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if palestinians did not raise their children to hate, terrorism would not be a way of life over there. and perhaps if you were not raised to punish those for being different than you, you would behave nicer towards others.

I’m not really sure where to begin with this one.

First of all, these two thoughts are irrelevant to one another. Ad hominem arguments are pointless - and this one is just a little strange. I’m not sure why you think you know the details of my upbringing but unless you are a parent or a sibling, on anonymous, then you’re making a huge assumption. My upbringing is irrelevant to the facts that I’ve provided however, as I have not cited my upbringing as a source for a single one of them.

And secondly, the main contributor to terrorism in Israel and the occupied territories is not Palestinians, but Israel. Israel and the IDF have shot, shelled and killed thousands of civilians, Israeli policy currently besieges Gaza in the largest open air prison on earth, with a blockade that has been deemed illegal by the international community, the Palestinian civilian population are terrorised. In 2014 Operation Protective Edge 1,462 Palestinian civilians, including 551 children were killed - not soldiers, not terrorists, civilians. Perhaps if Israel did not make it a policy to terrorise the Palestinian population, then terrorism would not be a way of life over there? 

However, I blame the Israeli government for this terrorism, because it is their policy. I would never blame Israeli’s for raising their children to hate, because they are not living in a vacuum, and neither are the palestinians - claiming that would be a massive, offensive and purposefully ignorant over simplification. If you genuinely think that Palestinian mothers and fathers are the cause for the current situation in the middle east then I’d suggest learning a bit more about the subject and the historical context that the current conflict exists within.

Does anybody get what’s happening in Palestine?????????????? Does anybody get it????????? Israel has literally forced the indigenous people of a land to flee their homes. While Palestinians live in agony abroad after leaving their homes with NOTHING literally nothing but the keys to their homes, while they’re forced to live in the West Bank and Gaza in tiny spaces being referred to as open air prisons where every aspect of their life is controlled by scum IDF, where they can be killed raped kidnapped tortured imprisoned on the whim of a racist scum IDF member or Israeli settler, where their culture is being systematically destroyed, where every single child has PTSD from living under this terror, where Israelis frolic about on our beaches and make money off our natural resources while destroying Palestinian farms orchards nature, like I can’t even express all the horrors and injustices being committed by Israel right now. DO YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT?????? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT GENOCIDE IS LITERALLY HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE TIME?????? And all you care about is a fucking Wonder Woman movie????????????? TFOUH. I SPIT ON YOU.
Apartheid ended 20 years ago, so why is Cape Town still 'a paradise for the few'?
The South African city is World Design Capital, yet residents of its Khayelitsha township live in appallingly cramped, unhygienic conditions. The need for long-promised urban reform is urgent
By Oliver Wainwright

This piece is great at a distance, but paragraphs like these: 

“Walking past these identical single-story sheds, marshalled into grim repetitive rows (not nicknamed dog kennels for nothing), it is often hard to distinguish the RDP buildings from the hated matchbox houses built in the townships under apartheid. They have been thrown up quickly and cheaply, and many have already come crumbling down, while their dreary layout reinforces the sense of living in an open-air prison. They also have the tendency to spawn their own informal buildings next door, fuelling the development of choked streets of unplanned shacks.”

completely misrecognize how residents themselves understand the materiality of their homes. In fact (in my experience) the homes built under apartheid are considered higher quality and are particularly valuable because they are “family homes” where people’s ancestors are rooted. The backyarders “spawned” around them are usually family members, and/or an additional source of income, not a scourge that is “choking” the streets… I need to capture this emic understanding of materiality and home without creating an argument that makes me an apologist for apartheid era building… ::gulp:: 

Also Israel is indeed an apartheid state, Palestine is an open-air prison, and moreover Israel relies specifically upon relations of colonial control to sustain itself, but the specific semiotic turn that is required to call Zionism “fascist” is one that more than anything relies on a reactionary antisemitism, relies on notions about antisemitic violence that are reactionary, relies upon a concept of Israel that itself is reactionary and merely further entrenches the ideology of colonial control at hand, that is part of contributing to the neoliberal ideology invested in supporting Israel and the state of the situation that leads to Israel funneling weapons to fight Maoists in India, that leads to it as a sort of “testing ground” for American imperial strategy and weapons, that effectively structure the violence carried out against Palestine and specifically upon Palestine. The use of “fascism” is little more than an empty turn of signification that adds no meaningful analysis of fascist investment or ideology.

The Light in the Darkness

 TITLE: The Light in the Darkness


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him. 

