open air prison
Syrian refugees flee to Palestinian Gaza: 'World's largest open air prison' unlikely sanctuary for Syria's dispossessed
EXCLUSIVE: Syrian refugees have crossed into Gaza from Egypt because of maltreatment in other Arab states.

Speaking of his life in Egypt, he said Syrians were poorly treated and he felt Palestinians in Gaza would understand what it means to be a refugee, given many Gazans were forced from their homes in 1948 and 1967 and are refugees themselves. “Gazans never made me feel that I am a second-class citizen. I became their people”

As the media and western people at large continue to categorized what’s going on in Gaza as a “ conflict”, please remember that the Zionists get 3 billion dollars in U.S. aid a year, have one of the worlds largest militaries, and are number one in military technology designed to murder as many people as possible . The Palestinians have rocks, and weapons made in someone’s basement. Don’t let any one characterize this as a “fair fight”. Don’t have any sympathy for Israelis “ living in fear.” While they sit in their bomb shelters, Palestinians are stuck in an open air prison waiting to be murdered. Resistance is not terrorism.

No amount of Israeli aid relief can erase the dismembered bodies, the incinerated infants and the corpses trapped under the rubble in Gaza. A government that executes 2300 human beings stuffed into an open-air prison knows no compassion or notion of relief.

“Nobody is innocent” please miss me with your ~both sides have done bad things~ rhetoric it’s not worldly or edgy to act as if the atrocities Israel has performed and is performing against Palestinians is remotely equivalent to the reactionary violence that a small group of Palestinians has performed.

Make no mistake: Palestinians have had their land and homes stolen from them, they continue to have it stolen from them, they live on small pieces of occupied land, they have to pass through checkpoints to get from city to city, Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison, Palestinians have limited access to education, clean water, and emergency medical care, they can be detained in prisons for up to 6 months on no charges, they are under constant threat of being relocated or bombed, entire villages have been razed or massacred, many of their ancient olive trees have been uprooted to efforts to force them out, peaceful protest often ends in being tear gassed or having rubber bullets fired at them, children (literal CHILDREN) have been arrested under suspicion of throwing stones (stones!), Israeli settlers are encouraged and aided in illegally stealing what’s left of Palestinian land, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stop pretending that you’re so Smart and Complex by refusing to take a stance under the bullshit excuse of “both sides are wrong”. One side is wrong, and it is definitely not the side of the systematically oppressed.