kim yoonho about mark lee: i dont know much about idols so–when i first met him, everyone were still awkward with each other. it’s hard to have a conversation and i thought mark was a cold ice prince. but it was a mistake.

we become closer when we prepared ‘sing sang sung’ together. what shocked me was, he sleeps at 3am then wakes up at 5am to go to his schedules, then immediately come to film/practice for highschool rapper. he has such an impossible schedule. yet (whenever we meet up) never once did he mention about being tired. i always thought abt how tired he probably is yet he never says anything. he’s always being supportive and say things like “let’s do well” etc we work together until late on our performance and he’s always giving suggestions. with the thought of wanting to make a good performance, we worked well.

honestly i thought, he’s really a pro. we’re the same age but i really learnt a lot from him. he’s like a hyung that i can look up to.

A time-lapse (of sorts) from social media posts of the lovely @lindsayjones​ and her fabulous family; congratulations and best wishes!

(If this causes discomfort or anything remotely similar to any member(s) of the family, just let me know and I will readily take it down)

jonghyun’s playlist on apple music listen here!
“songs that represent my sensibility.”

1. no doubt (work it) [radio edit] play
   artist(s): dru hill

2. D.D. play
   artist(s): the weeknd

3. slave to the rhythm play
   artist(s): michael jackson

4. aurora play
   artist(s): jonghyun

5. let me out play
   artist(s): jonghyun

6. deja vu (feat. justin bieber) play
   artist(s): post malone

7. drip drop play
   artist(s): taemin

8. 자러간다 play
artist(s): richard parkers

9. mirrors play
   artist(s): justin timberlake

10. bye bye my blue play
     artist(s): baek ye rin

11. youth play
     artist(s): troye sivan

12. u r play
     artist(s): taeyeon