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Billionaire Charter School Leader Says Black Politician Worse Than the KKK
The white supremacist violence in Charlottesville was the tragic result of the Republican Party’s racist politics, which have only intensified under Pres...

from the article:

A week ago, Daniel Loeb, the chairman of the board for New York City’s Success Academy Charter Schools network, accused New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins of being worse than the Ku Klux Klan:

“Hypocrites like Stewart-Cousins who pay fealty to powerful union thugs and bosses do more damage to people of color than anyone who has ever donned a hood.”

What had the African-American senator done wrong? Stewart-Cousins supports more transparency and accountability for charter schools, which are publicly funded but privately operated.

After my stint in the charter world, I have a lot of open contempt for billionaire charter managers who make money off of the farce that rich white people with their white savior “non-profit”organizations insist that they’re the only ones equipped to save black people from themselves.

Stop making money off of black poverty. Stop insisting that the black people who oppose you are too ignorant to know what’s for their own good.

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Funny how every one of those senators complaining about how federal power can jeopardize education all voted in favor of Devos. They can't even keep their rice-paper-thin excuses consistent.

I suspect a lot of them are anti-public schools and pro-private Christian charter schools, both of which are in line with DeVos’s own attitudes toward education. 

Mother Jones has a very good article here on the kinds of things that DeVos values and pays for–and the probable results of her policies:

Michigan now serves as one of the most prominent examples of what aggressive, DeVos-style school choice policies look like on the ground, especially when it comes to expanding charters. About 80 percent of the state’s charter schools are run by for-profit companies—a much higher share than anywhere else in the country—with little oversight from the state. In 2011, DeVos fought against legislation to stop low-performing charter schools from expanding, and later she and her husband funded legislators who opposed a proposal to add new oversight for Detroit’s charters.

Detroit, in particular, provides a cautionary tale of what happens when the ideology of market-driven “school choice” trumps the focus on student outcomes. The city’s schools—where 83 percent of students are black and 74 percent are poor—have been in steady decline since charter schools started proliferating: Public school test scores in math and reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress have remained the worst among large cities since 2009. In June, the New York Times published a scathing investigation of the city’s school district, which has the second-biggest share of students in charters in America. (New Orleans is No. 1.) Reporter Kate Zernike concluded that lax oversight by the state and insufficiently regulated growth—including too many agencies that are allowed to open new charter schools—contributed to a chaotic system marked by “lots of choice, with no good choice.”

A 2015 study from Michigan State University’s Education Policy Center found that a high percentage of charter schools also had a devastating impact on the finances of poor Michigan school districts like Detroit. Researchers reported that, under the state’s school choice and finance laws, it was hard for districts to keep traditional public schools afloat when charters reached 20 percent or more of enrollment. While per-student public funding follows kids to charters or other districts, traditional public schools still have fixed costs to cover, like building expenses and faculty salaries. Charter growth also increased the share of special-needs students left behind in traditional public schools, and the extra costs for educating such students weren’t adequately reimbursed by the state.

Common Terms of Medieval Life, a Masterpost of Sorts

This is meant as an information resource for creative folk, not a complete guide. Be sure to supplement this with additional research. Find the rest of the series, including the previous posts on clergynobilitycommon medieval jobsdivinationspirit animalsmythical creaturesstructuring an armymedieval punishmentsarmorpre-gunpowder weaponssiege warfarecastle anatomy, and medieval clothing.

Note: These words may have come to mean other things in addition to these over time, or not to mean these things at all anymore. When deciding what word to use, be sure that not only your denotation matches what you’re trying to say, but also that the connotation gives the right impression and understanding of your writing.

Ad censum: refers to the status of serfs who pay their rent in money rather than labor. Tenants paying like this were called censuarius (singular), or censuarii (plural).

Ad opus: refers to the status of serfs who pay their rent in labor rather than money.

Amercement: a fine.

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Feysand-“Midnight Closures”


i’m so sorry this took so long, ugh, there hasn’t been a fanfiction out in like, forever! i gotta change that. i’ve been super busy lately, between balancing multiple events, but i HAVE to get this fan fic out. as you can see, i’ve blended the two requests in the pictures above, i hope your alright with that!

side note-so um. smut. nsfw. you know;’)

characters copyright to sarah j maas

additional characters copyright to me

*jazz hands* *whispers* FEYSAND

She awoke, gasping, begging for air to rush back into her throat, and Rhysand immediately sat up beside her.

His citrus and jasmine scent swelled around her, and she shakily grasped the sheets, forcing herself to swing her legs off the bed, and into the floor. Rhys growled, and grabbed her arm-not hurting her, trying to keep her upright. “Feyre,” he purred, low and vicious. “Feyre, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nightmare,” she wheezed. “Tamlin.”

Rhysand’s eyes were suddendly full of understanding. “Come on,” he growled. He scooped her up off her wobbling legs, and carried her to the clean and classy bathroom. Gently, he set Feyre down near the toilet, where he held back her hazelnut-red hair. He murmured, “I’ve got you, it’s alright, let it out. You are not at the spring court, you are the night court, where you are free to heal.”

