Just a matter of decorum with the times, sir. You represent more than the Opelucid people now. Your strength is the nation’s strength and they need to see you as a symbol of a united Unova.

Concept sketches of former Prince Draidendra the Dragonborn ie. Drayden Nagendra, the Spartan Mayor of Opelucid City. 

“SIR NO” is the battlecry/his nickname from every one of his personal assistants ever, as is “Oh God.” from various politicians drawing straws to see who gets to confront him with something which goes against his principles. 

The Nagendra clan was instrumental in Unova’s rebellion against Kanto’s colonialism and he was there to see his mother, Tiamat Nagendra change the monarchy system of Opelucid to a democracy for her people in the outcome of their independence. He spent several years living as a normal citizen, until the people of Opelucid saw fit to elect him as their mayor and he has served them ever since. 

The Homeland Defense Commitee wanted to elect him as one of the Elite Four, however he was adamant not to leave Opelucid City where he was still carrying out his duties as mayor, nominating the more free-spirited Alder (A good friend since the days of the war) as a substitute instead and they came to an agreement that he would run their highest-ranked gym in the city itself. 

He’s got a reputation for being a hard taskmaster who takes 0.000% of your shit—House Nagendra is pretty martial and has no place for weakness, if you weren’t strong in body that was fine as long as you were strong in heart/will—however he is fair and just as far as Unovan leaders come and is much-beloved by his people. 

He’s Indian-Gorkha in this version (and is speaking Nepali to his dergan ie. “ARE YOU TIRED YET?”)


Day 16- Unova

Unova is divided by two rivers that lead into an ocean to the south of it. These rivers cannot be surfed on, with the exception of the river directly below Village Bridge. It divides Unova into central and eastern peninsulas and a western landmass. These three landmasses are connected by five bridges, the Skyarrow Bridge, the Driftveil Drawbridge, the Tubeline Bridge, Marvelous Bridge, and the Village Bridge. The eastern part of Unova is further divided by mountains that makes a southeast part and northeast part. The central peninsula of Unova consists of two of the largest cities in the Pokémon world, Castelia City and Nimbasa City, as well as Opelucid City further north, all of which contain Gyms. Every bridge in Unova connects to the central part of the region from either the east or west. The western side contains medium-sized towns and more varied landscapes. Unova is a mixture of urban and rural land. The region features 21 settlements which reflect the diversity of the region. (Fun fact, Unova is geographically based on New York.)

You arrive in Unova, still dealing with the aftermath of Team Galactic. You’ve met so many pokemon, so it’s only natural that you expand your pokedex even more. You feel like you could stay in Unova forever, it’s big city feel, the really neat parks, and the amazing stores! What more could you want?

Card 1-How will the skills I learned in Sinnoh help me in Unova?
Card 2-What should I expect in this new land?
Card 3- What do I need to push forward?

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“Dragonfire, my sisters!”

After N’s spark of rebellion, Ghetsis began to see that his plan could no longer completely hinge on the boy and started seeking out others like N; Feral anomalies, the unsullied bridge between Pokemon and humans.
Sources spoke of a girl who lived along dragons in the wilderness north of Drachenheim (northernmost state which includes the League, Opelucid and Lacunosa) and he assigned a recon team to locate and capture her….unfortunately he severely underestimated the ferocity of both the girl and her guardians. She and her ‘sisters’ evaded capture, seeking refuge in Opelucid City where she was found by the Mayor, Drayden Nagendra.

Notes: Asides the shout-out to Daenerys Targaryen (and Iris be known as the Dragonborn during her time under Drayden’s tutelage), Iris is speaking Hindi since I’m making her Indian and Drayden Indian-Gorkha.

My bias is showing but I really can’t see myself playing Pokemon Black because the style for Opelucid City in Pokemon White (and White 2 by association) is so much nicer

A city steeped in traditional-ish buildings >>> a city with weird ass blue neon lights like some disco party