RATING: Teen and Up

It all happened so quickly, but you felt as though the ninety seconds took three hours to take place, everything went in slow motion. You had been reading the sample reports you had just tested when you heard a shout go out and a small canister rolled into the lab you had been working in, hitting off your foot before an explosion of white light, then came the darkness.

There was gun fire and yells around you, but you could see nothing, turning helplessly you fell to the ground when a bullet struck your shoulder blade from behind. The pain was horrific, and fear took over as you heard people coming into the room, breaking different items as they went. You did not move again until silence was all that surrounded you.

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Dear America, Your roots are showing.

Blacks do not have equal protection under the law nor are we acknowledged as fully human nor do we have equal opportunity.

That is the law of the land enforced in the streets by brutal police forces that originated in America as slave patrols. Their original function was to serve white men by protecting white-owned property and beating blacks down into a permanent underclass of servile people who only counted as 3/5 human.

That is still their function today. Policing, harassing, beating black people down beginning in grade school where they patrol the hallways and arrest black youth for simply behaving like teenagers, funneling them from the open-air prisons of the ghettos to the closed door prisons of a mass incarceration system where they serve as cheap labor for the corporations that run the United States of America.

And just like indentured servants of long ago, working class, blue-collar whites cling to white supremacy and white privilege as the one thing providing separation between themselves and the lowest rung of the US caste system. They work low paying jobs with no benefits barely escaping poverty, blaming other low-income people of color for their economic predicament.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest white men– the same 1% of the last 3 centuries– continue their daily meeting on Wall Street, New York City’s first official slave market.

To the Zionist trolls who continue bringing up their top four most absurd arguments to justify these latest atrocities:

1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!”

How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets, cannons and grenades has Israel unleashed on the Palestinians? It’s a sad situation and only reflective of the evident bias when you can count to the 3rd decimal point the number of Hamas projectiles but be completely clueless about Israel’s arsenal.

2) “Israel is defending itself. What would you do if someone was firing rockets at your country?!”

A: If I occupied a people, placed a crippling trade and economic embargo on them, placed them under siege, humiliated them daily via military and police checkpoints, controlled their water and electricity, constructed apartheid “Jewish-only roads”, shot their children, bombed their schools, mosques and businsses, illegally seized their lands, destroyed their crops, demolished their homes, threw thousands of them in dungeons and treated them like sub-humans and they fired rockets at me - I would probably stop doing all of the above.

Secondly, Israel has been mass murdering the Palestinians for over 60 years - long before any rockets were fired and long before Hamas was even in existence. So this is nothing but a fallacy designed to deflect the reality of the situation and mislead others. Finally, Israel’s indiscriminate use of heavy weaponry in civilian areas is a war crime, not self defense.

3) “This is Hamas’s fault, they use human shields. Israel doesn’t target civilians!”

A: Excuse me, when you launch an unbridled, indiscriminate attack from warships, fighter jets, tanks, artillery and helicopters on a CIVILIAN AREA - what do you expect to find there - breakdancing hobbits? When you attack civilian areas, you kill civilians. It’s not Advanced Chinese Mathematics.

Gaza is the most densley populated place on earth. It’s an open air prison. So when Israel fires into these areas it is going to kill and maim people every time.

Secondly, according to the Israeli Human Rights group, Beit Selem which tracks both Israel and Palestinian deaths, dozens of children as young as 4 years old were killed with gunshot wounds to the HEAD AND CHEST. Not to mention the videos coming through showing snipers killing rescuers. Bombing ambulances and hospitals also has to be the most cowardly thing a military could do. So I’m afraid this “doesn’t target civilians” statement doesn’t hold up the facts.

4) “Israel is the most moral and humane army in the world. Who else calls/texts people and drops leaflets warning them to evacuate before a pending attack?”

I love this one.

“Please be notified in 5 minutes, we are going to destroy your home.”

In other words, Israel publicly announces to thousands of civilians their full intent to perpetrate yet another war crime and you’re asking us to somehow acknowledge this as some type of humane gesture? The gall.

How about a rapist or murderer “notify” their victims by sending them text messages/leaflets that they’re coming shortly to rape and murder them - does it make it any less perverse? If this is the level of desperation Zionists and their sympathisers have stooped to, then it’s little wonder public opinion is God willing, starting to turn against them.

As for “evacuating”…

Have you seen a map of Gaza? If so, could you please explain to me where the Palestinians are supposed to “evacuate” to? To the north and east, they are blocked by Israeli walls and military checkpoints. To the south is Egypt’s closed crossing thanks to Israel’s slave, Sissy. To the west is the Mediterranean Sea. So what do they do, swim for it and hope they can make it to Cyprus or Turkey before Israel “defends itself” again and machine guns them all in the water?

