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The Gifts You Gave

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Feyre couldn’t help but be nervous.

And the fact that this could be the biggest thing that could ever happen to her made her all the more worried. Because what if her art wasn’t good enough? What if she wasn’t good enough?

Or worse, what if she was?

What if this was her big break, but ultimately, she ended up like the hundreds and hundreds of artists who ended up with no money, no job, and nothing else to turn to? Because she knew she was a good artist, but it took someone truly special to make it in their world.

But she was glad to be here. Ecstatic, even.

Feyre had even cried a little when Mor had told her about an opening in an art exhibition her family was holding. An opening that Feyre – the only artist Mor actually knew, but Feyre chose to overlook that fact – could fill.

She had stayed up all night trying to come up with a theme for her display - and to think of art work to actually do for it - and had finally come up with an idea.


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Alex MacArthur Interiors - New Showroom in Rye by KotomiCreations

Opening tonight—Adriana Varejão at Gagosian Beverly Hills

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

“Adriana Varejão: Interiors” opens tonight at Gagosian Beverly Hills, from 6–8PM PT. Come!

This exhibition is part of the Participating Gallery Program of PST : LA/LA, an ambitious and far-reaching series of thematically linked exhibitions and programs of Latin American and Latino art in dialog with Los Angeles.
Image:  Adriana Varejão, A diva (The diva), 2016, oil on canvas, 104 5/16 × 86 5/8 inches (265 × 220 cm) © Adriana Varejão. Photo by Vicente de Mello.


                                         Inspiration Dior Moscow

“That the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will open its exhibit “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” next week is a reminder that, at its most masterful, fashion is art. At that level—and perhaps at levels less skilled but no less inspired—it’s also often influenced by art. That relationship is central to “Inspiration Dior,” a show starting Wednesday at Moscow’s Pushkin Museum that juxtaposes the Dior oeuvre with major works dating back to the nineteenth century.

Some of the 60 paintings included are known to have inspired specific Dior designs: a gray tulle haute couture gown from fall/winter 2005 is an updated version of the dress worn by Madame Charles Max in Giovanni Boldini’s 1896 portrait. Other works, such as Marc Quinn’s 2000 “Italian Landscape,” don’t have deliberate links to the accompanying fashion, but Quinn’s pop colors and abundant florals echo the vibrant pink and yellow patterns on a voluminous organza haute couture dress from 1992. “From the beginning, Christian Dior had a huge connection with art,” says the show’s curator, Florence Muller. Before becoming a couturier, M. Dior ran a gallery in Paris. He was in business for only a short time, but that world continued to inform his work as a dressmaker in color, texture and, most significantly, construction. “He built a shape on the body that made a woman more beautiful without interrupting the natural silhouette,” says Muller. “His work is between architecture and sculpture.”

More love than imagined

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Words: 1651

Warnings: Non really. Pretty happy. Possible fluff?

A/N: This is my first ever poly fic (or fic for that matter). I’m not polyamore so I was a bit out of my league. I hope you like it and if you decide to comment be nice.

Hamilton Poly!Hamsquad x reader

”Oh come on! You can’t simply be so oblivious to the fact that I basically did this all by myself!” you nudged Herc to his side earning a light groan from him and multiple laughters around boys. You were still a bit nervous around the boys. Polyamorous relationship was as foreign as the Chinese writing. You had decided to give it a chance.

5 months ago…

When you had first met the squad you were extremely nervous. You had first met John at the opening of your art exhibit at this little gallery in the heart of New York. He had heard about you from his co-worker and as an art enthusiast he had no second in thinking whether to go or not.

You had outshined at the opening and the speech you had prepared went perfectly. By the end of the night John was completely smitten. He came to you right before the end of the party and introduced himself all shy and blushy. He was adorable. You smiled at him and as he asked for your number you already had it ready written on a napkin.

You and John met the next day and as you were walking down the street with your freshly brewed coffees he had gathered enough courage to tell you his relationship status. Truthfully, you were a bit taken a back but you quickly recovered from that. You had always been open to everything and you quickly told John that it sounded nice. He granted you a big smile and asked if you wished to see his boyfriends. You were surprised (again) but agreed to meet them the next day at their apartment.

John’s POV

As I had told Y/N about my relationship with Lafayette, Hercules and Alexander. I was so nervous and I felt butterflies down to my stomach and I was just about to flee when she said that it sounded nice. I was overjoyed. I had told the boys about her and now she was so openly accepting. It felt amazing. Of course I knew that this didn’t mean anything yet but there was this one part of me that felt so certain. Lafayette had grown tired to hear my blabbering over Y/N so had asked me to bring her by.

We made to plans to meet at the apartment the next day and I was so excited that I basically skipped to home. I rushed the stairs up and opened the door as fast as I could ever had. “Hey!” I shouted from the door. I saw Laf and Alex were on the couch. Alex writing as usual on his laptop and Laf watching some French television series. “Hi. How was your day?” Alex asked without rising from his seat. “Amazing! We went to get coffees with Y/N and then we walked back to her atelje! I told her about us and she’s coming over tomorrow! I want you to meet her!” I chanted and gave Laf and Alex kisses to their cheeks as I was making my way towards the kitchen. “How did she take it?” Alex had raised his gaze from the screen now interested in the conversation. “She took it really well actually. To be honest I never doubted it. She is so nice and sweet!” I said and blushed a bit and quickly turned my back or the teasing would be endless. “She seems to be very nice from all that you have told us.” Laf said and I just hoped that tomorrow would go well. I hoped it so much.

