More fucky things...

Where was Ben’s 20 page monologue they were so excited for during comicon? 

Where was the scene Martin was uncomfortable to film, and had to do it alone? (it wasn’t Mary’s death scene cause other actors were present)

Why was John typing into a jpg file about a baby that wasn’t born yet?

Why did Lady Smallwood’s name change from Elizabeth to Alicia? 

Why in the hell did Mycroft let his sister who he KNOWS is a manipulative genius psychopath talk to another  manipulative genius psychopath?

Why all the water imagery that was never followed up on?

Why the glowing, sometimes black, skull painting?

Why constantly build Mary up as a villain, then have a half-arsed redemption arch? 

Why WHY do that Molly Hooper?

Why think a secret sibling would be ‘history making’ when it’s an over used, soap opera level trope?

Why would Amanda say an actor playing more than one character would be ‘ground breaking’ when orphan black, vampire dairies, Tyler Perry’s movies and soooo many others do the same thing?


Something has to be up, this makes NO sense.

Edit: ALSO why this: “ Doesn’t matter who you really are” and “I know who you are” and “its about the legend and stories” When they’ve said OVER AND OVER it’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective???

@abouthetwofthem added some great points, so I’ll add them here so we can see!

Also, WHY don’t we know anything about John’s letter, or Sherlock’s recurring dream yet?

WHY did they introduce Hopkins, if she only had a secondary role in the first episode?

WHY did they make a reference to Irene Adler in TLD?

WHY did they credit Henry Knight’s actor and Irene’s actress if the first didn’t appear at all and the second was just mentioned?

WHY did they spread fake rumors about Colin Morgan being in the show and fake pictures of “young Mycroft” ’s actor (don’t know if you remember this, he was thin and had big ears)?

WHY did they use Eurus’ metaphor of the “little girl on the plane” in such a twisted way? How could she be the little girl and herself at the same time?

And WHY “it’s all about the wallpaper”?

So here

LESTRADE: So the whole thing was a fake.
LESTRADE: Looked so promising.
MOLLY: Why would someone go to all that trouble?
SHERLOCK (offscreen): Why indeed, John?

Fun fact: When Clue was first released movie theaters played different versions so everyone was fighting about what the ending really was. My mom said that people kept on trying to reason their ending and how it made the most sense…
Then it was released on dvd and everyone was finally able to see the TRUE ENDING

- credits to @lowenguth-the-space-boy


“GATISS: One of my favorite things is that amazing Orson Welles film, ‘F for Fake’ […] it’s fantastic, it’s all about the history of con tricks.

And in the beginning, he says, ‘I absolutely swear to you for the next ninety minutes everything I tell you will be absolute and literal truth.’

And then right towards the end of the film, it spirals into this extraordinary story about this con man that you can’t believe – and then he just sort of checks his watch and says, […] ‘My time is up, the last ten minutes I’ve been lying my head off!’ [laughs]

It’s brilliant … it’s really what we sort of do in miniature.

Mark Gatiss, on being asked about plot secrets.

“If we pull this off, it will make television history.” “It’s kind of groundbreaking, they’ve done something that’s never been done before”


“An eminent scientist gets caught up in a highly damaging and compromising lie.”

“A doctor starts an affair with enigmatic stranger and begins to suspect more is at play

However, nothing is ever as it appears, and when she receives an unexpected proposition from an enigmatic stranger, Yvonne is shocked by the passion he awakens in her. But gradually she begins to realise that there is much more to her lover than meets the eye, and she could be playing a very dangerous game indeed.”

like seriously though (I know those are real people and real names, but… just so funny :D)

oh I almost forgot:


(trailer after tfp)


The dialogue included:
“Can be wonderful, can be terrifying.”
“What did you say?”
“Something that drives you in and crushes you to nothing.”
“We are going to have different versions of the same story.”
“Do you want to hear the wildest story of them all?”
“You’re starting to intrigue me.”
“It’s all just one big performance.”
“We are going to be busy, you and I”

One more miracle!

“Of course it’s not a trick, it’s a plan.”


and for all you Johnlockers and any other interested conspiracists, there you go:


anonymous asked:

Hi holmesianpose! What did you think of the S4 finale??

Hello dear anon!

Honestly, I thought it was a fucking disaster. 

