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Journey To The Past [Keith]
Journey To The Past [Keith]

i was thinking about “Journey to the past” from Anastasia and just had to do a cover of it for keith + voltron. but here’s an interesting catch: you’re gonna press play and it won’t be what you expect (what the quiznak is that doing in Anatasia, Iz?!) but stick with me just wait for it.

because i was listening to the original arrangement/instrumental and thought considering the journey Keith is on and what he’s been through, what we’ve seen him harbouring and enduring alone, maybe we could take a different approach.

So today I reworked the original, orchestrated this from scratch and out popped this version. you can listen to the instrumental version without vocals here.


Feet don’t fail me now
Courage don’t desert me
Don’t turn back now that we’re here…

CLEANER MIX HERE [new version i couldn’t replace the audio!]

orchestration notes & lyrics below:

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The Easy Way (Prologue) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine

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summary: aftermath of the lineup

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word count: 1122

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Everything around you was moving in slow motion as your head was clouded with the images of Abraham collapsing onto the cement. His body lay lifeless, twitching on the ground for a moment before becoming still, the rise and fall of his chest slowing until his lungs could no longer take in any new breaths. Your mouth hung open, and your eyes opened and closed in thirty-second intervals. 

Maggie stared at the ground in front of her, avoiding the living and the dead bodies which surrounded her. Her mind was as scrambled as yours; varying from blank static waves to the last words of her loved ones–her lover. Her breathing quickened as her eyes darted towards Glenn’s corpse, which was something you hadn’t yet dared to attempt. 

You weren’t ready to see Abraham’s body; to discover him in a whole new way you wished you never had been exposed to. He was the one constant in your life–your last connection to the world before it all went to hell–and now he was gone. He had vanished into thin air within seconds, but his lifeless body lay in front of you. 

Sasha couldn’t look at you because you didn’t know about her and Abraham. Rosita was afraid to look at you because she was the only person who loved him almost as much as you did. Rick didn’t know what to say, and he knew he couldn’t make it better. All he could do was hope his son would be there for you, and that you’d have someone to rely on. 

Carl placed a hand on your shoulder, and you turned around, falling into his embrace without questioning yourself. Nobody said a word, so the sound of his rapidly beating heart was the only thing proving that you were still conscious. Your ears rang like sirens, and your head pounded like the strongest man alive had placed his hands on each side of your face and squeezed. 

You were thankful he didn’t apologize, because you wouldn’t know how to respond in an acceptable way. Then again, nothing was really unacceptable those days. He had told you about his mom dying, and how much of a toll it took on his dad. He knew what it was like to lose someone, but he did’t know what it was like to lose the last person you had. 

Yes, Carl had lost many loved ones, but he always had his dad right by his side. When his mom died and his dad went a little wild, he had Judith to motivate him to remain strong. Maggie had lost her entire family, and then Glenn was torn from her. She truly had nobody left who she felt she connected with. You felt like you were in a similar situation, but at least you had Carl. 

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Carl’s hand combed through your knotted hair calmingly. You counted the strokes his calloused fingertips paved in an attempt to steady your breathing. His thumb rubbed soothing circles on your lower back, causing your eyes to drift shut peacefully. His grip on you was loose enough so you didn’t feel suffocated, but tight enough that you felt safe. 

With Carl, you always felt protected. At times, it bothered you. You were treated like such a kid when it was just you, Rosita, Eugene, and Abraham on the road. When you met Rick’s group and saw that there was a boy your age, you were hoping for some kind of realization to come over your brother and Rosita, and that they’d learn that you could take care of yourself. 

But all you needed in that moment was some sense of security. You needed time to allow yourself to mourn, but you knew that just wasn’t likely. The world didn’t slow down for anybody, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to make an exception for you. That was part of survival, though. You take what you can and you deal with it, whether you like it or not. 

Your mind and body battled each other, for your eyelids were droopy and heavy, but your head was cluttered with too many thoughts to clarify. You needed seep, but you knew that wasn’t realistic at all. It was made clear by the growing nausea in your stomach that you wouldn’t be sleeping any time soon. You could pretend, though. You’d have to get used to that. 

