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Death By Diamonds and Pearls

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Summary: Modern AU: Kylo, looking for something new, gets a new job as a security detail. However his search for something new lands him as a security detail for none other than the royal family. Upon his assignment to one particular relative, Kylo learns to be careful what you wish for.

A/N: Okay, so aside from my Star Wars obsession haha I also love the show The Royals, so I decided to make it an AU based on it! You can imagine it being the royal family of any country you wish, doesn’t have to be British. Just like the title of the fic, there is a song with that title if you want to listen to it with this. Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to request more if you want it :)

Warnings: Drug use 

Kylo’s large frame attempted not to hunch over, trying to maintain a composed and stern appearance. His black tux he had chosen to wear was suddenly starting to feel noticeably too tight and uncomfortable. With how racked his nerves were however, he wasn’t quite certain if he was imagining it or it truly was misfitted. Below the table he was seated before, his feet folded over one another almost as some sort of relief from the stiff posture. A sort of familiarity and odd form of comfort to keep him from shifting in his chair too noticeably. Seeing how large he was in comparisson to the seat, any move he made would not only be visible but audible.

Releasing a deep breath of relief softly through the slightest opening between his lips, he anxiously stared across the table. Sitting before him at the long dark wood table was an older gentleman, his greying hair buzzcut with glasses hanging onto the bridge of his straight nose. His eyes were intently scanning the sheets of paper before him, supplied by Kylo, as if they were scripture. The lack of expression on his face and complete absence of audible approval or denial was surely making the silence in the room all the more dense.

Given the circumstances he was in, and all that was riding on this moment, Kylo was amazed he wasn’t visibly sweating bullets through his new suit. Having moved this far from home with a one way ticket, finishing school, with no friends and questionable housing in this new place, this mans opinion of Kylo’s resume had a lot resting on it. Typically Kylo wouldn’t have gone for a job like this, not being much of a people person, but given a deeper description he hoped with everything he had that they would accept him. Given his brooding appearance, his rather large and muscular build and his cold demeanor, he couldn’t see how anyone else would be more suited for this position than him.

Security guards weren’t supposed to be bubbly, surely not welcoming and endearing to those around them. What more could they possibly want from Kylo? Finally hearing the older man clear his throat, Kylo raised his brows in anticipation, folding his hands together.

“Well Mr…Ren. After reviewing your resume…”

Kylo released another subtle sigh through his nostrils, trying to hide his nerves once again. His heart was now audibly pumping between his ears.

“I see no reason why you wouldn’t be the perfect fit for this position.”

Kylo sighed softly with relief, trying not to appear too eager as the older man gave him a smile. 

“Consider yourself hired and the newest member of our security team.”

Kylo nodded, clearing his throat.

“Thank you sir.”

Standing from his seat, one that was rather ornate for an interview spot, the older man faintly gestured to him.

“Now that that’s settled, we can get you started. Hit the ground running. Let’s start your tour of the palace grounds, your living quarters and of course your sole assignment here at the palace.”

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@pipermccloud Remember our massage parlor idea? I finally got around to illustrating for it!

Judging from the murals on the moonbase, there are probably a lot of different colonies. I doubt all of them are as strict as Homeworld is, so it’s fun to think of how mini-rebellions and outliers might flourish there. They probably wouldn’t thrive extremely well, butttt still.

So, here’s a few facts:
-Jades are massage specialists.
-Jades are typically given as gifts to Agates or other high-ranking Gems.
-Some Jades have reached a high rank of their own and have been allowed to open up public access massage parlors, typically employing Gem whose races have an overabundance of members.
-I chose Amethyst because that’s also a stone used in massage therapy :’D

First code of conduct for the use of virtual reality established

Researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Germany have prepared a list of ethical concerns that might arise with the use of virtual reality (VR) by researchers and the general public. Along with this list, Dr. Michael Madary and Professor Thomas Metzinger have produced concrete recommendations for minimizing the risks. According to Madary and Metzinger in their article in Frontiers in Robotics and AI, additional focused research is urgently needed. They are especially concerned about the possibility of unanticipated consequences for the psychological states and self-images of users who are able to inhabit a virtual environment almost as if it is the real world.

The technological capacity for generating virtual worlds from home computers will soon be widely available to the general public, as special head-mounted displays are brought to market that create the illusion of being immersed in virtual three-dimensional worlds. The opportunities for research, education, and entertainment using VR have been much discussed in the media, but Madary and Metzinger seek to raise awareness about the risks that accompany these opportunities – risks that have received far less attention so far. Both philosophers have participated over the last several years in an EU project on “Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-Embodiment” (VERE) with a focus on illusions of embodiment, in which one has the feeling of owning and controlling a body that is not one’s own, such as an avatar in VR.

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New Online Book Explores Unusual 17th-Century Manuscript

“The product of five years of work by a multidisciplinary team, the open-access web publication allows users to zoom in on high-res images of the manuscript, compare its pages side by side with Italian transcription and English translation, explore expert commentary on individual lines, read 13 short essays, and more.”

New Digital Publication Reveals the Workings of Art History
Librarians Are Continuing To Defend Open Access To The Web As A Public Service | Techdirt

Librarians have built up quite a reputation for activism in all the right ways. Whether taking a stand against DRM, expanding libraries’ catalogs to include new digital media and art, or embracing indie authors, librarians come off as much more more of a hip crowd than you might expect.