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Kira Yoshikage is Terrifying

So, when Reimi tells Rohan and Koichi her story she ends up showing them the wounds on her back. These wounds are deemed so gory that they don’t get shown in Jojo, a series where we have seen a guy’s head get ripped off and pulled into a canteen amongst other things. Pretty much everyone takes this as an indication of the exceptional brutality of her death, and by extension, Kira. This is important to me because Killer Queen’s bombs, while deadly and merciless, lack the visceral impact of blood and guts. Since we never see Reimi’s back, the brutality never really sets in all the way.

Now, my theory revolves around the fact that later on Reimi also states that she can recognize when someone has died by Kira’s hands even though she never saw his face and had no idea who he was/is. She says she can do this because their ghosts all share the signature wound. We see Shigechi and Rohan’s ghosts as they are blowing up into chunks of dust as they go off to “heaven”, so we know what that looks like. Where this gets interesting/scary is that Reimi says this manner of wound is Kira’s signature and that all these people bare the same wound and she does on her back, and that that is how she knows it’s him in the first place.

Now, until I gave this more thought, I just wrote this off as her being confused or an unclear translation, because an explosion is clearly different from a stabbing, and all of the victims would still be clearly connected because they’re all blowing up and thus recognizable. However, eventually I DID give it more thought, and asked “Could she be saying that Kira brutalized her so badly with a knife (likely a kitchen knife from her own kitchen), that it looked as though a bomb had gone off in her spine?”

Under the assumption that this is, in fact, what’s being hinted at, I looked up images of blast injuries on google (don’t do this if you have a weak stomach btw), and suffice to say, that if 18 year old entirely human and stand-less Kira Yoshikage did, in fact, inflict knife wounds that resemble the type of damage done by a bomb, it makes him 100% the most legitimately terrifying villain up to this point. Like, he actually, legitimately scares me.

Furthermore, if this is the case, it makes perfect sense that Araki didn’t draw Reimi’s back because:

A.    That would have been A LOT of hard work


B.    It would easily be the most gory/terrifying thing so far.

Dark Felicity Arc Speculation

Enter at your own risk, if you are not ready for Spoiler Theory don’t go past this line. If you are not open minded about Arrow, stop here and don’t go any further.

My theory starts way back in the summer of sunsets and porches.  Olicity had driven happily into the sunset.  Roy had left to begin a new life. Thea has just come back through the pit and became Speedy. Laurel had finally come into her arc of being the Black Canary.  Happy picture right?  Not really to the show makers of Arrow. KC’s black canary was very weak; unlikable and did not measure up at all to her predecessor sister Sara.  I think a plan was formed then in the minds of the writers  to kill LL.  @jbuffyangel explained this best in her season four theory of why Laurel is the one that had to be in the grave. 

The arc LL was given in her coming of age story was about loosing Tommy and blaming herself, drinking, loosing her job, finding Sara and loosing her. That was the struggle that lead LL to carry the mantle and become the canary.  Did it work? Meh.. not for me.  KC’s performance was luke warm at best and didn’t garner the sympathy it requires to engage the audience in her crucible and her redemption story.  I personally dissociated Laurel from Arrow.  She felt like a story within a story unrelated to my plot or the characters I cared about mainly Oliver Queen. 

Bottom line KC had to go.  Pre-season four the writers get approval from CW to kill Laurel Lance.  But the writing team is very smart.  They know the need another canary.  A canary the audience is passionate about; one they either love and adore or totally want dead; a character the audience is totally engaged with.  Felicity Smoak is the only female character on Arrow that elicits emotions from all audience.  I don’t know if they have approval for Felicity to become BC at that point.  I don’t think they did. But they played it smart. They set it up properly this time.  Remember they want us to feel the pain of the future BC. Her place needs to be earned.  So they start slow.

4.09 Felicity gets taken by Damian, imprisoned in a gas chamber, gets saved by a canary cry breaking the glass

4.10 Felicity is left alone in the hospital, while Oliver is away, he tells Laurel she is the strongest person he knows, we are told she is paralyzed and there are no other solutions

4.11 Felicity has a drug induced hallucination where she sees a dark version of herself

4.12 Roy is manipulated by the Calculator who turns out to be her father

4.13 Felicity decides to test her father; he fails and she hands him over to the police; doing this alone because Oliver happens to be busy with Thea possibly dying; Malcom tells Oliver he knows about William so Oliver pushes the engagement forward

4.14 Oliver and Felicity get engaged and Curtis presents Felicity with the chip

4.15 Felicity breaks up with Oliver after he sends William away and walks out of the loft sighting that marriage is about inclusion

4.16  Fake wedding to lure Cupid, and a second emotional breakup where she tells Oliver that he always defaults back to the island

4.17 The Bee lady attacks Felicity at PT because she wants the chip in her back

4.18  LL dies while she is away from the team

4.19 Felicity tells Oliver she blames herself for Laurel’s death

4.21 Felicity gets fired from her CEO position and redirects the missile to hit Havenrock killing 10s of thousands of people

4.22 Felicity convinces Cooper to do the right thing which results in his death and discovers that her father didn’t abandon them, but it was Donna who left..