Your POV, second person

You were nervously smoothing out your hem and held a bottle of chardonnay leaning against your hip. John had sent you their address. You had took a cab from your apartment. You walked the stairs up and gave the wood of the door a timid knock. I heard movement from inside and saw John open the door. He had a huge smile across his face and it mirrored itself on your face too. He leaned for a hug and you allowed it and gave him a hug. He squeezed you assuringly. You gave the room a scan and saw three men behind his shoulder. You parted and you gave him the bottle of wine. “Here. I thought I should bring something and I recalled that you said you liked chardonnay. This is my favourite” you smiled. “It is! I like this one too and so does Laf!” he seemed so excited that it made you smile even wider. You had always been quite nervous to meet new people. during the many years of art shows and other that kind of encounters you had gained some sort of confidence but with three pairs of unfamiliar eyes staring at you, you felt your confidence leaving your body. John took you by your hand and let you to those men.

“Hi.” You said timidly and waved a bit while your arms were close to your body. They gave you awkward smiles and held out their hands as you shook them. Alexander as he introduced himself was first and his hand shake was firm but gentle. “Hercules Mulligan, pleasure” said tall and muscular man and his eyes were kind and warm. ”Pleasure is all mine.” You said and gave him a warm smile. Lastly there was a tall, lean man. He was either stressed or pissed so your handshake was a bit more timid that with Hercules. “Lafayette.” He said with a very clear French accent. “Nice to meet you” you smiled and he smiled back. So he was stressed.

You arranged yourselves around the couch and placed snacks on the small table. The conversation went smoothly, they asked you about your art and you asked Hercules about his tailoring and Alexander about his writings. You felt relaxed and you enjoyed your time with the boys. They each made you laugh.


You had spent a month with the boys in the friendzone and during that time something happened to you. You had never even dreamed about falling in love with multiple persons at once and that was odd enough but you never thought that even one could love you but now you had four. Four amazing persons in love with you. You had no clue.

One night you decided to have a talk with the boys and without you knowing it, they needed to talk to you too.

You hailed a taxi to get you to their apartment. You were nervous and quietly nibbled on your thumb. “You okay?” The driver asked. “Yeah. Just meeting somebody important.” I smiled back at him. “I bet he is extremely lucky to have you visit” he said and winked. I smiled back at him and wondered what he had said. ‘I think I’m the lucky one. If I am…’

The cab pulled over at the curb and I handed him a bit extra and thanked him for the ride. I rose from the car and took three deep breaths. This night would change everything. Either for god or bad. Here we go. you nodded to yourself and took the first step.

You knocked on the door and Lafayette opened the door. “Hello Y/N. Comment allez-vous?” He asked and gave you a friendly smile. “Good, thank you.” You said voice trembling just a bit. He led you to the couch. “What’s the matter?” He asked with concern in his voice. It warmed you from the inside. Knowing that someone cared for you. “I need to talk to you. Is everyone here?” You asked and twirled the hem of your shirt nervously between your thumb and index finger. “They are. Give me a moment I’ll call them down.” He said and rose from the couch and walked to get them. You sat on the couch thinking through what you’d say to them. It had been only them for so long and you were mentally preparing for a broken or awkward friendship.

They all came to the living room and you rose up. Laurens was trying to give you a hug. It broke a bit of your heart but you asked him to sit down with the others.They all adopted anxious looks on their faces, it hurt your soul. “So umm… I know that I didn’t inform you that I was coming over but I really had to. So let me have my little monologue. So…” you took a deep breath “I’m quite sure that I’ve fallen for you. All of you. This is very new to me and I’ve never felt anything like this and fills me up in away I never knew I could be filled with love. John, you found me. You are my shield. You make me feel protected in every way. Hercules, your warm eyes made me feel happy and warm from the first time you laid them on me. You are my rock. Alexander, oh how I adore your imagination and ambition. You are my sight. every paragraph that you write creates worlds. Lafayette, you are my heart. In conclusion you are my heart. That’s it. That’s all I can say to you. That’s all I am.” You sat/collapsed onto the coffee table. The confession had took all of your strenght. You had laid outa all that you were and had. You raised your gaze to look at them. They all looked… astonished. They weren’t pitying. They weren’t sad or mad.

John was the first one to move. He rose and walked over to you. You didn’t have a chance to say anything when he bent down and hugged you. Soon the others followed and you ended up in a giant group hug. You started to cry and next up was all the guys comforting you and even kissing you on your cheeks and making you laugh. This felt right. This felt home. This was your home.


North Carolina Central University opened its art exhibit, “Embracing Diverse Voices: Ninety Years of African-American Art” to highlight the contributions of African-American artists both famous and lesser known.

The exhibit opened Oct. 15 and closes Dec. 9. Overseeing the exhibit is NCCU Art Director Kenneth Rodgers, who has held his position for more than 20 years.

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PEACEMINUSONE EXHIBIT - 150613 (Non)Fiction Museum - Part 2 Venue | (Non)Fiction Part 1 **Please don’t crop the logo**
May I Feel?

@ateliefloresdaprimavera YN is his fiancee, quiet and stern like him; she works as a librarian and loves books. Fisk didnt know about her until Vanessa invites them for a double date and he’s gobsmacked. just a fluffy/romantic story.

This is so cute omg.  Also, I quoted E. E. Cummings because duh you know Wesley would quote poetry against his partner’s skin. :)

James Wesley x Reader


Fisk couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  All his years working with Wesley and here he was, two glasses of wine into their double date and he was all over his fiancé, Y/N.  Fisk was used to seeing his right-hand man so monotone and cold, but now, seeing him whisper sweet nothings into her ear and smile so much was going to take some getting used to. 

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