I’m gonna post the whole story when I have the JPEG but let me just tell you right now this whole experience was as amazing as you think it is

school idea?

ok so ive been thinking of maybe trying to take a break year before starting high school where i go job searching and spend more time doing commissions/branding myself aswell as try to build some income

by the time i begin high school ill be 16, which means i can work about 8hrs aday

idk  is this a good idea? im really done with school and if i got a job while still at home id probably be able to save up quite a bit (i am super careful with spending) not to mention gain some more experience and be able to focus on other things than an education for a while

Asexual Awareness Week

Asexuals exist.  I saw one once.  It was in my garden, just kinda hangin’ out, not having sex with anything. 

My friend reportedly saw TWO asexuals this one time in Oregon.  They were trying to get coffee.  While being completely asexual.

Asexuals are all around us.  There might even be one IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW.  Be aware, people.  Be aware of the asexuals.

They’re here.