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Lesbian Themed Prompts

Anonymous said to alloftheprompts:
can you make a prompt set about being gay? (gay as in a girl who likes girls)

These are leaning towards high school experiences because that’s the feeling I got from the request. I hope that works!

  1. “What do you mean I’m too pretty to be into girls?”
  2. “I’m not coming out in high school. Girls will think I ogle them in the locker room.”
  3. “…do I like her because she is a tomboy or does it make me gay?”
  4. “We can both wear dresses to the prom.” (Alternative: “I’m going to rock this suit.”)
  5. Your character’s parents have an open door role for boy visitors. More fools them.
  6. The advantages of your girlfriend wearing the same clothes/shoe size.
  7. “Will it be too unsubtle if I paint my nails rainbow?”
  8. “Of course I always fall for the straight ones.”
  9. “And by Netflix and chill I mean The L Word boxset and make out.”
  10. “How do I find someone to go to a gay bar/Pride with me?”
  11. “Just because I’m a lesbian and you are a girl doesn’t mean I’m into you…”
  12. “I’m going to quote LGBT movies at her and see what happens.”
  13. “I’m going to bring up every LGBT awareness day on the calendar until you realize I’m trying to come out to you.”
  14. “My crush borrowed my lip gloss and I’m having a meltdown.”
  15. “Yes, there’s a reason you can’t see my played families on The Sims.” 

And more or less all the romance prompts can be applied, too.