Go to a UN shelter? Wait, they tried that already TWICE - once in Qana, Lebanon and once in Gaza a few years ago and Israel “defended itself” by bombing the shelters massacring a total of 352 civilians. Add to this, Israel’s naval and air forces who have killed thousands of people are constantly patrolling the areas. They are surrounded from every imaginable direction and you sit from the comfort of your sofa sipping $8 coffee then froth at the mouth demanding they evacuate.

Have a nice day.

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What's traveling in/out of the West Bank compared to Gaza? Is it as difficult?

Gaza -as you may already know- is the world’s largest open-air prison. Overcrowded. Unliveable. Being a Gazan means you’re not free to leave or enter the strip, nor allowed to freely export or import goods due to the Israeli-Egyptian blockade. The strip is too small, I wouldn’t call it travel. But, yes you’re free to go wherever you want within the strip, nothing will get in your way but borders. On the other hand, West Bank is torn up from the inside by Israel. Almost between every town/village and village/town, there’s a military checkpoint. Not to mention the apartheid wall, which seeks to annex Palestinian land under the guise of security and it severely restricts the travel of many Palestinians and impairs their ability to commute to work within the West Bank. In West Bank if you missed your family -on the other side of the wall- and happens that you want to pay them a visit, then you have to cross overseas to get to there, even though the distance between you is lesser than a 500 meters, you still not allowed to, because either of the wall separates you or this way is Only-Israeli-Jews way. However, traveling out of West Bank is easier than of Gaza.

Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave.
But that seems a bit unfair to prisons - they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost everyday.
—  Banksy

Beautiful photo by Samer Hazboun from his photo essay Before the Wall apartheid

Before the Wall is an ongoing project that aims to portray the last generation of Palestinians born before the completion of the Israeli apartheid wall. These images serve as a sombre reminder of the brutal reality in which these subjects live, imprisoned by an oppressive wall that extends over 700 kilometres and towers up to 8 metres in height.

Approximately 62.1% of the wall is complete, a further 8% is under construction and 29.9% is planned but not yet constructed. The children, youths and expecting mothers photographed in the project were placed in those areas where construction is still taking place, but where its imminent completion is clear. Not only do they represent the last generation before the wall is finished, but they physically stand before it, as victims in silent protest.

Palestinian children are severely affected by the ongoing occupation and its policies. Travel restrictions and lack of access to medical supplies impact their physical and mental well-being. They live under constant threat of Israeli attacks and even their most basic rights, including that to education, health and leisure, are violated on a daily basis. The majority of Palestinian children have been exposed to indirect violence in the form of detonations, firearm shots, tear gas, mobilisation with armed vehicles and strictly-imposed curfews. They are constantly exposed to a visually aggressive environment where checkpoints, heavily-armed soldiers and most-recently the apartheid wall, are being normalised as natural elements of the Palestinian landscape.

A study by the Adler Research Center in Israel about the influence of violence on Palestinian children, stated that 70% of Palestinian children in the West Bank have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. Another study, done by the Gaza Community Mental Health Program, found that 94.6% of Palestinian children have witnessed shocking incidents like bombing and murder. Unfortunately, the majority of Palestinian children do not have access to professional mental health support and remain imprisoned within the open-air prisons that are the West Bank and Gaza.

The barrier, or the ever-shrinking gap, is the natural backdrop to life under occupation. Perspective and perception of the wall play a crucial role in the psychology of its implementation. In Before the Wall, it is a giant chain. It is both a spatial and temporal analysis, through photography, of the impact this wall is having. This relationship between subject and circumstance brings into perspective the rupture in time and geography that will be caused by its completion. A wall and what will be left behind it and before it.

I’ve been mulling over and ruminating in my thoughts these past couple weeks, desperately attempting to make sense of the senseless. Feverishly trying to patch and weave the pieces of history together to really understand and grapple with the calamities that have bestowed us today.

Reality has begun to satirize itself. By the time we update the list of murdered Palestinians, the list is outdated. Four children are killed on the beach and Hamas is the culprit, despite being nowhere in sight. Israeli leaders can sign off hundreds of missiles into Gaza everyday and go on record to accuse Gazans of self inflicted genocide. 66 years after nakba, Israel has become the most funded and equipped nation in all of Asia per capita, as an individual country receive more aid by America than all of Africa, wage war and occupy illegal territory in most surrounding regions and claim to be in a precarious situation at the hands of those who it has massacred and laid cruel siege to.

