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Mordred the Deceitful of Camelot | OPEN

  • Kingdom: Camelot
  • Family: Druids
  • Titles: None
  • FC: Ben Barnes (can be changed upon request).

Mordred grew up alongside the druids when his father was murdered in Camelot all those years ago. The Lady Morgana grew quite attached to him, and with her help he escaped Camelot, to start his life anew. However, as mute as he was as a boy, he knew exactly who Emrys was, and now all these years later he has been reunited with Morgana again, only now he is no longer a boy, but a man.

Morgana hunts the one they call Emrys, for he will be her doom, yet Mordred will not turn in the old wizard just yet. Mordred lived with Morgana for a short period, before she sent him to be a spy and join the Princeling on his ventures back in Camelot. Needless to say, Arthur was thrilled to see Mordred again, and with a false certificate courtesy of Morgana, he was allowed to join and train as a young Knight. However, Mordred is not there simply for Morgana’s use, as some might believe, he has his own tricks up his sleeve. Before he reveals the form of Emrys to his beloved Morgana, he will first go to Merlin again, after all these years, with all sole intention of destroying him, and finally put Morgana’s pain at rest, yet how will she react to find her treasured companion has been keeping secrets? You see Mordred will not just be handy for Morgana’s plans, it is clear that he wants exactly what she does, yet he wants the glory of killing all to himself, and he might take things a little bit too far, considering he wants the blood of a Pendragon to stain his hands…


Uther Pendragon | OPEN.

  • Kingdom: Camelot.
  • Family: Yvaine, Arthur, Morgana.
  • Titles: King.
  • FC: Anthony Head.

Uther Pendragon was once noble and tolerant King, he had everything; a loving wife, a large Kingdom and all the servants and Knights a man could want. The only thing he did not have however was an heir to take over his Kingdom when he passed. With his wife unable to conceive a son, he sent his Court Physician to the High Priestess Nimueh to grant his wife a son. However, Uther did not understand that in order for a life to be made, one must be taken in its place. So, when his wife died giving birth to his son, Uther turned against magic and killed all those with a drop of magic in their veins. Over time he grew bitter and twisted, the loss of his wife had truly made him despise magic and only see the heartbreak it could cause.

 However, things did not end there. Morgana, his loving ward turned against him when she saw how he treated the people with magical gifts, for she too possessed such powers and knew her foster father would kill her to if he ever found out. Of course, it was only right that the awful truth of her true parentage leak out also, discovering Uther did not only have a son, but a daughter. Now, Uther sits upon the throne of Camelot, still a bitter tyrant where magic is concerned, unaware that his ward’s nightmares are more than they seem, he is much too concerned in trying to make his son a better King.