I never really believed that canon johnlock would happen–in spite of all the narrative cues/signs/clues in the show itself that pointed to it happening, and all the brilliant readings fans have given demonstrating its narrative inevitability–I just never trusted moftiss to do it, especially based on the tone of the show overall in regards to queer issues/identity politics/radical politics/representation. So I was always sadly doubtful. But even if I saw it coming, it was still so massively devastating to see them miss out on the chance they had to *actually* write something groundbreaking. And what’s worse–and I think more important–is seeing the reaction it’s having on so many fans who really hoped/believed/expected it would happen. This show is so important to so many of us and for so many people it was a catalyst for discovering their sexuality and also for finding a community of like-minded queer people in fandom. So to see such a huge group of vulnerable queer people have their hopes shattered like that… it’s awful. That’s what’s getting to me the most. It’s 2017, we should have SO MUCH MORE queer representation in media than we do and it’s heartbreaking to see so many people who actually believed that *something good* might happen have their expectations not only completely trampled on by the show runners, but taken advantage of. It makes me fucking furious.

Sadly though–none of that came as a shock to me. I had reservations about getting involved with this show from the moment I saw the first episode and they had their first NO HOMO conversation. I didn’t trust them to ever make a queer relationship anything but the butt of their jokes. 

What DID come as a shock to me was how bad the episode was overall (and the entire season to be honest), canon johnlock aside. 

What bothered me most was the invention of the Evil Crazy Holmes sister. Not only was it irritating because she literally came from NOWHERE after four seasons (which is really uninteresting as a viewer when it comes to watching a mystery show and trying to work out the puzzle), she wasn’t a real character. She was a Gothic trope, literally the Madwoman in the Attic stereotype (like have these ass-holes ever even HEARD of feminist criticism?????) completely empty of ANY kind of characterization or personality. She was just an Evil Crazy entity put in place so that they could force Sherlock through a series of impossible moral situations and torture him over the course of the episode. And not only is that SO UNINTERESTING, it is soooooooooooooooooo problematic when it comes to depictions of female characters!!!!

I’m so fucking DONE with the stereotype of the crazy woman. And I’m even more done with the stereotype of the crazy, serial-killer autistic person (or someone on the spectrum who has difficulty with emotions). Like FUCK THAT SHIT. That is not an interesting or empathetic or realistic portrayal of mental illness in any way. 

It’s just not fucking realistic. What five year old child has EVER acted that way in the history of humanity? NONE. NONE FUCKING NONE.


And then there’s the issue of alllll the abandoned plot threads and holes. Like… I’m sorry, why did Euros randomly break out of her super fortified prison just to come and flirt with John Watson on a bus for a few months, pretend to be a random serial killer’s daughter to fuck with Sherlock, pretend to be John’s therapist and THEN GO BACK TO HER SUPER FORTIFIED PRISON??? Like why. What is even the motivation for any of that?

Oh, right. I remember. She’s “crazy”, so none of her actions have to make any narrative sense–right. How convenient.

The whole episode just felt so arbitrary and meaningless, and also, implausible. 

Like, how did Sherlock, John and Mycroft all survive the fucking GRENADE that was sent to 221B??? And how did Euros transport Sherlock, John, and Mycroft off the island to set them up in her last little trick at the Holmes estate (what even happened to Mycroft btw?? Never explained), and like how could one person have the ability to mind control everyone she meets like????????? And why did they show us footage of the lost little girl on the plane if it wasn’t really happening and it was just Euros all along????

What’s more, this episode meant that NONE of the plot holes and dropped threads from the previous episodes were given any kind of resolution. There’s almost too many to name. But for instance, all that stuff with Culverton Smith’s memory drug was *never* used for any other purpose, after they made such a big deal of it! (And that could have been so interesting to explain so many things!!! Like throughout the series!) All of the paralleling between Mary and Moriarty never led anywhere (why did she keep saying Miss Me???? Why did she try to murder Sherlock TWICE throughout the series? Why did John forgive her so easily for that? Why isn’t the whole AGRA backstory more interesting???? If John was so fucking in love with her why did he cheat on her with random crazy sister on the bus???? Why did John and Mary have a conversation about how their child was Satan?? Why did Imaginary Mary keep acting all threatening and telling John not to tell anyone about her??)

