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Open:The Bolton Family
  1. The Boltons

The Boltons:


Emma Bolton;30;Kathrine Heigl; mother of 7.

Emma is the over-protective mother of 7,twins, Quads & a new baby girl. She likes to cook and be home with her family, but they have other plans to spend their life, which is normaly out with friends or in their room.


Eric Bolton;31;Josh Duhmel; Father of 7.

Eric is the fun parent, often breaking the rules to make his kids like him. Him & Emma have 7 kids, twins, quads and a new baby. He works at a bank, and gets a large paycheck.


Caylee Marie Bolton;18;Debby Ryan;Sibling to 6.

Caylee is oftern the called the smartest of their kids, but is only doing smart things around her parents so she can get a car. Unlike her twin Zach, she often goes out to parties and clubs, hiding that from her parents.

Zachary James Bolton;18;Logan Lerman; Sibling to 6.

Zach is the one who kisses up to his mom, and doesn’t like to go out. He is often called a Nerd by his highschool friends because he never leaves the house.


Dallas Alexander Bolton;11;Nolan Gould; Sibling to 6.

Dallas isnt the brightest bulb in the home depot. He often asks himself why not, and does stuff that could harm him. He has ADHD, and dosnot pay attention for something very long.

Jamie Chantel Bolton; 11;Joey King;Sibling to 6.

Jamie is the jokester of the household, often pulling pranks.She often gets in trouble and tricks her siblings to do what she wants. She is the most devious in the house hold, and shows it with pride.

Ryan Isabella Bolton;11;Bailee Madison;sibling to 6.

Ryan has always wanted to be an actress,going and taking classes at the YMCA. She has had minor roles in tv shows, mostly an extra. Her latest performance has been in Beauty and the beast, playing the small tea-cup, Chip. She will stop at nothing to get into hollywood and to make it big.

Luke Adam Bolton;11;Luke Benward;sibling to 6.

Luke is the one that plays sports, always outside. He doesn’t get technology at all, and perfers using the house phone over a cell phone. He plays soccer,football,hockey,and basket ball, spending all of his time at practice or outside.

New Baby;

Taylor Allison Bolton;1 year; The Clagget Triplets;sibling to 6.

Taylor does what she wants, when she wants to go to the park, she screams. When shes hungry, she screams. Basicly, she screams with everything,Cause lots of headaches in the Bolton household.

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