This episode not only dealt with communication in relationships and dealing with troubling thoughts in a general way, it actually illustrated a specific tool for anxiety. Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness is described as “paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgemental way” and is often described as watching your thoughts flow by without getting lost in them, distancing yourself and recognizing you don’t have to let them overwhelm you.

The whole idea of letting a thought (or butterfly) come over and then fly away is very reminiscent of that concept. It’s “just a thought” and doesn’t necessarily reflect or affect the core you. 

Other aspects of mindfulness shown:
It’s okay to make mistakes
Focus on breathing
It’s all right to feel negative emotions
Reminding yourself to be “right here"

The episode never quite stated it as teaching one how to use meditation, but it certainly explained how to use that concept in one’s life. Thanks for the “Mindful” Education.

We turned our backs on lesbians and gays, we didn’t have anything to do with them, it had nothing to do with us. We might have felt sorry for them but what could you do - for years that was our attitude. But suddenly WE were up for grabs. We were being attacked by the police, the media, the state… You cannot sympathise WITH an oppressed group until you’ve been a member of one.
—  Sian James as quoted in Mike Jackson’s Fucking with Miners: The Story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners.

Soooo…i did a thing!….
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“Me and Cloud here are both backwater experts. Oh yeah!”

Thank you very much for waiting, we are really excited to share this with you guys! Taking pictures in the snow was a great experience and it was even bigger thanks to our wonderful friends. Also, Final Fantasy VII is very, very dear to us. 
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Cosplay and Edition: Seven Cos&Photo

    -Cloud Strife: Takusi Fair

    -Zack Fair: Martis Fragglerock

Photo: Ayuru

Support: Aredhel 


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Hi there , could you write how sanji, law and sabo will react if they heard there S/O's talking to there friend about them ( things like how hot there boyfriend are and how good he is in bed ) and great job in your blog by the way 👏🏻

Ahh thanks a bunch!


  • hearing this would turn his heart eye mode on
  • he’d try at least to restrain himself
  • but BOI he’s so proud of himself
  • his cute grin won’t go away for days literally
  • hearing these compliments won’t make him go pervy but really sappy like ‘my angel really thinks so highly of me and brags about me <3′


  • this will kinda catch him off guard
  • but in a good way
  • he’d catch himself smirking a bit over that, because he too, like Sanji, is proud, not overly so and not as obvious but he enjoys the fact that his s/o finds him attractive and good in bed
  • I’m not sure if he would bring that up to his s/o once he sees them, he might but maybe he’d let it be


  • ohhh he will get red
  • really, Sabo’s flattered as fuck but this dude will blush to no end
  • hearing how attractive his s/o finds him will make his heart skip a beat since he’s very insecure about his looks
  • the bed thing will just embarass him, like he’s proud and flattered but man don’t talk about his dick to someone else lmao xD

What if shiro wasn’t telling Keith to pilot Voltron because he was dying, but because the Druids did something to him that was corrupting him? Like what if evil!shiro becomes canon and normal shiro knows that he isn’t going to be able to control it so he puts himself as far away from the castle/lions as possible and then tells Keith to pilot Voltron

This ones for all the pre t and pre op trans boys. Just because you can’t start medically transitioning today doesn’t mean you aren’t moving forward. In this past year I’ve learned more about myself and gained the confidence I never knew I could have. Keep moving forward. Figure out who you are. Treat your body right. Slow progress is still progress. One day we will all be in a place of love and acceptance. Stay strong brothers.

Mason. Pre t. Pre op. Summer 2015 to summer 2016. Loving myself.