Interest - Will Brennan (Feat. CUZ Lightyear, Dre Moon, & ManMan Savage) [Prod. SkuFL] 

Nobody watching right now

So watch me light it right now

I don’t love no b*tches, but tonight feels different

A little more of you, that’s all I wanna do

You got my Interest.  Girl you got my Interest.

I don’t love no b*tches

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Discussing Her Majesty with Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis
  • Carson Ellis: All of the records have been different in how collaborative they've been. Like Castaways and Cutouts, which is an oil painting of a ghost ship, was a painting done for something else, and then we decided to use it. But with [Her Majesty] I feel like we had the idea together and we actually, sort of, did the sketch together.
  • Colin Meloy: I was really into World War I trenches...
  • Carson Ellis: Yeah, those were the World War I trenches years...
  • Colin Meloy: And that record is really informed by reading a lot of the great war poets. I had this idea of creating this crazy panorama of the trenches. So, we sat down and worked on it together.
  • Carson Ellis: And we sketched it together. I think you were like, 'Couldn't there be a guy in the bathtub there?' It was just fun to work on together.

An Oregon judge has allowed a 52-year-old retired Army tank mechanic to change gender identity. Not from male to female, or vice versa. But to a new, third gender.

Jamie Shupe is now legally non-binary — widely believed to be a first for the United States.

Oregon joins several countries in recognizing a third gender. In 2014, India became the largest country in the world to have an official third option, following in the footsteps of Pakistan, Australia and Germany.

Shupe was born male, got married and had a child.

“I was in a deep, dark depression because I had boxed myself into this male identity that I couldn’t stand anymore,” Shupe says.

Three years ago, Shupe decided enough is enough.

“I told family members, we either let me out of this box or I’m shooting myself in the head. Things really got that bad,” Shupe recalls.

Shupe is no longer legally male or female and prefers the pronoun “they.”

Neither Male Nor Female: Oregon Resident Legally Recognized As Third Gender

Photos: Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB News

Ando completamente cansado, meu caro. Cansado de tudo, cansado de todos, cansado de mimimi, cansado da rotina, cansado do tempo, cansado da cara das pessoas, cansado de sonhar, cansado de acordar, cansado das manhãs ensolaradas, cansado das noites sem estrelas, cansado de saudade, cansado de idas e vindas, cansado até do sábado e domingo. Tô exausto, meu caro, cansado e completamente exausto.
—  Andy Campos
Ring of Fire (feat. Avi Kaplan)
Home Free
Ring of Fire (feat. Avi Kaplan)

Home Free - Ring of Fire (Ft Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix)

OPB: Johnny Cash

Studio version of Home Free’s “Ring of Fire” featuring the “Bass-Off” we’ve all been waiting for between Tim Foust and Avi Kaplan

Home Free’s major label debut “Crazy Life” is out now on iTunes


And will be available in stores through Columbia Records on February 18th