Honestly, there are just too many to name. I really hated The Six Thatchers, liked a lot of The Lying Detective but now that I know so much of it was just Euros bullshit I like it a lot less, and although there *were* moments that I liked in this episode (Mrs. Hudson’s vacuuming scene for instance), overall, I thought it was over the top, self-indulgent, and just… so disappointing.

I did like that it ended with John and Sherlock back in Baker Street together solving cases, and was SO RELIEVED that they didn’t pair Sherlock off with any random female character (thank god). But that fucking scene with Molly omg what a fucking piece of patriarchal garbage. I’m pissed for her character that they did that to her. She deserved so much better than that. 

I know there were other things I liked… but honestly I’m too pissed and disappointed right now to remember what they are.

Mary Morstan's To-Do List

1) Make a video telling Sherlock to put himself through hell in case I die, because then I will know that John will come to rescue him and that will save both of them.

2) Make a video telling John that he should hang out with Sherlock at 221B in case I die, and hint that I know they could become gay husbands if I weren’t around, and tell him that who he really is DOESN’T MATTER.

3) Arrange for a third party to mail these videos out at specific intervals after my death. Sherlock’s should be mailed to him one week after I die. John’s should be mailed to him after Sherlock hugs him but not until he’s left Rosie alone for a disturbingly long time.

4) Get milk.

Conversation on a Train

M: We have to kill Mary. How?

G: I know… in an AQUARIUM!!!

M: Oh, cool! But wouldn’t that break the glass and let the fish come pouring in on everyone?

G: Nah, never mind the glass. We’ll kill her in an aquarium, because we likened CAM to a shark, with cold, dead eyes!

M: OK. OK. This is great.

G: Who will shoot her?

M: Well, it would be great if John shot her to protect Sherlock from her assassinating ways!

G: Yeah, that would be cool, wouldn’t it? Imagine the guilt both John and Sherlock would feel over that. And it would settle the damned assassination subplot anyway. How can John be pleasantly married to someone who shot and killed Sherlock?

(Both grow quiet, pondering the unlikelihood of the marriage.)

M: What about the baby?

G: Well, obviously, we can’t have a baby on the show. Who would watch her when the boys went on their adventures?

M: Why did we add that subplot to TSOT?

G: I don’t remember. Well… anyway, we’ll write the baby off somehow.

(Tea service arrives; boys take a break.)

M: Now, where were we?

G: Killing Mary IN AN AQUARIUM!

M: Oh, yeah. Who will shoot her?

G: Um… I forget what we were saying. Um… how about… Hmm…

M: I know! Let’s make it a secretary from that secret group that Mycroft and Lady Alicia Smallwood belong to.

G: Lady Alicia? Isn’t it Elizabeth?

M: Is it? I don’t remember. We can look it up later.

G: OK… so the secretary… oh, I’ve got a great idea! What if the secretary is aiming for SHERLOCK, and Mary jumps in front of the bullet?!

M: Oh, man, that’s COOL! And then blood can like spurt out of the wound!

G: And Mary can have beautiful final conversations with John AND Sherlock and tell them both how wonderful they are.

M: Might it be biologically unlikely for a dying woman to have a conversation? When we wrote HLV, didn’t some medical person give us some advice about bullet wounds and shock and loss of consciousness?

G: Hmm… I don’t remember. Never mind for now. We can look it up later.

(Boys take a small nap.)

M: Mark! Mark! Wake up! I just had a cool dream.

G: What was it?

M: What if there is a SISTER! Sherlock and Mycroft have a SISTER!

G: Oh, cool. Let’s name her Eurus, like “East Wind.”

M: Eurus, yeah! Yeah! And maybe… is she a good sister who died tragically when they were young? Which caused Sherlock to close off his feelings and explains, a bit, why he devoted himself to logic and intellect?

G: No… too simple… let’s maker her EVIL. Like, super evil. Eviller than Moriarty!

M: Yeaaaaaah. Super Evil! And she’s a Holmes, so she has to be the smartest Holmes. And she can CONTROL PEOPLE WITH HER MIND!!!!


(Several minutes of delighted cackling.)

M: So Eurus is in secret fortress prison, but… she can control people with her mind, so she can come and go whenever she wants.

G: She can flirt wtih John if she wears a red wig!

M: And she can hang out with Sherlock and eat chips if she wears a blonde wig!

