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I remember the first time i see a hen is laying her big egg. Her beak open and pant. And when i see her tail, i want to touch her pussy and push the egg is crowning come back inside. Her furry erect while each other time she push and moan. Today i find this video, and this great pregnant make my little boy erect , because that make me remember my lovely hen. Sexy laying egg and unassisted birth

[[You knew this was coming it’s a MERFORMERS SHOCKWAVE OPEN STARTER!!!]]

If there was something to be said about the ocean, it’s that it had a knack for deception, as did all things living in it. Clumps of algae were really crabs carefully covered in camoflage. A blue shimmer in the water was really a school of fish, expertly colored by biology. That large grey-blue boulder buried in sand…unfolded and rippled with color, texture flexing over soft skin, replacing stone with smoothness, cycling in bands of purple and black as he stretches.

And by god, how he stretches, wringing his body out to twice the length it seemed to be, before snapping back like elastic. Hunger has drawn him out of his nap, and it is time to hunt…what can he be today, mm? A clump of seaweed? A tiny, harmless snake with his body buried in the sand? He glances around, singular red eye bright and unchanging…and decides he knows what he wants to hunt.

He squishes down into a round little form, still an octopod, but his body easily collapses into a new shape, coloring himself grey and blue, wiggling now-stubby tentacles before puffing along via siphon.

The squishy little octomer he’d folded into looks just about harmless as can be, even his wicked claws retractred into chubby fingers, moving along as if bouncing through the water.

Today seems like a good day to borrow somebody else’s meal. Less energy than hunting oneself. Failing that…plenty of other mer would let their guard down around someone who looked young and well-fed. Maybe a meal would come to him.

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I was rewatching some Season 1 episodes and when I saw Brittany's party it gave me an idea. Star can just hand Ludo a soda whenever and tell him to open it for her with his beak like he did in the episode, that seems a pretty convenient quality for your tiny boyfriend to have.

HAHA omg now I just imagine Star using Ludo as a fast fix for opening shit- AND LIKE IT’S THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND LUDO IS ASLEEP AND STAR JUST she just casually uses his BEAK to open a can of soda


i had a dream last night featuring Death as a pure black budgie whose feathers had no beginning and no end, no definition to mark them as distinct except that where they ended was a relief, with a tiny little green and yellow budgie playing the role of Our Valiant Hero, who had presumably undergone many trials and tribulations to finally arrive upon Death’s aviary

OVH twittered a question to Death that i understood to be a request for her (and death was unquestionably a lady budgie in this dream, it was known in the same way that you know where your fingers are in relation to your face without looking) toy mirror. in the dream, the mirror had a very formal and proper title, like The Cold Water but i forgot it in that in-between space between waking and dreaming, and it is only important in that OVH was being very polite, the way you are to dragons and taxes and other things that loom, waiting

Death spoke without opening its beak, asked the little hero what use they could possibly have for a mirror lined with silvered glass formed from the eyes of the dead, whose stares went on and on until they understood why the clouds wept, that reflected things no mortal was meant to see

well, chirped the little hero, i wanted to point it at the cat

Ho-oh, the legendary majestic bird pokemon who trainers spend years and years hunting for
What if it isn’t as majestic as everyone thinks
What if instead of having some beautiful bird call
It honks like a goose instead.
Some veteran trainer has spent 20 years looking for Ho-oh,
And they finally find it
They send out their Charizard, who they’ve been with for years, and the Charizard let’s out a great roar
Ho-oh looks at them for a moment
Breathes in
Opens its beak
And let’s out an ear shattering

Eurasian Wren ~ Zaunkönig ~ Troglodytes troglodytes

Something very small, brown and mouse-like is working its way through the undergrowth - the wren (more poetically called “King of Fences” in German)! As soon as the tiny beak opens, loud (!) and melodic sound waves drift through the woods.

Sadly, the third smallest bird in Europe (just a little larger than Goldcrest and Firecrest) has been treated horribly by humans - check out the cruel tradition of Wren Day in various countries. Luckily, the live bird seems to have been replaced by a puppet in recent years.

Und wenn du dich darüber freust wie ein Schneekönig, hat auch das mit dem Zaunkönig zu tun, denn er wurde, weil er auch im Winter so laut singt, lange Zeit Schneekönig genannt. :-) 


2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved

220# no title by xxjustxmexelliexx

with each stinging breath
skin over bone is stretched
beaking open the wounds
my demons have sketched

with each exhale
my ribs collapse
and with each inhale
my will cracks

a hallow space
under haunted rib cage
under bleeding skin
and lifes full rage

empty and dark
its my demons prison cell
you can see them hit the bars
with each breathing swell

they love when i sigh
so they keep me awake
grasping to slip through my throat
freedom to take

they cant get it themselves
but they feed on my blood
with mouths wide open
they sip on the flood

im not sure how
they came to be.
or what was the purpose
of possesing me

for the lump in my throat
i know they are trapped
and my insides now
are tattered and blacked

so ribs for a prison
and a mouth for a door
if you get cut remeber
its just them reaching for more

January 13, 2016 - Boat-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus major)

Found on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, these grackles live mostly in salt and freshwater marshes and can also be seen foraging in urban areas. They are omnivorous and eat a variety of invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, seeds, fruits, and tubers, as well as food scavenged from humans and domestic animals. They can pry mussel and snail shells open with their beaks and sometimes dip bread or dog food in water before eating it. Females build nests in clusters, choosing safer areas which males compete to defend. One male wins the opportunity to breed with the females in a colony, though DNA testing shows that he may only father around a quarter of the chicks.

