I really love this remix of Opelucid City. It’s such a cool jam. If life were an Animal Crossing game, this is what would be playing every time someone walked into my house. It’s (as those who have played both Black and White know) the Black version’s remix (which was techno, unlike White’s); however, both have the same tune, so in the end it really doesn’t matter.

On a more personal note, for those who bought White hoping to get the sweet black pokemon known as Zekrom rather than the goody-two-shoes white pokemon called Reshiram (sorry Reshiram fans), I hope not all of you were nearly as disappointed as I was to get snickered out of Black City and the high-tech Opelucid City. Luckily, I own both, but really! I like the color black and technology: why am I forced to choose between an awesome legendary pokemon and two sweet cities? If you’re anything like me, this techno remix of Opelucid City will come as a great releif from that traditional Opelucid theme in White. Enjoy!

Made by Draze4Blaze.

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you feel disappointed with the end of dento? personally I felt he deserved better than a fishing competition.

Oh don’t even TALK TO ME about his ending. So here’s the thing. We know Iris originally had an arc in Opelucid but they were forced to throw Roxie in for BW2. Well not know but its from a source that could very well be legit from other stuff they gave us. Because of BW2 happening all the plans, the arcs, of everyone were shot. I fully believe Dento had one, Pinot Noir another A class sommelier and much more of a rival appeared and I really feel he was meant to be more than a one shot character. But in BW2 the StriTri are no longer Gym Leaders and post game only. That is they are no longer relevant. So Dento is shoved into the background his goal completely forgotten

And his goodbye ooh boy while it was in character for him to just leave to fish, come to Alola there are fish everywhere get a Bruxien I wish we had more emotion to what was a very emotional trio. It was rushed and terribly done and I’ll NEVER be OVER IT

And he’s never even going to cameo I’m never going to see him again 

angry crying

So I never thought I’ll talk about Pokemon much here, but idk. I was watching the first season of XY and somehow I got to thinking about Black and White and how they failed to handle Iris (mainly because I was thinking of how Champions worked in the anime and then got sad that Iris could’ve never been Champion in the anime).

Honestly I don’t really hate Iris, she’s decent… Meh? Honestly I didn’t give much thought towards Best Wishes. Character development and thus character all together wasn’t something I cared for.

 But I do remember a major character moment during Best Wishes. It was the fact that Iris became a gym leader at the end… Which I didn’t care about back then but now I’m just… why? I get the reason why Drayden was the gym leader for Opelucid, because there were two gym leaders and Iris was Ash’s traveling companion yadda yadda yadda. Okay, but we all remember how Misty failed to tell Ash she was the Cerulean City Gym Leader? Yeah, what if Iris did that, but only deliberately? (she never really liked Ash that much in the beginning so why tell him? Plus seeing his reaction would be funny) And for the sake of this let’s pretend Ash never challenged Roxie for his eighth gym badge. I know that was all Iris’s fault but let’s say she actually wanted Ash to see this. Because why not?

Anyways, how does this work out? Well I mean, she only starts out with an Axew and an Excadrill that won’t obey her, but what if she wanted to train her Axew away from Dragon types? I mean, I’m pretty sure she always trains her Dragon types with others of the same type so how about seeing how they interact with different types to maybe improve the gym, which is why she’s capturing others with typings no where close to Dragon. As for team, well yeah she has other much stronger Pokemon in the gym that she doesn’t access. Not until her gym battle with Ash.

And for how those episodes would’ve played out had this happened? Well first off, Ash and co will enter Opelucid City and suddenly Iris will be gone. Ash and Cilan try looking for her but then Cilan recommends that they find the gym because Iris’ll just eventually find her way to them. So Ash challenges Drayden to a battle, wins, and expects his badge. Instead Drayden just tells him to rest up because tomorrow the final challenge is coming and if you manage to over come that you’ll get the badge. And so he comes the next day and it’s Iris with Axew on the sidelines cheering her on. She’s that final challenge and she’s way tougher than Ash expected.

I honestly wish this happened. It’s a shame Iris could’ve never been champion but it’s a bigger shame that she was never fully recognized as a gym leader until after the League was over. She’s co-leader of the eighth gym in the games for God’s sake! Which means that her gym should be pretty much on par with what you’d get at the League. She should’ve gotten something better, not the goal of being a Dragon Master and yet failing to have half her team be Dragon types. Heck, I don’t mind her team isn’t centered with one type, but god they could’ve done so much better with Iris and they didn’t and that makes me sad. Even more than the fact that she couldn’t put on her awesome Champion outfit and be Champion.

“I don’t even want to be here. The air is too fresh. It’s disgusting. I can’t breathe.”

Fingers typed against the keyboard of the computer in the room, when was the last time he had seen light that didn’t reflect off the screen?

It had been days probably, maybe weeks. The Association has sent over to the lab piles of data that needed to be archived within a month. Needless to say, this had sent the lab into a fury as he received news from Professor Rowan about more paperwork that the both of them had to complete.

Even thinking about it caused Lucas to release a sigh, it had gotten so bad that he holed himself up in the hotel room that he was staying in Opelucid City. Originally here to visit Drayden, he had now instead postponed that idea to Arceus knows when and resolved to finish his work.

Maybe just a quick doze….

A knock on the door stopped him from following up with this plan as he groaned in frustration. Was it room service? He was sure he had paid the deposit for this week’s stay as he dragged himself over to open the door only to be greeted by a tall wall.

Before he could even registered, he was hoisted by his collar and he then realized it was the very person he was meant to be visiting all this time. Drayden then proceeded to drag him out of the hotel albeit the latter’s protest.

Greeted with the rays of the sun, he hissed in response as he tried his best to shield himself from them before glaring at his older companion.

 “I don’t even want to be here. The air is too fresh. It’s disgusting. I can’t breathe…Please let me head back to work.”