G: And she can be John’s new therapist if she wears a gray wig! And John won’t recognize her because he’s a dumb fuck and she can CONTROL PEOPLE WITH HER MIND!!!


G: OMG, this is SO FUCKING GOOD. Groundbreaking television!!!

M: But before she shoots John, John and Sherlock can make up with a hug.

G: Um… Why were they fighting?

M: Um… because John thinks Mary’s death was Sherlock’s fault because Mary took the bullet for Sherlock? In the aquarium?

G: OK. But can John beat Sherlock up very badly first?

M: Yeah. Yeah. Good.

G: Now… just to keep them hopping, let’s throw in some kind of memory-changing IV drug. We can call it T12.

M: Oh, yeah. That sounds mysterious. Will it have any bearing on Sherlock’s strangely missing memories of his sister? Or the weirdness of the island fortress or the AIRPLANE GIRL PLOT I just made up? This girl is alone on a plane and all the adults are asleep and she calls Sherlock!!

G: No. No bearing. No connection. But I love AIRPLANE GIRL PLOT.

M: Like… she’s flying over cities. They have to make her crash the plane over water!

G: You know what else I want to do?

M: What?

G: UmbrellaSwordGun. Remember when we drew that in our notebook that one time!?

M: Totally. Let’s UmbrellaSwordGun the hell out of Mycroft. And –



M: Eurus can chain John in a well.

G: Didn’t she already shoot John?

M: Never mind that. She can chain John in a well… um… like she did many years ago…

G: To Sherlock’s dog REDBEARD!!

M: No! No! To Sherlock’s best friend VICTOR TREVOR! Whom he CALLS Redbeard!!

G: But let’s make a dog bowl anyway and write “Redbeard” on it.

M: Obviously.

G: So, John’s in a well with the dead dog…

M: Dead BOY.

G: Dead BOY… right… and he chained in there… and Sherlock has to hug his sister so she’ll tell him where John is!

M: I thought we were on the Fortress Prison Island?

G: Yeah yeah that was like ten seconds ago. Now we’re back at the Holmes estate and there are lots of creepy headstones with fake dates on them? And John is in a well. And the water is rising.

M: So Sherlock keeps having water flashbacks all through this season. Even he could fight a bad guy in a pool and almost drown! Because childhood trauma!!!

G: But Sherlock doesn’t know that the dog drowned.

M: BOY drowned.

G: Sherlock doesn’t know that the boy drowned, so why would he have water fears?

M: Never mind that. Silly details.

G: And Sherlock finally gets his sister to tell him where John is, and they throw a rope to him and he climbs out of the well.

M: Isn’t he chained?

G: That was like ten seconds ago. Now he’s fine, and BLANKET.

M: Can Greg be there?

G: Yeah, yeah!

M: He’s not in London?

G: No, he’s by the well.

(Both men lean back in thick, cozy self-approval.)

(Several minutes pass.)

M: Can we blow up 221B as well?


M: YES! Drone.

M & G (in unison): GRENADE DRONE!!

(Both men settle in for happy, contented naps.)

  • John: Forgives his ninja-assassin wife for shooting his best friend, lying about everything and manipulating people like its nothing
  • Sherlock: Forgives his psychotic sister for killing a bunch of people (his childhood friend included), wanting to kill John/Mycroft, abusing him and his friends emotionally like it's nothing
  • Also John: Beats Sherlock to a pulp because he can't forgive him that John's murderous wife decided to slow down time and randomly jump in front of Sherlock catching a bullet

I still can’t believe what we watched. And i don’t mean the Bond/Saw nightmare from yesterday but the entire series 4 was a joke. An elaborate, cruel joke. How can they do this? Why? Why create an entire arc with so much subtext and meaning and throw it overboard this way? It feels like self sabotage. I can’t understand them. This looks like something written in a hurry, produced in a hurry, directed in a hurry and in some parts performed in a hurry. Shipping aside, FFS, the amount of errors and plot holes is just staggering.
My heart is broken. I couldn’t fall asleep until 4am because I kept mourning in a way the death of the show I loved and I couldn’t stop crying. I am still trying to understand why and i know I won’t find answers. I know how to rebuild myself from the mess they have left behind but it’s hard to find motivation.
Why? why?! why!?!