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The Last Hands to Touch the Declaration of Independence

When Chief of Conservation Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler retires in July, the last hands to have touched the Declaration of Independence will leave the National Archives. She has been with the agency since 1985.

The Declaration of Independence was sealed in a glass and metal case in the early 1950s when it was still in the custody of the Library of Congress. It wasn’t until the Rotunda’s renovation in 2001 that conservators had the opportunity to take the Charters of Freedom (the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights) off of exhibit and think about next steps.

“There was the opportunity to think about whether or not the original encasement was still suitable in terms of long-term preservation needs,” Ritzenthaler recalled. “There was a piece of free-floating glass directly on top of the parchment to help keep it flat, so there was some worry about that.”

Along with now-retired conservator Kitty Nicholson, Ritzenthaler removed the Charters of Freedom from their earlier encasements to perform examinations and treatments.

“Over the course of its history, the Declaration of Independence was handled a great deal,” Ritzenthaler said. “From 1776 on, it’s traveled a great deal. It was on exhibit. In many cases, it was stored at the Department of State and brought up for people to see and to handle. And it kind of showed the effects of all of that over the years.”

Understandably, Ritzenthaler and Nicholson were a little nervous to unseal the encasements, given the status of the documents. They decided to examine the Constitution and the Bill of Rights first before taking on the Declaration of Independence.

“We left the Declaration until the very end because we wanted to build our knowledge and experience,” she said. “It was with a great deal of awe and kind of amazement that we were the privileged people to have this task. We were very fortunate. Not that many conservators or archivists in their lifetimes will get to handle such an amazing document.”

The conservators faced a number of challenges. Parchment is made of animal skin, which makes it very different from paper. Given its age and history of extensive travel, exhibition, and handling, the Declaration of Independence was not in good condition. There was also the challenge of opening the encasements.

“There were always some uncertainties in opening those older encasements because they didn’t come with an instruction book, so we had to figure out our way,” Ritzenthaler said. “There was a piece of glass sitting directly on top of the parchment, so the worry was that, even though we did not have any problem opening the six previous charters encasements, would the glass stick to the surface of the skin? Or would there be any ink flakes that would have attached to the glass? Neither of those things happened, so we were very fortunate.”

The conservators did not wear gloves when handling the parchment. “That surprises a lot of people because wearing gloves for certain kinds of artwork and photographs is a very good thing to do because you avoid fingerprinting,” Ritzenthaler said. “But with the parchment, we wanted to make sure that we were handling it as carefully as we could, and, sometimes, when you’re wearing gloves, you don’t have the same manual dexterity. So care was our big concern—and our hands were always clean!”

As Ritzenthaler prepares for retirement, she takes with her the experience of being one of very few people on the planet to have physically held the Declaration of Independence.

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I mean, the “8th grade is the source of all knowledge” is such a consistent annoying lefty thing.  I work in education and in relatively left-wing circles around education and so I encounter so many wingnuts who agree with the Amish that the sum total of useful adult skills can be gained with a solid 8th grade education.

Unschoolers and homeschoolers seem to basically believe in this in terms of actual content…full of tips for helping kids learn academic concepts through day to day life (biology is gardening! math is budgeting and baking!) that clearly go on the assumption that entirety of “academic concepts” are things that Laura Ingalls Wilder would have learned in a one-room schoolhouse. Even very nice white girls with real teaching degrees who want to open charter schools in “underprivileged” neighborhoods will invariably be like, “oh we’re going to learn science with our community garden!” which always makes me think, “okay, 1)do you think no one before you has ever heard of project based learning? and 2)how does the existence of winter factor into this plan?”

But also, infuriatingly, the more radical someone’s approach to education the more they assume that education itself is a topic that one learns everything one needs to know by just having been an elementary schooler. I mean, it’s just a variation on being a mom, right?  Ask someone who is really into unschooling exactly how a kid learns to read sometime.  The answers are AMAZING and almost always boil down to “step 1: want to read, step 2: read perfectly.”   

Watch a surly radical complain about the time their math test answer was right but the teacher said their work was wrong! How oppressive! Clearly the purpose of testing your knowledge of mathematical concepts is to see if you can get the right answer by any means necessary! 

Listen to people moan about the evils of making kids line up quietly.  This is just wasted time! Nothing is being taught or practiced when small children are scaffolded to transition smoothly from one setting to another and manage their emotional responses so that they don’t distract other people . 

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Matt blushed red as he knocked on charter's door, fixing his skirt and hat. " hello? May I come in?" He asked, he holds on to a clip board and swayed side by side. " i can help you feel all better~" Matt hums, waiting for his little patient. Matt dressed in a little nurse outfit, warring the little hat on to of his head.

*Charter opened his door. He let Matt in without really looking, busy rubbing his eyes, but when he turned and saw what Matt was wearing, and the way he was speaking, it all made sense. Face bursting a bright red, he chokes on some spit* You’re already helping~