open bottom girdle

Be #Glamorous Come to @OldSchoolPinUps in #PikePlaceMarket Featuring @RagoShapewear and #LongGloves from @OrchardCorset we have beautiful #Lingerie for our clients.

This is a vintage open-bottom girdle from the early 1960s.   The brand is called ‘Secret Lady’  — I’m not making this up!   What an appropriate brand name for me…

True vintage open bottom girdle and longline bra, both in pink satin.  I bought them years ago from a European seller, and both are from the 40s or 50s.  Made by separate makers, but the fabric and colors were similar.  

Else Lingerie once again. Our heroine has changed out of her workaday underwear into this ensemble. Still deep in thought. Aware, perhaps, of the dissolute bra, holding tenuously to her almost visible breasts. And the slim bra standing in sharp contrast to the longline, open bottomed girdle which itself supports fishnet stockings.