opaque grey

Only You

you have this intrinsic ability
to so easily see
all the innermost secret
chambers deep inside me
I desperately try
carefully stow things away
in my soul’s most opaque
clouds of grey
while you delicately search
this complex labyrinth
that I am in
with graceful stealth
you tirelessly grasp all that I am
each mess you come to find
is embraced as hidden treasure
revealing within each
there is grace beyond measure
you cherish all of my pieces
collect every one
with your enchanted touch
turn my darkness into sun
that radiates a simple beauty
into a world we share
where we come together
to illuminate love
beyond compare



thank you guys! For my last traditional piece I used

  • 5.5in x 8.5in (14cm x 21.6cm) Strathmore toned tan notebook
  • Pigma Micron pens (0.50mm and 0.35mm)
  • Gelly Roll white gel pen (for highlights)
  • Prismacolor premier markers (PB-70 sand and PM-110 30% cool grey)
  • Permapaque opaque pigment marker (for the white fill)

Lily of the valley, rose, and strawberry coverup in black & opaque grey for Eryn. Thanks for coming all the way from Windsor for this, lady! Super happy with this one. 

i just wanted to do a quick drawing of my warden in modern clothing, but that is not what happened

acorn gets his clothes from local thrift shops and markets; soft clothes in mostly browns and greys, a lot of leggings and sweatpants. he seldom wears any kind of footwear other than boots. (much to leliana’s frustration)

((although. since he’s started shopping with her, he’s noticed a suspicious increase in the number of cute dresses in his closet))

Cities were always so much more pleasant to traverse at night. The garish light of the sun made casual strolls unpleasant, and especially because this summer had been so particularly unpleasant. Skye had been heading back from an outing with her friends and still dressed up; knee length black short-sleeved dress, opaque grey stockings, black flats and her hair pulled up. Her flats making light clacks against the concrete as she walked. Turning a corner the purple haired young woman idly glanced towards the direction of a store window before stopping. “Eh…?”

Hey, wasn’t that….? “Dante, hey Dante is that you?”