Marilyn Monroe was considered one of the most beautiful women, and it’d been said that she lacked confidence. What she lacked in self-esteem, she made up for by faking it. Eventually, she had been faking it for so long that she actually grew to consider herself a confident woman. Maybe if you convinced yourself you were okay for long enough, you would become okay over time. 

The thing is, time wasn’t something you could wait for. Time was against you, and it was winning. Your heart was shattered by the man who killed your brother, and you felt like your body ceased all functions. You didn’t have any time to spare. If you slowed down for a minute to catch your breath, you would be as dead as Abraham. He wouldn’t have wanted that. 

He would never want you to spend time mourning him. He had spent many sorrowful nights discussing the protocol you were to follow in the circumstance of his death. You always laughed when he brought that up, content in your belief that he would live much longer than you. Abraham seemed to think otherwise, though. He was wiser than most gave him credit for. 

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The RV rocked as the uneven pavement created friction against the worn down tires. Your chest rose and fell at an even pace, easing Carl to sleep. He couldn’t relax until he was sure you were okay. He wouldn’t allow you to deal with this alone, but you could tell he was tired. You went out of your way to make him talk to you, seeing as his voice was the only sound that wasn’t completely terrifying. 

You woke up in the morning, sunshine peaking in through the thin curtains of the RV. Carl’s limp body lay next to you, his hair a mess and his limbs flopped across the makeshift bed you had created out of old couch cushions and some extra blankets. Carl seemed so peaceful. His breaths were nearly silent, and his body was relatively still. It wasn’t often that you’d encounter someone sleeping peacefully. 

Maybe it wouldn’t be easy for you to heal after the loss of your brother, but you would learn to cope with the help of the boy whose arms held you close to the center of your universe. 

Of Fathers & Daughters

So enough of y’all yelled at me about this post that I figured I should just go ahead and write it. Sort of a little companion piece to the feels fest that is Safe and Sound For You, but you don’t have to have read it to know what’s going on. You can check it out on if that’s your preference.

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Word count: 1.9k

Snow walks into the hospital room, a bag of food from Granny’s held aloft before her and Emma’s eyes light up.

“Give me the food and I give you the baby,” she says, drawing a chuckle from her mother. “I’m starving.”

Killian shoots her a look, annoyed. “I asked if you were hungry fifteen minutes…”

“I couldn’t smell it then,” Emma says, crossing her legs to make room for her mother.

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DAY 2174

Jalsa, Mumbai             Mar 29/30,  2014            Sat/ Sun  12:26 am

The trouble with extreme lethargy, albeit deserving, is that it never ends .. so despite the fact that one has had a more than sufficient rest, it doesn’t really bring it to an end .. the body seeks more and the mind gives it more ..

‘Cutting a long story short’ … ah ! hate using such language that has been used to death .. so .. 'skirting to the end of a rather extended clothing’ .. hmm ! thats sounds better .. a bit risque though .. but getting the meaning I guess .. what has in fact occurred is that sleep, that most necessary of all human conventions, masters over the system for more than what seems to be necessary .. ending up in 'lethargy’ activated to large extends …

Sleep, siesta, nap or any other manifestation differs from each one of us .. sleep on the stomach, on the side, flat on back, curled, uncurled, foetus shaped … mouth opened, mouth closed, breathing through nose or not, grinding teeth at interval, speaking during the process, walking in sleep … or any other form .. there is but one quality that is simply indescribable ..

The look ..

The look or expression on the face of one in deep slumber is indescribable, utterly childlike and one with the completeness of vulnerability .. it is perhaps the one and only expression that remains unchanged in the human .. one that inhabits our faces form the time we are born to the end .. drained of any care or force, oblivious to the world, quiet and utterly likeable …

Contrarily ..

Wake up .. and one is back with a face that signifies the burdens of the world .. not to mention those that capture the fading glory as the years go by .. 

Did some bytes for Tv by the evening for the on coming concert Global Peace, to be held on the 6th of April at the JLN Stadium in Delhi .. a concept that was played out in Mumbai some time ago … and now to be executed in Delhi … by the very talented Aadesh Srivastava .. yours truly shall be singing too … and that should put all the Ef off from wanting to attend the function ..

Many of the prominent singers of the film world shall be performing .. PEACE and not Violence .. !! for the entire world !!