4.23 Felicity fight in the lair using Laurel’s batton

Season Four ends and I think this is when the shift happened. I think by that point the writers had shown the network the amazing capabilities of Emily and how authentic she is playing the main female role.. plus the fan reaction to the proposal and the breakup; to the William lie. The fans were 100% involved with anything and everything Felicity. I think before Comic Con the writers received the green light for Felicity to become Black Canary.  I believe that is the reason why John Barrowman and Willa Holland were fan-girling over Emily in the panel.  Willa Holland stated: “I want to be Felicity right now.. no wait I want to be Emily”

Then we get season five:

5.01 Felicity reminds Oliver of Laurel’s words and that he can’t let her be the last canary

5.02 Felicity tells Oliver “No Mask, No chance”

5.05 Oliver finds out about Billy and  they have a third breakup

5.09 Billy dies because Prometheus used him as a chess pawn against her and Oliver and finally we see Felicity break down.

Felicity has been put through the ringer.  Too much pain; for what I ask you if not to have a much deeper and emotional wrenching pain to the story of the woman who will become the true partner of the Green Arrow; the Black Canary.  The writers are smart; they did not repeat the same mistake they did with LL’s BC. They took their time. They did it slowly over a season and a half in setup; in planning; for it to finally come to this point.  The breakup plays perfectly into the GA/BC history; the lies; the child with another woman.  The arc of the Black Canary had to curve through the story of the Green Arrow.  LL’s arc was separate and independent  from Oliver. She lost Tommy at her own fault, she started drinking to deal with her guilt, got fired, and lost Sara because of Sara’s league association.  Oliver had nothing to do with her crucible; she did it to herself.  Felicity’s arch on the other hand had to do with Oliver and being part of the team at every turn. By doing that; the writers would have corrected the path of the arc and associated the coming of age of BC right along with the story of GA’s walk into the light.

So if my theory is correct and this pain cycle that Felicity has gone through was not all in vain. The person from Felicity’s past to trigger her change is Laurel or who they come to find out as Black Siren.  Laurels’ return and her Black Siren reveal and later incarceration will give Felicity an outlet for her anger and trigger the idea that she can fill that role. If she does, then I think it will be in Sara Lance fashion, the audience will see a woman  in Black and will hear a canary cry but they will not know who this new BC is.  Felicity will step away from the team and Curtis will take over.  That is when BC will have sightings through Star City. Until one night where she engages an enemy, gets injured and Green Arrow comes to the rescue to remove the mask and discover that it is Felicity paralleling the 1.14 moment of Felicity finding out about Oliver.

The Color Theory: and Felicity’s Dark Ark

Well, if I have to go into color I would have to rewind back to season two and Felicity wearing Sara’s jacket when she went to the bank to entrap the clock king.  To the pep talk she gave Oliver after Moira’s funeral. To her “Don’t stop fighting” speech. All done in Black.  I refer to @quant-um-fizzx on color theory. But 5A has witnessed darker colors than we have seen Felicity wear since she started on Arrow.  The 5.10 promo and the one picture SA posted on Facebook featuring the new Tina all have tones of black.

Plus this photo shoot

I know what you are thinking..  I am not a comic book fan either. I have never read the Arrow Comics but this struck me as something the writers already did to my favorite couple; ironically the villain was also a Prometheus!

 I would like to remind everyone reading and ready to write me to respond on how this is impossible and how they have hired Tina to be BC.  There is nothing in Marc’s or Wendy’s interviews to implicate that.  It is speculation at this point.  If Felicity is to assume the role of BC; then Tina would be another Lyla to Rene’s John Diggle.  An ex-marine, ex-love interest of Wild Dog who may join the team or replace William Malone in the vacated role of detective.  The team goes to find her just as they went to find Lyla in Russia; to help Rene out.

Take your time; think about it.. if you see merit to this theory give me a shout.  If you soul heartedly disagree and find that Felicity is already a hero on her own without a mask. That Felicity does not need a mask; that her superpower is her brain.  I will agree. Totally. But I am not the one writing the show, and does it still stand after all the pain she has experienced and has felt helpless to fight through? Hasn’t Felicity evolved after the pain to more?

Marc said something that stayed with me.  He said he will write the book on how to upset everyone on the internet.  Wouldn’t making Felicity Smoak BC upset both the LL stans and the Olicity fans? You bet! He also said he writes for the viewers like himself who watch for the sake of entertainment. And you must admit building up Felicity Smoak to become BC has been an emotionally wrenching, heart breaking, soul jerking endeavor that is soap opera entertaining.

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DC CW tv show openings:

Arrow: I spent 5 years on an island… lol jk no i didnt

Flash: I am the fastest man alive… lol jk no im not

Legends of Tomorrow: They will become Legends… lol jk no they wont

“Anybody feel like after the third movie the Final Destination series just became overkill? Hell the third was almost over kill but I really enjoyed that roller coaster disaster…”

“How the hell can you set a pan of water on fire?” Mick exclaims, both frustrated and amused. Everyone knew he loved fire but even he wouldn’t go as far as setting a pan on fire, especially if it was because of cooking.