Broken Yen

“I am a sorceress, Geralt. The power I possess over matter is a gift. A gift I reciprocate. I paid for it… with everything I had. There’s nothing left.”
She fell silent. The sorceress wiped her brow with a trembling hand.
“I was wrong,” she repeated. “But I’ll fix my mistake. Emotions and feelings…” she touched the black kestrel’s head. The bird ruffled its feathers, opening its mute curved beak. “Emotions, whims and lies, fascinations and games. Feelings and the lack thereof… gifts that should not be accepted… lies and truth. What is right? To deny a lie? Or to state a fact? And if the fact is a lie, then what is truth? Who is so full of feelings that it tears them apart and who is a cold and empty shell of a skull? Who? What is right, Geralt? What is the truth?”
“I don’t know, Yen. You tell me.”
“No,” she said and lowered her eyes. It was the first time. He had never seen her do this before. Never.
“No,” she repeated. “I cannot, Geralt. I cannot tell you. It will be this bird, born from the touch of your hand, that will tell you. Bird, what is the truth?”
“The truth,” declared the kestrel, “is a shard of ice.”

“The Sword of Destiny” story” A Shard of Ice” A.Sapkowski

Fanarts by JustAnor and Erika-Xero

It’ very hard to read that part of the story. I know that Yennefer hurt Geralt but she also hurt herself. She sounds so broken  like: I am a powerful sorceress but  I don’t know how to love or be loved and what to do with my feelings. At that moment she realize that she have to change and prepare herself to be love and revalue her life. That was a critical point in her life and i’m glad that on the end she was not a woman that she was before, how she changed throught the series. And of course becouse of something more…Ciri.:)

Uche Okeke (1933-2016), Nza The Smart, 1958, etching

“Nza the Smart” is taken from the tale of the trial of strength between Nza, the wren, and Ovu, the cuckoo. “Nza was always despised because of his tiny size, so he angrily threw a challenge to Ovu. They agreed to fast for three full market weeks, three izu. They then placed their nests close together and put a great many brown ants in them…” Ovu spent the first day of the contest sleeping while Nza tackled the ants. Ovu died and Nza made a flute out of Ovu’s bones. Egbe, the Kite, tricked Nza and flew away with the flute. Nza used a trick and retrieved the flute from Egbe’s mother and Egbe in anger burnt his mother’s but killing her in the process. Okeke’s Nza is not the one we know, but a mythical and highly imaginative one. Nevertheless, the creature is shown celebrating his victories over Ovu and Egbe. The beak is open in song and wings are spread out. This drawing exhibits typical linear gestures of Uche Okeke at this period, namely organic patterns that suggest scales, feathers, wood grains, leaves. There are, of course, the ubiquitous cowries which in this instance stand for the eyes.

Nza had tricked Egbe’s old and blind mother by covering its tiny legs with layers of clay and in the drawing this very crucial aspect of the drama has been taken into consideration. All told, “Nza the Smart” is like nothing we have encountered before and as Ulli Beier has rightly observed in his introduction to Drawings “… even if one is not acquainted with Igbo folklore one is tempted to invent new stories and adventures of Nza the Smart, or Ojaadili.

— Donatus Ibe Nwoga (1984). Critical Perspectives on Christopher Okigbo. p. 84.

Birb of Knowledge

So at dinner tonight I gave my bread to Djehuty as an offering and then then we had dinner and when we were leaving the Restaurant there was a fucking Ibis outside at the bottom of the steps. It walked up to me and opened it’s beak a little and stared at me till I realized what type of bird it was and then it walked away. As my dad was driving out of the parking lot it was walking the way we were going and it stopped, turned it’s head and stared at me till we passed and it was still looking at me when I looked in the side mirror

Anonymous said: Does robot owl man also look super terrifying when he opens his “beak” pls

not really terrifying. more just kind of goofy

Anonymous said: Hi! Do your owl’s eyes changing color mean anything?

he doesn’t have a very emotive face, so he’s been equipped with led mood eyeballs!

Anonymous said: i loved so much your robot owl guy and want to see a more lot of it!! 

thanks, anon!! i’m glad you like him! :D

[Image: Dax the jardine’s parrot wearing a bright pink harness sitting on a white hand. It is a bright blue day outside and the sun beats down on Dax’s feathers. He is facing the camera with his beak open and wings stretched out. The red spots on the front of his wings pops in the sunlight against his black wings].

Big wind calls for a bit stretch.