British Airways, as you know brings in its latest magnificent bird, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the very first time to India … and its inaugural flight is to Hyderabad …

As a mark of remembrance of this historic moment, BA is putting a plaque on this plane which is named after me, as a gesture of our association … greatly humbled and honoured !! It will take place quite ceremoniously at a function to be held in Hyderabad on the 31st March at the Falaknuma Palace Hotel  .. Hyderabad the city of grandeur and culture and the Nizam’s Palace, extraordinary .. the Nizam of Hyderabad, at his time the richest man on the planet, lived in opulence, unmatched by anyone living at that time and I am sure even now ..

For example … legend has it that one of rarest diamonds in both size and colour, was used by him as a paper weight on his desk … !! His dinning room - a hundred odd seater, with gold cutlery and plates is still on display at the museum I believe .. 

Diamonds … !

So … best to get away from this topic, before the ladies wish to prolong the conversation .. !!

It is now time for 'True Detective’ .. a recommended serial after 'House of Cards’ which came to a rather dramatic end .. some days ago ..

Good night dear ones .. and thank you for all your wishes … I am so blessed with your company ..

Love as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : and happy birthday Nawaf … love and all the best in life

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Imagine Bucky attracting unicorns.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Tony says, landing next to Bucky in a gust of warm repulsor air and pine needles and flipping up his faceplate. “That’s what we’ve been chasing? A horse?”

“I don’t think that’s a horse,” Bucky mutters, face still cradled against his rifle scope. It’s hard to see through the thick fog, and the…the whatever it is keeps slipping between the shadows of the trees. In his ear his comm crackles to life, Steve’s voice cutting sharp through the eerie gloom.

“Iron Man, Bucky: status report?”

Bucky opens his mouth to reply just as the creature they’ve been following - four days, three continents and two dimensions at last count - steps fully into a clearing and a patch of faint sunlight, glowing white and unmistakable.

“Wow,” Tony breathes.

“No way,” Bucky says, equally fervent.

What’s happening?” Demands Steve.


“I think you may owe us an explanation,” Tony says later, watching with open fascination as Bucky strokes the unicorn’s mane.

“I don’t owe you shit,” he says, letting the hair cascade over his palm, shining silken and almost iridescent. When he holds out his hand for it to sniff, the unicorn nuzzles at his fingers, nipping gently at him with velveteen lips. It’s remarkably peaceful, standing here; Bucky can feel his heartbeat slowing, the subtle and persistent ache in his shoulder easing. He blinks slowly, eyelids heavy, vaguely cognizant of the gathering audience and barely resisting the urge to lay his head against her warm neck.

In the clearing the Avengers have formed a large half circle around them. Clint is leaning on his longbow with a small smile, Natasha sitting cross-legged and somewhat starry eyed in the grass at his feet. Tony looks like he’s resisting the urge to say something else, and Steve is quiet, opening and closing his mouth at intervals, and slightly pink across the nose.

Beneath his hands, the unicorn breathes, in and out, slow and gentle. Bucky rests his forehead on her flank and closes his eyes.


It doesn’t take too much, after that. Bucky leads the creature out from the inner depths of the forest, the rest of the Avengers trailing a safe distance behind. Thor arrives with a priestess of Asgard who wraps the unicorn in a golden halter and vanishes in a swirl of Bifrost.

“Are they common, in Asgard?” Natasha asks, a little wistfully.

“No,” Thor answers, shaking his head. “I thought they were a fairy tale as well.”

As the quinjet sails toward home over southern Albania, Bucky sits against the window, drifting somewhere between sleep and full consciousness. He feels lighter somehow, utterly peaceful. Without pain, his brain supplies from somewhere, and he feels his mouth twitch in a smile.

“What’s so funny?” Steve’s voice asks, and Bucky cracks his eyes open in time to see Steve slide into the seat across from him.

“Nothing,” Bucky murmurs, and seeing Steve’s mouth twist downward, sighs in resignation. “Fine; you can ask.”

Steve just sits back, and seems to consider him, tapping one finger against his mouth. “So, unicorns. Huh.”


“Legends true?”

Bucky closes his eyes again. “Apparently.”

He can hear the rustle of Steve’s cowl as he nods, and the heavy sound of him shifting deeper into his seat. “You didn’t tell me.” Steve doesn’t sound hurt, exactly, just curious.