DIME bombs unearth entire societies, released on rehabilitation clinics and centers for the disabled and they are labelled human shields who were unfortunate and unintended, but an inevitable sacrifice and collateral damage. White phosphorous is abundantly and indiscriminately used in some of the most densely populated neighborhoods on Earth, while Israeli politicians gain interviews and are globally heralded as crusaders of a noble cause. Palestinian life has proven so cheap to many. More Palestinians have died in this week than Israelis have been injured in the past several years.

Fact has become fiction and fiction becomes fact. 441 miles of apartheid wall that jeopardize agriculture and irrigation is security. Homes inhabited by several generations of families are obliterated in minutes to erect illegal Jewish settlements and is touted as a means of self determination. Billions of dollars continue to be funneled into a genocidal campaign touted around as a settler nation state’s right to self defense against a colonized populace that overwhelmingly relies on foreign aid and has been under heightened blockades with food and drink being counted to the individual calorie. Body count, political leverage and extensive history of settler brutality exemplify one reality. Media exemplifies another.

Israel is the most transparent example of what settler colonial violence is in the age of neoliberalism. How it can deliberately target areas that are unanimously civilian populations and gets off with complete impunity. It distorts truth and history until it becomes eroded from public consciousness altogether. Palestinians are an illegitimate people and their indigenous villages were barren because in Zionist mythology, it was a land without a people for a people without a land. Colonial fabrications dominate public discourse, tangle themselves in media circuits and mock any and every intelligible and dignified approach to account for demolished villages, vibrant humans turned unidentifiable carnage and a military siege on what’s regularly referred to as the largest open air prison on Earth.

The truth is this world failed Palestine. In every conceivable way. Refusing to divest was a failure on every student body member who voted otherwise. Providing arms and military aid was a failure and an obscene act of violence. Using revolutionary language and utilizing one genocide to lay the road for another was a tremendous failure. Invoking racist and Islamophobic rhetoric in a post 9/11 age to justify unjustifiable violence was a failure. Not holding one’s own government accountable for its enabling and apologist stances is a failure. These varied failures allowed this to take place and one day, perhaps not tomorrow or in a year or even in a decade, but the day will indeed arrive where we reminisce on this ongoing bloodshed and realize the ways in which both action and inaction was the catalyst in which this nightmare occurred.

We’re tired of war. I, for one, have had enough of bloodshed, death and destruction. But I also can no longer tolerate the return to a deeply unjust status quo. I can no longer agree to live in this open-air prison. We can no longer tolerate to be treated as sub-humans, deprived of our most basic human rights. We are trapped here, trapped between two deaths: death by Israeli bombs and missiles, and death by Israel’s blockade of Gaza.
—  Mohammed Suliman, Palestinian human rights worker in Gaza, “From Gaza: I would rather die in dignity than agree to living in an open-air prison”

Shoot me, I’m the terrorist.

Shoot me, I’m the black kid in the giant hoodie.
Shoot me, my gun is hidden in my pockets.
Shoot me, my hands are raised threateningly.
Shoot me, and leave me as an example.
Shoot me, you don’t know my only weapon is my legacy.
Shoot me, you will give my people the push they need to fight back.
Shoot me, the color of my skin is a threat to your white existence.

Shoot me, I’m a Syrian revolutionary.
Shoot me, even if I’m five years old.
Shoot me, and burn my house to the ground.
Shoot me, I know I’ve been caught in the crossfire.
Shoot me, ruin my lungs with chemical gas.
Shoot me, and chase my family into refugee camps.
Shoot me, my school is is no longer standing.
Shoot me, and a hundred thousand more.
Shoot me, all of us, until no one’s left.
Shoot me, I’m collateral damage.

Shoot me, I’m the Gazan teenager.
Shoot me, and take my lands.
Shoot me, I already lost my family.
Shoot me, I have no future in an open-air prison.
Shoot me, what is my place in a rubble-strewn land?
Shoot me, my hands are in the air and you have a tank.
Shoot me, my screams can’t be heard with all this bombing.
Shoot me, I dropped my stone.

Shoot me, I’m the spirit of Rabaa.
Shoot me, and destroy solidarity.
Shoot me, put my father in your prisons.
Shoot me, let me be with my friends.
Shoot me, now or in tomorrow’s protest.
Shoot me, your helicopter no longer scares me.
Shoot me, I know those are gun shots and not fireworks.
Shoot me, I’ve already shot myself in the head three times.
Shoot me, rape me in your prisons.
Shoot me, the people I fight for, fight me.

—  So I  wrote this after Trayvon Martin and forgot about it - but still relevant? 