He had walked into the kitchen because he could smell the familiar smell of smoke and could sense the heat in the air but what he found shocked him, there was a reason he was cautious about people in a kitchen.

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Superhero's Anonymous
  • Moderator: "Welcome to Superhero Anonymous. We have three newcomers today. Please, state your first name and your tragic backstory. Okay... You there. In the Green with the Bow. You first."
  • Green Arrow: "My name is Oliver Queen."
  • Mod: "Please sir, just your first name. We're suppose to be anon--"
  • Green Arrow: *interrupting* "After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal- to save my city. But to do that, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else."
  • Mod: "Oh. Okay. That's...interesting. And creepy. Moving on. You in the Red."
  • The Flash: "My Name is Barry Allen--"
  • Mod: "Oh, come on!"
  • The Flash: "--and I'm the fastest man alive. When I was a child, a saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me, and one day I'll find who killed my mother and get justice for my father. I am the Flash."
  • Mod: "Thank-you for that information, Flash. I know more than I ever wanted to. Next!"
  • Supergirl: "My name is"
  • Mod: "hoe don't do it"
  • Supergirl: "Kara Zor-el..."
  • Mod: *throws papers in the air* "oh my god"
  • *storms out in frustration with heroes and their annoying self intros.*


     he’s been expecting someone to come into his room, though perhaps not for a few more minutes. he and the others have just returned from a three week excursion in the emprise du lion, and he’s in desperate need of a bath, but the INQUISITOR never sleeps. at least, not when anyone anywhere has anything they need done.

as the door opens into his quarters, he stands in front of his bed’s end, hand rubbing at the ink on the back of his neck to chase away an itch before he starts shuffling out of sweat and blood drenched tunic.

along his back are clear tears in the flesh, some new enough to still be red - probably made within the last twelve hours - while some are healed over and pale. they are distinct markings of territory. ones that he’s obviously not ashamed to show off.

turning around to face the entrant, his hand runs over his chest, which is marred in a similar fashion as his back, and up along his throat. his lip is busted, though mostly healed, and there might even be a shadow of a black eye nearly dissipated.

his tongue grazes out over the split in his lower lip, brow cocking as hands move to settle on his hips. ❝ what is it? i need to take care of some things before i get overwhelmed with updates and new objectives. ❞

Dear Felicity Smoak,

c/o Emily Bett Rickards 

(This is crazy long. Also, if y’all could try not to make this a shipping war, that would be great. It’s about so much more than that.)

I have been tossing this idea around in my head ever since Felicity was shot, but the time just never seemed right to post it. 

But I just saw someone refer to the Felicity-in-a-wheelchair story line as “ableist”.

I could not let that comment pass me by without sharing my thoughts and here’s why: 

I am disabled. Permanently. 

I have Spina Bifida (please, learn what you can about it or ask me) and I am blessed to be able to walk with crutches, but I have also spent a significant amount of my life in a wheelchair. 

And as hard as I might wish for it some days, there is no magic microchip that is going to make it all better. 

I don’t say that for pity, I say it because I am all too familiar with true, non-fictional ableism, - which, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, is “discrimination in favor of able-bodied people.”

But the thing is, I would never qualify Felicity’s experience as having an ableist slant. 

Quite the opposite, actually. 

Just because she and her loved ones were devastated doesn’t make them ableists. 

Just because she was “miraculously healed” doesn’t mean the story or the writers are guilty of ableism, either.

Some people in the disability community will disagree on this, but guess what?

It’s okay to want to be healed. And it’s okay to be happy for someone who has the opportunity, even fictionally, to be healed.

It’s okay to think that having a disability sucks BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT DOES

If you live with a disability and you have NEVER, not for a moment, wished that things could be different, you’re either extremely well-adjusted or you’re lying.

I am not saying that my life is completely terrible. It’s not. I have had wonderful experiences and have wonderful people in my life, all because of my disability. 

Ultimately, I wouldn’t trade them for a million pain-free days.

But it is difficult and it is painful. 

Wishing you could change something that is difficult and painful about your life doesn’t mean you are discriminating against people who are dealing with the same issue. 

Wanting to lose weight doesn’t mean your prejudiced against heavier people, does it?

That being said, I LOVED. LOVE LOVE LOVED LOVED LOVED LOOOOOOVED injured Felicity.

It added a whole new layer to her character and I’m actually kind of sad that she was healed, because guess what else? 

Being disabled is not a bad thing. It’s not something that should be skirted around or thought of as a death sentence. 

That would have been ableist. 

So, no, “ableist” is not how I see the situation on Arrow. 

I think it was portrayed as absolutely, 100% in favor of the disabled person.

Because they didn’t see her as her disability, they saw her as the woman they all loved.

Even if she never walked again.

It was real and beautiful and showed disabilities is a stunning light.

Because I am so proud of the way that the Arrow writers and Emily Bett Rickards handled the story line of Felicity’s paralysis, I just wanted to tell them “thank you”. 

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