“There was a war on, Steve.” Bucky says. “Then, you know. The other stuff. Not much time.”

Steve’s silence speaks volumes.

“Oh, shaddup,” Bucky says, and lets the dreamy, blurry grin he’s been holding back spread across his face. “I got to pet a unicorn today, beat that.”

The last thing he hears before dropping off to sleep is the soft sound of Steve laughing.

Olicity Prompt: You Ran Into Me

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Yup another one from @captainolicitysbedroom!

Prompt: Oliver is meeting Diggle at a local diner and Felicity is frantically working to finish a very important project. First meeting in the diner with an annoyed Oliver and a pissed off Felicity. 

Read it here or on AO3: You Ran Into Me

“No, no the tests came back positive which means I’ve found the right sequence now I just have to find the…oh wait I think I see a table opening. Yeah I’ll call you back in about…” Felicity glanced down at her watch for a split second as she moved through the bustling diner. “Yeah Sara give me twenty minutes okay?” She asked as she rounded the empty booth’s corner. 

Sara’s reply was lost as she collided with a hard, sturdy object. “Felicity?” the voice on the end of the phone called out as Felicity’s free hand flew up to touch the small welt now forming on her head. She let out a small groan of discomfort as her face fell into a slight frown. “What the hel…..” she swallowed the rest of the word and twisted her lips until they formed a small o. “Hello….” she gulped before whispering back to Sara. “I’ll call you back.” 

She dropped the phone into her pocket with Sara still talking and squared her small shoulders. Her glasses were askew over her small face and her lipstick smudged as the man before her spoke. 

With a voice like velvet he gave her a very condescending reply. “I do believe Hello is a better phrase than what the hell, especially since you ran into me…” 

Felicity gaped, “You arrogant son of a bitch!” 

He took a step back with his hand held in the air. “Watch your tongue Miss…” 

“Smoak!” she yelled. “Felicity Smoak and seriously are you actually trying to wave someone over here so they’ll remove me from your presence!” She was stunned and he seemed just as stunned when he snapped back…

“No…” he said almost carefully which made her brow furrow. He caught the tension in her forehead so he lowered his voice a click and said, “No I was attempting to avoid a scene but clearly you seem driven to create one Ms. Smoak.” 

Felicity’s mouth fell open once more before immediately closing. For a split second she looked him over. He was taller than she’d previously thought. When her nose hit his collar bone she assumed he was a little under six feet but now with him standing at his full un-crouched height he was clearly taller. She guessed maybe 6′1 or even 6′2 but, she was unsure. Her eyes roved over his face with gentle curiosity as he simply stood there glaring. “Are you gawking at me for any particular reason or have you realized that you’re in the wrong here?” 

Felicity’s gaze hardened as her eyes swept over his sharp, stubble covered jawline. His lightly grinding teeth, made the joint near the opening of his ear slightly pop. His striking blue eyes fixed her with a hard, unyielding look of reproach which made her knees quake. The lack of sleep and anger must have finally caught up with her since not ten seconds later she felt her balance starting to rapidly shift…

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I’m excited to present this pretty baby today: Heine Borel (for topology/ sans Bolzano Weierstrass, which makes for a stunningly cute proof). 

My favorite part is compactness -> closed: The strategy is to pick p, a limit point of our subset A of the real line, and show that p must be in A. Assuming p \notin A, you can construct open nested intervals whose infinite intersection is p. Close those suckers, you get {p}. Take that there closure complement and you get, what, R\{p} and an open cover for A (since p ain’t no element of A, by assumption). But, wait, there’s compactness! So, we can find some natural number k such that A is in (-\infty, p-1/k] U [p+1/k, \infty)… but wait! p is in (p-1\k, p+1\k). Did we just separate a set from its own goshdarn limit point by an open neighborhood? HA! CONTRADICULOUS! So, what’s got compactness and all of its limit points? That’s right. A does. Closed, brotha. 


When I warm up with proofs in the morning, I listen to music. Some tune always resonates with the proof, and becomes its theme song. The theme song for this proof is Hall & Oates’ ‘You Make My Dreams Come True,’ and I think that’s cute. 

This proof is so cute. Math is cute. I love math.