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so basically you're against jewish self determination?

Right, because creating the largest refugee population in the world and the largest open air prison around a 4 mile piece of land with 1.7 mil people who overwhelmingly reside in refugee quarters and depend on foreign aid for survival, openly calling for (and perpetuating) genocide, setting children on fire/throwing thousands of them into a torture prison without any substantial charges, allowing women in labor to die because they’re holed up at a military checkpoint for five hours, deploying an entire rifle’s worth of bullets into a defenseless 13 year old and emptying hundreds of rockets into one of the most densely populated regions on Earth, killing over a hundred in less than 72 hours and turning it into a community spectacle to laugh at has to do with self determination.

Shut the fuck up, you moral lacking parasite.

In this surreal, upside-down vision of the world, it almost seems as if it is the Israelis who are occupied by the Palestinians, and not the other way around. In this skewed universe, the inmates of an open-air prison are besieging a nuclear-armed power with one of the most sophisticated militaries in the world.
—  Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University’s Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies, on the United States’ support of current Israeli policy:

The people in Gaza are living through yet another Israeli assault, the third such assault in six years, with nowhere to flee. As missiles hit civilian houses, entire families are obliterated. How else could one possibly characterize the killing of twenty-five members from one family in one strike, or the killing of another eighteen members from another family in just another strike? How can one describe the arbitrary and indiscriminate shelling of one of the most crowded and impoverished areas in Gaza City with endless barrages of missiles and mortar shells all night long while preventing ambulances and civil defense forces from entering the area to rescue and evacuate the victims?

We don’t target civilians,“ Israel tells us. "You’re simply lying” should be a sane person’s response to these, at best, baseless claims. Israel does target civilians with its sophisticated high-precision weapons, hence the over 1,000 [1,437 on July 31] deaths in Gaza so far, 80 percent of whom are civilians, according to human rights groups. Over 200 children have been killed, some charred, others decapitated and many disemboweled. Israeli warships have killed four young children from Bakr family playing on the beach in broad daylight, an incident witnessed by NBC’s reporter in Gaza Ayman Mohyedin. A sniper killed a distressed young man looking for his lost cousin amongst the debris in the wake of its unspeakable massacre in Al Shujayeh.

Its unmanned drones killed two young brothers from Areef family with a missile while they were on their way to buy yogurt for their breakfast. In another incident, it fired missiles at and killed three children feeding their pigeons and chickens on the roof of their building. Israel has dropped thousands of tons of explosives on one of the world’s most densely populated areas, killing 26 members from Abu Jame’ family in one airstrike, 20 members from Al Najjar family, 18 from Al Batsh family, nine from Al Qassas family, 7 from Al Keilani family, 8 from Kaware’ family, five from Hamad family and on and on. These are the stories we hear as we wait death in the comfort of our home.

A ceasefire might be negotiated and agreed upon. Hamas might soon stop firing rockets, but then will Israel cease to exercise its violence against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank on a daily basis? The reality is that if Palestinians stop resisting, Israel won’t stop occupying, as its leaders repeatedly affirm. The besieged Jews of the Warsaw ghetto had a motto “to live and die in dignity.” As I sit in my own besieged ghetto, I think how Palestinians have honored this universal value. We live in dignity and we die in dignity, refusing to accept subjugation.

We’re tired of war. I, for one, have had enough of bloodshed, death and destruction. But I also can no longer tolerate the return to a deeply unjust status quo. I can no longer agree to live in this open-air prison. We can no longer tolerate to be treated as sub-humans, deprived of our most basic human rights. We are trapped here, trapped between two deaths: death by Israeli bombs and missiles, and death by Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

We want to be able to get in and out of Gaza freely, whenever we choose. Why should our students not be granted their right to study at universities of their own choice? Why should our patients be left for their own death as Israel deprives them of receiving medical treatment in hospitals outside of Gaza? Our fishermen want to fish in our sea waters without the prospect of being shot at and killed. We deserve the right to access clean water, electricity and our most basic needs. And yet we can’t because Israel occupies. It occupies not only our land but our bodies and our destinies. No people can tolerate this injustice. We, too, are humans.


Mohammed Suliman, “From Gaza: I Would Rather Die in Dignity Than Agree to Living in an Open-Air Prison

The Huffington Post op-ed. July 28th, 2014.


Banksy unveils a new series of pieces in the beseiged city of Gaza, Palestine.

Two quotes were enclosed with the images of the new stenciled pieces:

Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons - they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost everyday.  – Banksy

A local man came up and said 'Please - what does this mean?’ I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website – but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens. – Banksy