher” (tentative title) featured Kang Ho Dong as the MC, and also included non-Korean idol members such as Kangnam, Super Junior M’s Henry, f(x)’s Amber, SEVENTEEN’s The8, TWICE’s Momo, and NCT U’s Ten as guests on the show.

After several intense rounds of questions, which included questions about spelling, grammar and even Korean proverbs, Amber was crowned as the winner. Amber showed fierce concentration throughout the questions and jumped to her feet in happiness when Kang Ho Dong announced that she was in first place.

There was a twist, however! Suddenly, the door to the classroom opened and in walked 2PM member Nichkhun! The jaws of all of the idols dropped open as he made a surprise appearance to challenge Amber.

Nichkhun is introduced as a skilled Korean speaker, even teaching a Korean class in Japan. The stakes were high with just one question determining who will the winner. The question was a spelling challenge and despite her best try, Amber misspelled the word and Nichkhun was crowned as the winner!

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